You die; I die – Part 1 – 50 Poems for soul stirring Love

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About The Poetry Book -

This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems , is actually Part 1 of the Book titled – You die; I die – Love Poems ( 1600 pages ) . Poems symbolizing the immortality of love and at times its fickleness. Parekh takes the reader through a paradise naturally embellished with the ingredients of eternal romance and its sporadic failures. As they say life and death are two sides of the coin, similarly with every true anecdote of love there also comes fretful divorce—a thing which has been most sensitively described throughout this great collection of poems for the heart. Written and dipped in each ingredient of his passionate blood, Parekh comes out with startling revelations about the truest of love stories and their failures. Each verse has been delicately intertwined with a boundless aspects of relationships, romance, cheating, betrayal and goes on to prove that Immortal Love towers over every shattered heart. A start to finish with some of the most heart-rendering love poems ever, this makes a great collection for ever true lover breathing and desiring to be loved on earth and beyond. This collection of poems aims at perpetually uniting every heart on this Universe in the spirit of Immortal love and friendship. Because these are the two quintessential ingredients to lead life till its last breath. Irrespective of whatever color, faith or religion, it is only the rainbow of love which can transform the ghastliest monsters and perpetrators of humanity into peaceful lovers. Therefore this book inexhaustibly endeavors to speak and preach the language of love even after its last embossed alphabet.


29. LOVE IS.
45. 24 X 7 X 365

The Poems


You’re the answer to all my riddles in life; miraculously healing all my traumatized agonies; with the insatiable magic in your voice,

You’re the voice that makes me celestially rest; shrugging all my frazzled vagaries into non-existent wisps of oblivion,

You’re a mountain of invincible strength that I needed when I disdainfully collapsed; incessantly inspiring me to add vibrant dimensions to every tomorrow that blissfully unfurls,

You’re an incredulous magical wand; that metamorphoses all my staggering impossible’s; into the winds of irrefutably blazing triumph,

You’re a cloud of innocent angels; that always made me feel I was that euphorically bouncing child once again; even as I treacherously slipped towards the corridors of extinction,

You’re a bountiful paradise of newness; triggering me to indefatigably fantasize all brilliant day; and even while embracing the mists of diabolical midnight,

You’re an idol of astoundingly philanthropic benevolence; instilling in me the indispensable ingredients of everlasting mankind,

You’re a river of perpetual harmony that cascaded past my window; making me wholesomely bask in the stupendous glory of natures mystical endowment,

You’re a bow of astronomical courage; relentlessly transpiring me to unflinchingly fight for my ruthlessly incarcerated tribe,

You’re a marvelously glistening shore that harbors all impoverished in your compassionate warmth; teaching me to forever salute the immortal religion of humanity,

You’re a fountain of divinely peace; bestowing my famished existence; with pearls of royal wisdom and unconquerable unity,

You’re a tantalizing seductress dancing in the aisles of untamed desire; compelling me to take an infinite births; as every minute unveiled into delightfully charismatic light,

You’re a rainbow of vivaciously versatile diversity; propelling me to intransigently discover and explore; the unfathomably wonderful beauty of this sacrosanct planet,

You’re an Omnipotent flame of never-ending hope; enlightening each aspect of my depravingly sinister existence; with the stupendous optimism of your heavenly stride,

You’re a magnanimous reflection of poignant empathy; wonderfully pacifying the devastated rebel in my veins; with the benign smile on your majestic lips,

You’re an enigmatic tunnel of unbelievable enthrallment; that never lets me exhaust in my conquest for success; fomenting me to plunge every instant; into the valley of unsurpassable adventure,

You’re an epitome of beautifully revered sharing; nourishing each element of my lecherously debilitated existence; with the passion in your godly soul,

You’re a township that keeps proliferating into newness all the time; massacring even the most inconspicuous trace of rust; frustration; dilapidation; from my penurious life,

Over and above all; you’re the girl whom I have not just simply loved; but an Omniscient messiah who was my breath; my body; my blood; every time God had granted me life on this earth .


The flames on ground; died a miserable death with the slightest draught of insipid wind,
But the flames between their philandering eyes; rose higher than the majestic skies; even in the most tumultuously overwhelming of rain and storm .

The flames on ground; subsided to wisps of absolute nothingness; at even the tiniest insinuation of flood approaching,
But the flames between their passionate chests; transcended well beyond the realms of fascinating eternity; even as the unfathomable battalion of satanic demons; tried to kill them .

The flames on ground; tried their best to elude the insurmountably overpowering tornado; squealing like new born mice as they heard the brazen leaves rustle the slightest,
But the flames between their voluptuous lips; kissed the ultimate crescendos of untamed liberation; even as the entire planet parasitically sucked blood and
lecherously manipulated outside .

The flames on ground; soon metamorphosed to frigidly wincing embers; unable to bear the onslaught of leaf and clouds,
But the flames between their eternal feet; interlocked themselves into an entrenchment of unsurpassable belonging; even as cloudbursts of uncouth diabolism pelted from realms of hell .

The flames on ground; shirked disdainfully into their devastated cocoons; as the horde of whistling wolves trampled them indiscriminately,
But the flames between their ardent bellies; transformed all lackadaisical dreariness on this earth into bountiful paradise; even as a mountain of treacherous monsters stabbed them ruthlessly on their necks .

The flames on ground; vacillated in ungainly confusion; even before the fireball of Sun could silently slip behind the dolorously languid horizons,
But the flames between their ravishingly charismatic palms; united for fathomless more births yet to unveil; even as the murderously conventional society tried to exonerate them with their commercial swords .

The flames on ground; incessantly feared of being washed away by the most infedile of froth; although the ocean was a billion kilometers away,
But the flames between their seductively alluring cheeks; tantalized perpetually in the aisles of vibrant desire; even as civilizations collapsed outside; like a pack of soggy cards .

The flames on ground; had absolutely no entity of their own; drifting miserably in the direction that the somber wind took them,
But the flames between their fervently reverberating bodies; evolved into the most wonderfully enigmatic morning of tomorrow; even as sky disastrously blended with every cranny of earth outside .

And The flames on ground; sometimes sunk well beneath their ghastly corpse; even before they could moderately rise to their one inch height,
But the flames between their immortally throbbing heart; proliferated into boundless more streams of royal love; even as the hideously sinister world came to a veritable end; outside .


A single smile of hers triggered so much magic; that the entire conglomerate of magicians on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single thought of hers perpetuated so much benevolence; that the entire juggernaut of sagacious philosophers on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single wink of hers propelled so much flirtation; that the entire army of tantalizing seductresses on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single tear of hers engendered so much empathy; that the entire conglomerate of pamperdly wailing children; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single sound of hers fomented so much melody; that the entire arena of eclectically talented musicians on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single clap of hers produced so much exhilaration; that the entire zoo of boisterous bees rhapsodically buzzing on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single belief of hers spawned so much harmony; that the entire ocean of baselessly unending religion on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single stare of hers evolved so much concentration; that the entire string of pompously lecherous meditators on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single step of hers generated so much enchantment; that the entire whirlpool of fantasizers on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single swish of hers incinerated so much passion; that the entire battalion of tantalizing dancers on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single shadow of hers instilled so much enigma; that the entire compendium of fairy tales on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single nod of hers incited so much assurance; that the entire river of promises lingering on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single sketch of hers inspired so much artistry; that the entire flurry of manipulatively greedy artists on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single ingredient of her blood motivated so much life; that the entire jungle of austere antibiotic and balm on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single cheek of hers stimulated so much enthrallment; that the entire blanket of the mystical valley on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single palm of hers radiated so much compassion; that the entire process of contemporarily fast healing on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single soul of hers fulminated so much yearning; that the entire valley of stupendously charismatic gifts on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

A single breath of hers spurred so much tenacity; that the entire fortress of doctors; nurses; patriots; on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke,

And a single heartbeat of hers inflamed so much love in my impoverished life; that the entire meadow of countless opulence; wealth; and belonging on this
earth; unitedly failed to evoke .


I didn’t want to gruesomely blind you; ripping apart your eyeballs like ninepins from their fabulously elastic sockets,
All I wanted to do was share your astonishingly gorgeous sight; immortally become the stupendously grandiloquent jewel of your eyes .

I didn’t want to ruthlessly massacre your lips; pulverizing their pungent softness to infinitesimal bits of morbidly stinking ash,
All I wanted to do was share your splendidly rejuvenating smile; immortally become the compassionate wave that enveloped your lips .

I didn’t want to assassinate your mind; disintegrating each element of your fantastically fathomless mind; to pathetically thirsty desert sands,
All I wanted to do was share your everlasting ocean of fantasy; immortally become the sacrosanct dream that fulminated tirelessly in your glorious brain .

I didn’t want to savagely chop your palms; barbarically decimating your fingers to blend with inconspicuous specks of insipid dust,
All I wanted to do was share your immaculately philanthropic benevolence; immortally become the destiny lines of your sacrosanct palms .

I didn’t want to diabolically steal the blanket of happiness perpetually lingering in your soul; reduce you to a worthlessly ghoulish ghost hovering around
the corpse,
All I wanted to do was share the exhilarating cheer deluging your senses; immortally become the benign goodness; besieging every contour of your majestic countenance.

I didn’t want to slice your tongue; tyrannically pull out each iota of your mouth to coalesce with rotting junkyards outside,
All I wanted to do was share the overwhelmingly insatiable euphoria in your sound; immortally become the ingratiatingly captivating melody of your voice .

I didn’t want to treacherously maim you; ruthlessly devastate your heavenly feet to countless fragments of cripplingly orphaned coal,
All I wanted to do was share the humanitarian tenacity in your legs; immortally become the path of sagacious righteousness; on which your soles forever tread .

I didn’t want to starve you to unprecedented limits; satanically evicting even the most minuscule iota of food from your robustly titillating stomach,
All I wanted to do was share the blossoming newness sprouting enchantingly in your belly; immortally become the poignantly crimson blood that cascaded merrily through your veins .

I didn’t want to pugnaciously pluck your rubicund ears; ferociously bludgeon your daintily dangling lobes to squelch them to disastrously baseless pulp,
All I wanted to do was share the marvelously tinkling reverberations that enslaved your inherently embellished ears; immortally become the harmoniously blissful voice that you always heard; all day and stringent night .

I didn’t want to lethally poison your heart; gruesomely bombard your impeccably pristine chest to capricious puffs of smoke; and horrifically shattered stone,
All I wanted to do was share your passionate inferno of romantically seductive desire; immortally become the glorious love; invincibly incarcerated in each of
your turbulently royal beats .


Just a single word you emanated from your divinely mouth; was enough for me to silence all ghastly terrorism on this planet; with winds of ubiquitous solidarity,

Just a single step you marched forward with your immaculately tinkling feet; was enough for me to reach each part of the globe where my comrades in
inexplicable pain; really needed me,

Just a single smile on your perpetually shimmering lips; was enough for me to magically disseminate the spirit of perennial brotherhood; to all quarters of
this gigantic Universe besieged with bizarre suffering and pain,

Just a single resolution of your innocuously uninhibited mind; was enough for me to unflinchingly win all acrimonious battles; stand as an invincible fortress; in the way invidiously devastating hatred and malice,

Just a single wink of your enigmatically angel eyes; was enough for me to pacify each tyrannically frazzled entity on this planet; with the winds of nostalgically
romantic flirtation,

Just a single effort of your majestically enamoring countenance; was enough for me to propagate the essence of true perseverance; blossoming into the most
wonderful fruits of existence; till far and wide,

Just a single dream of your panoramically fantastic mind; was enough for me to trigger those enshrouded with ludicrously gloomy darkness; to fantasize beyond
the land of mesmerizing paradise,

Just a single caress of your ravishingly voluptuous palms; was enough for me to incinerate flames of untamed passion; even in the heart of the frigidly soggy and saddened lake,

Just a single whisper diffusing from your tantalizing tongue; was enough for me to magnanimously flood the complexion of this lackadaisically drab planet; with
unending enchantment and delightful excitement,

Just a single yearning of your holistically vibrant soul; was enough for me to impregnate countless disparagingly staggering lives; with rays of new found
optimism and enthralling hope,

Just a single ingredient of your poignantly scarlet blood; was enough for me to infiltrate through the irrevocably pathetic wall of discrimination; unite all
those with a philanthropic heart; in the religion of humanity,

Just a single stare of your bountifully emphatic eyes; was enough for me to rise with formidable conviction; resiliently face the most disastrously lecherous
battles of undulating life,

Just a single snore that languidly crept from your symbiotic throat; was enough for me to teach all overwhelmingly overworked corporate tycoons; the art of serene relaxation; which was infact the greatest virtue in today’s insurmountably manipulative times,

Just a single tear that dribbled intricately down your rubicund cheeks; was enough for me to diffuse the power of blissful empathy; to all those souls who had devastatingly become dumb to all aspects of poignant humankind,

Just a single stroke that you sketched on handsome paper; was enough for me to inundate this monotonously drab planet; with incredulously gorgeous charm; and the unconquerable magic of artistry,

Just a single orphan you hoisted on your philanthropic shoulders; was enough for me to wholeheartedly embrace my fellow compatriots in shivering agony; celestially melange with all caste; creed; and tribes; alike,

Just a single trace of righteousness in your sacrosanct conscience; was enough for me to indefatigably ring the bells of victory; ensure that even the most diminutive bit of condemnable corruption was replaced by irrefutable honesty,

Just a single breath that descended down piquantly from your nostrils; was enough for me to live for a boundless more lifetimes; replenish and bask in the
glory of each moment of wonderfully bestowed life,

And just a single beat that fulminated euphorically from your immortal heart; was enough for me to bond each viciously shattered soul with the other; see to
it that everlasting love prevailed on each cranny of this earth; each time God wanted it to be born again .


After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my dreams; in the whites of her immaculately sacrosanct eyes; as she glided like a voluptuously euphoric wind; swiping me like a fragrant petal from the complexion of this earth,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my smiles; in the voluptuous contours of her ravishingly rubicund lips; surrendering my impoverished entity wholesomely to her divine senses,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my embarrassment; in the robust pink of her seductively gorgeous cheeks; as I stood awestruck; stupendously fascinated by the glory of her fabulous scent,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my voice; in the realms of her melodiously glorious throat; wholesomely embracing her mesmerizing shadow,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my innocence in her marvelously impeccable eyelashes; blooming in the tantalizing aura that radiated profusely from her skin,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my perceptions in her incredulously fantastic brain; profoundly coalescing with the fountain of excitement
that drifted from even the most intricate of her veins,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my strength in her majestically formidable shoulders; which alleviated every fraternity of despicably shivering humanity with indispensable ingredients of philanthropism; in her poignant blood,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my opulence in the magnanimous domains of her benign soul; feeling Omnipotently alive each instant; as I complimented her benevolent stride; step for step,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my exhilaration in her enchantingly royal footsteps; as she galloped like a princess through a valley of exuberantly fantastic adventure,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my enigma in her tumultuously throbbing pulse; as she swept like an inscrutably titillating whirlwind; through an
entrenchment of ebullient resplendence,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my yearning in her insatiably fervent palms; cuddling her magnetically divine skin till times beyond absolute eternity,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my obsession in her compassionately flaming caress; triggering thunderbolts of unsurpassable desire in my
countenance; even in the heart of the drearily impoverished night,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my hunger in the ingratiatingly delectable interiors of her magnificent belly; as she swished like an everlasting seductress; with Omniscient moonlight descending fabulously from blue sky,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my aspirations in the astonishingly animated lines of her palm; as she floated like a wonderful fairy; through
the corridors of astronomical solidarity,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my belongings in the unbelievably intriguing melody of her voice; enslaving myself in meek obeisance with the
profuse sweetness; that enshrouded her from all sides,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my versatility in her stupendously dexterous fingers; as she articulately molded even the most threadbare of clay into bountiful fields of scintillating paradise,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my righteousness in her irrefutably godly conscience; as she slained herself an infinite times; only to be reborn yet again as the idol of perpetual truth and mankind,

After meeting her; I immortally forgot all my passion in her piquantly passionate blood; melanging each constituent of my persona with the religion of humanity in her magnanimous grace,

And after meeting her; I immortally forgot my reservoir of unending love in her marvelously ecstatic heart; bonding each beat of my penuriously staggering
life; with her celestially cascading romance; which had forever become my breath; forever had become mine and only mine .


