You die; I die - Love Poems - Part 12

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About The Poetry Book –

This Book which has 40 differently titled Poems , is actually Part 12 of the Book titled – You die; I die – Love Poems ( 1600 pages ) . Poems symbolizing the immortality of love and at times its fickleness. Parekh takes the reader through a paradise naturally embellished with the ingredients of eternal romance and its sporadic failures. As they say life and death are two sides of the coin, similarly with every true anecdote of love there also comes fretful divorce—a thing which has been most sensitively described throughout this great collection of poems for the heart. Written and dipped in each ingredient of his passionate blood, Parekh comes out with startling revelations about the truest of love stories and their failures. Each verse has been delicately intertwined with a boundless aspects of relationships, romance, cheating, betrayal and goes on to prove that Immortal Love towers over every shattered heart. A start to finish with some of the most heart-rendering love poems ever, this makes a great collection for ever true lover breathing and desiring to be loved on earth and beyond. This collection of poems aims at perpetually uniting every heart on this Universe in the spirit of Immortal love and friendship. Because these are the two quintessential ingredients to lead life till its last breath. Irrespective of whatever color, faith or religion, it is only the rainbow of love which can transform the ghastliest monsters and perpetrators of humanity into peaceful lovers. Therefore this book inexhaustibly endeavors to speak and preach the language of love even after its last embossed alphabet.


24. JUMP


The Sun may have forgotten to shine at times; leaving the Earth submerged in partial darkness,

The eyes may have forgotten to close; staring unrelentingly in the blazing fires,

The trees may have forgotten to shed their leaves; enticed to sway in the moist breeze,

The birds may have forgotten to chirp; thoroughly engrossed in building their nests,

The clouds may have forgotten to rain; drifting away submissively with the wind,

The lion may have forgotten to roar; lost in the aisles of desire and sleep,

The chameleon may have forgotten to change its color; with its jaws busy in gobbling fat caterpillars,

The diamonds may have forgotten to shine; when they were placed in a
disdainful backdrop of coal,

The rose may have forgotten to diffuse scent; trying to breathe for its life amidst a heap of pungent pesticide,

The scorpion may have forgotten to sting; running haywire in a pool of slushy water,

The snow may have forgotten to melt; not wanting to leave the body of the handsome mountain,

The lips may have forgotten to smile; being besieged by day to day professionalism in society,

The ocean may have forgotten to evolve waves; yielding pathetically to the tumultuous storm,

The stars in the cosmos may have forgotten to twinkle; profoundly absorbed in watching the dainty fairies,

The deserts may have forgotten to be hot; relishing the prospects of freaking out in the rain,

The fingers may have forgotten to write; resting lazily under the silken feathered pillow,

The dog may have forgotten to bark; petrified for an instant by the demon standing before him,

The infant may have forgotten to cry; bemused for a moment by the wide ensemble of electronic toys,

The Creator inadvertently may have forgotten to look at every man; busy chalking strategies to run the Universe,

But me Forgetting her was Impossible; as she resided in the center of my heart; and every beat of mine wholesomely depended upon her breath that passionately flowed .


What was this O! Lord; that my lips refrained to speak; sung mystical tunes instead while walking on the streets?

What was this O! Lord; that my fingers incorrigibly refused to write; drawing incoherent shapes in the mud instead?

What was this O! Lord; that my eyes stared wildly in open space; instead of shutting down under the blistering sun?

What was this O! Lord; that I forgot to have my afternoon meals; when normally I was the first one to finish food in our family?

What was this O! Lord; that I dreamt even while signing checks; entering in mind boggling amounts; that eventually left me bankrupt?

What was this O! Lord; that I erupted out in fantasies of my childhood; when infact I was supposed to give a lecture on Business Economics?

What was this O! Lord; that I crashed head on with the waiter carrying a tray full of pastry; when infact I had already sighted him from miles apart?

What was this O! Lord; that I presumed it to be brilliant afternoon; when actually it was just a little before midnight?

What was this O! Lord; that I barged my car right into the hotel coffee shop; instead of parking it outside and walking down the distance?

What was this O! Lord; that I cut my hands severely while chopping vegetables; when infact there was superb synchronization between the knife and my little finger?

What was this O! Lord; that I gasped for breath like a dead man; when infact I had just arisen from bed after infinite hours of blissful sleep?

What was this O! Lord; that a sheepish grin encompassed the contours of my face all day; when usually I was extremely stringent in my behavior?

What was this O! Lord; that I reached the ghastly graveyard; when infact I was headed for attending prayers in church?

What was this O! Lord; that I embraced an old woman on the verge of relinquishing breath; cognizing her to be the girl of my dreams?

What was this O! Lord; that the blood in my veins ran at electric speeds; inspite of my medical practitioner ruling out any chance of blood pressure?

And what was this O! Lord; that my heart palpitated at a million beats per minute; although she resided continent's apart?

You know what; your guess is as good as mine; and there was simply no rhyme or reason to defy it; for I think that the inevitable has happened; I was struck by the same fever as millions of my kind are struck every day; O! Yes I think I am in love .


For as far as my arms could stretch; extending to the most unprecedented of their capacity in free space,

For as far as my eyes could sight; opening wider than the blazing Sun,

For as far as my ears could hear; straining themselves agonizingly to decipher the most inconspicuous trace of sound; lingering for kilometers in vicinity,

For as far as my feet could run; conquering unfathomable miles of territory without buckling or flinching the slightest,

For as far as my mind could wander; perceiving even the most remotest and weirdest of things existing on this earth,

For as far as my voice could travel; expending my lungs to the most bizarre capacity,

For as far as my pen could write; inundating every barren bit of paper on this globe; with countless lines of literature,

For as far as my hands could caress; extending forward as straight as an arrow; and to fullest of their capacity,

For as far as my neck could turn; dexterously twisting itself to sight objects even behind the back,

For as far as my hair could rise; after being voraciously tickled by the mesmerizing wind,

For as far as my fantasy could continue; dreaming about delectable fairies dancing in wonderland,

For as far as my breath could reach; chiseling a tunnel replete with passionate moisture as it blew,

For as far as my stomach could inflate; as I tried to swell it after deliberately taking in volumes of free oxygen imprisoned in air,

For as far as my lips could open; after being viciously attacked by a thunderous yawn,

For as far as my fists could punch; paving their way unrelentingly to win virgin landscapes prevailing on this planet,

For as far as my memory could capture; recognizing even the most obsolete of grass sticks after a monstrous night's sleep,

And as far as my heart could beat; incorporating all the emotions that lingered in the atmosphere; as well as those beyond the Celestial heavens,

There was only one thing that I revered and loved; cared and cherished more than myself; and that was you O! beloved; Infact only you o! beloved .


The leaves withered as time passed; falling inevitably on the ground to blend with disdainful chunks of dust,

The roses blossoming radiantly in the valley; knelt their heads in meek submission as the chilly winds and nightfall took complete control,

The lines of the palm bifurcated enigmatically all over in boisterous youth; started fading and diminished to a trifle as the perils of old age took over,

The vivacious mounds of virgin clay which smiled mischievously under the Sun; looked completely battered and bashed as they were indiscriminately trampled by ongoing vehicles and metal tyre,

The eyes which were once able to intricately sort out the inconspicuous needle from the colossal haystack; now looked as specks of dirt behind a factory of thick glass; as the years descended by,

The legs which were springing and tenaciously marching forward at the ripening of dawn; now collapsed in a bedraggled heap at the onset of stark darkness and ghostly night,

The towering castle which was once the pride of the royal emperor; now was a sight in complete shambles; with broken glass and century old cobwebs the only
things welcoming the predecessor's,

The image which was brighter than scintillating light in sweltering afternoon; now metamorphosed into lanky shadows; trespassing furtively through the fleeting blanket of dusk,

The footprints which were profoundly distinct as the travelers strolled; were now wholesomely erased as the turbulent draught of breeze swept by,

The waves spasmodically swirling towards the skies all throughout the evening; now appeared as placid as the singing angel; when the storm and ferocious cyclone had totally dissipated,

The tongue which was raring to shout deafeningly in open space; now resembled the dying insect; after countless hours of giving speech,

The shock of hair which was once as black as oil trapped within the belly of earth; now appeared as snow white as the man who sat astoundingly near to his grave,

The pristine air of the snow clad slopes which was stupendously clean and enchanting as the cows grazed; now transited into plumes of treacherous black smoke; as the aftermath of war took its gory toll,

The vegetables which were fresh and glowing with sparkling health as I hoisted them from the stores; now transformed into soggy and squalid as I rang the doorbell; utterly exhausted and entered home,

The time which seemed to tick faster than light during examinations; now appeared to be crawling slower than the tortoise as the summer holidays descended by,

The ape man who once could conquer invincible heights with raw muscle and unprecedented power bulging from under his shirt; now seemed to be unable to even lift a finger; as the decades unveiled in quick succession,

The candle which was burning inexorably; illuminating every cranny of the room with its profound shine; now extinguished in entirety with a single kiss of the autumn wind,

The heart which throbbed violently after witnessing the girl of its dreams for the first time; now reduced its intensity a whisker; after spending marathon times together,

But my love for her got all the more stronger as each second unfurled into a minute; as each minute sped into an hour; as each day evolved into a week; as each year evolved into a decade; and no matter how old I became; how frigid the conglomerate of bones in my body converted; I loved her more than I loved her when she first met me; I loved her more than I ever did in my passionate dreams; I loved her more than I had loved her anytime before; this very moment when I was dying today .


Thank you for providing your shoulder; for me to lean upon in my times of inexplicable distress,

Thank you for wiping my tears; when they oozed out profusely all day and night,

Thank you for camouflaging my skin under your garment; when it was wholesomely helpless and unable to face this world,

Thank you for whispering into my ears words of courage and fortitude; when the infiltrators were just about to barge into my camp,

Thank you for standing by my stubborn attitude; sticking to my ideals; even though it meant sacrificing precious years of your life,

Thank you for serving me with appetizing delicacies; preparing food for me according to my whims; even at the middle of freezing night,

Thank you for consoling me incessantly; when dawn seemed far away; and when success was just a short-lived night,

Thank you for pacifying my anger; when in fact if you didn’t; I would have landed in prison for assassinating lecherous mankind,

Thank you for caressing my raw bruises with your soft palms; impregnating in them the divine power to heal at amazing speeds,

Thank you for tolerating my flirtatious tendencies; still accepting me as your husband; inspite of my philandering whenever I got the chance,

Thank you for assisting me in taking the most prudent decision; clutching my body tightly when I felt I would swoon like dead fish on the ground,

Thank you for shaving off unruly strands of beard from my cheek every morning; massaging my scalp vigorously to impart me with Godly rejuvenation,

Thank you for patiently listening to my rebukes; cooling my frazzled senses with the ointment of your romance,

Thank you for keeping our house meticulously clean; spreading the tantalizing perfume of your passionate breath in every corridor that I tread,

Thank you for bearing my progeny; helping me continue my chapter of existence; even decades after I died,

Thank you for making me feel like a man; everytime I felt cowardly; thought
of relinquishing this world,

And over and above all thank you for making all my dreams come true; inspiring me to become what the world recognized me today; a good father; a good individual; and most importantly a good human being; to light several other's gloomy day .


