She is the Sun

And You are the Moon

Were You siblings?


Or both?


Her trust in You was Infinite

And Your union in the Sky was bliss


Illuminating the Sky

All the other Gods desired Your passion


Yes, Her trust was Infinite

But was Yours?

To have taken Her place in such an occasion

It must have been

It should have been


The feast was exquisite

The food was as Divine as the

Host Goddess Herself

Only the source of the food

Was  questionable


You should have kept Your


She was a kind host,

Uke Mochi

Despite Her bizarre service


Yet You killed Her

Killed a fellow Goddess

During Her own celebration

The Sun did not shine

Upon You in favor


She was enraged

She was betrayed

Betrayed of Your trust

Your seemingly Infinite trust

Your seemingly Infinite respect


And so She forced You

Out of the Her sky

And so You chase after Her

When She is Day and You are Night

As You always will for Infinity


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