Suddenly my lips blossomed into a celestial smile; overshadowing all the bizarre apprehensions that I was confronted with; just few seconds ago,

Suddenly my eyes blended with an unfathomable fountain of dreams; relinquish every iota of gruesome blindness that had uncouthly besieged me since years,

Suddenly my hair stood up in ecstatic exhilaration; almost uprooting the scalp as they danced the dance of their lives; without a trace of diminutive wind,

Suddenly my blood galloped like infinite tornado’s through my veins; massacring all signs of devastating disease that had so irrevocably enveloped each of my senses,

Suddenly my palms started to indefatigably clap; rising with the profoundly exuberant breeze; in their perennial desire to kiss the mystical cocoon of glorious clouds,

Suddenly my teeth commenced to relentlessly chatter; and my throat sung the most fabulous song of its enslaved life,

Suddenly my ears erupted out of their spell of hopeless deafness; compassionately drifted to even the most infinitesimally exotic sound lingering around,

Suddenly my stomach reverberated with insatiable pangs of hunger; resolving to remain famished till eternity; even though I consumed the most appetizing morsels of food on this planet,

Suddenly my shadow fluttered in ebullient enthrallment; surreally stretching its realms; beyond the land of seductively gyrating fairies,

Suddenly my fingers united to write boundless lines of poetry; sketching the fathomlessly mesmerizing contours of the enigmatic gorge; even though they were brutally paralyzed,

Suddenly my neck enchantingly wandered in all directions; frantically searching for that slim ray of unparalleled excitement,

Suddenly my feet intransigently galloped through the romantically bountiful meadows; diffusing incomprehensible spurts of enthusiastic energy; on
every step they tread,

Suddenly my cheeks blushed astoundingly to a volatile crimson; inevitably attracting even the most insipid of dead grass blades; in their splendidly rubicund swirl,

Suddenly my skin developed countless royal goose-bumps; tantalizingly experiencing and basking in the glory; of magnificently vacillating weather,

Suddenly my pulse raced like a star shooting majestically from gregarious sky; even though I sat cross-legged; in the sullen heart of my ghastly corpse,

Suddenly my mind fantasized above the corridors of the incredulously extraordinary; perceiving the most mystically grandiloquent forms of this Universe; even when despondently enshrouded with treacherously deadly tumor,

Suddenly my soul united with the Omnipresently divine; and I felt that I had attained godly heaven; for fathomless more births of mine,

Suddenly I felt my heart throb passionately for all that was philanthropically beautiful on this earth; immortally bonding its beats with the ultimate soul mate of its dreams,

And suddenly I fell in love even before I could shrug the dreariness of the previous night; perpetually embracing the beloved who added optimistic dimensions to my impoverished life; more importantly the girl who made me feel alive beyond my destined time .


In devastating despair leading to absolute hell; as well as a river of perpetual happiness,
In treacherous malice charring you to raw ash; as well as a cloud burst of bountifully tantalizing rain,

In bizarre winds of acrimonious winter; as well as golden sunshine melodiously bestowing from the silver skies,

In gruesomely crippling paralysis; as well as robust exhilaration triumphantly galloping towards the corridors of unparalleled success,

I will always be there with you O! Beloved; even if it meant blending each element of my countenance; with debilitatingly threadbare soil .

In inexplicable sadness perpetuating doomsday; as well as a celestial reservoir of unflinchingly Herculean strength,

In acridly sweltering deserts; as well as oceans of perennial harmony blossoming into a fountain of mesmerizing resplendence,

In ghastly blackness enshrouding you from all sides; as well as flamboyantly brilliant light proving a messiah at each step you tread,

In moments of lecherously pathetic boredom; as well as profoundly enchanting newness blooming into a festoon of united humankind,

I will always be there with you O! Beloved; even if the devil uncouthly blinded my eyes; thoroughly maimed me without respite .

In gutters rotting towards horrendous extinction; as well as a blanket of magically emollient rose strewn astoundingly in the pristine fields outside,

In tragically crippling instants which lamented the bereaved; as well as fresh signs of rhapsodically blessed birth,

In ludicrously stone dumb silence; as well as the majestically shimmering island of ultimate paradise,

In webs of malicious infidelity breaking your heart; as well as torrential thunderbolts of incredulously vivacious desire,

I will always be there with you O! Beloved; even if cold-blooded avalanches of manipulation; brutally pulverized me like an ant; well before my destined time .

In miserably slithering cocoons of defeat; as well as the summit of the handsome mountains towering well above the voluptuous clouds,

In rustically nomadic realms of impoverished illiteracy; as well as the royally embellished throne; marvelously epitomizing the Oriental castle,

In profusely famished corridors of the vociferously wailing stomach; as well as fathomless platters of gold inundated with the most magnificent jewels on
this planet,

In corpses of invidiously flagrant betrayal; as well as winds of immortally passionate heartbeats and love,

I will always be there by your side O! Beloved; even if every iota of sky blended with black soil; and every tomorrow died even before the previous night could arise .


Do you know how much I missed you; unrelentingly fantasizing about you all day; and unsurpassable hours even past the lonely winds of midnight ?

Do you know how much I cared for you; incorrigibly following you like a shadow; ensuring that even the tiniest of enemy stayed boundless kilometers; away from your heavenly stride ?

Do you know how much I wept for you; those instants when you were enshrouded by thunderbolts of inexplicable pain; when devastating fever capsized each ingredient of your crimson blood ?

Do you know how much I reminisced your celestial smiles; drowning myself profusely; in the mesmerizing ocean of your melodiously tinkling laughter ?

Do you know how much I revered you; considering you the sole saint of my life; the sole philosophy that I uttered every time I had a chance; to be born once
again ?

Do you know how much I cherished your memories; intransigently basking in the glory of those times when you whispered in my ears; even as the entire planet treacherously fought outside ?

Do you know how much I was obsessively mad about you; making you the only princess; taking complete control over my mind; body and wandering soul ?

Do you know how much I dreamt about you; perceiving you in the most grandiloquent forms ever existing; wholesomely oblivious to the manipulative vagaries of the vindictive earth; fighting for breath ?

Do you know how much I wanted you every moment; insatiably craving for your tantalizing caress; to erupt like a fireball of untamed compassion; well beyond the realms of blue sky ?

Do you know how much I prayed for you; relentlessly asking the Creator to grant you even my quota of eternal happiness; before I eventually took celestial reprieve in your Godly feet ?

Do you know how much I envied those flirtatiously invidious people talking to you; clobbered myself to almost a ghastly extinction; each time even when the
winds blowing away from you; tried to entice you ?

Do you know how much I perennially longed to see your face; the first thing when I woke up at the crack of dawn; sleep like a king with its ravishing titillation; all throughout the uncouthly perilous night ?

Do you know how much I liked you; irrefutably shirking every opulently pleasurable in this world; just to savor a single moment by your marvelously benign side ?

Do you know how much I praised you; indefatigably erupting into a fountain of adoration for your enamoring countenance; each time I heard your name
being called outside ?

Do you know how much I fought with the diabolically belligerent society; just to make them understand the wonderfully stupendous artist fulminating in each of
your veins; the poignant enigma hidden magnificently in your glorious voice ?

Do you know how much I admired your majestic sound; enlightening each arena of my despairing life with its pungent cadence; like a slave liberating from his satanic cage ?

Do you know how much I was attracted towards you; drifting like an untamed volcano in every direction you swished; massacring my very entity from this
planet; even at the most inconspicuous of your command ?

Do you know how much I died without you; extinguishing like a frigidly soggy matchstick into wisps of remote oblivion; every time you left me to slither aimlessly on my own ?

Do you know how much I trembled without you; pathetically devastated at every step I tread; sinking infinite feet beneath my grave; as you disappeared like a miraculous mirage from my sight?

And do you know how much I loved you; immortally bonding with your everlasting Universe of vibrant beats ever since my first cry of birth; even though you kicked me nonchalantly away; like a speck of dust from your sacrosanct side?


The silence was solely hers; inscrutably lingering in her mesmerizing eyes,

The charisma was solely hers; uninhibitedly dribbling from each of her compassionately divine senses,

The vivaciousness was solely hers; as she bounced like a princess in the aisles of unprecedented yearning and tantalizing desire,

The enigma was solely hers; enshrouding each of her intriguingly voluptuous eyelashes; like golden rain pelting down from the skies,

But the chapter of eternal romance was ours; as we bonded our palms together; unflinchingly rising to each blissful occasion of life; with our souls perennially entwined .

The glory was solely hers; as she frolicked like a queen of unparalleled hearts through the seductively shimmering meadows of longing,

The charm was solely hers; embellishing each cranny of her stupendously majestic skin; with magnificently royal enthrallment,

The fragrance was solely hers; as she diffused the irrefutable scent of humanity; on each oligarchic step that she tread,

The intrigue was solely hers; as she blossomed into a gorgeously brilliant pearl of sunshine; even in the heart of the murderously treacherous night,

But the perpetually unconquerable understanding was ours; immortalizing the essence of everlastingly flaming existence .

The smile was solely hers; as she titillated every object in tangible and intangible vicinity; with the tinkling melody in her vibrantly harmonious throat,

The innovation was solely hers; as she evolved a fabulously fantastic web of mysterious clairvoyance; with the profuse bewilderment in the whites of her
impeccable eyes,

The beauty was solely hers; when she gyrated like an ultimate seductress under the marvelously innocuous moonlight; as the enamoring majesty of the night took complete control,

The fire was solely hers; as the untamed passion in her tumultuously vibrant breath; instilled new life in the most stinkingly dead,

But the mountain of invincibly unshaken belonging was ours; as we trespassed intrepidly past; cataclysmically hideous storms and enlightenment; alike .

The honesty was solely hers; as she massacred even the most miserly trace of evil; with the emphatically candid solidarity in her delectable conscience,

The tranquillity was solely hers; as she pacified the most traumatically agonized of my nerves; with the Omnipotent melody in her integrally rhapsodic sound,

The grace was solely hers; as every contour of her heavenly visage; resonated with the immaculately perfect scent of life,

The empathy was solely hers; as she diffused an unsurpassably indefatigable ocean of compassion; embracing all those devastatingly deprived; in the religion of ubiquitous humanity,

But the immortal Sun of love was ours; as we bonded insatiably together for infinite more births to come; proliferating countless of our very own kind .


Each ear on this gigantically colossal Universe; was bonded by the beautifully vespered essence; of ingratiatingly alluring sound,

Each nose on this marvelously fantastic Universe; was bonded by a overwhelmingly poignant whirlpool; of enamoringly evoking scent,

Each eye on this fathomlessly mystical Universe; was bonded by a fabulously emphatic ocean; of everlasting empathy,

Each lip on this astronomically mystical Universe; was bonded by a voluptuously mesmerizing battlefield; of tantalizing smile,

Each stomach on this incomprehensibly eclectic Universe; was bonded by insatiably augmenting pangs; of frenziedly ecstatic hunger,

Each palm on this fantastically gorgeous Universe; was bonded by an inexplicably vibrant flurry of; profusely poignant destiny lines,

Each bone on this invincibly boundless Universe; was bonded by a formidably integral mountain; of incredulously resilient strength,

Each skin on this bountifully endowing Universe; was bonded by a enthrallingly ebullient meadow; of vacillatingly glorious color,

Each finger on this ravishingly seductive Universe; was bonded by an intransigently amicable platform; of philanthropic friendship,

Each mind on this wonderfully serene Universe; was bonded by an unrelentingly rhapsodic blanket; of euphorically flaming fantasy,

Each blood on this eternally harmonious Universe; was bonded by the irrefutably ubiquitous religion; of marvelously benign humanity,

Each shadow on this vivaciously resplendent Universe; was bonded by an enchanting spell; of inexorably unending enigma,

Each throat on this celestially endowing Universe; was bonded by a blissfully divine wave; of effusively ardent sound,

Each lung on this insurmountably sacred Universe; was bonded by an indispensably exuberant cloud; of passionately embracing wind,

Each eyelid on this stupendously tingling Universe; was bonded by a unbelievably flirtatious radiance; of innocuous charm and frolic,

Each armpit on this unsurpassably intrepid Universe; was bonded by a perseveringly golden avalanche; of seductively sizzling sweat,

Each nostril on this compassionately united Universe; was bonded by a fervent cloudburst; of inevitably vital breath,

Each conscience on this vociferously blazing Universe; was bonded by an irrevocable whiff; of perpetual righteousness,

Each voice on this perennially spawning Universe; was bonded by an exhilarating inferno; of inscrutably eluding enthrallment,

And each heart on this astoundingly Godly Universe; was bonded by immortally unconquerable threads; of ecstatically proliferating love .


How could I ever feel sad; let even the most minuscule iota of gloom linger insidiously near my sensitive senses ?
As my life blossomed into a garden of voluptuously fragrant roses; each time I uttered your sacrosanct name .

How could I ever feel deprived; stumble inexplicably in a land of frustration and parasitically venomous malice ?
As my life lit up into a billion candles of optimistic hope; each time I glimpsed your perennially charismatic smiles .

How could I ever feel an insane lunatic; deliriously chasing the maniacal tunnel of nothingness; which led into the ghastly graveyard ?
As my life became a playground of mesmerizing fun and frolic; each time I heard the passionate pulsations; of your seductively heavenly voice .

How could I ever feel without an entity of my own; staggering ludicrously in the corridors of abominably orphaned dilapidation ?
As my life escalated to the most spectacularly compassionate summits kissing the clouds; each time I sighted you trespassing like a silken angel; through
the mystical hills .

How could I ever feel rotting in the aisles of devastating stagnation; not reaching a single milestone; even though I galloped a countless steps ?
As my life glowed more blazingly than the Omnipotently golden Sun; each time I stared innocuously into the poignantly rhapsodic empathy; engulfing your
enchanting eyes .

How could I ever feel that I was disastrously penurious; with hostile rats circulating in my pant pockets; instead of shimmering currency coin ?
As my life culminated into richest treasure on this earth alive; each time I kissed you ardently; on your marvelously everlasting lips .

How could I ever feel that I was gruesomely blind; with even the most feeble rays of light; irrevocably refraining from entering into my lame eyes ?
As my life fulminated into a fountain of invincible happiness; each time your gorgeously tantalizing breath; blended wholesomely with mine .

How could I ever feel that I was an uncouth murderer of mankind; inevitably surviving in a world profusely entrenched with manipulative and mortifying cowardice ?
As my life bloomed into an apostle of celestial peace; each time I bonded my wayward senses; with the magnanimous benevolence enshrouding each element of your immaculate countenance .

How could I ever feel aimlessly loitering; without a single target accomplished in the destined tenure of my impoverished life ?
As my life basked in the glory of unparalleled success; each time I took divine refuge; in the magnetically alluring shadows of your stupendous feet .

And how could I ever feel kicked barbarically by the monotonously conventional society; for apparently no fault of mine; and simply because I stuttered to coalesce with their lecherous spirit ?
As my life spawned into the ultimate PARADISE OF LOVE; each time I let the beats of your immortal heart; enslave me for fathomless times .