Your voluptuous eyes were the ones that stole my sight; rendered me wholesomely blinded and staring unrelentingly at your stupendous visage,

Your luscious lips were the ones that stole my taste; tumultuously evoking me to only nibble passionately at their rubicund outline,

Your dainty hands were the ones that stole all my Herculean muscle and power; conjuring me to hold them every unfurling second on the sunlit day; marathon hours of the freezing night,

Your ravishing hair was the one that stole my senses; drowning me profoundly in the ocean of their mesmerizing fragrance,

Your poignant nails were the ones that stole my ability to scratch; driving me into a state of uncontrollable frenzy as they tantalizingly stroked their way through my scalp,

Your tinkling feet were the ones that stole my stride; compelling me to kneel in timid obeisance; revering and worshipping them incessantly,

Your scintillating teeth were the ones that stole my ungainly laughter; left me in a spell bound stupor; as I inexorably admired them in the moonlit shades of midnight,

Your velvety shadow was the one that stole my entity; making me thoroughly oblivious to each of my surroundings; victimized and enchanted by its supremely mystical grace,

Your fabulous skin was the one that stole my blood; making it abysmally freeze in my veins as I caressed your heavenly flesh,

Your majestic aura was the one that stole my memory; made me deviate from even the most rigid of my thoughts; perpetuating me to dream of nothing else but your captivating countenance,

Your immaculate ears were the ones that stole all my sensation to hear; making me stone deaf to the most volatile of explosion; as I sweetly suckled your ravishingly dangling and crimson lobes,

Your delectable neck was the one that stole my prowess to turn; riveting my face intransigently towards your tawny cheeks,

Your melodious voice was the one that stole my ability to speak; made me perpetually dumb; overwhelmingly lost in the celestial cadence of its sound; the blissful fervor in its tunes,

Your innocuous birth mark was the one that stole my destiny; as my life solely followed its enamoring contours; blended itself completely with its form and color,

Your tangy tears were the ones that stole my reflection; making me admire the astounding beauty of the world which they encapsulated; the unfathomable empathy which they explicitly reflected,

Your vivacious stomach was the one that stole my hunger; made me emancipate my demonish gluttony; as I pressed my head against it with each of its ingratiatingly rhythmic rise and fall,

Your incomprehensibly moist breath was the one that stole my life; making me a diligent slave of the seductive aroma that you exhaled infinite number of times in a single day,

But your heart was the main culprit of them all; as its every palpable beat stole my flamboyantly fiery desire; stole all the love I had; stole all the love I could ever give .


The easiest way to provoke a madman; was to recount to him the incidents of his life which actually triggered off his madness,

The easiest way to provoke a politician; was to vehemently oppose the policies he proposed,

The easiest way to provoke a roadside beggar; was to keep reminding him incessantly of his poverty and impoverished state,

The easiest way to provoke a school teacher; was to give preposterously wrong answers; to every question she asked,

The easiest way to provoke a gardener; was to furtively keep plucking the fruits from his trees; driving him beyond the point of imaginable exasperation,

The easiest way to provoke a lion; was to snatch its prey with astounding ease; right from the center of its jaws,

The easiest way to provoke the musician; was to blurt out cacophonic tunes every time he felt; that he had established himself into a perfect rhythm,

The easiest way to provoke guests entering the dwelling; was to blend your oily scalp hair; in the tea you hospitably served them,

The easiest way to provoke the mammoth elephant; was to leave a battalion of red ants next to his feet; when he was overwhelmingly relishing his meal of green leaf,

The easiest way to provoke the peon in the office; was to order him to serve you a glass of water; as soon as the poor fellow had delivered the previous one,

The easiest way to provoke the soldier; was to let the enemy pass from under his nose; camouflaged in the color of the surrounding; to evade the most ingenious of his senses,

The easiest way to provoke the monstrous shark; was to shoot its jaded body with a fleet of lanky harpoons,

The easiest way to provoke a clown; was to burst into hysterical sobs, when he performed his comic acts,

The easiest way to provoke the priest; was to disturb his profound concentration; when he was lost in reciting the name of God,

The easiest way to provoke the magician; was to steal away the wand he used to execute magic & transform all stone into gold,

The easiest way to provoke a writer; was to cynically view his work; tell him blatantly on his face; that he wouldn’t earn even a penny out of the infinite volumes of literature he had taken pains to pen down,

The easiest way to provoke the Almighty creator; was to violate his laws of existence; drift on a nefarious path that eventually found him decimate you to raw ash,

And the easiest way to provoke me; was to lay eyes on my beloved; try and cast a spell on her already engaged heart; which either found me killing the person who dared to do so; or in case if I failed; bidding goodbye to this earth forever .


When I tried to reach her via the rusty and corroded village phone; I simply couldn’t savor the chance to talk to her; as it was incessantly engaged,

When I tried to reach her via road; I simply couldn’t salvage the pleasure of witnessing the mesmerizing contours of her face; as the road was bustling with boisterous traffic; the road was disdainfully engaged,

When I tried to reach her via email; the usually high speed and overwhelmingly reliable internet server; was disastrously engaged,

When I tried to reach her via mental telepathy; I found my mind intransigently busy in pondering on something inconsequential; infact found my mind irrevocably engaged,

When I tried to reach her via local mail; I found myself confronted by an unimaginably onerous dilemma; as the entire postal authority was voraciously busy in delivering war messages and engaged,

When I tried to reach her via lightening fast air courier; the robotic jet carrying my indispensably precious message; crashed with a soft thud into the Atlantic; and all communication went morbidly engaged,

When I tried to reach her via satellite television; the white current of electricity brusquely snapped off; and the images got disdainfully engaged,

When I tried to reach her via the tenaciously thunderous loudspeaker; a family of mice ate the deliciously spongy wires; and the waves that now emanated were hoarsely engaged,

When I tried to reach her via the harmoniously flowing river; the waters suddenly brewed with a tumultuously fierce storm; were murderously engaged,

When I tried to reach her via exorbitantly paid fast taxi; the sleazy ticket counter was prolifically thronging with pedestrians; was miserably engaged,

When I tried to reach her via conventional fax; the usually synchronized and thoroughly ingenious machine; now blurted the tunes of insipidly engaged,

When I tried to reach her via the electric paced bicycle; the traffic signal abruptly metamorphosed to horrendously red; went pathetically and uncertainly engaged,

When I tried to reach her via the nation wide radio; an immediate emergency got declared in all quarters of the state; the line conked out and eventually went mercilessly engaged,

When I tried to reach her via an ambulance perched on its relentlessly nictitating rooftop; a spuriously bandaged victim stopped its expedition midway; and it was rendered compulsively engaged,

When I tried to reach her via my sophisticated little mobile instrument; ready to pay even astronomical sums of money to establish rapport with her passionately divine presence; the line sounded a mockingly engaged,

When I tried to reach her via the stridently blaring whistle; signaling her surreptitiously to come out in brilliant sunshine; there spewed a sandstorm in the placid atmosphere; drowning my voice in entirety; leaving it momentarily engaged,

When I tried to reach her via the contemporarily gleaming lift; I embarrassingly floundered in my attempts; as the contraption was deplorably stuck between two floors; was for the time being stubbornly engaged,

When I tried to reach her via the celestial heavens; I simply wasn’t able to appease the Creator to help me in my cause; as his Omnipresent presence was busy chalking policies for the sustenance of this mighty Universe; was a trifle engaged,

And my string of bad luck didn’t end here itself; when I finally did manage to reach her enchanting doorstep; I found much to my utter dismay; that she had already chosen the man of her dreams; was already engaged .


I might have eaten different varieties of food every day; appeasing my gluttony with the exact taste that circulated instantaneously in my tongue,

I might have worn different clothes every day; vacillating between contemporary and traditional fabric; to succeed in my spurious attempts of looking the best,

I might have talked in different dialects every day; maneuvering my tongue several times; to achieve that bombastic slang which I had perpetually dreamt of,

I might have wandered in different directions every day; incessantly discovering and stimulating my insatiable greed for adventure,

I might have read different books every day; profoundly engrossed in the inscrutable tales of enchanting mystery and romance,

I might have slept at different places every day; sometimes under the tenacious moonlight blending with placid grass; while sometimes on the astronomical summit of the mountain feasting on the tremendously deep pink gorge,

I might have looked in different directions every day; trying my ultimate best to decipher the intricacies of this fascinating planet,

I might have bathed in different waters every day; sometimes standing under the artificial bathroom shower; while sometimes splashing my arms in supremely poignant ocean salt,

I might have driven different cars every day; sometimes the astoundingly sleek silver Mercedes; while sometimes the battered jalopy to play a few pranks on fellow beings,

I might have adorned my wrists with different watches every day; zealously observing as the seconds ticked into oblivion with each unveiling night,

I might have admired different sights every day; fantasizing almost every minute to unprecedented realms of bizarre imagination,

I might have danced on different floors every day; sometimes on scintillating slabs of marvelous granite; while sometimes brazenly striking my bohemian foot on the muddy ground,

I might have inadvertently broken different things every day; sometimes the glittering bowls extruding from the mantelpiece; while sometimes the tiny mountains of sand that suddenly came my way,

I might have drunk different liquids every day; quenching my thirst with the most conducive flavor that my throat cried for,

I might have sat on several different places every day; ranging from as obdurate as the stubborn stone; to the ambiguous oasis of satiny fur strewn on the hills,

I might have shaken hands with different people every day; unabashedly interacting with each section of the vast society,

I might have listened to different tunes every day; feasting my sensitive ears to a fathomless pedigree of mind boggling and profusely enthralling music,

I might have frequented different continents every day; whizzed past over boundless territories of land and water; seated like a prince on the lavish upholstery of my personal plane,

I might have bought different toys every day; in my endeavor to amuse myself profoundly; reminisce way back into memories of, memories of unadulterated and innocuous childhood,

I might have worshipped different deities every day; advocating my firm belief in each form of God existing; through far and wide in this secularly woven orthodox world,

I might have taken the blessings of different mothers every day; revering and insurmountably respecting their irrefutable tenacity to evolve new life,

But let me tell you; that although everything in my life had been different every day, I still have no inhibitions in declaring that I have loved only one woman from the bottom of my heart; the very woman whom I would continue to adore for centuries immemorial; the very woman whose essence would keep lingering around my impoverished soul even under my grave, the woman who is none other than my beloved .


The biggest happiness on this earth for me; was your velvety string of voluptuous eyelashes,

The biggest anticipation on this earth for me; was your daintily tinkling and approaching footsteps,

The biggest beauty on this earth for me; was the ensemble of ravishing hair cascading lusciously down your petite shoulders,

The biggest security on this earth for me; was your immortal embrace making me invincible against any attack of the hostile world,

The biggest festival on this earth for me; was your enchanting pair of lips enticing me to rise like an untamed arrow even from the midst of thunderous snore and sleep,

The biggest literature on this earth for me; was the one embossed on your heart; the one hidden in your enigmatic eyes; which I took several lives to decipher,

The biggest mysticism on this earth for me; was your stupendously alluring shadow; that made me fall with a shudder on the naked ground,

The biggest imagination on this earth for me; was the countless strokes of your rubicund tongue as you spoke; uttering the English language with great command and unprecedented supremacy,

The biggest fire on this earth for me; was the desire burning in your soul; the overwhelming passion circulating rampantly in your crimson blood,

The biggest scent on this earth for me; was your golden perspiration that dribbled unrelentingly from your arms and toes,

The biggest atmosphere on this earth for me; was the breath flowing from your nose; the compassionate air diffusing imprisoning me in inseparable bonds of love,

The biggest fame on this earth for me; was to be known by your grace; to be called umpteenth number of times by you in the unveiling day,

The biggest wealth on this earth for me; was your unfathomable reservoir of emotion; the sparkling tears of ecstasy that oozed from your eyes as you sighted me,

The biggest venom on this earth for me; was the volley of expletives you hurled at me when profoundly agitated,

The biggest bruise on this earth for me; was the short time phase when you left me and went to visit your relatives,

The biggest religion on this earth for me; was the things you revered; the message you vehemently wanted to propagate and instill in all mankind,

The biggest shock on this earth for me; was when you closed your eyes for fractions of a second; sank to the ground for just a moment in sheer exhaustion,

The biggest pleasure on this earth for me; was lying every brilliant dawn and starry night in the impregnable folds of your lap; blending wholesomely with you as the winds drifted by,

And the biggest victory on this earth for me; was your body; the way it delectably swished and moved; the way it slept and awoke; and over and above all the way it uninhibitedly admired me for all what I was; irrespective of my infinite faults and fallacies .


Take away my eyes instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t make her blind,

Take away my voice instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t make her dumb,

Take away my shadow instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t make her disappear,

Take away my feet instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t make her crippled and maim,

Take away all my happiness instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t make her depressed and maniacally gloomy,

Take away all my wealth instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t make her beg on the streets,

Take away all my dreams instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t break the blissful spell of her tantalizing fantasy,

Take away all my energy instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t make her weak and on the point of inevitable collapse,

Take away all my clothes instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t make her shiver uncontrollably,

Take away every chunk of my mind instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t mentally exert her even the slightest,

Take away my fluffy bed and mattress instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t make her sleep on the naked floor,

Take away all my teeth instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t give her even the slightest difficulty while she chewed food,

Take away all my blood instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t alleviate her zest and enthusiasm for life,

Take away all the juice trapped sumptuously in my stomach instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t starve her to bizarre limits,

Take away every trace of beauty from my body instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t make her ugly and hideously wicked,

Take away each hair shimmering on my scalp instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don't make her embarrassingly bald,

Take away all my fingers instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t make her relinquish her ability to fantastically sketch,

Take away my breath instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t carry her to the heavens,

Take away my heart beat instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t stop hers from throbbing passionately,

And take away my life instead O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t order her to die .


