I Come From the Cosmos (i am love)

I came from the moon-

A crater left in the wake 

Of a girl who couldn't stay still

The changing faces of my father

Trying to find the daughter he carved-

Never content because he can't find me

He pulls entire oceans but comes up empty

The moon is silver-but cold.


I came from the sky-

Blue and soft during the day

But quite hidden at night

My mother rains down in tears trying to reach me

(she is drowning me)

Thunder calls me to embrace her

But my feet remain planted


I fell in love with the stars-

The first so alluring I did not notice as she

Collected all of me as if I were her possession

I did not notice she was burning out 

And using me for fuel

The second star was full of life-

So full perhaps that though she beckoned for me

She was too busy living to spare me any light


The third star said to me

"Shine with me"

And I realized I might to be a star

So I burned next to him,

And he was delighted

Others shone next to him too,

Every once in a while

And though he assured me I was the brightest in the galaxy

I was unhappy

I began to think that perhaps I wasn't a star

I'd just been burning myself for love


You see, though the moon is shiny

He is cold

And though the sky is beautiful

She is just empty space


I come from the cosmos but I

Am not celestial,

I am love

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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