Trust me; and I’ll sacrifice each iota of my blood; to witness you enchantingly smile,

Trust me; and I’ll bring the resplendent festoon of stars down on earth; to enlighten each cranny of your disastrously impoverished life,

Trust me; and I’ll blend all the lecherously heinous with raw bits of threadbare soil; alleviate your turbulently estranged life of its bizarre sadness,

Trust me; and I’ll stand like an invincibly towering fortress beside your side; would behead my scalp but ensure that not even the most minuscule of enemy;
transgressed against your blissful snores,

Trust me; and I’ll help you pass all your horrendously cumbersome examinations; propelling you irrefutably to forever emerge a euphoric winner in life,

Trust me; and I’ll inundate your dolorously drab life with rhapsodically everlasting fragrance; bring the most captivating of paradise on your divinely toes,

Trust me; and I’ll wholeheartedly donate all my riches to your desolate soul; indefatigably carry you upon my shoulders; till you achieved your ultimate mission in life,

Trust me; and I’ll be your best friend for infinite more births of yours yet to unveil; would massacre even the most infinitesimal trace of sadness; before
it dared to linger near your persona,

Trust me; and I’ll ignite untamed cloudbursts of desire in your pathetically dreary existence; enrich each of your dreadfully frightening nightmares; with
optimistic rays of light,

Trust me; and I’ll pacify each of your demands with every ingredient compassionately inhabiting my scarlet blood; weeping a countless deaths but never letting you cry,

Trust me; and I’ll sequester you from the most mightiest storm and rain; incessantly walking on a blanket of acrimonious thorns; while you danced in realms of misty sky,

Trust me; and I’ll flood your every morning with the heavenly aroma of ebullient happiness; preparing for you the most ravishing meals of your choice,

Trust me; and I’ll metamorphose each step you tread on into a mesmerizing cloud of tantalizing satin; becoming your emphatically poignant voice; whenever
you felt like collapsing on the ground,

Trust me; and I’ll save you from the clutches of the manipulatively drudged society; liberate you from the inscrutably crippling repertoire of your fearful apprehensions,

Trust me; and I’ll construct a castle for you on every space you cast your impeccable sight; embellish your queenly countenance with the most majestic jewels; strewn on this boundless planet,

Trust me; and I’ll perpetually become your beam of unconquerable hope; everytime you felt you were inevitably stepping into a land of; hopelessly debilitating darkness,

Trust me; and I’ll solve the most astoundingly baffling enigmas of your life; perennially see to it that you bounced and blossomed into bountiful radiance; and insatiably enamoring charm,

Trust me; and I’ll wash all your inadvertently sins with every element of goodness levitating in atmosphere; make you intransigently float in the ocean of seductively gorgeous fantasy,

Trust me; and I’ll transform each of your philanthropic aspirations into a veritable reality; maneuvering you safely towards unprecedented richness; even after I relinquished my last breath and died,

Trust me O! Beloved; and I’ll find you the ultimate love of your splendidly divine life; even though it forever meant; ruthlessly eliminating mine .


It was a story of untamed passion; which escalated higher than the skies; as they kissed each other till eternity; with the Sun descending down the obsolete

It was a story of astounding enthrallment; as they stared relentlessly at each other; for centuries immemorial,

It was a story of wonderfully surreptitious flirtation; as they gallivanted in brazen exhilaration behind the misty hills,

It was a story that profoundly tantalized even the most dreariest of leaves; as they enveloped their bodies in whirlpools of seductive caress,

It was a story of immaculate innocence; as they blossomed into merrily tinkling laughter; stupendously intrigued as the tiniest of petals bloomed into happiness,

It was a story that captivated even the most uncouthly manipulative in its divine swirl; as they unrelentingly fantasized in a mystical entrenchment of their own,

It was a story of ravishing titillation; as they gyrated their compassionate bodies; cataclysmically under the radiantly shimmering moon,

It was a story of unparalleled enigma; as they wandered inscrutably through the dense forests; their shadows evading the satanic world outside; like the voluptuously rustling tree leaves,

It was a story of benevolent sharing; as they stood unflinchingly like an invincible rock; in times of distress and supreme joy; alike,

It was a story of insatiable dreaming; as they wandered in the land of gloriously golden paradise; profusely teasing the grass blades with their mischievous toes; as they walked,

It was a story of irrefutable triumph; as they perpetually coalesced their spirits as one; defying the acrimoniously lecherous society,

It was a story of inexorably euphoric melody; as they let their voices drift ecstatically; into handsome cocoons of free sky,

It was a story of astronomical faith in the divine; as they endeavored their best to alleviate shivering humanity; wholeheartedly embracing their fellow comrades in pain,

It was a story of profound companionship; as they uninhibitedly laughed and cried together; emphatically expressing their most inner most feelings of existence,

It was a story of spell binding faith; as they wholesomely massacred even the most inconspicuous element of evil; trying to venomously perpetuate into their blissfully charming relationship,

It was a story that diffused respect for all philanthropic; as they gorgeously blended their impeccable souls; with all those benign marching in this world,

It was a story of inexplicably evoking vacillations; as they emerged undefeated; wading through a sea of unfathomable adversities; that viciously attacked them
from all sides,

It was a story that sprung into a perennially new beginning every time you thought that it had ended; as they took birth an infinite times; to live for one another; once again,

Most importantly; it was a story that bonded two throbbing hearts in an aura of Omnipotent love; it was a story of their gloriously sacrosanct passion that caused even the mightiest in the heavens to bow down at their feet; it was their IMMORTAL LOVE STORY .


A handful of salt to impregnate flavor in my lackadaisical food; relish the most tantalizingly exotic meal of my life; for centuries immemorial,

A handful of smiles to enlighten the trajectory of my derogatorily sullen lips; punctuate my lugubriously dreary entrenchment of solitude; with triumphantly
ebullient cheer,

A handful of empathy to marvelously pacify my treacherously disheveled eyes; inundate their regretfully stony whites with unfathomable charisma and voluptuous charm,

A handful of muscle to stupendously refurbish my flailing arms; grant them the sparkling tenacity to exuberantly surge forward with profound gusto of life,

A handful of pristine water to gorgeously placate my traumatically agonizing throat; bountifully replenish even the most infinitesimal of my senses with the most ingratiating gift of God,

A handful of flirtation to mischievously titillate my monotonously beleaguered soul; handsomely mitigate me of my apprehensions in the chapter of monotonously uncouth life,

A handful of blood to astoundingly rejuvenate my pathetically diminishing nerves; trigger even the most lividly devastated arenas of my visage; on a voyage of poignantly crimson fire,

A handful of cloth to fantastically embellish my disastrously shriveled body; beautifully instill a wave of amiable compassion in each of my devastatingly
debilitating senses,

A handful of fragrance to divinely mesmerize my penuriously staggering countenance; metamorphose me forever and ever and ever into a cloud of mystically ravishing paradise,

A handful of inebriation to magnificently tranquilize my preposterously rambunctious voice; blend my disdainfully wavering spirit with the rhythmic
pulsations of the divine,

A handful of resilience to add boundless sparks to my abominably defeated stride; majestically instilling in me the ability to confront the most horrendously
acrimonious of impediments that came my side,

A handful of mascara to vibrantly illuminate my dismally drooping eyelashes; perpetuating me to erupt into an unrelenting festoon of fantasy and spell
bindingly gracious rhyme,

A handful of truth to irrefutably bless my salaciously pulverized conscience; Omnisciently flood its woefully fretting and stagnating dormitories with the mantra of symbiotic existence,

A handful of artistry to regally stimulate each deliberately indolent nerve of my nimble demeanor; deluge the fathomlessly barren canvas of my life; with
the profusely fascinating essence of blissful existence,

A handful of playfulness to celestially unfurl my ruthlessly mature and tyrannical senses; unbelievably bring out the princely child ardently clinging to each element of my passionate countenance,

A handful of river for me to royally bathe off the remorseful disease from my lambasted skin; perennially reinvigorate the manipulatively besieged conglomerate of my bones to coalesce with the rudiments of my sacred existence,

A handful of sensuousness to miraculously engulf each cranny of my vengeful brain; with an unsurpassable reservoir of enthrallingly euphoric and vivacious

A handful of breath to Omnipotently enshroud my forlornly extinguishing nostrils; invincibly bestow my lungs with the charismatically ecstatic chapters of undefeated life,

But unfathomable oceans of love to Omnipresently liberate my heart; perpetually bond its beats with the winds of procreation; togetherness; mankind; pricelessly immortalizing the meaning of my impoverished life .


Bristles of pathetically nonchalant lacklusterness; insidiously disseminated
from the toothbrush of invidiously ghoulish boredom,

Bristles of morbidly lackadaisical remorsefulness; abhorrently diffused from
the toothbrush of desolately forlorn decay and stagnation,

Bristles of spell bindingly ravishing enchantment; bountifully emanated from
the toothbrush of unsurpassably overwhelming beauty,

Bristles of abominably despicable salaciousness; gruesomely wafted from the
toothbrush of diabolically lecherous manipulation,

Bristles of indiscriminately unending bloodshed; gorily sprouted from the
toothbrush of spuriously non-existent and uncouthly biased racialism,

Bristles of ubiquitously enamoring fascination; exotically flowered from the
toothbrush of the resplendently intoxicating and gracious night,

Bristles of unconquerably unparalleled optimism; irrefutably blazed from the
toothbrush of the Omnipotently flamboyant and golden Sun,

Bristles of insatiably supreme majesty; poignantly bloomed from the toothbrush of uninhibitedly regale and timeless benevolence,

Bristles of indefatigably fathomless ecstasy; stupendously cropped up from
the toothbrush of vibrantly tantalizing and melanging compassion,

Bristles of jubilantly sensuous wholeheartedness; incredulously sprang up from the toothbrush of philanthropically embellished and triumphantly scintillating humanity,

Bristles of intrepidly exhilarating fearlessness; sparklingly bounced from the toothbrush of irrevocably unshakable and altruistic patriotism,

Bristles of seductively enthralling and rhapsodic fantasy; ebulliently fulminated from the toothbrush of tantalizingly reinvigorating paradise,

Bristles of insanely preposterous melancholia; savagely diffused from the
toothbrush of heinously treacherous and ominously disparaging crime,

Bristles of horrendously inclement despair; coldbloodedly culminated
from the toothbrush of lugubriously slithering discontentment,

Bristles of barbarically penalizing and dreary stress; perilously oozed from the toothbrush of bizarrely besieging and satanically crippling monotony,

Bristles of disastrously impoverished and measly stink; perniciously blasted
from the toothbrush of hideously dictatorial and viciously adulterated politics,

Bristles of unbelievably debilitating and orphaned poverty; miserably dispersed from the toothbrush of ignominiously castigating and pugnacious prejudice,

Bristles of perpetually everlasting prosperity and happiness; incessantly luminated from the toothbrush of celestially ever-pervading life,

Bristles of Omnisciently sacred enlightenment; marvelously radiated from the
toothbrush of eternally unassailable and regally glorious truth,

And Bristles of immortally sacrosanct and unconquerable love; timelessly
spawned from the toothbrush of resplendently throbbing and passionately
philanthropic heart .


Even the most disastrously crippled states of my persona; had in them
an overwhelming scent of irrefutably sparkling and mesmerizing victory,

Even the most disdainfully beleaguered and despairingly blood shot eyes of
mine; had in them an incorrigible flavor of unconquerably fascinating and
indefatigably everlasting victory,

Even the most horrendously grotesque contours of my lambasted face; had in
them a fathomless rainbow of vivaciously enchanting and spell bindingly blazing victory,

Even the most disparagingly staggering stride of mine; had in it an unsurpassable entrenchment of patriotically unshakable and scintillating victory,

Even the most diminutively tyrannized of voices that emanated from my throat; had in them a bountiful cloud of unbelievably supreme and blistering victory,

Even the most swelteringly unrelenting sweat that poured incessantly from my
armpits; had in it an unfathomable garden of beautifully resplendent and
harmonious victory,

Even the most despicably bleeding and gruesomely disintegrated nerves of mine; had in them an unsurpassable path of flamboyantly charismatic and ever-pervading victory,

Even the most treacherously mutilated and severed lips of mine; had in them
a celestial paradise of stupendously smiling and enchanting victory,

Even the most drearily wavering shadows of mine; had in them an Omnipotent
Sun of impregnably gratifying and majestic victory,

Even the most abominably shrunken and whipped teeth of mine; had in them a
tenacious fortress of philanthropically benign and indisputable victory,

Even the most rustically bohemian and sordidly chapped feet of mine; had in
them a flaming inferno of boundless glittering and timeless victory,

Even the most wretchedly torn and wholesomely threadbare pockets of mine;
had in them an unassailable carpet of fabulously silken and priceless victory,

Even the most preposterously shaggy and insanely thrashed hair of mine;
had in them an jubilant castle of euphorically gorgeous and ingratiating

Even the most rickety decaying and pulverized bones of mine; had in them a
perennial cloudburst of blissfully reinvigorating and timeless victory,

Even the most traumatically besieged brain chords of mine; had in them a
perpetual heaven of regally symbiotic and sensuously overpowering victory,

Even the most rambunctiously unruly and debilitating musings of mine; had in
them a ubiquitous sky of unflinchingly uninhibited and gloriously embellished victory,

Even the most timid voices of my severely penalized and wailing conscience; had in them an immutable cavern of truthfully succeeding and royal victory,

And even the most torturously asphyxiated and acrimoniously beaten of my dwindling breaths; had in them an Omniscient cosmos of ebulliently Godly and
unparalleled victory,

As wholesomely irrespective of how the murderously conventional society tried to assassinate each iota of my body; wholesomely irrespective of the unprecedented anguish that every pore of my countenance had to singularly undergo; wholesomely irrespective of the curse of ghoulish death that confronted me on every step that I tread for not adhering to the norms of salacious rigidity,

I knew I would be always triumphant; and victory would always be the Omnipresent glint of my eyes; the ecstasy of my stride; as I followed none other than the voices of my passionately throbbing heart; forever and ever and ever .


Her bountifully sprouting and vividly tiny lips; made me relive all timeless sweetness that I had ever experienced in the tenure of my penuriously holistic life,

Her impeccably glistening and mischievously darting eyes; made me relive all irrefutable innocence that I had ever experienced in the expedition of my timidly
wavering life,

Her innocuously rubicund and minuscule cheeks; made me relive all heavenly freshness that I had ever experienced in the entrenchment of my nimbly
trespassing life,

Her poignantly pudgy and silken fingers; made me relive all everlasting compassion that I had ever experienced in the adventure of my tantalizingly vacillating life,

Her vivaciously princely and marvelous eyelashes; made me relive all regally unending charisma that I had ever experienced in the path of my celestially persevering life,

Her Omnisciently diminutive and fragrant belly; made me relive all gregarious royal softness that I had ever experienced in the undulating terrain of my enchantingly vacillating life,

Her irrefutably heavenly and inconspicuously flapping ears; made me relive all unfathomable beauty that I had ever experienced in the fabric of my tirelessly
fascinating life,

Her resplendently sacred and symbiotic feet; made me relive all Samaritan goodness that I had ever experienced in the travails of my mystically unveiling life,

Her insurmountably captivating and invincibly immaculate voice; made me relive all blissfully unending melodies that I had ever experienced in the fountain of my astoundingly dexterous life,

Her innocently eclectic and poignant frown; made me relive all ingratiatingly boundless humanity that I had ever experienced in the rainbow of my
enigmatically unfurling life,

Her divinely synergistic and restlessly exploring neck; made me relive all sparkling righteousness that I had ever experienced in the cauldron of my dramatically unfolding life,

Her unconquerably sacrosanct and beautifully radiating forehead; made me relive all wonderfully enchanting fantasies that I had ever experienced in the palette of my panoramically seductive life,

Her infinitesimally non-invasive and profusely philanthropic chest; made me relive all impregnably truthful anecdotes that I had ever experienced in the tunnel of my relentlessly surging life,

Her gregariously frosty and satiny tongue; made me relive all affably melanging brotherhood that I had ever experienced in the footsteps of my ebulliently
enthralling life,

Her piquantly chiseled and snow white nose; made me relive all brazenly flamboyant impetuousness that I had ever experienced in the chords of my blisteringly volatile and high strung life,

Her unbelievably soft and rampantly uninhibited hair; made me relive all eternally majestic vibrations that I had ever experienced in the centerspread of my unsurpassably sensitive life,

Her unequivocally impeccable and victorious conscience; made me relive all unflinchingly spotless moments that I had ever experienced in the arena of my
wonderfully exhilarating life,

Her perpetually proliferating and Omnipotent breath; made me relive all ecstatically gratifying embellishment that I had ever experienced in the trajectory of my intricately animated life,

And her immortally unassailable and Godly heart; made me relive all majestically unbreakable love that I had ever experienced in the tirelessly endeavoring journey of my vibrant life .