I loved the Himalayas for their snow clad peaks; the thin wisps of clouds marking the silver linings of the horizon,
However I hated the freezing currents of air descending down its slopes; the gusty avalanches of ice killing millions while trying to conquer it.

I loved the pen for inundating white paper with infinite lines of literature; granting a status to words which was greater than swords,
However I hated it when it penned down the death sentence; assisted the judge in making his final decision.

I loved the clouds for showering blissful droplets of rain; instilling new life in dead weeds and parched soil,
However I hated them for deluging low lying regions near the coast; sweeping several innocent in the fury of its waves.

I loved the handkerchief for its satiny caress; the delectable pillow it formed for me to sleep in the night,
However I hated it when the insane murderer, used it as a tool to strangulate the last iota of breath.

I loved the winding road to the palace; the festoon of lights shimmering, metamorphosing it into a marvel to stare at dusk,
However I hated it when it was slippery; fomented the cars to swerve wildly and collide thunderously with each other.

I loved the dainty wrist watch for displaying time all day; apprising me diligently of the sun setting behind the sea's,
However I hated it when it candidly announced; the seconds left until my death.

I loved the tree for its lanky stalks and sprawling branches; the clusters of ravishing fruit it bore on its leaves,
However I hated it when it fell with a thud; squelching innocuous children that came under its mighty sway.

I loved the fire for its crackling flames; the loads of compassionate warmth it generated well past after midnight,
However I hated it when it capsized my beloved in its swirl; charred her body to inconspicuous ash within a matter of few minutes.

I loved eating fish entangled in a conglomerate of seaweed; roasting it to perpetual golden brown; before dipping in piquant curry,
However I hated it when one of its intricate bones stuck incorrigibly in my throat; making me greedily gasp for life.

And I loved to desire; drown myself into the ocean of love; sizzle profoundly in the corridors of romance,
However I hated it when my passion was one sided ; and the person whom I could die for couldn’t even recognize my body when I was alive .


I was as hot as blistering fire; while she was stoical as placid ice,

I was ready to plunge into the unfathomably deep gorge; while she preferred to lie down in contentment on the silken mattress,

I was crimson red in anger when provoked; while she maintained a moon white complexion even when tormented to bizarre limits,

I was thirsty every unfurling second; while she was abstemious; able to sustain a marathon period on bland chunks of bread and water,

I was bubbling with tumultuous exhilaration to clamber Mount Everest; while she sat cross-legged on the floor; passive and unperturbed,

I was incessantly fantasizing about enigmatic tunes prevailing under the deep sea; while she preferred to brood in perpetual solitude,

I was floating high and handsome in the cotton wool of clouds; while she was more inclined towards browsing through books of commercial finance,

I was inevitably fidgeting about dismantling intricate bells in vicinity; while she languished in the same position for days; without causing the slightest ruffle on the pillow she caressed,

I was tearing food with exuberant gusto; pulverizing succulent grapes into fine juice with my teeth, while she inhaled the aroma of wine for infinite minutes; before eventually savoring it down her throat,

I was passionately dying to bathe in the rain; while she was abhorrent to the most minuscule sound of thunder; relishing the safety of the shower instead; with a plastic cap engulfing her head,

I was driven by waves of impetuousness every dawn; marching at electric speeds in my quest to conquer the planet, while she woke up after the world had arisen; suckling warm tea in the camouflage of her flocculent sheepskin,

I was chucking at every mosquito trying to infiltrate into my blissful eardrum; while she let them feast on her tantalizing blood; shrugging them off phlegmatically every once in a while,

I was busy contemplating about every individual I encountered; trying to decode through vagaries of his mind, while she sat like an impeccable sheep in front of strangers; more intent on appeasing him than unveiling the cadence of his voice,

I was ardently waiting to capsize upon every opportunity; to consolidate it into a veritable reality; while she let the weeks slip into fortnights; relying overwhelmingly on destiny to deliver,

I was stupendously confident in my abilities to tackle any barricade that confronted me in my way; while she was too meek to envisage as well as bear the slightest of difficulty,

I was burning in the aisles of desire as every draught of wet wind blew past my silhouette, while she let seasons come and go; refrained from igniting the sparks of romance between our entities,

I was philandering in the playground of fun; mischievously intermingling with the children playing on mushy grass; while she knelt stern and tight-lipped on the couch; scoffing disdainfully at the unruly noises made by our child,

I was always found transgressing the roads with wild curls of my hair blowing in tandem with the wind; while she drained the shampoo to the last drop; vigorously sorting the most infinitesimal of knot in her hair,

We were different in almost every thing we did; perhaps perceived all situations circumventing our bodies wholesomely antagonistic; but at the end of the day the common factor was; that we still loved each other; prayed unrelentingly to the creator to give us the power; of relinquishing our breaths together .


When I was driving my car through the meandering hills; feasting on the
panoramic view of the mystical valley,
The thing I hated the most was a incessant flurry of dense traffic; halting
the unprecedented flow of fantasy in my mind.

When I was swimming exuberantly in frothy waves of the ocean; taking the
sizzling rays of the sun directly on my skin,
The thing I hated the most was the onslaught of inclement weather; compounded
with swirling waters; which made me return back to the shore.

When I was studying diligently under the gloomy night lamp; pouring rapidly
through infinite lines of fine script,
The thing I hated the most was pertinent voices of the neighbors; the discordant cacophony of the ticking clock.

When I was jogging across the sprawling race track; stupendously relishing the
cool morning breeze striking my eyes,
The thing I hated the most was obnoxious wisps of smoke in the atmosphere; and the lace of my shoe getting entangled every now and then.

When I was painting exquisite shapes of the hill on a white canvas; executing
vivacious strokes with my rustic brush,
The thing I hated the most was blotches of squalid dirt smudging with the
color; pelting showers of rain prompting me to conceal my work.

When I was fervently viewing my favorite television program; with my feet well
rested; and a festoon of fried chips lying by my side,
The thing I hated the most was violent fluctuation in voltage; which caused
the images to ludicrously flicker in the screen.

When I was consuming a barrel of red wine; slurping the elixir with animated
sips of satisfaction,
The thing I hated the most was the authorities catching me red handed; evacuating the alcohol out of me; by beating me black and blue.

When I was playing an intense game of chess; articulately maneuvering my
pieces through the checkered squares,
The thing I hated the most was illegal moves by my opponent; which eventually
led him to win the game.

When I was about to commence on an adventurous expedition; accompanied
by hordes of my class mates,
The thing I hated the most was intermittent bouts of cold and fever; which
instigated my parents to incorrigibly hold me back.

When I was earnestly praying to the almighty; with my arms crossed; eyes
focused in tumultuous concentration,
The thing I hated the most was uncouth criminals bombarding the vicinity;
permeating the sacrosanct ambience with ghastly sounds.

And when I was with my beloved; my face nestling passionately against her
broad shoulder,
The thing I hated the most was orthodox society hindering our romance; proving a deplorable barricade in the path of our immortal love.


What is the use of a mirror that does not reflect pellucid images, fails to portray the true identity of an individual,

What is the use of a cow which does not give milk; keeps incessantly munching
tones of green grass,

What is the use of a concrete road, which is unable to hold traffic; buckles down under the impact of vehicular load,

What is the use of a tree which does not bear succulent fruit; refrains to yield satiny shadows in order to cool dreary passengers,

What is the use of an aircraft, which stumbles to take off; let apart transport hordes of passengers,

What is the use of a pen that fails to write; inundate the spotless demeanor of bonded paper with umpteenth lines of literature,

What is the use of robust feet, which are unable to walk; transferring their possessors to their required place of destination,

What is the use of articulate fingers, which incorrigibly refuse to draw; hoist the slightest of load from ground,

What is the use of a slimy spider web that fails to imprison innocuous insects; snaps into multiple fragments at the tiniest of caress,

What is the use of car which refrains to start; stutters every unleashing second when traversing the lanes,

What is the use of a black thundercloud, which refrains to rain; sprinkle upon
the parched earth bountiful droplets of water,

What is the use of a bell, which doesn't produce a shrill sound when rung; lies insipid and limp even when struck voraciously,

What is the use of a bird, which doesn’t fly uninhibitedly in the sky; indolently sleeps in its nest on soil,

What is the use of teeth, which fail to chew food; grinding it scrupulously to facilitate digestion,

What is the use of a river, which does not flow; remains stagnant harboring a
plethora of dead weed and dirt,

What is the use of the sun in the cosmos which does not shine; holding back
its radiance and scintillating light from fumigating the earth,

What is the use of stars which do not twinkle resplendently at night; illuminate the gloomy ambience with rays of exuberant hope,

What is the use of eyes, which cannot see; admire the mesmerizing beauty of the globe,

What is the use of lips, which don’t smile; effusively express feelings of warmth and congeniality,

What is the use of humans which don’t procreate their progeny; fail to imbibe the essence of sharing in their counterpart mates,

What is the use of mud sprawled on the ground; unable to bear crop; blowing with the wind to settle in a bedraggled heap,

What is the use of sword, which miserably fails in protecting its master; in the end becomes an inevitable cause of his assassination,

What is the use of a lock, which opens with the most mundane of key; enabling
burglars to pilfer and plunder at their free will,

What is the use of a scorpion, which is unable to sting; inject its lethal venom when it matters the most,

What is the use of life which is bereft of adventure; the philanthropic spirit to propagate peace,

And what is the use of a palpable heart which fails to beat even after witnessing true love; remains confined to realms of stringent sophistication .


I wanted to breathe your name each time I exhaled out air; impregnating the atmosphere with your mystical fragrance,
Facilitating your entity to settle; occupying all quarters of my cloistered room.

I wanted to sight your name each time I opened my eyes; granting it a status
of being blissfully omnipresent,
Making me thoroughly oblivious to the tyranny of the world; the ghastly incidences unleashing themselves on the crowded street.

I wanted to hear your name each time sound drifted into my ears; transforming
all other noise into your splendor,
Making your voice my song for the brilliant morning as well as my rhyme for
the freezing night.

I wanted to recite your name each time I opened my lips; circumventing my face
with an inevitable smile,
Imparting rubicund color to the corners of my cheek; and an enchanting glow to
the fortress of my teeth.

I wanted to imprison your name each time I clenched my fists; keeping it forever locked in my embrace,
Shielding it wholesomely from nefarious looks of the world; the lechery of savage souls existing on this globe.

I wanted to digest your name each time I consumed food; enabling me to keep you in proximity with my intestines,
Eventually becoming an indispensable constituent part of my blood; circulating
rambunctiously through my veins.

I wanted to envisage your name each time I felt like dreaming; profoundly incorporating my mind with your mesmerizing images,
Catapulting me to unprecedented territories of paradise; the very instant I wanted too.

I wanted to incarcerate your name on my tongue each time I felt thirsty; to satiate the burning chords bouncing in my throat,
Celestially pacifying my desires; leading me to holistic pathways of spiritual healing.

I wanted to write your name in grandiloquent bold letters each time my fingers itched to move; accentuating it profoundly on bonded paper,
Portraying the enlightening effect that it has; when sighted in embossed script.

And I wanted to remember your name with the first beams of evanescent dawn; and the last minute before shutting my eyes,
Blessing me with loads of courage to fight the acerbic day; sleep as unperturbed as God in the ominous night .


When they tied me in ropes of slender steel; mercilessly cupping my hands in an airtight embrace,
I felt submerged by disparaging despair in the beginning; although after a while I used my ingenuity and managed to wriggle out completely free from my bondage.

When they wound me in ropes of sparkling diamonds; the acerbic edges of stone
pricked me severely in my veins,
I was a blend of tribulation and supreme rhapsody at witnessing the jewels; although after a few hours I astutely succeeded to chisel the same and hastily absconded.

