A Lovers Quarrel

Though the waters and voluptuous and lush grasses form around the base of ye introspections

Come through the thoughts of thou worries and regrets;

The lovers quarrel is that of retrospect of what was once good was now a construed veracity

Of pain and prestige fame that clouded the gent’s introspects

And Failure to sanction the reality of one’s true actions and deeds of the retrospect of the matron;


The reality is that the bases of ye thoughts are more than just the retrospections of the feelings of what was to have passed

The beginnings of the newest onset of what is to come between the two lovers and their quarrel;

Though the grass greener as the two are to part

The water grows nubilous and impermeable to the greater and wanted emotions

Yet allowing the pathos of the quarrel to fluidly pass through the gates of muck of water;


This is the lovers quarrel.


-          Alyssa Alvarado 


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