The walls of even the most majestic of castle needed updations from time to time; to replenish their disdainfully grisly surface with coats of vivaciously bountiful paint,

The bed of even the most sparklingly celestial river needed updations from time to time; to evict it of manmade adulterations and decaying strands of drifting seaweed,

The floors of even the most holistic of abodes needed updations from time to time; stringently scrubbing them of the inevitably abominable carpet of dust sprawled around; extricating the blotches of food and oil that might have inadvertently soiled them,

The skins of even the most accomplished of sages needed updations from time to time; harmoniously rejuvenating them with spell bindingly princely water and the balms of fragrantly holistic mother nature,

The dogs of even the most aristocratically resplendent pedigree needed updations from time to time; stringently innoculating their fleet footed bodies; with contemporary doses of anti-rabies,

The edifices harboring even the most ultra modern amenities needed updations from time to time; blissfully refurbishing their quaint infrastructure with the marvels of astoundingly robotic space age,

The lips of even the most robust organism needed updations from time to time; embellishing them with the astoundingly gregarious sweetness of Mother Nature
and her bountiful fruits divine,

The profiles of even the most impregnably blue chip companies needed updations from time to time; dexterously keeping them in meticulous synergy with the tumultuously vacillating market conditions,

The soil of even the most bloomingly fecund of gardens needed updations from time to time; enveloping their trajectory with latest seed and fertilizer; to miraculously optimize their sparkling output,

The shoes of even the most fathomlessly rich tycoons needed updations from time to time; replacing their sordidly worn out soles; with fresh linings of tenacious rubber and majestic grace,

The hair of even the most blissfully amiable entities needed updations from time to time; symbiotically abnegating them of horrendously savage outgrowths;
harmoniously civilizing them with poignant pints of musk oil,

The songs of even the most greatest of musicians needed updations from time to time; vibrantly remixing them with an unfathomable reservoir of passionately
pulsating beats; and the rhythm of the enchanting night,

The photographs of even the most scintillating dimensions needed updations from time to time; placing them into exotically regale albums to enthrallingly
capture the moments of beautifully relishing past,

The interiors of even the most stupendously conventional cars needed updations from time to time; refurbishing them with ultra-modern gadgets and silken upholstery; to magnanimously enhance the ebulliently exhilarating drive,

The ears of even the most perspicaciously wandering organisms needed updations from time to time; explicitly extricating them of obnoxiously unwanted wax and daily debris; ecstatically adorning them with tantalizing earrings and voluptuous vivacity,

The armory of even the most accomplished of doctors needed updations from time to time; jubilantly apprising them of latest technology and miraculously blessing research; to metamorphose all traumatically inexplicable pain into a fountain of everlasting happiness,

The shirts of even the most impeccably glorious cotton needed updations from time to time; concisely scrubbing them of disdainful blotches and sweat stains; embodying them with an unfathomable myriad of floral design; to celestially enlighten the complexion of the morbidly dreary night,

The nostrils of even the most fearlessly philandering organisms needed updations from time to time; poignantly deluging them with fountains of euphorically revitalizing breath; from all sides,

And if there was one thing on this Universe that didn’t need the most minuscule of updation; it was irrefutably the immortally palpitating heart; as its beats continued to perpetually love with the same intensity; even after it had entered its mortal grave .


Be it the most thunderous of maelstroms; with unrelentingly unstoppable winds swiping past them at truculently tumultuous speeds,

Be it the most ominously sinister conglomerate of snakes; viciously tightening their stranglehold upon their impeccably beautiful necks,

Be it the most diabolically insane wave of lunatism; that insidiously crept towards their profusely poignant and interlocked entities,

Be it the most overpowering of thunderously cacophonic sound; that obnoxiously wanted to drown even the most infinitesimal of sound; in their handsomely celestial

Be it the most horrendously asphyxiating of stench; lethally poisoning the blissful atmosphere enveloping their compassionately benign senses,

Be it the most perilously pernicious of bizarre darkness; abhorrently trying to abnegate their heavenly embrace; from its very formidably unassailable roots,

Be it the most unfathomably deep and preposterously treacherous waters; heinously trying to stifle the last iota of their resplendent breath; by satanically drowning them towards the threadbare rock bottom,

Be it the most ghoulishly insipid of spirits incessantly hovering around their innocuous persona; vindictively yearning to ruthlessly snap the fangs of
their ardently flaming love,

Be it the most ferociously cold-blooded lions surreptitiously sauntering by their holistic side; fervently anticipating their opportunity; to salaciously slit their throats into an infinite pieces,

Be it the most torrentially intransigent cloudbursts of ballistic lightening; insurmountably desiring to electrocute their timeless souls; into inconspicuously unrecognizable ash,

Be it the most hostile superpowers of this boundless unsurpassable Universe; relentlessly raining bombs in indiscriminate tandem; upon their immaculately
melanging bodies,

Be it the most raunchily bawdy seductresses; sleazily gyrating around their visage’s; venomously enduring their best to drift their spell of intractable concentration,

Be it the most remorsefully morbid fleet of bellicose arrows; darting at devilish velocities towards their impeccably harmonious bodies; to uncouthly stab their
divinely sparkling flesh,

Be it the most fiercely inclement blanket of thorns; stealthily waiting to bleed them towards an irrefutably ghastly death; the instant they alighted even the most capriciously fleeting sole of their nimble foot,

Be it the most lecherously lambasting of conventional society; using every iota of their Herculean strength to disintegrate their romantic sensuousness forever
and ever and ever; from the trajectory of this resplendently embellished earth,

Be it the most gigantically towering of mountain tips; trying to unsparingly overwhelm every bit of gregariously scintillating empathy between their
skins; with raw unprecedented power and impregnably superior force,

Be it the most dolorously dwindling dungeons of betrayal; demonically waiting to capsize their eternal friendship; in webs of nonchalantly nondescript nothingness,

Be it the most gory chapters of satanic bloodshed and death; blatantly lingering around their seductively enthralling and ebulliently dancing chests,

And come what may; even as fathomless landscapes of blue sky mercilessly blended with cocoons of ravishing soil; even as the manipulatively commercial demon abominably overpowered all truth; even as the entire world outside greedily swooned under the scent of currency coil; their kiss grew rose more passionately towards the divine with every unfurling instant; their kiss was immortally unbreakable .


The exuberantly rustling whirlpools of breeze; worked stupendously miraculous wonders for the drearily morose and lugubriously fretful tree,

The torrentially tumbling blankets of ecstatic rain; worked unbelievably miraculous wonders for the hoarsely traumatized landscapes of aridly sweltering land,

The bountiful ocean of resplendent scent emanating from the scarlet rose; worked unfathomably miraculous wonders for the remorsefully forlorn atmosphere,

The meticulously synchronized tick-tocking of the timeless clock; worked irrevocably miraculous wonders for the invidiously sluggish and laggardly lazing,

The ferociously blazing rays of the Omnipotent Sun; worked unprecedentedly miraculous wonders for the disgustingly rotting and perniciously sinister graveyard,

The rhythmical jingling of the innocuously shimmering bells; worked astonishingly miraculous wonders for the indefatigably wailing and disconcertingly skittish child,

The melodiously everlasting sounds of the royally crested nightingale; worked gloriously miraculously wonders for the manipulatively besieged and bizarrely
monotonous corporate buffoon,

The entrenchment of celestially immaculate peace; worked timelessly miraculous wonders for the irrefutably pious and unrelentingly meditating saint,

The compassionate arms of perpetually amiable friendship; worked spell bindingly miraculous wonders for all those torturously orphaned from the very first cry of vivacious birth,

The dexterously crafted canes of poignant red and nimble white; worked incomprehensibly miraculous wonders for the blind men crossing the boisterously rambunctious and foolhardy street,

The ravishingly appetizing meals of salubriously gratifying corn; worked unconquerably miraculous wonders for the traumatically impoverished and
frantically trembling stomach,

The insurmountable titillation of the nubile seductress’s footsteps; worked marvelously miraculous wonders for the man deliberately trying to dig his own
corpse and without the most infinitesimal trace of euphoria for vibrant life,

The harmoniously sacrosanct lap of the divinely mother; worked unassailably miraculous wonders for the freshly born and ebulliently frolicking child,

The poignantly profuse body of the fragrant photograph; worked impregnably miraculous wonders for the brutally devastated soul; which had nothing but
Omnisciently gregarious memories to survive on,

The sordidly decaying crevices of the morbidly disappearing gutter; worked sensuously miraculous wonders for mountain of abominably horrific and
menacingly stray parasites,

The dolorously sullen waters of the ghoulishly stagnating pond; worked bountifully miraculous wonders for the vividly enamoring and iridescently blooming lotus flower,

The waves of unflinchingly embellished righteousness; worked triumphantly miraculous wonders for the indiscriminately massacred and salaciously smoldering conscience,

The infernos of Omnipresently spawning and charismatic breath; worked ubiquitously miraculous wonders for all those innocent and diabolically whipped; at their very last thresholds of abdicating existence,

And the immortally bonding rainbows of unshakable love; worked perpetually miraculous wonders for the salaciously betrayed and a heart throbbing sadly
without its pair of priceless beats


She might be disastrously penurious; treacherously begging with her bizarrely mutilated palms on the solitary streets,
But the whites of her impeccably Godly eyes; harbored such vibrantly unending compassion for my diminutive persona; that was never ever witnessed on this
gigantic earth before .

She might be tyrannically deprived; haplessly slithering on ruthlessly cold ground without even the most inconspicuous stroke of wonderful fortune,
But the contours of her magnanimously bountiful lips; harbored such ebullient jubilation for my resiliently advancing footsteps; that was never ever witnessed on this fathomless earth before .

She might be horrendously maimed; gruesomely victimized by unscrupulously torturous elements of the acrimoniously conventional society,
But the resplendent festoon of her seductively enamoring eyelashes; harbored such irrefutably unshakable empathy for my wavering soul; that was never ever witnessed on this boundless earth before .

She might be appallingly blinded since the very first cry of her birth; pathetically tip-toeing at every juncture of life; at times horrifically staggering to coalesce with threadbare mud,
But the miraculously unflinching chords of her voice; harbored such impregnable conviction for my unconventionally righteous deeds; that was never ever witnessed on this limitless earth before .

She might be disdainfully timid; a merely insipid caricature of mercurially minuscule bones; as she sadly stuttered at even the most inconspicuous draught of wind,
But the Omnisciently immaculate streams of blood in her body; harbored such affection for even the most evanescent of my shadow; that was never ever witnessed on this gargantuan earth before .

She might be more blacker than abominably sooty charcoal in complexion; with every quarter of the turgidly lambasting society; spitting on her in sardonic nonchalance,
But the invincibly pristine aura circumventing every part of her demeanor; harbored such astronomical respect for my deserted countenance; that was never ever witnessed on this mesmerizing earth before .

She might be as deaf as a stone; with the world outside unstoppably abusing her; as they knew she would still continue to stoically smile at their demonish faces,
But the intricately sensuous conglomerate of veins in her sacrosanct visage; harbored such poignancy for my resurgently galloping stride; that was never ever witnessed on this relentless earth before .

She might be rustically indigenous and simplistic; with even the most capricious iota of glamour being unsurpassable miles away from her rudimentary persona,
But the unassailable fireballs of perpetual breath in her nostrils; harbored such indefatigable support for each of my philanthropic mission; that was never ever
witnessed on this Herculean earth before .

And yes ; she might be existing in a tumbledown shack of frigid seaweed; right since the moment she emanated her very first breath; during the course of being
uncouthly whipped by the inclement planet outside; and till the last instant that she bid the earth a final goodbye,
But the glorious river of unconquerable beats in her heart; harbored such immortal love for my life and beyond; that was never ever witnessed on this eclectic earth before .


Mannequins of idiosyncratically insipid nothingness; to relentlessly satiate the minds of all those insanely purposeless and pathetically lunatic,

Mannequins of salaciously unending treachery; to insatiably titillate the appetites of all those; uncouthly besieged in the graveyards of bizarrely unforgivable manipulation,

Mannequins of sordidly lecherous dust; to intransigently appease the gluttony of all those; lackadaisically slithering in the aisles of nonchalantly debilitating boredom,

Mannequins of ludicrously collapsing and frigid matchsticks; to sleazily placate the souls of all those; abhorrently prejudiced in the ruthlessly parasitic shackles of greed,

Mannequins of fecklessly worthless and ungainly insomnia; to intractably titillate the eyes of all those; devilishly slandering and massacring; without the most infinitesimal of purpose in vibrant life,

Mannequins of cheaply glittering corruption; to surreptitiously trigger the bloodstream’s of all those; tyrannically beheading to catapult to the zenith of baseless power and prosperity,

Mannequins of forlornly fretful obsolescence; to incorrigibly pamper the footsteps of all those; deliberating inflicting torturous pain on self and everlasting humanity,

Mannequins of satanically decaying blood; to demonishly charm the senses of all those; indiscriminately trampling the trajectory of mother earth; with unsurpassably obnoxious drudgery,

Mannequins of blatantly discordant and heinous lies; to dogmatically pump the silhouettes of all those; regretfully incarcerated in whirlwinds of abominably
abashing cowardice,

Mannequins of egregiously stony silence; to irretrievably pacify the visages of all those; wasting every unfurling moment of their lives; disconcertingly smarting in the gutters of wastrel neglect,

Mannequins of diabolically perverted and pugnacious stink; to irrefutably tranquilize the tongues of all those; barbarically wanting to gobble immaculately truthful skin,

Mannequins of savagely lambasting and cacophonic abuse; to truculently please the skins of all those; drifting the spell bindingly fathomless Universe into the corpse of murderously threadbare politics,

Mannequins of penalizingly mocking laughter; to irrevocably stimulate the cells of all those; trying to invidiously infiltrate into the web of ingratiatingly celestial peace and unflinching solidarity,

Mannequins of traumatically desensitizing death; to disparagingly inebriate the persona’s of all those; wholesomely indifferent to the magnanimously blissful
proceedings of this enthralling planet,

Mannequins of disastrously impoverished and gory skeletons; to unrelentingly enlighten the bodies of all those; horrifically unbelieving in the chapters of
vivaciously mesmerizing existence,

Mannequins of inexplicably salacious and unprecedented starvation; to inexorably please the spirits of all those; ghoulishly entangled in webs of insidiousness; without a mind; body or soul,

Mannequins of acrimoniously sinister darkness; to indefatigably gratify the ego’s of all those; sinking deeper and deeper into the preposterously ghastly crematorium of hideous crime,

Mannequins of lugubriously indolent non-existence; to incessantly cajole the nerves of all those; who cursed even the most bountifully resplendent beauty of God; from their very first cry,

But an unassailable garden of love; love and only sensuously timeless love; to perennially immortalize the heartbeats of all those; uninhibitedly wanting to
wander in a world of freedom; uninhibitedly wanting to breathe forever in a world of philanthropically unending togetherness .


I might not earn even an infinitesimal penny in the entire of my lifetime; discordantly wailing on the preposterously penurious streets,

I might get ruthlessly kicked at every quarter of the acridly conventional society; for paving an irrefutably sparkling path of my very own,

I might disdainfully stumble on every step that I tread; staggering in the aisles of remorseful nothingness as I valiantly followed the path of irrefutably philanthropic righteousness,

I might not savor even the most inconspicuous of accolade throughout the tenure of my entire life; being brutally squelched into my grave by the tyrannically thwarted world,

Come what may; but I will still keep solely following the inner most tunes of my heart; forever remain a slave of its invincibly mesmerizing and timeless beats; do exactly what it says .


I might treacherously lose even the most capricious iota of my voice; torturously overpowered by the uncouth globe from all sides,

I might get unsparingly maimed for the remainder of my life; as the rampantly marauding devils; snapped the fangs of my existence even before I could emanate my first breath,

I might spend every unfurling second of the day in gruesomely morbid darkness; as the parasites of hell invidiously gouged my eyes; for ostensibly no fault of mine,

I might find myself incarcerated behind the diabolically sordid prison bars; as all superpowers of the earth incarcerated me for not blending with corridors of spurious ostentation and manipulative malice,

Come what may; but I will still keep solely following the inner most tunes of my heart; forever remain a slave of its poignantly seductive and unconquerable
beats; do exactly what it says .

2 .