When they strangulated me in ropes of threadbare rubber; securely tying my hands and feet,
I felt the breath imprisoned in my chest stifling every unleashing minute; although I somehow achieved to find a rusty knife; eloped like the frisky giraffe after chafing my ropes.

When they enmeshed me in ropes of acrimonious thorns; the stinging nettles made me profusely bleed,
I felt an obfuscated blur encircle my eyes; although after a few determined gasps; I opened my barricades insurmountably flexing my muscles; and decamped surreptitiously via the boundless ocean.

When they tethered me uncouthly in ropes of live snakes; with the hooded monster snaring its venomous fangs on my cheek,
I felt an armory of Goosebumps creep up on my skin; sweat dribbling like torrential rain from my body; although in the end I was able to defeat my lethal adversary; and fled for my life as fast as those tiny legs of mine could carry me.

When they enslaved me in ropes of thick tree roots; a plethora of worms and
pugnacious ants crawled on my body from the same,
I initially felt miserable with the insects abhorrently tickling my flesh; although a few minutes of intense contemplation; I was able to unwind the knots; and galloped as speedily as I could from the dense jungle.

When they captivated me in ropes of blistering iron; stuffing my mouth with
tons of fetid cotton,
I thought this was going to be my last day of holistic survival; although within seconds I discovered a gas stove nearby; judiciously used the flames to snap open my chains and then transgressed through the heavy door to escape.

When they incarcerated me in ropes of coarse cloth; hanging me upside down
with my feet tautly kissing the tall ceiling,
I started perceiving the world as being grotesquely distorted; although after a few breaths I used my teeth to acrobatically open my chords; and fled the disdainful scenario; leaping through partially open window.

When they bound me in ropes of crude glass pieces; stripping every bit of cloth from my persona,
I felt a stream of fresh blood oozing incessantly from my raw wounds; although I still managed to break free vehemently flinging the pointed shards from my arms.

And eventually when they imprisoned me in the "rope of love "; with my beloved lying blissfully by my side,
I endeavored as hard as possible to scamper away; but this time though the mesmerizing essence of her entity; the invincible power of her devotion for my
being; held me incorrigibly on the ground; to bask for centuries unprecedented
in the glory of her widespread arms .


Can callous stones lying on the ground; ever dream of flying soaring high in the clouds abreast with the birds?

Can inclement rain pelting from the sky; ever dream of heating the land instead of profusely soaking it?

Can foliated trees swaying high and handsome with the blowing wind; ever dream
of transforming into a diminutive ant?

Can the formidably constructed fortress; ever dream of crumbling down like a pack of cards?

Can the ground on which we traversed; ever dream of disdainfully buckling down under our inconspicuous weight?

Can the magnanimous aircraft hovering at unprecedented heights in the air;
ever dream of maneuvering through the crowded city streets?

Can the dazzling sun god in the cosmos; ever dream of submerging the atmosphere with pitch dark blackness instead of scintillating light?

Can the dog philandering unscrupulously through the streets; ever dream of not wagging his curved tail?

Can the vivacious chameleon bouncing between the hedges; ever dream of not
changing its enchanting color?

Can the nectar oozing our bountifully from beehives; ever dream of being as
salty as the wild sea?

Can the summit of the colossal mountain; ever dream of being in close quarters
with the dilapidated road?

Can the inebriating elixir of opulent wine; ever dream of being like crystalline mineral water?

Can the ominous scorpion merrily gallivanting through the jungles; ever dream
of not injecting its venomous sting?

Can the greasy lubricating oil; ever dream of not impregnating the surface
with a slippery sheen?

Can the penguins born and existing in the savage cold of Atlantic; ever dream
of blistering heat of the uncouth desert?

Can the angular soles of feet; ever dream of eloquently singing instead of inexorably trespassing infinite miles of cold territory?

Can the fragrant and scarlet rose; ever dream of emanating a fetid odor; a pugnacious smell resembling the leaking gutters?

Can the intangible photograph suspended from the wall; ever dream of emulating the animated actions of a live man?

Can the mammoth elephant transgressing majestically through the forest; ever dream of floundering under the onslaught of sensitive breeze?

Can the violently swirling waves of the ocean; ever dream of becoming the condensed river?

Can the freezing cold bar of icecream; ever dream of scalding ones mouth?

Can the hideously towering demon brutally massacring innocuous people; ever
dream of replicating God,

And "can true love ever dream of being destroyed "; even if there came the greatest force from society to dismantle it; the wisest man in space to rebuke it; the mightiest power on earth to decimate it ?


You lived in my intricate eyes when I saw the world; taught me to discerningly distinguish between the good and evil,

You lived in my ears when I listened to sound; made me stringently aware of
the most minuscule of voice in proximity,

You lived in my feet when I traversed the parched earth; making sure that my
toes remained reinvigorated at all times,

You lived in my fingers when I wrote literature; making me chisel sheer magic
out of nondescript words,

You lived in my stomach when I swallowed food; assisting me to
scrupulously digest the same,

You lived in my nails when I scratched the wall; imparting me with the tenacity to peel off the pallid paint,

You lived in my tongue when I spoke; blessing me with the tact of producing a
melodious noise,

You lived in my nostrils when I breathed air; seeing to it that the purest part of it entered the jacket of my lungs,

You lived in my veins when they pumped crimson blood; ensuring that it flowed
rambunctiously all throughout the day,

You lived in my throat when I gulped cool water; facilitating it to smoothly
cascade down my neck,

You lived in my luscious lips when I smiled; making it appear profoundly incarcerating in front of the audience,

You lived in my slender bones as I grew; impregnating them with tons of calcium; making me audaciously confront the most bizarre of situation,

You lived in my armory of teeth when I masticated my meals; making sure that I
crushed each obdurate morsel into silken chowder,

You lived in my mind when I tried to contemplate; providing me with the most
adept solution to my baffling enigma,

You lived in my scalp every time I felt like caressing it; incorporating the follicles of my hair with resplendent shine,

You lived in the wildest of my fantasies; the most weirdest of my dreams; making it wholesomely sure that they didn’t cause me any harm,

You lived in the lines embossed on the back of my palm; chalking my destiny to
be as bright as possible,

You lived in my sweat as it dribbled down my cheeks; inundating it with a perennial shine,

You lived in my scent as the day unveiled itself into shivering night; embedding my persona with an everlasting essence,

And most importantly you lived in my heart invincibly imprisoned; as it had
absolutely no vacancy for any other entity to exist .


When I first saw her; I felt tremors of unparalleled excitement euphorically enshroud me; till the very last bone of my spine,
While today when we had perpetually coalesced in threads of immortal love; I had not even the most infinitesimal iota of fear; as I willingly surrendered myself to the most ghastliest of death .

When I first saw her; I felt unsurpassable torrents of ecstatic rhapsody tingle me till times beyond blissful eternity; as I uncontrollably slithered in the clouds of timelessly endless desire,
While today when we had perennially bonded in flames of impregnable love; I philandered without even the tiniest of circumspection in my eyes; ready any instant for the most torturously truculent of death .

When I first saw her; I felt unfathomable infernos of exuberance envelop every ingredient of my scarlet blood; as I unrelentingly envisaged the compassionate
magic of her sensuously ravishing caress,
While today when we had invincibly bonded in mists of bountifully unassailable love; I smilingly invited the corpse of traumatic death; unflinchingly bonding my spirit with the Omnisciently divine .

When I first saw her; I felt like the most majestic prince on this colossal earth; fabulously romanticizing in the realms of stupendous aristocracy and tantalizing passion,
While today when we had unshakably blended in the entrenchment of mesmerizing love; I trespassed even the most acrimonious fires of hell barefooted; liberating my mind; body and spirit; in wholesome entirety .

When I first saw her; I felt as if all enchantingly blooming goodness of the gigantic planet; had been sumptuously bestowed on my impoverished lap,
While today when we had irrefutably intermingled in the tunes of gorgeously everlasting love; I selflessly relinquished every organ of my body for all bereaved humanity; asking the devil to squelch me instead .

When I first saw her; I felt insatiably untamed whirlpools of longing profusely encapsulate my nimble flesh; with the yearning embrace her voluptuous body;
overwhelmingly towering over every other thing on this Universe,
While today when we had unequivocally united in the fortress of unbreakable love; I had not the most capricious of apprehension; in imparting bone of my body to the valley of sadistic death .

When I first saw her; I felt as if I had just discovered my truest identity in vibrant existence; astoundingly spell bound by her regally Omnipotent footsteps,
While today when we had intransigently mated in the swirl of heavenly love; I wholeheartedly welcome morbid death on my doorstep; bid adieu to this planet
with grateful contentment aligning the contours of my diminutive face .

When I first saw her; I felt that the fathomless horizons were a fraction too short; as the paradise of empathy in her marvelously enthralling eyes; stretched till boundless kilometers even beyond infinite infinity,
While today when we had irrevocably melanged in the ocean of vivacious love; I altruistically bestowed every speck of my breath to all those despicably thwarted; before handing my penurious body to the scavengers of vindictive death .

And when I first saw her; I felt that the beats of my passionately thundering heart made me the most priceless scintillating entity alive; as I embarked on an expedition of impeccable truth on every step that I tread,
While today when we had divinely fused in the fragrance of symbiotically philanthropic love; I handsomely saluted the chapters of life and inexplicable death with equal equanimity; was duly prepared for both any instant; whatever the Lord had in store for me .


Every bit of fabric in this remorsefully dilapidated room; reminded me of your fabulously enchanting grace; the way you sensuously wrapped yourself in resplendent
cotton; at the first rays of ethereally marvelous dawn,

Every bit of mirror in this treacherously solitary room; reminded me of your bountifully embellished lips; as you poignantly adorned yourself like a newly embarrassed bride; replenishing the astounding parting of your hair with; spell bindingly crimson vermilion,

Every bit of paper in this desolately forlorn room; reminded me of your regally articulate fingers; as you inundated fathomless landscapes of barren canvas; with
the gregariously enamoring beauty of the Universe around,

Every bit of wall in this drearily stabbing room; reminded me of your unflinchingly intrepid solidarity; the impregnably compassionate swirl of your philanthropic shoulders round me; when the planet beside had become a ghost town,

Every bit of mysticism in this horrendously lonely room; reminded me of your unrelentingly blissful fantasies; the voluptuous garden of piquant breaths that you emanated; well past the heart of enchanting midnight,

Every bit of toy in this perniciously sullen room; reminded me of your ecstatically jubilant stride; the wonderfully benign smile on your glorious lips; as you philandered beyond the lanes of timelessness with the angels divine,

Every bit of plant in this maliciously dolorous room; reminded me of your magnanimously miraculous caress; as you stupendously quelled all traumatized agony around; with the celestial melody in your voice,

Every bit of candle in this obdurately obstinate room; reminded me of your profoundly unbelievable dexterity; as you marvelously molded threadbare clay into silken apostles of peace; with ravishingly unending euphoria in your palms,

Every bit of friction in this manipulatively morose room; reminded me of your insatiably augmenting nubile beauty; as you blazingly ignited a trail of unsurpassable excitement; even in the most lividly frozen nerve of my impoverished body,

Every bit of clock in this bizarrely abandoned room; reminded me of your incredulously impeccable meticulousness; as you symbiotically blended your
Omnipotent soul; with all benevolent goodness of the earth around,

Every bit of darkness in this dogmatically lambasting room; reminded me of your seductively titillating footsteps; the thunderously streaks of ebullient lightening that you wafted; under the curtainspread of the Moonless night,

Every bit of sound in this insipidly dithering room; reminded me of your Omnisciently humanitarian voice; the heartfelt empathy that you harbored for all organisms one and alike; in each sentence that diffused from your eternal mouth,

Every bit of dust in this preposterously sordid room; reminded me of your boisterously bubbling visage; as you voraciously cleansed each ingredient of dirt; before bowing down your nimble head in front of Lord Almighty,

Every bit of sharpness in this invidiously rotting room; reminded me of your vivaciously vibrant alacrity; as you emerged resurgently victorious; even in the most devilishly sinister situation of uncouth life,

Every bit of scent in this diabolically debasing room; reminded me of your everlasting fragrance; as you sparkled into a sky of heavenly freshness; a fairy of harmonious goodwill; every unfurling minute of the day,

Every bit of bed in this salaciously demoralizing room; reminded me of your rhapsodically tantalizing sleep; as you relentlessly fomented a whirlpool of
never-ending excitement; with your uninhibited nudges and turns,

Every bit of air in this vengefully asphyxiating room; reminded me of your indefatigable elixir to exuberantly surge ahead in life; tenaciously determine
yourself to holistically exist for a countless more lifetimes,

And every bit of light in this murderously neglected room; reminded me of your immortally Omnipresent love; as you perpetually bonded your sacrosanct spirit
forever and ever and ever; with mine,

So wherever you are; please come back O! Beloved; as each beat of my impoverished heart and this room misses you; as the roof of this dwelling would pathetically collapse without you; as without you we all were a ghastly corpse with artificial breath; as without you life would never be life; ever again .


