The Fear of Falling in Love

She laid snugly in her bed

as if she had nothing to do.

She peered out her glass window

as the wet earth became its widow.


She wondered if he was writing to her

a sweet, sweet letter.

Confessing his undying love

in only eight letters.


She remembered those long summer nights

Where they would eat salty, stale popcorn.

Watching undesirable urban classics

that would eventually become adorn.


Did he wish for her

as much as she wished for him?

Did he love her

as much as she loved him?


Those were just the thoughts of many

that circled through her head at night.

Maybe one day she wouldn't wait for him

as she did now.


She sighed as the raindrops fell from the sky,

reminiscing about the day he left her.

In a way, she didn't feel sad

or that was what she thought.


She wouldn't talk to anyone

as she waited for his call.

Each day she was slowly crumbling,

but what was there to expect after all?


Two years later she laid in her bed,

realizing something she hadn’t before.

She was afraid to fall in love again

like the rain that splattered against her window pane.

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