I might pathetically coalesce with ominously threadbare dust for times immemorial; dissipating into an infinite fragments as the planet outside massacred
me left; right and sensitive center,

I might disappear forever into realms of nonchalantly lackadaisical oblivion; as elements of the barbarically ostracizing society didn’t tolerate the waves of uninhibited freedom; perpetually enshrouding my soul,

I might have to devour savagely coldblooded stones for each of my meals; as the planet preferred to give even the most fetid leftovers of their food; to the dogs in
the street instead,

I might inadvertently cause anguish to all around me; as they couldn’t bear to see an organism not blending with their barrels of sleazy wine and pompously
pretentious cigar smoke,

Come what may; but I will still keep solely following the inner most tunes of my heart; forever remain a slave of its triumphantly exhilarating and godly
beats; do exactly what it says .

3 .

I might confront boundless wars of gory prejudice; with the entire world outside endeavoring their best to horrifically pulverize even the most non-existent
bone of my nimble spine,

I might not even get a place to sequester my scalp in the heart of freezing midnight; with every conceivable dwelling on this fathomless earth; scornfully
thrusting the door in my solitary face,

I might find myself deeper and deeper into my coffin as the minutes unveiled; with even the most intricate of my veins truculently ripped apart by watchdogs of
the whipping society,

I might waft the last breath of my destined life; with my pockets harboring nothing else but unparalleled love; worthless dust and indescribable poverty,

Come what may; but I will still keep solely following the inner most tunes of my heart; forever remain a slave of its tantalizingly fascinating and immortal
beats; do exactly what it says .


Let majestically glistening sands forever stay; only in the regally colossal and timelessly sweltering deserts,

Let enigmatic whispers forever stay; only in the mystically reverberating and sensuously enchanting forests,

Let vivacious rainbows forever stay; only in the center of the fathomlessly resplendent and tantalizingly dazzling sky,

Let unblemished innocence forever stay; only in the impeccably divine and exuberant eyes of the righteous child,

Let voluptuous seduction forever stay; only in the lap of the marvelously titillating and ravishingly enchanting night,

Let embarrassing embellishment forever stay; only in the stupendously enthralling eyelashes of the freshly adorned and nervously nimble bride,

Let vibrant boisterousness forever stay; only in the fleet footed visage of the wonderfully frolicking and poignantly delectable squirrel,

Let streaks of thunderous lightening forever stay; only in the unfathomably crimson conglomerate of ferociously clashing and rhapsodic clouds,

Let whirlpools of fascinating seduction forever stay; only in the charismatically blooming bosom of a gloriously nubile and alluring maiden,

Let ingratiating melody forever stay; only in the scarlet crested throat of the magnificently bountiful and everlastingly resplendent nightingale,

Let iridescently twinkling stars forever stay; only in the boundlessly silken and astoundingly placating cosmos,

Let stupendously enthralling fragrance forever stay; only in the gorgeously blossoming petals; of the harmoniously sprouting and ebullient rose,

Let unprecedented euphoria forever stay; only in the beautifully spawning and Omnisciently blessing body of the piquantly salubrious seed,

Let blazing immortality forever stay; only in the unflinchingly intrepid chest of the patriotically heroic and selflessly benign soldier,

Let philanthropic humanity forever stay; only in the fabric of eternally replenishing and perpetually melanging mankind,

Let celestial equanimity forever stay; only in the winds of serenely endowing and incredulously placating evening,

Let innocuous mischief forever stay; only on the inimitable face of the fabulously frolicking and astonishingly dexterous monkey,

Let unparalleled Omnipotence forever stay; only in the holistically sacrosanct and impregnable womb of the Godly mother,

Let spell binding sensuousness forever stay; only in the magnetic fireballs of uninhibitedly royal and unending passionate breath,

And let immortal love forever stay O! Almighty Lord; only in the unassailable beats of the invincibly palpitating and unconquerably ecstatic heart .


Benign was the rhythm of eternal mankind; Omnipotently diffusing the fragrance of unflinching solidarity; for times immemorial,

Melodious was the rhythm of the dainty waterfall; disseminating into an island of unbelievably rhapsodic froth; every unfurling instant of the day,

Omniscient was the rhythm of the flamboyantly blistering Sun; filtering a path of vibrant optimism; through the life of even the most derogatorily shivering organism alive,

Cacophonic was the rhythm of the discordantly croaking frogs; perniciously infiltrating the blissful atmosphere; with an ominous web of disparagingly
dissatisfied sounds,

Impoverished was the rhythm of the treacherously coldblooded devils; savagely massacring holistic civilizations; to spuriously satiate their tastebuds with innocuously sacred blood,

Ruthless was the rhythm of the unsparingly slicing knife; uncouthly excoriating even the most immaculate of entities; to insidiously gleam well past the heart of devilish midnight,

Ingratiating was the rhythm of the stupendously redolent flower; blossoming into a festoon of marvelously exotic scent; every unleashing minute under perennially golden sunshine,

Ubiquitous was the rhythm of gloriously altruistic humanity; unassailably bonding every human irrespective of caste; creed or worthless color; in the stream of compassionate sharing; charismatically alike,

Phlegmatic was the rhythm of the reticently pot-bellied tortoise; languidly feasting under the profoundly enchanting rays of Sun; blissfully snoozing under its obdurate shell; even in the most horrendously vicious of maelstroms,

Rebellious was the rhythm of the brutally incarcerated scorpion; venomously swirling its tail in infinite circles; to whomsoever who dared glimpse its gruesomely tyrannized form,

Enigmatic was the rhythm of the flirtatiously dancing spider; interweaving a tale of majestic artistry; criscrossing through a paradise of boundless silk and sheen,

Blazing was the rhythm of the patriotically intrepid soldier; fearlessly embarking upon a mission to relinquish even the very last iota of his breath; for the sake of his magnificently sacrosanct motherland,

Garrulous was the rhythm of the indefatigably chattering monkey; rambunctiously perpetuating tranquil carpets of the resplendent forests; with an unfathomable valley of vivacious sounds,

Shrewd was the rhythm of the manipulative tycoon; who hideously weaved a trail of artificially sardonic sweetness round all his employees; to eventually extricate the maximum of his bombastic choice,

Panoramic was the rhythm of the vividly whistling clouds; euphorically surging forward to jubilantly bask in the glory; of unprecedentedly satiny timelessness,

Impeccable was the rhythm of the freshly born child; divinely replenishing even the most sordidly shattered of hearts; with the Omnipresent mantra of vibrantly
titillating life,

Tantalizing was the rhythm of the chirpily nubile maiden; culminating into a downpour of torrentially everlasting sensuousness; on every nimble step that
she sacredly tread,

Perpetual was the rhythm of fabulously fecund breath; astoundingly spawning a township of ever-pervading newness; in each cranny of the earth that it magically spread,

Irrefutable was the rhythm of unequivocally Godly truth; pioneering a Universe of unending prosperity; in the soul of whomsoever who unflinchingly harbored

Passionate was the rhythm of the unconquerable thundering heart; fulminating into a sky of amiable togetherness more vociferously; as the day sped into the regally iridescent night,

And immortal was the rhythm of symbiotically melanging love; existing as the most priceless flame of life; existing as the only kiss that could invincibly kick
death forever away .


There were infinite on this boundless Universe; who intransigently searched for fugitive gold; insatiably wanting to replenish even the whites of their eye with
the spuriously glittering biscuit,

There were infinite on this colossal Universe; who tirelessly searched for tantalizing beauty; tumultuously wanting to embrace every voluptuous vixen on this earth; in their murderously uncouth grip,

There were infinite on this gregarious Universe; who relentlessly searched for uninhibited freedom; irrevocably wanting to blend the innermost of their
senses with all vivaciously enchanting titillation in the atmosphere,

There were infinite on this boundless Universe; who unendingly searched for opulent wine; barbarically wanting to deluge every bit of their disastrously impoverished persona; with the avarice of inebriation all day and night,

While my treacherously betrayed heart; perennially searched for true love; unsurpassably wanting to melange every iota of my despairingly dying senses
with the magic of heavenly relationship .

1 .

There were infinite on this unconquerable Universe; who incorrigibly searched for bizarre manipulation; insidiously wanting to extract the optimum they could
from the earth; in the tenure of their truncated lives,

There were infinite on this aristocratic Universe; who dogmatically searched for uncouth crime; salaciously wanting to reach the epitome of unprecedented
prosperity; by brutal massacre and beheading tribes,

There were infinite on this enamoring Universe; who irretrievably searched for ravishing fragrance; limitlessly wanting to incarcerate every element of
stupendous intoxication; impregnably inside their chest,

There were infinite on this charismatic Universe; who frantically searched for sleazy entertainment; ethereally wanting to titillate their morbidly withering skin with the reverberations of; gaudily embellished skin,

While my forlornly fretting heart; perpetually searched for true love; irrefutably wanting to bond with the essence of sparkling truth; irrefutably
wanting to be the beats of rhythm divine .

2 .

There were infinite on this princely Universe; who unrelentingly searched for mind-boggling enigmas; unequivocally wanting to deluge their ingenious minds
into an untamed flurry of rhapsodic activity,

There were infinite on this gargantuan Universe; who traumatically searched for negativity; insanely wanting to lambaste all innocuous civilization; with
the devil hovering ghoulishly in their soul,

There were infinite on this benign Universe; who holistically searched for symbiotic proliferation; vehemently wanting to mate with the partner of their choice; to handsomely bequeath a civilization of ebullient freshness even after their veritable death,

There were infinite on this vivacious Universe; who Omnisciently searched for mesmerizing peace; intractably wanting to enshroud every aspect of their
truculently traumatic survival; with bountifully benevolent solidarity,

While my invidiously thwarted heart; indefatigably searched for true love; miraculously wanting to coalesce with the fabric of eternal goodness; with the
spirit of timelessly invincible mankind .

3 .

There were infinite on this synergistic Universe; who ungainly searched for savagely raw power; pruriently wanting to manipulate the lives of countless innocent; with whiplashes of domineeringly threadbare force,

There were infinite on this mammoth Universe; who satanically searched for appetizing mutton; uncontrollably wanting to placate their taste buds with palpably bloody meat and immaculate flesh,

There were infinite on this Omnipotent Universe; who voluptuously searched for grandiloquent artistry; endlessly wanting to paint the canvas of their existence; with the victoriously gorgeous colors of God’s creation,

There were infinite on this unsurpassable Universe; who exhaustively searched for sagacious wisdom; pragmatically wanting to implement all principles of revitalizing life; in each hour of their progressing survival,

While my unsparingly whipped heart; humbly searched for true love; unprecedentedly wanting to accept it as the most Omnipresent panacea to lead this; and a countless more spell binding lifetimes .


Just a single smile of her delectably diminutive lips; the heavenly way in which she unveiled those wonderfully impeccable contours,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all traumatically manipulative agony of this planet; the tyrannically lambasting devil who coldbloodedly corrupted the civilization; left; right and full center.

Just a single wink of her marvelously majestic eyelashes; the immaculately celestial empathy that poignantly reflected from them; all sweltering day and enchanting night,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all brutally salacious lechery on this boundless planet; the terrorizing web of bizarre manipulation; which
truculently asphyxiated from all sides .

Just a single wave of her immaculately waving palms; that ingratiatingly diminutive fist of hers which she effusively punched through euphoric air,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all morbidly remorseful sadness on this fathomless planet; the diabolically agonizing dungeons of disparaging boredom; which despicably crippled one and all; insidiously alike .

Just a single twinkle of her divinely minuscule feet; the trail of unsurpassably bountiful innocence that she left behind on every step that she holistically
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all pugnaciously menacing massacre on this colossal planet; the savage avalanche of blood that barbarically besieged every element of benign goodness in the world outside .

Just a single nod of her infinitesimally sacrosanct forehead; the vivaciously triumphant festoon of ebullience that she diffused; robustly frolicking her pudgy neck,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all acrimoniously penalizing treachery on this gigantic planet; the invidious stem of ominously derogatory lies that had embedded its nails profoundly; into the fabric of the spell binding society .

Just a single blush of her regally charismatic cheeks; the tinge of profusely exuberant scarlet that encapsulated her tiny visage from all sides,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all dolorously decaying despair on this gargantuan planet; the winds of insanely maniacal solitude that gruesomely
proliferated; without the slightest of sagacious consent .

Just a single flap of her magically miraculous ears; the inconspicuously Omnipotent lobes of sparkling freshness that dangled from her face,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all vindictive staleness on this endless planet; the pathetically slithering corpse of hideously surreptitious avarice
and greed .

Just a single breath of her ubiquitously godly nose; the stupendously Omniscient fireball of vibrant life that it generated; with every mercurial puff of air
that it symbiotically exhaled,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all horrendously slandering pain on this unfathomable planet; the riotous abuse of mankind by disdainfully abominable powerhouses of dictatorial greed .

And just a single beat of her Omnipresently unassailable heart; those royally humanitarian reverberations so pricelessly sparkling with timelessly unflinching life,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all ghoulishly perilous death on this perpetual planet; the graveyard of extinction that inevitably snapped the fangs of blissfully enamoring life .

29 . LOVE IS.

Love is that eternally compassionate fire which never subsides; unrelentingly triggering untamed fireballs of insatiable desire; in every caste; creed; and
religion; thunderously alike,

Love is that voluptuously silken sky which never ends; torrentially pelting its droplets of divine brotherhood; upon even the most infinitesimally remote cranny of beleaguered earth,

Love is that timelessly priceless flower which never withers; ubiquitously wafting its scent of perpetually invincible harmony; to the most fathomless parts of this gigantically mesmerizing planet,

Love is that marvelously melodious bird which never plummets; perennially soaring through the clouds of grandiloquently majestic empathy; blessing all those tyrannically deprived; for centuries immemorial,

Love is that unassailably towering mountain which never crumbles; intrepidly annihilating even the most minuscule trace of sinister evil; entrenching all
those with an impeccable soul in the mists of enchanting symbiosis,

Love is that robustly enamoring fruit which never decays; magnificently placating the traumatized agony of the entire earth; with its seeds of celestially unending procreation,

Love is that tantalizingly heavenly shadow which never fades; astoundingly weaving a web of spell binding enigma; upon all those brutally asphyxiated with a miserably monotonous and manipulative life,

Love is that royally aristocratic feather which never deteriorates; metamorphosing your dreary caricature into one besieged with rhapsodic delight; perennially placing you in clouds above the island of titillating paradise,

Love is that impregnably philanthropic fortress which never falls; sequestering all those savagely lambasted in its Omnipotent belly; irrefutably waving the flag
of mesmerizing mankind; for infinite more births to unveil,

Love is that wonderfully seductive whisper which never vanishes; fabulously instilling in you the beautifully eclectic art of sharing; intransigently teaching you to respect and adore; all impeccably existing living kind,

Love is that Omnisciently royal angel which never wrongs; blissfully bequeathing the carpet of benign goodness; upon all those with a will to tranquilly and synergistically survive,

Love is that amicably blossoming light which never extinguishes; perpetuating every dwelling stagnating in horrifically ghastly doom and misery; with the rays of optimistically Omnipotent hope,

Love is that resplendently fascinating sparkle which never dulls; candidly portraying to you your innermost self; bestowing the ominously prejudiced parts of your conscience; with the magical rainbow of divine righteousness,

Love is that flamboyantly brilliant Sun which never sets; unfathomably blazing a path of radiant courage and everlasting bloom; upon all those disastrously dwindling towards lackadaisical despair,

Love is that enchantingly vibrant fantasy which never finishes; abundantly granting all those despicably orphaned an egalitarian right to holistically survive; incinerating a blaze of ardent innovation; even in the heart of the sordidly deadened night,

Love is that unshakably patriotic soldier which never staggers; forever glittering like the God’s in the sky in the spirit of proliferating newness; veritably ensuring that life spawned gorgeously; on every advancing footstep,

Love is that poignantly crimson blood which never discriminates; blending every single organism across this boundlessly gregarious planet; in the threads of ever pervading humanity,

Love is that sensuously passionate breath which never dies; brilliantly evolving the most benevolently formidable of lives; unconquerably ensuring that every
immaculate organism bonded with the; Omnipresently divine,

And love is that ardently throbbing heart which never stops; immortally uniting all those with a fervent will to live and let live; in an ocean of gratifying
togetherness; in a garland of the fragrant divine .