My love for her was like raindrops pelting in torrential frenzy from crimson sky; as I unrelentingly fantasized about her charismatically voluptuous contours; all sweltering day and even way beyond the ghastly night,
While she nonchalantly brushed the excess water from her skin; spuriously suckling sleazy wine with her extravagant bunch of; vagabond friends .

My love for her was like the Omnipotent rays of Golden Sun; as I perceived the radiance in her impeccable eyes to be the most holistic panacea to perpetually
While she disdainfully shrugged the excess light from her persona; flirtatiously eloping beyond the surreptitious hills; everyday with a different man of her choice .

My love for her was like the vibrantly fragrant flower; as I uninhibitedly wafted the scent of my eternal passion; all around her magnificently sacred visage,
While she dogmatically shut her nose in utter abhorrence to the excess aroma; sensuously cuddling the capriciously fragile chest of a man; who would leave her soon like a piece of dilapidated shit .

My love for her was like the fathomless undulating sea; having not the slightest of boundary; having not the most evanescent of end,
While she lugubriously preferred to walk infinite miles away on the bombastically arid land; with a man who capriciously adored her only for her embellished jewelry and tantalizing flesh .

My love for her was like an overwhelming avalanche of unending beauty; as I wished all unsurpassable goodness of this planet to magnanimously descend upon her till times beyond eternity,
While she dolorously spat on all excess enthrallment with vindictive malice; preferring worthlessly manipulative men; who could take her for fugitive rides; in their silver Mercedes .

My love for her was like the unfathomably melodious beehive; relentlessly consecrating every step that she transgressed with all the unconquerable sweetness of this colossal Universe,
While she pathetically lambasted all the excess harmony with her stray apron strings; partying with men who devilishly desired her; only to whet their appetite .

My love for her was like the fervently mesmerizing mists; wonderfully titillating every ravishing nerve of her famished countenance; for boundless more births yet to unveil,
While she pugnaciously neglected all the excess enigma with a remorseful frown on her lips; frigidly dancing to the clatter of currency coin; as brutal demons ogled down her spine .

My love for her was like an ardently ingratiating inferno of breath; that triggered fireballs of insurmountably unending desire; even in the heart of the morbidly deadened night,
While she half-heartedly kicked on the excess exuberance; letting her spirit drift towards a man; who incessantly viewed her only through the clouds of his derogatory cigar smoke .

And my love for her was like an immortally euphoric heartbeat; perennially bonding with even the most infinitesimal of her senses; even as; diabolical hell took a vicious stranglehold of the earth divine,
While she insidiously squelched all the excess romance infiltrating her soul; leading her entire life like a puppet chained to the tyrannical devil; just because he changed the chain every moment with meaninglessly glittering gold .


The entire Universe satanically manipulated; while their impeccable eyes unrelentingly stared at eachother; with an ardor unconquerable and till times beyond eternity,

The entire Universe lecherously sucked blood; while their voluptuous lips uncompromisingly kissed each other; exploring the sweetness of God’s Omnisciently
divine creation,

The entire Universe brutally discriminated till fathomless miles beyond the gallows; while their sensuously intricate feet nudged each other; igniting inferno’s of spell binding infatuation; in the heart of the insidiously dolorous night,

The entire Universe murderously massacred; while their immaculate palms perpetually interlocked with each other; compassionately warming even the most infinitesimally frigid iota of; frozen ice,

The entire Universe tyrannically worked from nine to nine; while their tantalizing bellies ravishingly titillated each other; eternally bonding with thunderbolts of unendingly ecstatic desire,

The entire Universe invidiously rebuked all goodness; while their seductive eyelashes incessantly tickled each other; ebulliently philandering in the mists of innocuous newness; for centuries unprecedented,

The entire Universe disdainfully counted spurious bundles of currency; while their scarlet cheeks perennially blushed with each other; nervously fidgeting like a freshly embellished bride; under Omnipotent rays of the mid-day Sun,

The entire Universe dreadfully wandered in the aisles of commercial hell; while their exuberant voices unassailably bonded with each other; in the spirit of harmoniously United existence,

The entire Universe woefully sledged the essence of peace; while their poignant streams of blood burgeoned in blissful solidarity; ubiquitously disseminating the
principles of mankind; on every path that they tread,

The entire Universe mercilessly lambasted into realms of obsolete oblivion; while their pristine necks innocuously caressed each other; vividly painting the panoramic landscape of this planet with astoundingly eclectic color,

The entire Universe savagely groped after dungeons of penalizing greed; while their sacrosanct shoulders stood holistically abreast each other; confronting the
most acrimoniously torrid storms; with irrefutably supreme faith in the; Almighty Lord,

The entire Universe remorsefully sulked 24 hrs a day; while their resplendently twinkling chins gloriously coalesced with each other; as their spirit of sacred
togetherness metamorphosed all evil; into a bouquet of heavenly fragrance,

The entire Universe ominously plotted against weaker living kind; while their magically mesmerizing shadows forever amalgamated as one; benevolently blessing all humanity; one and alike,

The entire Universe sadistically orphaned humanitarian goodness; while their impregnably truthful souls timelessly coagulated in an entrenchment of celestial
bliss; perpetuating the symbol of mankind to the most fathomless quarter; of this gigantic earth,

The entire Universe disdainfully abhorred intrepid adventure; while their miraculous footsteps unequivocally marched towards the path of scintillating righteousness; alleviating mother earth from the hands of the hideous devil,

The entire Universe spent the remainder of their lives in bombastic society meets and worthless cigar smoke; while their enthrallingly robust tongues intransigently discovered each other; triggering fires of bountiful belonging; even in the center of the morbidly soggy lake,

The entire Universe asphyxiated their nostrils with vindictive pollution; while their Omnipresent breath beautifully exhaled out as one; graciously consecrating a civilization of optimistic hope; on every path that they traversed,

The entire Universe insidiously cheated in graveyards of maligned castigation; while their divinely untainted brains relentlessly fantasized together; fabulously inundating the complexion of this planet with unfathomable happiness,

And the entire Universe existed worthlessly in webs of prejudice and eventually died; while their immortal heartbeats lived forever and ever and ever in flames of unshakable love; harboring its majestic goodness as the sole panacea to survive; for infinite more births yet to come .

24. JUMP

Don’t jump into the acrimoniously blazing fires; you’ll get gruesomely charred to infinitesimal chunks of barbarically threadbare ash,

Don’t jump into the unfathomably deep ocean; you’ll mercilessly drown; become an overwhelmingly succulent bait for the diabolically menacing shark,

Don’t jump from the epitome of the precariously pernicious mountain; you’ll disdainfully crumble into a stack of capriciously insipid bone and mud,

Don’t jump into the sleazily grimy whirlpool of mud; you’ll abominably slip towards the aisles of obnoxiously disappearing oblivion; like a cavalcade of debilitating dominoes,

Don’t jump into the sonorously ghastly well; you’ll asphyxiate yourself to a brutal death; with discordantly croaking frogs and treacherously heinous snakes; being
your only soul mates,

Don’t jump into the tumultuously marauding lion’s den; you’ll be ruthlessly pulverized to evanescent mincemeat by his satanic jaws; for just a tantalizingly appetizing starter; to his midday meal,

Don’t jump into the web of savagely derogatory lies; you’ll be unsparingly lambasted into realms of torturously tyrannical hell; with each ingredient of your impeccable blood ominously metamorphosing into the gory devil,

Don’t jump into the remorsefully morbid graveyard; you’ll feel miserably entrenched; with an unsurpassable fleet of penalizing ghost and invidious corpse,

Don’t jump into the island of coldblooded emptiness; you’ll feel like a breathing statue all right; but without the most obfuscated trace of vibrant life or stupendously exhilarating breath,

Don’t jump into the circus of insidious manipulation; you’ll have to devour sewage more derogatorily fetid than the gutters; as each instant unfurled into a wholesome minute,

Don’t jump into the rambunctiously prowling crocodile pool; you’ll soon feel that the ants were much bigger than yourself in size; as the devilish monsters sucked
even the last droplet of your poignant blood,

Don’t jump into the hideous vulture’s nest; you’ll be reduced till times beyond infinite infinity; into a penuriously sullen heap of colorlessly dead carrion,

Don’t jump into the uncouthly crippling world of crime; you’ll soon metamorphose into a gruesomely livid and kicked commodity; with venomous bullets the only elixir embedded deep into your immaculate skin,

Don’t jump into the ghoulishly unending maelstrom of discrimination; you’ll find even the most minuscule aspect of your existence; more sinful than your
grave could ever be,

Don’t jump into the pool of innocent blood; you’ll find the unfinished cries of countless innocuous; never letting you exist in celestial peace,

Don’t jump into the perilously sinister battlefield of thorns; you’ll be ignominiously ripped apart like a speck of worthless shit; tasting vindictively hostile blood on every step that you; dolorously slithered

Don’t jump into the sledging shackles of insane frustration; you’ll reach the most veritably last day of your life; even as the very first day of your life had just commenced,

Don’t jump into the land of perfidiously agonizing betrayal; you’ll baselessly crucify every panoramically resplendent moment of life; transform yourself into a breathing ghost,

And if you really wanted to blissfully counter all the traumatic don’ts ; then do jump forever into the cradle of perpetual love; do jump forever into the garden of uninhibited compassion; do jump forever and ever and ever; into the religion of unassailable mankind .


The wagon of relentlessly enthralling enchantment; exuberantly ran on wheels of tantalizingly mesmerizing fantasy,

The wagon of compassionately heartfelt emotions; amiably ran on the wheels
of symbiotically holistic togetherness,

The wagon of celestially gratifying tranquility; affably ran on the wheels of selflessly bonding contentment,

The wagon of Omnipotently miraculous healing; unitedly ran on the wheels of philanthropically glorious solidarity,

The wagon of unbelievably rhapsodic happiness; uninhibitedly ran on the wheels
of ebulliently fantastic newness,

The wagon of blazingly unflinching patriotism; intrepidly ran on the wheels of flamboyantly never-dying fearlessness,

The wagon of eternally ecstatic fragrance; bountifully ran on the wheels
of unfathomably priceless innocuousness,

The wagon of scintillatingly unparalleled success; blissfully ran on the wheels of irrefutably honest self-belief,

The wagon of voluptuously magnificent artistry; marvelously ran on the wheels
of insatiably tantalizing discovery,

The wagon of everlastingly unconquerable prosperity; beautifully ran on the wheels of vivaciously resplendent melody,

The wagon of stupendously rejuvenating timelessness; impeccably ran on the wheels of unequivocally majestic faith,

The wagon of graciously charming color; vividly ran on the wheels of enthusiastically perennial humanity,

The wagon of invincibly Omnipresent unity; synergistically ran on the wheels
of sacredly blessing mankind,

The wagon of fathomlessly reinvigorating beauty; immaculately ran on the wheels of unassailably regale truth,

The wagon of innocently unadulterated sleep; aristocratically ran on the wheels
of bounteously milky moonlight,

The wagon of ubiquitously benevolent peace; ingratiatingly ran on the wheels
of ardently mutual sharing,

The wagon of emolliently Omniscient purity; impregnably ran on the wheels
of spotlessly magical conscience,

The wagon of vibrantly unfurling life; perpetually ran on the wheels of charismatically unshakable breath,

And the wagon of immortally burgeoning love; divinely ran on the wheels
of passionately thundering heart .


