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Sun, 09/22/2019 - 05:35 -- Kai123

I feel a puppet with many masters I wanna be free To feel something real To be wanted and desired Loved For more than the physical To be deeply and madly in love To be held when I’m cold To stop crying Why does it have to hurt so bad Like a never ending gut wrenching pain That I can’t talk about but just stops me in my tracks no matter how far I’ve come from it No matter how “good” I’ve gotten I’m still failing life I wish I could just vanish or at least the pain could I wish I could feel love as deeply as I feel this pain. I wish I could be showered with kisses the same way I shower my pillows with tears. I wish he cared as much as me. I wish he gave a fuck I wish I didn’t I wish he wasn’t such a great bad guy I hope this is the last time Since the first time I laid my eyes on you, you’ve crossed my mind everyday Everyday Yearning For your attention Your love Your everythingship Why couldn’t you be that Why did you have to hurt me so much Why do I care so much I had to stop I had to Just end Physically it’s over But Mentally you’re still here I still see you Feel you Smell you Taste you ...Want you Girls need love too. Wanted you* goodbye To all the boys who never loved me.

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