You sleep; I sleep; as we replenished our dreary bodies with astoundingly rejuvenating sleep; harmoniously together,

You eat; I eat; as we consumed ravishing food to magnificently appease the tumultuous pangs of hunger in our famished stomachs; symbiotically together,

You paint; I paint; as we sketched the marvelous glory of this mesmerizing planet on the canvas of our impeccable souls; perpetually together,

You dance; I dance; as we gyrated our persona uninhibitedly under the resplendently milky moonlight; ecstatically swaying to the beats of the seductive night; eternally together,

You smile; I smile; as we rhapsodically rejoiced each moment bequeathed upon us by the Almighty Lord; romantically together,

You adventure; I adventure; as we embarked on the most enthusiastically daunting expeditions of our life; embellishing ourselves with all tranquil treasures of Mother Nature; amicably together,

You shout; I shout; as we sporadically lost our impeccable equilibrium to the fallacies of the human mind; fought on trivial little things only to find ourselves deeper in love; boisterously together,

You cry; I cry; as we commiserated with each other’s agonies; tenaciously confronted each sorrow with our palms intermingled in a fortress of solidarity; understandingly together,

You lose; I lose; as we momentarily camouflaged our heads in the cistern of shame; after valiantly endeavoring our best to conquer our goals; synergistically together,

You win; I win; as we saluted the deity of Omnipresent Lord in fathomless sky; kissed the soil on ground for being our intransigent inspiration; patriotically

You flirt; I flirt; as we surreptitiously philandered in the meadows of insatiably untamed desire for times immemorial; mischievously winking as the Sun set
behind the horizons; ebulliently together,

You gallop; I gallop; as we gushed forward to embrace the winds of intrepid intrigue; mystically unwind ourselves to discover an entrenchment of perpetually flowering beauty; euphorically together,

You sing; I sing; as we melodiously unfurled the chords of our throat to pacify all bereaved humanity and kin; philanthropically together,

You fantasize; I fantasize; as we dreamt of infinite vibrantly optimistic tomorrows and blissfully fragrant civilizations; benevolently together,

You bleed; I bleed; as we trespassed on the inevitable thorns of inexplicably inscrutable life; unflinchingly together,

You speak; I speak; as we emanated the most impregnably glittering voice of humanity alongwith our patriotic comrades; perennially together,

You fret; I fret; as we painstakingly crawled through all those lugubriously empty and nonchalant moments of existence; unassailably together,

You hear; I hear; as we unfurled the closed wall of our ears to discern every sound in the spellbindingly titillating atmosphere; congenially together,

You falter; I falter; as we ludicrously stumbled every now and then upon obdurately cold ground; majestically portraying that we were none other than just humans; gorgeously together,

You sweat; I sweat; as we unrelentingly persevered under the austerely golden rays of the midday Sun; harvesting the fruits of our timeless endurance; gregariously together,

You freeze; I freeze; as we uncontrollably shivered under the truculently tyrannical fury of brutal maelstroms and snow; fervently waiting for the squall to subside; compassionately together,

You joke; I joke; as we triggered unequivocal streams of laughter in all those bereft of a mission and insurmountably gloomy in priceless life; bountifully together,

You breathe; I breathe; as we inhaled and exhaled unfathomable carpets of air; pledged in front of the Almighty Creator to exist for an infinite more lifetimes to yet unveil; invincibly together,

You love; I love; as we passionately explored every nimbly nubile arena of our countenance’s; radiated the unconquerable essence of timelessly existing as a
single spirit; celestially together,

And most importantly; You die; I die; as we relinquished our breaths at the very first command from the divine; Omnisciently reminiscing all those sparkling memories when we had lived beautifully entwined with one another; immortally together .


When I wasn’t looking at her ravishingly tantalizing hair; the vivaciously marvelous strands of silk on her priceless scalp; that royally swayed with the grandiloquent breeze,
Every part of my heart; soul; and conscience; still profusely admired her sacrosanct forehead; the irrefutably indefatigable creases of determination; that euphorically sprawled all over .

When I wasn’t looking at her majestically sculptured forehead; the princely way in which it drifted with the enchantingly satiny winds,
Every part of my heart; soul; and conscience; still ecstatically admired her piquantly poignant nose; the stupendous exhilaration that she miraculously generated; with every exotic breath of hers .

When I wasn’t looking at her boisterously pristine nose; the impeccably charming embellishments of bountiful beauty; that it had inherently adorned,
Every part of my heart; soul; and conscience; still unfathomably admired her voluptuously tantalizing lips; the infernos of untamed desire that she
triggered; with just a single kiss .

When I wasn’t looking at her incredulously seductive lips; the cloud of relentless fascination that they weaved; on even the most dolorously languid winds of
the atmosphere that they caressed,
Every part of my heart; soul; and conscience; still intransigently admired her wonderfully blushing cheeks; the crimson streaks of celestial passion that
they transited into; with just a single run my groping fingers .

When I wasn’t looking at her marvelously aristocratic cheeks; the overwhelmingly scarlet tinges of innocence embedded within; that unequivocally made her the most beautiful woman on this Universe,
Every part of my heart; soul; and conscience; still intractably admired her beautifully immaculate neck; the extraordinarily sensuous wave of imagination that enveloped her Omniscient grace; from all sides .

When I wasn’t looking at her blissfully ingratiating neck; the magnetically queenly charisma that fabulously wafted; every time she delectably maneuvered it; to the tunes of the ebulliently cascading rain,
Every part of my heart; soul; and conscience; still uninhibitedly admired her divinely Omnipotent chest; the unflinching thunderbolts of patriotism in her nimble visage; to wholesomely free her murderously besieged motherland .

When I wasn’t looking at her handsomely exotic chest; the oceans of charismatically unending intrigue that overwhelmingly radiated; from her innocently untainted countenance,
Every part of my heart; soul; and conscience; still irrevocably admired her tantalizingly rhetoric belly; as she compassionately gyrated it till times
immemorial; under the alluringly pearly beams of resplendent moonlight .

When I wasn’t looking at her unsurpassably titillating belly; the unstoppable sparks of vibrant electricity emanating; that profoundly enlightened even the most the remorseful of morbid graves,
Every part of my heart; soul; and conscience; still incessantly admired her philanthropically heavenly palms; the unprecedented reservoir of gorgeous destiny lines encapsulated inside; that formidably evolved every aspect of my impoverished existence .

When I wasn’t looking at her sagaciously candid palms; the fathomless sea of sparkling humanity; that they altruistically disseminated for centuries immemorial; and every time this earth was born,
Every part of my heart; soul; and conscience; still exuberantly admired her scintillatingly Godly feet; the unshakably glittering path of humanitarian
righteousness that they spawned; on every squalid patch of earth they tread .

And when I wasn’t looking at her miraculously ubiquitous feet and any element of her demeanor at all; the astronomical benevolence that diffused magically; in every scented word that she spoke,
Every part of my heart; soul; and conscience; still immortally admired her gloriously Omnipresent reflections of unassailable love; her unconquerable fragrance of mankind; that eternally transpired the entire planet; towards a township of endless beauty; towards a world of united existence .


Like a romantically drifting cloud; indefatigably playing hide and seek with the swelteringly simmering Sun,
Was her magnificently mischievous and stupendously wandering wink; as she flirted with me in the aisles of untamed desire; behind the majestically moonlit hills .

Like a voluptuously silken angel; descending magically from the island of bountifully wonderful paradise,
Was her royally magnificent and ecstatically euphoric stride; as she swished like an ebulliently embellished fairy towards my; mortifyingly impoverished countenance .

Like a melodiously chirping sparrow; boisterously deluging the sullen atmosphere with the sounds of; profusely rhapsodic happiness,
Was her sparklingly scintillating and delectable footsteps; as she poignantly galloped with profound empathy in her soul; towards my diminutively impoverished countenance .

Like an innocuous freshly spawned infant; enshrouding every dilapidated cranny of this colossal Universe; with its insatiably jubilant wails,
Was her marvelously seductive and ravishingly enthralling smile; as she unfurled the silken cocoon of her lips; uninhibitedly showering her charisma upon my pathetically beleaguered demeanor .

Like an eternally fragrant rose; tantalizingly diffusing its astoundingly ingratiating redolence; to even the most fathomless quarters of this boundless planet,
Was her graciously celestial and timelessly priceless sleep; as she unrelentingly fantasized about the mystical aspects of endowing creation and me; in every
of her gloriously fantastic dreams .

Like a hive of splendidly golden honey; incessantly oozing the Omnisciently miraculous sweetness of blissful creation,
Was her resplendently twinkling and beautiful finger; as she vehemently entwined her palms; for times immemorial and unassailably with mine .

Like torrential cloudbursts of rain pelting enigmatically; from the overwhelmingly handsome carpet of fathomless sky,
Were her spectacularly panoramic and piquantly rubicund cheeks; as she fantastically blushed in the corridors of uncontrollable yearning; ethereally sighting the contours of my; shimmeringly obfuscated shadow .

Like a compassionate fireball of belonging; astronomically augmenting in proportion as each second thunderously zipped by,
Was her unfathomably grandiloquent and impeccably harmonious kiss; as she profusely pecked every iota of my; nervously fluttering cheeks .

Like an impregnable fortress of unflinching solidarity; towering tall and aristocratic even against the most ungainly acrimonious of storms,
Was her incredulously bestowing and benevolently gratifying embrace; as she intractably clung to my violently throbbing demeanor; more perpetually than a
Mother clinging to her new born child .

And like the irrefutably sacrosanct entrenchment of Heaven; radiating for countless more births yet to unveil; with the Omnipotent aura of Almighty Lord,
Was her immortally wonderful and gloriously enamoring love; as she perennially bonded every beat of her heart; every philanthropism of her conscience with me; and to be forever mine; mine and only mine .


The gorgeously gigantic hills; were profusely soaked with golden fireballs; of melodiously tantalizing Sunlight,

The inscrutably mesmerizing forests; were marvelously soaked with an unendingly bountiful flurry; of rhapsodically voluptuous sounds,

The fathomless carpets of gregariously silken sky; was ecstatically soaked in an astounding kaleidoscope; of exuberantly twinkling stars,

The rambunctiously slithering and vivacious fish; were ebulliently soaked in an undulating ocean of; ravishingly titillating waves and euphoric salt,

The endless framework of bones in body; were indispensably soaked in a salubrious river of; exotically scarlet and blissfully bequeathing blood,

The aristocratically rubicund pair of royal lips; were celestially soaked in a whirlpool of charismatically exhilarating smiles and enamoring charm,

The countless blades of amiably blossoming grass; were profoundly soaked in an Omnipotent cistern of; majestically shimmering and perpetual dewdrops,

The enchantingly seductive garden of roses; was piquantly soaked in a exquisitely timeless mist of; overwhelmingly compassionate and divinely scent,

The diminutively impoverished palms; were inevitably soaked in an enigmatically inexplicable cloud of; mystically fabulous destiny lines,

The uninhibitedly dancing clown; was unsurpassably soaked in a torrentially limitless downpour; of cacophonic comedy and joyously jubilant laughter,

The ecstatically frolicking butterfly; was enthusiastically soaked in a fireball of perennially diffusing happiness; and an unfathomable tenacity to vividly soar,

The immaculate coat of sparklingly untainted eyes; was insatiably soaked in a compassionate whirlwind of; unequivocally Kingly moisture,

The robustly chattering and loquaciously bubbly tongue; was delectably soaked in ingratiatingly frothy oceans of; inherently tranquil saliva,

The unflinchingly marching and fearlessly intrepid army; were soaked in an irrefutably immortal entrenchment of; unassailably unshakable patriotism,
The magnificently serrated and rustic stemmed tree; was serenely soaked in an abundantly replenishing waterfall of; congenially sequestering leaves,

The incessantly wandering and animatedly sensitive ears; were boundlessly soaked in a eclectically grandiloquent symposium; of eternally drifting sounds,

The romantically philandering brain; was endlessly soaked in a tornado of fantastically ardent and gorgeously fulfilling sky of; glittering everlasting fantasies,

The twin gallery of vividly vibrant nostrils; were rhetorically soaked in an incomprehensibly fathomless volcano of; piquantly blissful breath,

And my tumultuously throbbing and fervent heart; was impregnably soaked in the blessings of your; immortally humanitarian and priceless love .


The flamboyantly blazing rays of the marvelously royal Sun; were my passionately piquant companions; for the perseveringly sweltering day,

Ravishing beams of mystically resplendent moonlight; were my eternally gratifying companions; for the voluptuously silken night,

The tree leaves rustling in spell binding vivaciousness; were my most blissful companions in my times of; disastrously sordid loneliness,

Springs of Omnisciently cascading water; were my bountifully quelling companions; when I dreadfully sulked in a whirlpool of abominably horrendous dirt,

Pristine shores incessantly rumbling with tantalizingly undulating waves; were my ravishingly tangy companions; in my times of drearily despicable depression,

Fathomless carpets of enchantingly grandiloquent skies; were my timelessly invincible companions; in my times of lackadaisically crippling boredom,

Hives of melodiously sweet and glitteringly golden honey; were my beautifully enamoring companions; in my times of gruesomely malevolent bitterness,

Truculently vibrant tornados of patriotism; were my unflinchingly intrepid companions; in my times of remorsefully morbid stagnation and doleful malice,

Innocuously Omnipotent and divinely children; were my unequivocally benign companions; in my times of horrendously manipulative distress,

Enigmatically slithering and charismatic snakes; were my enchantingly evoking companions; in my times of maniacally commercial monotonousness,

Redolently everlasting and incredulously profuse roses; were my integrally handsome companions; in my times of despairingly staggering melancholy,

Whirlwinds of untamed exuberance; were my perpetually bestowing companions; in my times of nonchalantly dwindling towards my gorily sinister corpse,

Aristocratically silken and mesmerizing feathers; were my magically symbiotic companions; in my times of irascibly disdainful nervousness,

Rhapsodically raining marshmallows of azure clouds; were my torrentially dynamic companions; in my times of penalizingly sorrowful banishment,

Tantalizingly boisterous and fascinating fairies; were my ingratiatingly iridescent companions; in my times of disgustingly orphaned prejudice,

Rivers of impeccably glistening milk; were my celestially profound companions; in my times of murderously abhorrent fanaticism,

Omnipresently sacrosanct steps of the princely mosque; were my pricelessly ultimate companions; in my times of inexplicably unending and tyrannizing trauma,

Fireballs of insatiably untamed breath; were my tumultuously compassionate companions; in my times of dastardly extinguishing into winds of cowardly oblivion,

But your immortally impregnable and ebullient heart; was my Omnipotently eternal companion; for each impoverished moment of my present; and countless more optimistically scintillating lifetimes .


The way your glorious eyes stared at me; unrelentingly piercing me with their tumultuously electric and untamed fervor,
It became irrefutably impossible for me to hide my profusely rubicund lips; as they trembled uncontrollably in euphorically insatiable frenzy; all sweltering and scintillatingly silver night .

The way your miraculous hands caressed me; tirelessly radiating their astoundingly stupendous compassion; frantically wandering with the insurmountably royal ardor of a tantalizing lioness,
It became irrefutably impossible for me to hide my overwhelmingly mortified
flesh; which had nimbly metamorphosed into a perpetual crimson; with an
unsurpassable mountain of goose-bumps enveloping it from all ends .

The way your enamoring ears ardently heard me; maniacally maneuvering every iota of their poignantly intricate chords like a ferociously swirling inferno towards me,
It became irrefutably impossible for me to hide my waveringly effusive voice; perennially longing to be magically smooched by the mystical winds of euphoric timelessness .

The way your enchanting toes intransigently tickled me; invincibly straddling their seductive stranglehold over each speck; of my pathetically famished demeanor,
It became irrefutably impossible for me to hide my violently throbbing chest; as it drifted like a magnetically romantic wind; towards the marvelously titillating land of bountiful paradise .

The way your charismatic belly nudged me; ravishingly dancing for centuries
unprecedented; in amazing synergy with my frigidly lackluster countenance,
It became irrefutably impossible for me to hide my cataclysmically erratic
stride; as I fulminated into thunderbolts of never ending desire; under voluptuous rays of the milky moon .

The way your vivacious tongue licked me; incessantly raving like an embellished princess; through even the most infinitesimal hair of my body,
It became irrefutably impossible for me to hide my ecstatically leaping adams apple; as I ebulliently philandered on the waves of fulfilling eternity; for countless more births yet to unveil .