The creases burgeoning sonorously on my forehead; made me realize; that I was getting painstakingly older,

The streaks of tantalizingly white lightening in the ambience around; made me realize; that I was incessantly erupting into a fireball of untamed sensuousness,

The voluptuous entrenchment of majestic roses in the garden; made me realize; that I wanted to timelessly philander through the aisles of uninhibitedly tingling romance,

The outlines of agonizing fervency on the periphery of my impoverished lips; made me realize; that I wanted to be insatiably kissed till times well beyond eternity,

The profusely articulate lines of destiny on my diminutive palms; made me realize; that each instant of my life; had been enigmatically embellished by the Lord Almighty,

The rambunctiously discordant reverberations in my stomach; made me realize; that even the most infinitesimal element in my intestine; was uncontrollably growling for sumptuous food,

The torrential downpours of silken rain in the atmosphere; made me realize; that the fantasizing wanderer in my soul; wanted to euphorically dance till the end of my time,

The unrelentingly Omnipotent blaze of the blistering Sun; made me realize; that I wanted to ubiquitously disseminate the essence of symbiotic brotherhood; to all my fellow comrades in inexplicably shivering distress,

The uncouthly indiscriminate trampling of the satanic devil; made me realize; that I wanted to relinquish every iota my penurious breath; in my mission to perpetually save all tyrannized mankind,

The ebulliently boisterous chirping of the innocuous squirrels and birds; made me realize; that I wanted to stretch my wings of inherent freedom; and soar like a
regale prince through the gates of mesmerizing paradise,

The vivaciously resplendent rainbows in the cosmos; made me realize; that there were an unsurpassable shades to my infinitesimal life; with each of them eventually blossoming into a valley of charismatic enchantment,

The vibrantly pulsating beats of the bountifully bubbling nightingales; made me realize; that there was still an innocent child in my manipulatively bizarre conscience; erupting into a fountain of untamed ecstasy; every unfurling instant of the  brilliant day,

The ravishingly rejuvenating waterfalls on the slopes; made me realize; that I ardently needed to be caressed from all sides; replenishing every ingredient of my famished blood with all astronomically aristocratic beauty; that hovered in the atmosphere,

The indefatigable twitching of my uncannily exploring eyelids; made me realize; that I wanted to fervently discover every beautifully twinkling cranny of this wonderful Universe; infinite births even after my veritable death,

The relentlessly ricocheting echoes in the gorge; made me realize; that the inferno of hidden desires in me; was tumultuously urging to fulminate into wisps of magical togetherness,

The poignantly crimson color of my blood; made me realize; that there was irrefutably only one religion in the entire planet; and that was the religion of
priceless humanity,

The titillating whispers of the tranquil tree leaves around; made me realize; that each pore of my indigently trembling skin; wanted to be compassionately caressed by unfathomable reservoirs of truth; and sparkling righteousness,

The gloriously piquant that wafted down my surrendering nostrils; made me realize; that life was the most enlightening endowment upon every living being; the harmoniously sacred mantra to bond with the Almighty Divine,

And the intransigently throbbing beats of my passionate heart; made me realize; that there I had fallen in love; bonding more invincibly with its heavenly swirl; as each second unveiled into a civilization of newness; as each moment brought alongwith it the perpetual blessings; of the Almighty Lord .


There was a time when she had just come into my life like thunderbolts of white lightening; igniting each pore my penuriously famished skin; with infernos of
insatiably burgeoning desire,
While today when she abandoned me; I felt worse than a frigidly dying matchstick; with all scarlet blood in my veins now metamorphosing into trash more insipidly worthless; than the stinking gutters .

There was a time when she had just come into my life like a garden of bountifully blossoming roses; melodiously enlightening each element of my impoverished existence; with a fountain of ebulliently rhapsodic scent,
While today when she abandoned me; even the most infinitesimal trace of my voice froze in the center of my throat; as I felt every possible devil in this treacherous world; ruthlessly lambasting into bizarre submission; till times even beyond my grave .

There was a time when she had just come into my life like an ecstatically frolicking butterfly; triggering me to philander for times immemorial; through clouds
of seductively unparalleled mysticism,
While today when she abandoned me; each iota of my bedazzling sight transformed into an entrenchment of ghastly blindness; rendering me utterly hopeless and devastated; amidst the pack of savagely blood sucking wolves .

There was a time when she had just come into my life like a boisterously golden bee; deluging even the most diminutive step that I took; with timelessly perennial sweetness,
While today when she abandoned me; all my Herculean resilience converted into an orphaned puddle of cowardice; as I trembled in uncontrollable disbelief at even the most capricious wavering of my shadow .

There was a time when she had just come into my life like an Omnipotent angel; celestially maneuvering each aspect of my manipulative existence; towards the path of irrefutably sacrosanct righteousness,
While today when she abandoned me; I found myself being pulverized more and more brutally as the Sun rose in the sky; with even the satanic vultures refraining to caress; my abhorrently decaying skeleton .

There was a time when she had just come into my life like a cloud of insurmountably blissful fantasy; engendering me to unrelentingly romanticize all spell binding goodness; on this colossal planet,
While today when she abandoned me; every ingredient of my visage abnegated even the slightest of desire to survive; as I surrendered myself wholeheartedly; to the lap of murderously penalizing hell .

There was a time when she had just come into my life like a vivaciously tantalizing peacock; fabulously rousing me from my reverie; like a titillating mirage of pristinely nubile beauty,
While today when she abandoned me; the lines of poignant destiny abruptly vanished from my indigent palms; as I meaninglessly groped through a dungeon of traumatizing darkness; like a ghost without head or majestic feet .

There was a time when she had just come into my life like a heavenly mist of passionately enchanting breath; granting me the tenacity to unflinchingly
live; and ensure that my comrades existed in harmoniously symbiotic happiness,
While today when she abandoned me; even the most remotest trace of life from my lungs raced infinite feet beneath my veritable grave; with my carcass being
grotesquely kicked by all passing by; at rampant will .

And there was a time when she had just come into my life like an immortal spell of love; making my heartbeats the richest on this aristocratic Universe; as she unconquerably bonded her benign spirit with wandering existence,
While today when she abandoned me; I relentlessly cursed my survival to be the most insidious burden on planet earth; eventually slashing my nerves indiscriminately; to die and perhaps savor those few minutes of her love; once again in the next birth .


Perched in morbid silence upon its nest; made it feel that it was a horrendous piece of obliterated shit; decaying in the dungeons of malicious boredom,
While the regale eagle realized what it was magnificently capable of doing; only when it spread its majestic wings a profound throttle; and ecstatically surged forward in fathomless puffs of; vibrantly exhilarating sky .

Lazing languidly in its cavern of forlorn darkness; made it feel that it was an inconspicuous mosquito; being ominously devoured by the unsparingly asphyxiating atmosphere around,
While the royal lion realized what it was unassailably capable of doing; only when it spread its thunderously furry legs; majestically sprinted in the boundless expanse of the mystical forests; reigning supreme for times immemorial .

Sulking miserably in its hive of disdainfully sticky mucus; made it feel that it like existing infinite feet beneath its grave; although it still possessed perfectly glorious life,
While the aristocratic bee realized what it was melodiously capable of doing; only when it unveiled its vivaciously resplendent wings a marvelous blossom; ecstatically hummed and buzzed on the heavenly rose; as the Sun bestowed its bountifully golden rays .

Pathetically camouflaged behind the entrenchment of frigidly soggy clouds; made it feel the most diminutively impoverished entity on earth alive; though it was the nearest to the Almighty lord from all sides,
While the Omnipotent Sun realized what it was celestially capable of doing; only when it unraveled its unconquerably scintillating artistry to the most stupendous fullest; profusely deluging even the most infinitesimally obscure cranny of this gigantic Universe; with spell binding hope and optimistic shine .

Lugubriously slithering on the nonchalantly reticent iceberg and cursing its tyrannized past; made it feel as if a singleton globule of insipid water was enough to brutally drown it towards its ungainly doom,
While the gladiator shark realized what it was resurgently capable of doing; only when it euphorically propelled forward like white lightening through the ravishingly choppy waters; unrelentingly exploring the mysticism of the tantalizingly poignant sea .

Surreptitiously hiding behind the sequestering mountains; made him feel like a pancake of ludicrous nothingness; although he had the flag of his sacrosanct country in his hands,
While the patriotic soldier realized what he was fearlessly capable of doing; only when he unflinchingly entered the heart of the battlefield with insatiable fires igniting his eyes; as he relinquished even the last of his breath; for immortalizing the glory of his divine motherland .

Rotting in the despicably delinquent dungeons; made it feel as if it was the poorest chunk of neglected garbage; parsimoniously alive,
While the enamoring cistern of diamonds realized what they were pricelessly capable of doing; only when they sprang up in harmonious unison of holistic earth; marvelously enlightening the complexion of the ghastly night; with unequivocally pristine light .

Imprisoned in realms of rigidly disgusting silence; made it feel as if was an inexplicably wavering orphan; staggering into discordant incoherence as every instant unleashed into a wholesome minute,
While the enchanting voice realized what it was exotically capable of doing; only when it uninhibitedly bounced out of the throat; bloomingly perpetuating every ingredient of the disastrously dull ambience; with sounds of cheer and astounding solidarity .

And gruesomely incarcerated within the chest and boundaries of the conventionally lambasting society; made it feel as if it were an insidious robot being vindictively controlled every second; by reigns of bizarrely barbaric manipulation,
While the unconquerable heart realized what it was blissfully capable of doing; only when it ecstatically leaped out of the chest; immortally uniting each of its resplendently passionate beats with eternal love; love and only priceless love .


Placid streams of blood trickled down my nape, f
orming crisscross patterns; like slithering reptiles,
I had accidentally brushed against a protuberant nail,
smilingly bore the aftermath of crimson blood staining crisp arenas of my cotton shirt.

Volatile springs of blood spewed from my ribs,
as I bore the savage onslaught of multitudinal knives,
producing sinister fountains of unseething agony,
subjecting my tender skin to a plethora of ghastly bruise,
I stood unperturbed; enthralled by the iridescent light of the moon,
uttering inaudibly soft groans beneath cabin covers of my breath.

Segregated globules of blood cascaded down my bohemian hands,
trespassing subtle barriers of blond hair emanating from my flesh,
as cluster of sea blue leech sucked cupidly; from the hollow of my arm,
I sordidly stood my ground; bearing tumultuous waves of agony,
grimacing my teeth like a mansion with reinforced glass.

Rollicking blades of the ceiling fan, plucked splinters from my bone,
as the contraption fell in full speed on my persona,
there was an canal of blood that oozed from my lips,
with an unrelenting flow of septic body fluids,
I still refrained from submerging my eye in tears,
burying my head deep within crustacean sands of earth.

I then witnessed them battering her with boomerangs of serrated metal,
dismantling hair on her scalp with their plagued hands,
slapping her cheek with a volley of abuse,
with faint rivulets of invaluable blood drooling down her luscious lips,
I couldn’t bear it any longer; the endurance in me dying a stifled death,
as I leapt in vehement indignation towards the bunch of miscreants; and for the first time cried .


When I rubbed my nose in finely crushed extract of green chili,
fumes of opalescent white gas emanated in quick successions from my nostril.

When I submerged my nose partially in freshly moistened earth,
the exotic scent of mud sent waves in my brain catapulting to dizzy heights.

As I pressed my nose against slender slices of piquant garlic,
obnoxious shivers ran at electric speeds down my spine.

After caressing my nose with the chrome steel tip of the perfume bottle,
a host of frivolous desires crept wildly through my persona.

When I kneaded my nose through a heap of glittering gold,
ostentatious feelings of opulence flooded penurious zones of my heart.

As I kissed my nose in the rotten pulp of decaying mango,
an ocean of sheer abhorrence descended down my soul.

When I poked my nose in a dense camouflage of brilliant rose petal,
the mesmerizing fragrance of the flower held me captive for hours on the trot.

When I held my nose in proximity with paltry pinches of pungent pepper,
iterative bouts of sneezing exhausted all energy trapped in my chest.

As I opened orifices in my nose to inhale clouds of disdainful black smoke,
twin pairs of my eyes started to water emphatically.

And when I dipped my nose in precious blood oozing from my beloved,
a cluster of olfactory nerves got nostalgically revived,
I felt besieged by the overwhelming power of devotion,
was ready to relinquish all that was essential in order to sustain our love .


Currently your eyes were just eyes; casting their impeccable blacks and whites to the very places they liked,
While I was waiting for the moment; when they would ooze poignant globules of empathy; candidly divulge the mysticism hidden in their softness; under the glistening effulgence of the Sun .