The way your immaculate fingers cuddled me; ingratiatingly tracing my sensuously shrunken contours; to the most incomprehensible levels of spell binding fantasy,
It became irrefutably impossible for me to hide my rhapsodically augmenting
fountain of mesmerizing blood; as I felt like an unassailably majestic King;
seated Omnisciently on the throne of boundless prosperity .

The way your intriguing brain relentlessly fantasized about me; indefatigably perceiving every iota of my demeanor in an unsurpassable repertoire of; vividly resplendent forms,
It became irrefutably impossible for me to hide my vibrantly swirling whirlpool of unconquerable happiness; as I felt like the most pricelessly blessed organism alive; uxoriously slaving her dynamically fragrant and opalescent breath .

And the way your immortal breath descended over my penuriously staggering nape; gorgeously devouring every element of my persona; in the profound philanthropism of your gregariously bequeathing soul,
It became irrefutably impossible for me to hide my perpetually throbbing heart; as I forever pledged to blend each beat of mine with yours; in every birth I got a chance to take birth as your divine lover; again and again and again .


Take me away this very moment O! Almighty Lord; vanquishing every part of my body into countless bits of; frigidly threadbare ash,
But not without her magically celestial smiles; keeping me immortally happy; even after sadistically ghastly and rotten death .

Take me away this very moment O! Almighty Lord; pulverizing every holistic bone in my persona; topathetically insidious and infinitesimal; squelched mosquito curry,
But not without her immaculately Omnipotent voice; which insatiably propelled me to fantasize beyond realms of bountifully eternal eternity; even after morbidly remorseful and tyrannical death .

Take me away this very moment O! Almighty Lord; brutally smashing the poignantly intricate arenas of my countenance; against the chain of satanically blood coated rocks,
But not without her ravishingly satiny grace; which made me feel like the most blessedly blissful man alive; even after dolorously vindictive and lecherous
death .

Take me away this very moment O! Almighty Lord; pugnaciously decimating each iota of my blood and vein; into obsolete wisps of devastated chowder,
But not without her ardently silken shadow; which made me gloriously assimilate the fathomless treasures on this radiantly unfathomable Universe; even after abominably abhorrent and viciously battering death .

Take me away this very moment O! Almighty Lord; heinously deluging even the non-existent parts of my demeanor; with a dungeon of ludicrously crippling darkness,
But not without her seductively majestic stride; which made me perennially yearn for languishing in the arms of flaming passion; even after torturously appalling and gory death .

Take me away this very moment O! Almighty Lord; barbarically exploding my robust body; into unsurpassable corpses of unprecedented suffering,
But not without her gorgeously priceless scent; which made me like an irrefutable prince of ubiquitous philanthropism; even after sardonically penalizing and cursed death .

Take me away this very moment O! Almighty Lord; lambasting every pore of my skin; with infinite swords of venomously deadly scorpion,
But not without her rustically timeless tradition; which made me handsomely cling to my humanitarian rudiments for times immemorial; even after atrociously bitter and debilitating death .

Take me away this very moment O! Almighty Lord; maliciously blending every bit of my ecstatic jubilation; with inconspicuously perilous ghosts wandering freely in the island of hell,
But not without her puffs of vibrantly spell binding breath; which made me feel as if I was reborn a countless times in order to uninhibitedly love; even after disastrously prurient and cold blooded death .

And take me away this very moment O! Almighty Lord; snapping the fangs of my precious existence; without the tiniest of insinuation; horrifically donating my
flesh thereafter to the unsurpassable fleet of diabolical devils,
But not without her unassailably passionate heartbeats; which made me feel perpetually bouncing and wholesomely dedicated to the cause of spawning
gregariously new life; even after mockingly mortifying and absolute death .


Your blissful happiness; was my impregnable bridge to transgress upon for centuries immemorial; even after I had died,

Your inexplicable anguish; was my invincibly augmenting revolution; to massacre every trace of malice from the trajectory of this colossal planet,

Your mesmerizing smile; was my insurmountable tenacity to trigger brilliant beams of optimistic light; in a tunnel engulfed with macabre darkness,

Your philanthropic fragrance; was my incessant source of inspiration to ubiquitously disseminate the essence of mankind; to the most remotest corners of this planet,

Your poignant empathy; was my Herculean fortitude to assist my fellow comrades; in moments of deplorably dwindling distress,

Your enchanting reflection; was my unprecedented fervor to incarcerate the stupendously alluring beauty of this gigantic universe; within the whites of my

Your heavenly footsteps; were my unsurpassable strength to propel forward; exhilaratedly embrace every obstacle in life; until I succeed,

Your lecherous defeat; was my overwhelming ardor to extricate the seeds of manipulative diabolism from their very ignominious roots; behead them with the sword of irrefutable righteousness,

Your enlightening essence; was my sole tool to dedicate my entire life; profoundly towards nurturing and harboring the gift of perennial love,

Your valiant victory; was my astronomical conviction; which didn’t buckle the slightest; even under the most invidiously tumultuous of storm,

Your melodious voice; was my overpowering exuberance to exist; even with my visage dreadfully sunken beneath the ghastly corpse,

Your discerning senses; were my unconquerable waves of prudence; in sagaciously discriminating between the good and the ominously bad,

Your unfathomable innocence; was my everlasting reservoir of strength to survive and bear; amongst an uncouth battalion of blood sucking tangible beings,

Your never dying spirit; was my Omnipotent whirlwind to blossom like a magnificently glorious lotus; from a pile of tragically smoldering ash,

Your explicitly candid expressions; were my cloudbursts of daunting audacity; even when hanged like an orphaned pig; on the hideously menacing gallows,

Your majestic sweat; was my tunnel of unrelenting endeavor; the insatiable compassion in my eyes; to metamorphose god’s planet once again; into a wonderful paradise,

Your impeccable conscience; was my undefeated bonding with love which grew more and more fortified; even as the boundless expanse of sky treacherously blended with mundane earth,

Your Omniscient breath; was my sacred chapter of divinely life; unveiling into an incredible myriad of new vistas every minute; making me live an infinite exotic lives; in each desire of mine,

And your immortal heart; was my royal rhythm to love; live; embrace; transcend and perpetually reign supreme over every devil that lingered in air; over every bad that dared .


I might appear to be a diminutive mosquito; but mind you I could stand taller than the colossal mountain; defend myself against the mightiest of attacks; if anyone tried to hurt her in her blissful way,

I might appear to be an inconspicuous blade of creased grass; but mind you I could gain proportions befitting the diabolical dinosaur; if anyone sighted her with licentious desire,

I might appear to be an infinitesimally squashed mushroom; but mind you I had the unfathomable capacity to become the entire forest deluged with acerbic thorns; if anyone tried to plot heinously evil behind her immaculate back,

I might appear to be a non-existent speck of dirt; but mind you I could rise menacingly and more towering than the blue skies; if anyone tried to perilously
barge in while she was celestially asleep,

I might appear to be a droplet of blotted gutter water lying dilapidated in a remotely obsolete heap; but mind you I had the tenacity to become more tumultuous than the rampantly swirling oceans; if anyone tried to dangerously ogle at her; even within boundless kilometers of her sacrosanct vicinity,

I might appear to be a harmlessly distorted chunk of plain glass being ruthlessly kicked on the desolate streets; but mind you I had the overwhelming capacity
to become more mammoth than the impregnable fortress; if anyone tried to pummel her to the ground with his fists,

I might appear to be just a disdainfully neglected rusty iron nail; but mind you I could become the entire battlefield inundated with pugnaciously hostile arrows; if anyone tried to vindictively embed his unruly nails into her voluptuously dainty skin,

I might appear to be just an insipid follicle of hair waiting miserably on the ground to blend with miserably shivering dust; but mind you I possessed the prowess to metamorphose into all tigers of the jungle; savagely trying to rip apart entities into infinite fragments; if anyone tried to perniciously mess up with her sacred life,

I might appear to be a profusely crinkled petal of the flower being blown further and further every instant with each draught of exuberant wind; but mind you I had the capacity to become the viciously circulating cyclone of the deserts; if anyone tried to forcefully blow his satanic breath down her mesmerizing nape,

I might appear to be a torn rag of cloth being mercilessly thrashed every day on the washing floor; but mind you I had the capacity to become a demon with
barbarically bloodshot eyes; if anyone tried to hamper her divinely progress; refrain her from boisterously surging forward in life,

I might appear to be a shattered shell; seeming to be mystically lost amongst the unsurpassable blanket of sands sprawled on the shores; but mind you I had the
capacity to become a belligerent battlefield of crabs; ready to stab lethal amounts of poison with my tentacles; if anyone tried to shout murderously loud into her intricately tinkling ears,

I might appear to be an frigidly rotting matchstick without flames; but mind you I had the capacity to become a blazing conflagration soaring astronomically
high to blend with the clouds; if anyone tried to surreptitiously aim a bullet at her from behind the sleazy bushes,

I might appear to be an invisible blob of miserly paint adhering to the ghost walls; but mind you I had the capacity to become the incomprehensibly long python; raring to pulverize succulent prey into bits of bashed mincemeat; if anyone tried to cast a spell of detrimental voodoo upon her impeccably charismatic grace,

I might appear to be staggering wisps of smoke coalescing every unfurling second with open space; but mind you I had the capacity to become the meadow
embodied with countless gleaming knives; if anyone tried to touch her without her prior consent,

I might appear to be a strand of pathetically broken web; but mind you I had the capacity to become a fathomlessly deep dungeon replete with stinging
scorpions; if anyone tried to intentionally trespass her in her irrefutably heavenly path,

I might appear to be a dismally flickering beam of frivolous light; disappearing in meek submission after daylight; but mind you I had the capacity to become
the entire godown stuffed with venomous gas; ready to explode and char individuals to ethereal ash; if anyone ventured to forcefully invade into her dwelling after midnight,

I might appear to be a soiled banana skin waiting for my time to be dumped into the deplorable dustbin; but mind you I had the capacity to transform into a treacherously malicious gorge; insidiously devouring all who came into my swirl; if anyone tried to slap her rubicund flesh,

I might appear to be a deflated tyre tube gasping like a new born infant for tons of fresh air; but mind you I had the capacity to become a fleet of menacingly
moving maniacal trains; squelching even the most smallest particle that came my way; if anyone tried to dictate his spurious set of terms upon her spell binding countenance,

And I might appear to be just a worthless molecule; awaiting to get brutally trampled as pedestrians walked gently on the lanes; but mind you I had the capacity to become all the united strength of this Universe in one go; bury living beings with ruthlessly proliferating ease well beneath their coffins; if anyone tried to steal her from me; even perceived the faintest to make her anything other than mine .


Blind me gruesomely for life; emptying the entire canister of piquant red chili powder into my innocuous eyes,

Cut each of my fingers mercilessly; with the hostile pair of cleavers gleaming menacingly beside the kitchen sink,

Ridicule me severely in public; ostracizing me for my plethora of misdeeds; stripping me naked in the heart of the city,

Break a bulky cluster of rotten eggs on my scalp; giving me dead scorpion stuffed between stale bread; to forcefully munch for breakfast,

Snap the brakes of my car deliberately before I left in the morning; so that the automobile plummeted horrendously into the steep valley; eventually exploding and charring me into a cloud of black plumes,

Hurl a battalion of abuses at me every night before I drifted into tranquil sleep; addressing me by ghastly names that I had never envisaged in the wildest of my

Spit at me all the saliva loitering freely in your mouth; vomiting on my face all the foul food which you had consumed for lunch last afternoon,

Put a slab of pugnacious thorns beneath my head; instead of the fir coated and silken pillow,

Give me acid to drink instead of mineral water; uncouthly assassinating the intricate intestines encompassed within my stomach,

Completely empty my bank account; spending each penny of my hard earned money on bombastic clothes you cherished and adored,

Kick me in my rear like a stray dog wandering on the streets; ordering me to run to the most minuscule of your commands even after midnight,

Pummel me brutally in my stomach; banging your fists relentlessly into my chest; just a minute after I was released from the operation room,

Slash my writs with your heinous nails; ordering me to speak for you every time you opened your mouth,

Pour boiling tea directly on my tender lap; instead of letting it harmoniously cascade into the cup stringently clasped in my hands,

Sketch mortifying cartoons of my visage on the walls; displaying them proudly to every visitor who frequented our dwelling,

Keep inscrutably smiling at me when I was inundated with work; hiding my importantly indispensable files far away from sight,

Scream hysterically in my ears; fomenting them to rip apart in barbaric disarray; puncturing austerely through my sensitive membranes,

Corrupt the mind of my child against me with appalling tales; telling him that I was a cold blooded criminal; when infact I was an ordinary sage,

Try and strangulate my neck umpteenth number of times in a day; endeavoring your best to extricate the last iota of breath trapped in my lungs,

Whip me for indefatigable number of hours with your broomstick; commanding me to walk upside down with my hands clinging to my ears,

But please O! beloved, don’t ever leave me and go; for this painful ordeal that I underwent every day was far less than the living dead I would become; if you
suddenly left me .


Since the time I sighted your mesmerizing eyes; their emphatic blackness shimmering incessantly,
I have simply forgotten all darkness; become oblivious to the descending of every night.

Since the time I sighted your voluptuous lips; the stupendous pink embodied profoundly on their silhouette,
I have simply forgotten all color; have become blind to the millions of scarlet rose protruding from soil.

Since the time I sighted your cascading hair; the silken sheen majestically glimmering from them in brilliant sunlight,
I have simply forgotten all softness; have become embarrassingly unaware of the fluffy robes that draped my persona.

Since the time I sighted your intricate nails; the way you scratched them into your skin when agitated,
I have simply forgotten all ornaments; have become completely numb to the most poignant of caress and touch.

Since the time I sighted your cheeks; the enchanting tinge of crimson circumventing your skin,
I have simply forgotten all complexion; become a perfect alien to the blood circulating in my veins.

Since the time I sighted your nose; the moist air diffusing from your nostrils mystically enlivening the dead atmosphere,
I have simply forgotten all breeze; the very breath that circulated in my lungs; kept me alive.

Since the time I sighted your rosy tongue; the incredulously melodious voice that drifted each time you opened your mouth,
I have simply forgotten all sound; have become deaf to the most thunderous of voice permeating into my eardrum.

Since the time I sighted your palm; the enigmatic lines bifurcating it splendidly to portray your destiny,
I have simply forgotten all designs; treat with abhorrent contempt the most marvelous of painting suspended from royal walls of the palace.

Since the time I sighted your scintillating earring; the tinkling noise it made each time you gently nodded your head,
I have simply forgotten all shine; was wholesomely drowned into the glow it emanated for times immemorial.

Since the time I sighted your heart; the way it violently throbbed every time you confronted me,
I have simply forgotten all entities on earth; thoroughly lost in the intensity of its beat; the tremors it ignited on each occasion; and the language of my mind it spoke; as I held it near .