Currently your lips were just lips; tightly pursing every now and then; whenever you were entrenched with bouts of utter frustration,
While I was waiting for the moment; when they were besieged with a stupendously charismatic smile; enlightening the pathetically morbid atmosphere; with the ingratiating aura that they possessed .

Currently your cheeks were just cheeks; scowling a trifle; as beads of perspiration and a battalion of flies buzzed incongruously against their rotund periphery,
While I was waiting for the moment; when they profusely blushed; triggering untamed mountains of sensuous flames; in the bewitching dreariness of the night .

Currently your hair were just hair; miserably incarcerated beneath a deluge of monotonous ribbon and stringent braids,
While I was waiting for the moment; when they swept ravishingly with the brazen winds; landed on my flesh; to transit me into a spell of tantalizing delight .

Currently your belly was just a belly; contentedly snoozing as your consumed the fraternity of food; which tingled your tongue the most,
While I was waiting for the moment; when it gyrated full throttle under the pearly moonshine; raving me like a shooting star from my den; boundless feet beneath the ghastly grave .

Currently your hands were just hands; lying in timid unison on soil; as the Sun silently transcended over the horizons,
While I was waiting for the moment; when your royal fingers united together in splendid harmony; making me soar like an impregnable bird over the land of infinite infinity .

Currently your voice was just a voice; rhythmically rising and falling in the air; as you inevitably unleashed the chords of your dwindling throat,
While I was waiting for the moment; when you sung the song lingering deep in your soul; inundating my baselessly hopeless life; with the tenacity to exist beyond my time .

Currently your footsteps were just footsteps; nimbly caressing the mud as you sloppily commenced your journey; to search for indispensable fodder for your life,
While I was waiting for that moment; when you philandered barefoot through the rhapsodically romantic hills; splashed your divinely countenance in water; freshly tumbling from the carpets of blue sky .

Currently your life was just a life; unveiling lackadaisically with the fading times; trudging pathetically through a land which was sinking with the gloomy second,
While I was waiting for that moment; when it blissfully blossomed into a perpetual relationship; exultating in the full fledged flavor of celestial existence .

And Currently your heart was just a heart; palpitating to the tunes of survival; as you aimlessly groped into a tunnel of gruesome blackness; while the rest of the world marched outside,
While I was waiting for the moment; when your sacred chest immortally radiated the beats of love; bonded with the person it yearned for and cherished; galloping towards the rays of a fantastic beginning .


Your eyes made me the best poet in this Universe; penning down unsurpassable lines of mystical verse; profoundly lost in the tunnel of their majestic enchantment,

Your cheeks made me the best artist in this Universe; sketching the mesmerizing outlines of your shadow as you royally walked,

Your hair made me the best dancer in this Universe; gyrating enigmatically under the milky moon as they swished; drowning myself profusely in the exuberant energy that radiated from their countenance,

Your eyelashes made me the best sculptor in this Universe; molding ingratiating magic out of threadbare bits of clay; capturing the beauty of the wind in my
myriad of vivacious shapes,

Your lips made me the best musician on this Universe; diffusing an incomprehensible battalion of melodious tunes; wholesomely drifting with the divinely aura lingering around your demeanor,

Your scent made me the best Doctor on this Universe; efficaciously treating the most heinous of disease with nonchalant ease; instilling in me insurmountable fortitude to rise upto every occasion of life,

Your fingers made me the best magician on this Universe; as I cast my astounding spell on every entity who encountered me in my way; tumultuously inspired by your magnetic senses,

Your palms made me the best astrologer on this Universe; prognosticating the most inconspicuous of disaster likely to happen; remembering the rhapsodically tinkling sound of your footsteps,

Your leap made me the best athlete in this Universe; exploring every corner of the planet; with untamed euphoria engulfing the most remotest corner of my dreary bones,

Your speech made the best philosopher in this Universe; advocating the most sacrosanct ideologies of humanity; blending with the uninhibited philanthropism
which flowed handsomely from your visage,

Your tenacity made me the best devotee in this Universe; supremely realizing the irrefutably invincible results of conviction in the inner self,

Your charisma made me the best achiever on this Universe; rising from a traumatized mountain of ashes; each time I tripped like a pack of devastated cards on obdurate ground,

Your soul made the best scholar on this Universe; disseminating all that I had imbibed since the first cry of nascent birth; to the most obsoletely neglected parts  of this colossal earth,

Your stride made me the best conqueror on this Universe; marching unrelentingly with an unflinching glimmer in my eyes; to keep escalating even after the absolute summit of success,

Your spirit of unity made me the best humanitarian on this Universe; embracing even the most alien around me; as my revered garland of brothers and sisters,

Your smile made me the best optimist on this Universe; incinerating a sky of dazzling light; in the midst of satanically savage and despairing darkness,

Your conscience made me the most truthful being on this Universe; relinquishing the tiniest trace of evil; drifting into a paradise of impeccable righteousness,

Your breath made me the best person existing alive on this Universe; having the astronomical resilience to take birth an infinite times; till the time I metamorphosed my dreams as well as those of my mates; into an immortal reality,

And your heart made me the best lover on this Universe; bonding with the threads of perpetual belonging; riding and sharing the wave of ebulliently swirling passion; in every form; that I took birth again and again and again .


Neither did she grin flirtatiously towards my countenance; winking at me intermittently to let her playful intentions known,
Nor did she scowl in utter disdain witnessing my facial contours; shrugging me off like a baseless mountain of matchstick .

Neither did she languish in the astoundingly seductive scent that wafted from my arms; clinging passionately to my shivering persona,
Nor did she kick me ruthlessly with her feet; prosecuting me to ash like an ungainly trespasser .

Neither did she appreciate the tunes that I melodiously sung in the dolorous atmosphere; noddingher head in the cadence of the alluring sound,
Nor did she push me off guard; hurtling me down the treacherously truculent slope of the deep valley .

Neither did she stare at me as the Sun unveiled magnificently from behind the horizons; absorbing my untamed passion in her eyelashes,
Nor did she cast an overwhelmingly cold shoulder as she lingered beside me; making me wholesomely disappear in the cloud of dust which emanated when she kicked .

Neither did she empathize with the agony that poured from my eyes; the whirlwind of inexplicable desire that engulfed my demeanor all night and day,
Nor did she tell her pet to lick the tears that lay disheveled on my shadow; strangulating the breath out of me with her dingy broomstick .

Neither did she realize the unprecedented river of infatuation that besieged my blood; the fulminating volcano of attraction that I harbored for her every unleashing instant,
Nor did she neglect me like paint miserably peeling from the walls; battering me into realms of absolute submission .

Neither did she ever caress me with her nails; never understanding how much I wanted to hear her whisper in my ardent ears,
Nor did she discard me in the very instance she sighted my rubicund lips; shunting me perpetually from the tiniest iota of her ingenious memory .

Neither did she bond with the beats of my turbulently pulsating heart; exploring its unfathomable dormitories of love; which wanted to be solely her slave,
Nor did she ever divulge any hatred for my diminutive stature on this boundless planet; burying me infinite feet under my corpse; when I was blissfully breathing
and alive .

And neither did she love me till the time I existed; not comprehending the compassion in my soul to be reborn a countless times; for being immortally hers,

And nor did she possess any intention to kill me like an pertinently irascible mosquito; nor did she want that I left mother earth in an incredulous hurry .

Its definitely startling; but true; God had made several relationships like ours which were neutral; yet unique relationships bonded by invincible threads of humanity .


As much as it overwhelmingly separates,
It bonds you immortally beyond the most passionate realms of your enchanting imagination .

As much as it rises like a fulminating volcano; infinite kilometers above the clouds,
It uninhibitedly embraces even the most impoverished of entity; enlightening the gloomy corridors of desperation with its glorious festoon of optimistic rays .

As much as it pacifies like white ice; to the most ultimate of the hearts content,
It ignites untamed infernos of turbulent desire; metamorphosing pathetically dwindling souls; into entities with an infinite lives .

As much as it absorbs the overwhelmingly poignant emotion lingering in the atmosphere,
It disseminates the spirit of friendship; indefatigably all across the surface of this
fathomless planet .

As much as it strikes inexplicably like torrential downpours of vivacious lava,
It promises you a life more blissful than the divine; fortifying its foundations of benevolent humanity astoundingly by the unveiling minute .

As much as it makes room for every conceivable fantasy to circulate intriguingly in the mind,
It harnesses your every goal into a perpetual reality; catapulting you to the most astronomical summit of scintillating success .

As much as it perseveres unrelentingly all night and each instant of the uncouthly sweltering day,
It transits you into a land of stupendous care and empathy; a paradise where you experience the most enthralling ingredients of a complete life .

As much as it tantalizes the most pragmatic beyond the dormitories of sagacious control,
It makes you believe in every step you take; propelling you to intrepidly defend the unsurpassable battalion of obstacles that confronted you; insidiously in your way .

As much as it bequeaths upon you a tenacity of having wholesomely led countless lives,
It takes you back to the first cry of your infantile life; making you bounce rhapsodically in the sacrosanct lap of your mother .
And as much as it melts you in the enigmatic trail of profusely charismatic seduction,
It unites you with every tangible and intangible element on this gigantic earth; granting you the ultimate status of being addressed as a human; granting you the right to love; to being loved; and being possessed by it; the spearhead of love .


The rays of flamboyant Sun; sizzle me beyond the threshold of ultimate ecstasy,

The rays of the resplendent stars; reinvigorate my dolorously dreary night with stupendous charm and vibrant twinkles,

The rays of untamed desire; trigger me to insatiably dream; transcending the boundless realms of enigmatic eternity,

The rays of the milky moon; catapult me into a land of tumultuous jubilation; where I romance in waves of ebullient frolic,

The rays of profuse nostalgia; transit me into realms of impeccable childhood; where I bounce with uninhibited mischief; in the sacrosanct lap of my mother,

The rays of tantalizing beauty; make me indefatigably feel that I was in incredulously enchanting paradise; blending blissfully with the divine,

The rays of irrefutable honesty; lead me to intransigently believe that there were still humans existing in today’s blood sucking world,

The rays of lecherous bloodshed; make me feel like relinquishing every iota of what I had assimilated till today; whiling life in perpetual recluse; away from
man’s cannibalistically stinking world,

The rays of mystical enigma; propel me to ponder upon the most inexplicable of ingredients; blended exotically with the atmosphere,

The rays of voluptuous rhapsody; maneuver the most intricate of my senses across the most fathomless continents of poignantly escalating passion,

The rays of celestial peace; make me handsomely oblivious to the insurmountable battalion of manipulation; unveiling in torrential cloudbursts every succeeding minute,

The rays of invincible friendship; make me feel more fortified than the most Herculean of fortress; projecting from this planet,

The rays of wholesome freedom; foment me miraculously to realize that I was leading my life to the fullest; basking in the melodious glory of the wind to the ultimate of its capacity,

The rays of illegitimate discrimination; make me feel as if I was transgressing full throttle in the dormitories of hell; although I was still replete with robust energy and breathing alive,

The rays of ambition; inundated my persona with whirlpools of overwhelming desire to excel; achieve the most acrimoniously persevering goals; with an unstinted pride in my eyes,

The rays of heavenly wisdom; stimulated an unsurpassable myriad of benevolence in my mind; drifting me towards the summit of inevitable realization,

The rays of salaciously guilty conscience; make me crumble down like an edifice of brittle cards; although I possessed the entire wealth on this boundless globe,

The rays of betrayal; make each breath of mine overwhelmed with a billion pugnacious knives; uncouthly asphyxiating traces of my serene existence,

The rays of philanthropic unity; grant me the Omnipotent tenacity of leading an infinite lives more; in this solitarily single lifetime of mine,

And the rays which emanated from your majestic eyes; make me feel that I was in everlasting love; make me feel that I was stronger than any entity on this earth and royally alive .


There were no tears left in my eyes; wholesomely extricated of the last iota of moisture engulfing the impeccable whites,

There was no sweat left in my arms; horrendously withering towards the whirlpool of absolute extinction,

There were no emotions left in my blood; with its profusely scarlet shades metamorphosing into a lifeless slurry of dolorously colorless water,

There were no dreams left in my mind; preposterously relinquishing its most minuscule reservoir of memory forever,

There was no ambition left in my senses; miserably succumbing to the most infinitesimal matchstick of soggy dirt that encountered them in their way,

There was no color left in my lips; crumbling pathetically like avalanches of insipid ash; at the slightest of nonchalant caress,

There was no euphoria left in my veins; wavering like ludicrous threads in the atmosphere; into a well of deplorable renunciation,

There were no tunes left in my throat; drearily blending with the abysmally barren desert sands; sinking every tangible entity in the treachery of their belly,

There was no passion left in my footsteps; sounding more capricious than the nimble fleeted ant; entirely disappearing beyond the horizons of oblivion even before they were born,

There was no tenacity left in my bones; transiting into frigidly squelched pulp; as the first droplet of rain cascaded from the sky,

There was no mysticism left in my shadow; sprawling like a cloud of nondescript chalk; burying itself infinite kilometers beneath the soil at the most frugal insinuation of darkness,

There was no charisma left in my speech; with all the whispers diffusing from my mouth; sounding worse than the squeak of an imprisoned mouse,

There was no rhapsody left in my actions; with each shoulder I advanced towards the sky; entrenching me perpetually in an overwhelmingly hostile arcade of venomous thorns,

There was no mischief left in my cheeks; with each dimple forming; invidiously dragging me towards the sinister island of tyrannical hell,

There was no semblance left in my persona; as I insanely stuttered towards the island of miserable doom; racing like an untamed warship towards the corridors of self extinction,

There was no inspiration left in my existence; as I collapsed like a pack of ignominious cards to blend with derogatory soil; even under the most flamboyantly sweltering sunshine,

There was no breath left in my nose; perennially annihilating every sign of life from the inner most rudiments of my disastrously mocking caricature,

And there were no beats left in my heart; as it coalesced profoundly with its grave; trudging survival like a lackluster leaf without the remotest trace of vivacity,

As I missed you more than clouds miss this earth O! enchanting Beloved; and although I trespassed every unveiling minute like a ghost with contemporary flesh and bone; my soul had united with yours O! Beloved; would immortally remain yours forever whether youslept for centuries unprecedented; or took birth as an infant once again .


I was ready to bathe in a tumultuous whirlpool of tears; perpetually drowning myself in an ocean of inexplicable sorrow,
For just an inconspicuous smile of yours; a single cheer that rhapsodically
enveloped your rubicund lips .

I was ready to puncture my eyes with the most acrimoniously deadly needles; spending my boundless lifetimes in a blanket of macabre darkness,
For just a single twinkle in your enchantingly exotic eyes; the glimmer of ravishing fantasy that lingered profusely in the flutter of your mystical eyelashes .

I was ready to lie on a blistering corpse of a million raving coals; wither to infinitesimal fragments of a solitary bone,
For just a single leap of yours towards the unsurpassable cocoon of blue sky; a wave of vivacious enthusiasm radiating from each corner of your bountiful skin .

I was ready to plunge head on into a valley of incomprehensible silence; with the winds of diabolicaltrauma consuming the intricate insides of my body like fireballs of untamed despair,
For just a single whisper which emanated from the realms of your spell binding throat; pacifying all murderous catharsis which fulminated at the most
ephemeral crack of mayhem .

I was ready to starve till times beyond eternity; rot and dwindle pathetically like a leaf without its veins; at the tiniest draught of wind,
For just a single dream that floated majestically in your mind; the glow of insurmountable celestial contentment that profoundly besieged each contour of
your divinely face .

I was ready to beg on the streets for times immemorial; lick the dust on the road till the last trace of my tongue disappeared into non-existent wisps of obsolete oblivion,
For just a single ambition of yours; the fathomless repertoire of riches you always desired kissing the periphery of your heavenly feet .

I was ready to shun all activity in this Universe; deaf my senses to the most enticingly jubilating sounds,
For just a single impression of your magnanimously mystifying persona; the inexorably fulfilling shadow hich encompassed your Omnipresent form .

I was ready to transgress all my life on bedsheets of smoldering thorns; invite an unending festoon of leech to suck the last drop of blood from within the
conglomerate of my veins,
For just a single droplet of your golden perspiration; the poignant volcano of untamed passion which inundated your soul .

And I was ready to die an unimaginable number of deaths; surrender myself wholeheartedly into the lap of extinction before I diffused the first cry of palpable birth,
For just a single life of yours; the torrential downpour of immortal love which culminated from each pore of your visage; which made me feel exuberantly alive; both in heaven as well as hell


Every shark wanted to bathe in the gloriously undulating sea; with the profusely tangy waves catapulting it into a land of tantalizing rhapsody,

Every duck wanted to bathe in a pond of tranquil ripples; let the serenity of the resplendent stars cast a spell on its lonely night,

Every petal wanted to bathe in a blanket of dew drops; let the stupendously ravishing stream; overwhelmingly pacify its frazzled senses,

Every desert wanted to bathe in cloudbursts of rain; the titillating globules of liquid blissfully penetrating through its sheath of tyrannically traumatized agony,

Every shoe wanted to bathe in pools of stringent carbolic; ordering the pungent foam to extricate from it; the last iota of dust and disdainful grime,

Every dwelling wanted to bathe in whirlpools of fresh paint; rejuvenating its dolorously dilapidated exteriors with vivacious coats of nascent paint,

Every patient wanted to bathe in rivers of potent antiseptic; massacre the germs of inexplicable disease from their very roots; to blossom once again into rays of optimistic happiness,

Every cuckoo wanted to bathe in the winds of ephemeral dawn; wholesomely propelling it to emanate melody from the inner most recesses of its chest,

Every seed wanted to bathe in bedsheets of soil; nourishing and harnessing it to evolve into a majestically handsome planet,

Every oyster wanted to bathe in festoons of shimmering pearls; bask in the incredulously magnificent aura of royalty for centuries immemorial,

Every dungeon wanted to bathe in despondently solitary darkness; the tornado of gloomy black drowning it into the cavern of inexplicable mysticism,

Every nose wanted to bathe in a maelstrom of fascinating perfume; letting the heavenly redolence tickle its tunnels beyond the realms of mesmerizing paradise,

Every beggar wanted to bathe in torrential downpours of opulent gold coin; let the glitter of indispensable fodder enlighten his forlorn paths of bizarre starvation,

Every bee wanted to bathe in cascades of wonderfully golden honey; rambunctiously humming its flurry of animated tunes till the sun slipped gorgeously behind the horizons,

Every mouse wanted to bathe in a mirage of tangy cheese; let the mountain of salubriously robust energy; profoundly reinvigorate it to unfathomable
dimensions beyond the cosmos,

Every mosquito wanted to bathe in fountains of macabre blood; feasting its famished intestines to everlasting boundaries of blissful contentment,

Every brain wanted to bathe in voluptuous fantasy; tingle the chords of unprecedented imagination a fathomless times; even after the dormitories of
infinite infinity,

Every Sunday wanted to bathe in mists of uninhibited freedom; let the exhilarating spirit of holiday take complete control,

Every soul wanted to bathe in the island of immortality; cast the spell of its perennial existence on each entity it supremely revered,

And every heart wanted to bathe in breaths of its beloved; remain incarcerated forever in the entrenchment of sacrosanct empathy; which granted it a right to throb; which granted it a right to perpetually survive .


Honest and Heartfelt,
Passionate and Princely,
Immaculate and Innocent,
Flamboyant and Fantastic,
Surreal and Soothing,
Voluptuous and Victorious,
Bonding and Benevolent,
Gregarious and Gallivanting,
Marvelous and Mitigating,
Alluring and Alleviating,
Wholesome and Wonderful,
Triumphant and Trustworthy,
Truthful and Tangy,
Adorning and Adorable,
Rejuvenating and Rhapsodic,
Ingratiating and Immaculate,
Incarcerating and Illustrious,
Picturesque and Phlegmatic,
Congenial and Charismatic,
Seductive and Sedating,
Playful and Profuse,
Dynamic and Delectable,
Colorful and Culminating,
Blistering and Benign,
Beautiful and Believing,
Nostalgic and Naughty,
Emphatic and Ecclesiastical,
Eloquent and Enduring,
Mystical and Majestic,
Handsome and Honorable,
Insatiable and Incredulous,
Enchanting and Enormous,
Sweet and Smiling,
Tantalizing and Tumultuous,
Vibrant and Vivacious,
Prudent and Piquant,
Fortified and Fulminating,
Pleasant and Perspicacious,
Sagacious and Sacrosanct,
Placating and Philanthropic,
Pulsating and Palpitating,
Intricate and Indispensable,
Swanky and Serene,
Continuous and Camaraderie,
Infinite and Inexplicable,
Affable and Astronomical,
Gigantic and Genial,
Sensational and Solemn,
Definite and Delightful,
Real and Regale,
Euphoric and Exultating,
Brilliant and Bountiful,
Redolent and Ravishing,
Titillating and Transcending,
Undulating and Unveiling,
Shy and Scintillating,
Volatile and Vespered,
Rampant and Remembering,
Friendly and Flirtatious,
Grandiloquent and Generous,
Steaming and Subtle,
Leading and Lascivious,
Laudable and Loving,
Intimate and Illuminating,
Altruistic and Airborne,
Enticing and Exotic,
Zany and Zealous,
Ardent and Automatic,
Fervent and Flourishing,
Blazing and Blossoming,
Auspicious and Absorbing,
Stimulating and Sensuous,
Ultimate and Utopia,
Penetrating and Puristic,
Holistic and Hundred,
Cute and Celestial,
Crisp and Cumulative,
Pungent and Peaceful,
Eclectic and Esoteric,
Quintessential and Quivering,
Unrelenting and Unfazed,
Daunting and Dancing,
Chirpy and Chivalrous,
Flaming and Fulsome,
Scholarly and Stylish,
Sedulous and Salient,
Golden and Glamorous,
Magnificent and Maneuverable,
Loquacious and Levitating,
Singing and Salty,
Invincible and Inducing,
Immortal and Imminent,
Divinely and Devotional,
Appetizing and Aboriginal,
Rudimentary and Rustic,
Silken and Salubrious,
Courageous and Cascading,
Living and Lightening,
Evolving and Eternal,
Was the tiny little and Godly Heartbeat .


He looked salaciously at your eyes; pondering on umpteenth ways to extricate the last iota of moisture,
While I glimpsed at them; to get wholesomely absorbed in the golden stream of profuse empathy that cascaded down your cheek .

He looked at your flesh; fervently desiring to be torturously tempted into a
whirlpool of unending seduction,
While I glimpsed it; insatiably wanting to become an irrevocably integral constituent of your blood .

He kept you in his dwelling; to tantalize himself beyond the realms of unprecedented desire; manifesting his heinous intents into an optimum reality,
While I incarcerated you perpetually within the corridors of my moist breath; making sure that you frolicked till eternity in the land of resplendent stars .

He sketched you to assimilate all the millions that lay buried on this fathomless continent; utilizing your divinely smile to unsurpassable advantage,
While I drowned myself perennially in your sacrosanct shadow; becoming entirely oblivious to the contours of my own body in the swirl of your mystical enchantment .

He fed you with meals all throughout the day; so that you pacified the most infinitesimal of his demand; executed his midnight chores; to save him from the
tyranny of the sinister night,
While I encapsulated your majestic countenance like an invincible fortress from all sides; ensuring that you nestled in celestial bliss for countless more births to unveil .

He forced you to tickle him torrentially as every minute unfurled; bouncing in untamed euphoria as you haplessly squirmed towards the ground,
While I always made it intransigently sure to adhere to the most extreme silhouettes of your lips; be the sole reason of your every compassionate smile .

He invidiously used you as an ingenious key to unveil the most formidable of lock; twisting you till the times your soul had no tears to cry,
While I was the passionate set of lines which evolved freshly on your palms; each time you clenched your impeccable fists to rise above the meadow of macabre
blackness .

He manipulated your life like a frigid matchstick; lighting and extinguishing it hideously to enlighten his times of disdainful remorse,
While I pledged to the Creator to give me an infinite deaths; to make each life of yours a marvelously glorious paradise .

And he was one of those devils who loved you only for your flurry of grandiloquent riches; wanting to transiently taste the beauty the lord had endowed you with,
While I was there present every instant in your heart; loving you more immortally than any entity in heaven or earth; with each of your unleashing beats .

The End .


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