Their eyes weren't just MADE for each other; but were uncontrollably MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to timelessly disentangle the tantalizing enigmas of life; in each other's affable whites,

Their lips weren't just MADE for each other; but were insatiably MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to perpetually interlock with each other; and then savor the ultimate sweetness of Omnipotent creation,

Their fingers weren't just MADE for each other; but were unceasingly MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to unassailably entwine with each other; and then trounce every devil with the power of unshakable compassion,

Their palms weren't just MADE for each other; but were unthinkably MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to irrevocably print each other's destiny; on the back of their rudimentary hands,

Their nape's weren't just MADE for each other; but were unfathomably MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to endlessly turn in unison to even the tiniest trace of poignant sensitivity; and then unitedly decipher each intricate strand of time,

Their veins weren't just MADE for each other; but were inexhaustibly MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to perennially coalesce with each other; and then give birth to one single stream of invincibly humanitarian blood,

Their foreheads weren't just MADE for each other; but were intransigently MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to unflinchingly strike each other; and then to drift into a fantasy of unbreakable togetherness for an infinite more lives yet to unveil,

Their ears weren't just MADE for each other; but were intractably MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to incessantly tingle each other; and then get roused to the absolute hilt of desire; with the most diminutive flutter of breeze,

Their feet weren't just MADE for each other; but were incorrigibly MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to tread each conceivable step together; and pave of path of celestial yearning wherever they went,

Their tongues weren't just MADE for each other; but were unequivocally MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to ardently suckle each other; and then savor the impregnable harmony of existence; for an infinite lifetimes,
Their bellies weren't just MADE for each other; but were unstoppably MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to undyingly seduce each other; so that the profuse virility of life stayed alive; even in the coffin of death,

Their throats weren't just MADE for each other; but were unsurpassably MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to mélange into the voice of bounteously undefeated oneness; and then supercede each wail of the hedonistic devil,

Their hair weren't just MADE for each other; but were unlimitedly MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to rapaciously intermingle with each other; and then rejoice forever in the ravenous hunger to make love,

Their skins weren't just MADE for each other; but were unabashedly MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to trigger unprecedented euphoria in each other's pores; and then to witness every sensuousness of creation mischievously seeping in,

Their shoulders weren't just MADE for each other; but were inconsolably MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to hoist every hapless orphan on their united platform; towards the Sun of optimistically blessed light,

Their arms weren't just MADE for each other; but were inexorably MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to insuperably embrace each other's shivering form; stay like this—most infallible and unperturbed even in the mightiest of storms,

Their souls weren't just MADE for each other; but were unendingly MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to blissfully overlap each other; even countless centuries after the veritable evaporation of the physical form,

Their breaths weren't just MADE for each other; but were untiringly MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to undauntedly explore each other's fieriness; and then culminate into the immortally uncurbed volcano's of raw passion,

Their hearts weren't just MADE for each other; but were perpetually
MAD for each other; wanting nothing else on this Universe; but to bond
together and forever and ever and ever into a Heaven of Omnipotent
love .


Not even when the most majestic palaces on this Universe were copiously laid in the bare of my palms; only to be blown away to infinitesimal dust; to the tiniest of my whims and aristocratic commands,

Not even when the most undefeated flamboyant Sun perennially carved a
path of infallible victory for me-on every conceivable step that I tread; and even in the heart of murderously wholesome blackness,

Not even when the most ravishingly ecstatic clouds in the cosmos knelt in due obeisance at my doorstep; waiting for that single tap of my finger-which'd prompt them to rain or not to thunderously rain,

Not even when the most celestially golden dewdrops refrained to be crushed and evaporate; until I had profusely made love and uninhibitedly kissed all of them,

Not even when the most invincibly iridescent of stars altruistically became my pillow to sleep; forever transporting an infinite dormitories of my brain into the aisles of unbreakable fantasy and sheer utopia,

Not even when the most hideously acrimonious of thorns on this unending Universe—metamorphosed themselves into a carpet of seductive silk beneath my feet; and on each path that I was destined to transgress,

Not even when the most boundless gardens of sensuous roses and unabashed flowers; rose towards the highest epitomes in the sky in sheer rhapsody; as I merely exhaled my breath on their dainty stems,

Not even when the most jubilantly swaying forests of desire; endlessly showered their flurry of succulent fruit upon my forehead—so that the word 'hunger' never ever crept in the dictionary of my existence,

Not even when the most pricelessly inimitable of ornaments cascaded solely upon me and unstoppably from fathomless sky; to make me the richest organism ever to breathe upon the trajectory of planet divine,

Not even when the most cadaverously fetid of corpses; became the ultimate elixir of life; as I cast my shadow upon the morbid graveyards for just a single instant,

Not even when the most inexhaustibly ticking of time stopped when I said; and then restarted upon my tiniest insinuation from my chamber of unlimitedly eccentric dreams,

Not even when the most unassailably vivacious of rainbows; replenished every disastrously frazzled nerve of my impoverished existence; with timeless strokes of enchanting color and unconquerable charm,

Not even when the most ferociously undulating and stormy oceans; held each of my advancing footsteps like firm soil; as I ran over their waves to magically rejoice with the cotton wool of voluptuous clouds,

Not even when the most unfathomably ghastly devils on this inexhaustible Universe; disdainfully collapsed like a pack of frigid matchsticks at the most invisible of my breath,

Not even when the most imperceptible of my caress on fecund soil; gave instantaneous birth to an infinite new sapling of an optimistic tomorrow; insuperably impregnating the atmosphere with pristine and new-found life,

Not even when the most coveted honors and awards on this earth were thrown dime a dozen into my lap—kept augmenting all the more as I nonchalantly threw them one by one into the abominable slush pile,

Not even when the most dreadfully incarcerating of disease metamorphosed themselves into pure and royal nectar---the moment that they inadvertently entered into my poignant bloodstream,

Not even when the entire map—every tangible and intangible nook and cranny of this planet; indefinitely embedded itself into my brain; as I became the world's most fastest and prodigial living computer,

But I'd definitely consider myself an unparalleled winner; when irrespective of anything superior happening or not happening to me; true love found its way right into the center of my passionate heart—and then remained there forever and ever and ever-bountifully nourishing and connecting each pulse of my existence directly with the Omnipotent Lord .


I'd encountered countless women who said they were unimaginably tired—that they'd certainly collapse into an abominable heap; even after getting up from a boundless number of hours of celestial rest and revitalizing sleep,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were brutally emaciated—that the pangs of hunger would certainly kill them; evenafter gobbling virtually every succulent delicacy on this fathomless earth,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were miserably shy—that they'd certainly swoon infront of the tiniest of mosquito; even after bathing each conceivable pore of their body; mind and soul under the Sun for times immemorial,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were egregiously drowning—that they'd most certainly asphyxiate their last breath under water; even after the endless chain of waves had miraculously and flawlessly transported her to the safe shores,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were sinful untouchables—that their religion would never enable them to mélange with the rest of the planet; even after the Lord had himself descended before them and told them that all religions on this earth are equal and one,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were abysmally purposeless—that their life would just evaporate into nothingness as it came; even after each royal stroke of destiny unveiled an infinite vistas of newness and opportunity infront of them,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were dismally directionless—that their existence was like the hackneyed pauper till their grave; even after the Omnipotent light paved a way clearer than their soul on every step they dared tread,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were flagrantly scorched—that their throats would certainly turn to charcoal of thirst; even after merrily guzzling down-infinite a can of fruit beer; wine and spring water on the trajectory of this earth,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were inexplicably thwarted—that their life would end this very instant of depression; even after every tangible and intangible happiness of existence was copiously fed to them in a golden spoon each minute,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were agonizingly suffocating—that they'd almost forgotten the scent of fresh air; even after inexhaustibly floating in the clouds of desire-where there blew nothing else but the unstoppable wind of euphoric life,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were deplorably incomplete—that they'd dolefully look forward now only to the next birth; even after being blessed with an immaculate husband; children and an unendingly boisterous jugglery of kin,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were hideously exploited—that their livid bodies would now never fetch heaven; even after being worshipped as nothing else but—daughter; wife; mother; aunt and all the conceivable sacred relations that the planet was bound to,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were ignominiously ugly—that they always sequestered their maudlin grotesque face under the cloak to weep; even after ecstatically winning the ultimate glory crown of "Miss Universe" for every successive year,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were tawdrily second hand—that they wanted to commit suicide rather than being the consolation prizes of their husbands; even after wantonly philandering themselves with every handsome on the globe—whilst their husbands just stared and tolerated in humble submission,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were unfinished wombs—that they unrelentingly cried to seek the blessings of the Creator; even after giving birth to so many a beautiful and bountiful baby girl child,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were irretrievably blind—that they saw nothing else but devilish darkness capsizing their innocence every instant; even after astoundingly differentiating the nth shade of their choice-for the fabric they planned to adorn on top of their skimpy outfit,

I'd encountered countless women who said they were mercilessly abandoned—that they'd been left amidst a pack of savage wolves to find their non-existent way; even after haughtily ordering a countless of their slaves to lick their floors and walls clean of the last speck of grime,

I'd encountered countless women who said they had abruptly ended—that they'd never ever been given a second chance by the chapters of acridly harsh life; even after an infinite heavens of glorious newness had opened at each bit of goodness that they did,

And then I met her—who gave up on everything even before anything opportune could happen to her; even before the tiniest insinuation of happiness could bless her; even before the mantra of goodness and miracle could try and help her; even before she could alight a single foot to try and test her true worth on this Omniscient soil .


When I brought her a blissfully bedazzling star; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire fathomless cosmos; perennially studded with a countless amiable stars,

When I brought her a beautifully serene leaf; she instantaneously demanded from me entire gigantic tree; ravishingly swaying with a countless enchantingly enigmatic leaves,

When I brought her an ingratiating pinch of rain-soaked mud; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire boundless earth; bountifully blessed with countless fields of sensuously virile mud,

When I brought her an unbelievably rejuvenating droplet of froth; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire unceasing ocean; ecstatically undulating with a countless droplets of poignant froth,

When I brought her a profusely exhilarated epitome of the hillock; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire unfathomable Everest; impregnably fortified with a countless inimitable hillocks and unconquerable epitomes,

When I brought her a priceless note of soothing melody; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire ubiquitous atmosphere; burgeoning every royal instant with countless waves of stupendously ameliorating music,

When I brought her a profoundly original sketch; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire affable landscape; inherently curled with a countless Omnipotent sketches of mother nature divine,

When I brought her an unflinchingly golden ray of light; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire Omnipresent Sun; permeating every ounce of the lugubrious earth with countless rays of optimism; hope and shine,

When I brought her a whisper of undefeated sensuality; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire voluptuous night; vividly enriched with a countless flavors and shapes of enthralling sensuality,

When I brought her a granule of insuperably glistening sand; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire majestic desert; magically sizzling every sorrow under the blistering Sun; and with a countless granules of inscrutable sand,

When I brought her a spell-bindingly romantic poem; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire timeless nature; from which sprouted a countless lines of heavenly poetry-every unfurling instant of the day and magnetic night,

When I brought her a compassionately perpetual beat; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire wondrous heart; indefatigably throbbing to the pulse of a countless bonding beats,

When I brought her a puff of jubilantly thunderous cloud; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire undefeated sky; bounteously laden with a countless puffs of miraculously enamoring clouds,

When I brought her an impeccably frozen cubicle; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire pristine avalanche; adroitly intertwined with a countless frozen cubicles of intrepidly thrilling ice,

When I brought a tranquilly fantasizing dewdrop; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire untamed grassland; rejoicing in the true spirit of life at the crack of midnight; and with a countless rivulets of golden dew,

When I brought her a bewitchingly scarlet petal of rose; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire everlasting garden; where there swished a countless ebullient rose-breathless in anticipation of every stroke of the invincibly virile breeze,

When I brought her an immaculately unparalleled pearl; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire silken moon; perennially enlightening every ounce of perilous blackness with countless pearls of milky light,

When I brought her a triumphantly scintillating crown; she instantaneously demanded from me the entire infallible kingdom; the complete queenly control over countless ordinary lives and crowns,

Thus, thoroughly familiar with her insatiably greedy mentality—I in advance brought her the entire love on this endlessly fructifying Universe-- but this time I got the greatest shock of my life—as she instantaneously demanded from me only mine- and forever and ever and ever; only mine .

45. 24 X 7 X 365

Neither and only when the most astoundingly vivacious of rainbow engulfed each bit of voluptuous sky; with the handsome Sun peeping occasionally to compassionately warm the atmosphere,

Neither and only when the most miraculously mellifluous of nightingale; perpetuated every ingredient of sensuous air; with a tune that immortalized the spirit of a royally united existence,

Neither and only when the most resplendently beaming stars twinkled to their full might; illuminating the fabric of the frigidly dreary night; with the rays of Omnipresent happiness,

Neither and only when the most effulgently bounteous roses; mischievously bloomed under the first rays of the Sun; mesmerizing countless an impoverished nostril on this earth with their scent of insuperable togetherness,

Neither and only when the most poignantly intrepid waves of the ocean majestically clashed against the enigmatic rocks; dissipated into such a froth which reinvigorated life back in each corpse stifled in the morose graveyard,

Neither and only when the most seductively gregarious of leaves uninhibitedly swished in every conceivable direction; to evolve a whole new unconquerable civilization; of just breeze; breeze and exuberantly blessing breeze,

Neither and only when the most unabashedly inimitable globules of rain cascaded from the belly of sky; celestially mollifying the agonizing cry of every obliviously thwarted molecule lying limp on cracked soil,

Neither and only when the most inexplicably amorous forests; indefatigably rustled to their heart's content; tickling the carpet of golden dew strewn all around till unassailable eternity,

Neither and only when the most perennially affable clouds formed an invincible cocoon in bald patches of sky; stretching every cognizable horizon of the impoverished brain; to beyond the realms of spell-binding utopia,

Neither and only when the most untamed streaks of white lightening blended with mundane soil; magnificently fomenting each deadened pore of the skin to stand up in electric alacrity; towards the furthermost point in the heavens,

Neither and only when the most philanthropic streams of blood floated on the boundless Universe; when each religion; caste; creed; sect and tribe; forever melanged into a-singleton impregnable color of humanity,

Neither and only when the most spectacularly pristine puffs of brilliant snow copiously rolled down the hills; growing and growing larger in size till it almost resembled an unfathomable cosmos of unflinching purity,

Neither and only when the most bewitchingly silver of horizons tantalizingly faded from veritable sight; leaving the earth with a desire greater than ever to witness the next princely sunset,

Neither and only when the most divinely virile of seeds sprouted into their very first new leaf; which wondrously captivated every eyeball on this gigantic planet; with its unbreakable mantra of Omnipotent freshness,

Neither and only when the most fearless swords of truth beheaded even the tiniest insinuation of the devil; wholesomely scrapping every bit of demonic bawdiness from earth-with the soul of righteousness,

Neither and only when the most timelessly alluring of mirages drew hordes of organisms from the farthest quarter of the earth; making them ebulliently sing and unrestrictedly sway-in the swirl of unparalleled queenly sand,

Neither and only when the most fierily unblemished breath; triumphantly inundated every conceivable cranny of the atmosphere; with undying gorges of fresh optimism and dazzling hope,

Neither and only when the most unprecedented pulse of sensitivity completely coalesced with every ounce of existence on this globe; spawning an unbelievable firmament of gloriously inseparable brotherhood,

But; I wanted to make unrestricted; unparalleled; unsurpassable love to you O! Beloved; every instant of ethereal dawn/eternal afternoon/sensuous evening and star studded night; which forever remained till the time I survived- as 24 X 7 X 365 .


My money could separate her from you-make her legally mine; but how on earth could I extricate your infinite reflections from the whites of her eyes; which were the sole sublimation of her otherwise impoverished life?

My money could separate her from you-make her legally mine; but how on earth could I erase your infinite fronds of desire from her sensuous lips; which were the sole reason behind her every uninhibited smile?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I remove your infinite whispers of adventure from her intricate ears; which were the sole ounces of enlightenment in her otherwise hackneyed way?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I evaporate your infinite praises from her mellifluous voice; which were the sole pillars of strength in her otherwise devastated existence?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I abolish your infinite fantasies from her astoundingly evolving brain; which were the sole panacea of her otherwise slowly diminishing life?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I scrap your infinite infernos of yearning from her amiably resonating spine; which were the sole sensitivities in her otherwise robotically mundane existence?

My money could separate her from you-make her legally mine; but how on earth could I annihilate your infinite impressions of destiny from the insides of her blissfully tinkling palms; which were the sole glimmer of hope in the fabric of her otherwise inexplicably withering life?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I behead your infinite compassionate pecks from her unabashed ardent cheeks; which were her sole sensations to forever triumph; in the otherwise fading horizons of her existence?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I massacre your infinite epitomes of artistry from her wondrously wandering fingers; which were the sole insinuations of companionship in her otherwise obfuscated life?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I trounce your infinite shades of humanity from her insuperably celestial blood; which were the sole lanterns of friendship in her otherwise miserably betrayed existence?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I assassinate your infinite pillars of tenacity from her altruistically affable bones; which were the sole Sun of fearlessness in her otherwise despicably slavering life?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I vanquish your infinite spell-binding imageries from her innocuously pristine mind; which were the sole spots of untamed brilliance in her otherwise penuriously incarcerated existence?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I pulverize your infinite recesses of warmth from her voluptuous bosom; which were the sole flames of friendship in her otherwise treacherously obsolete life?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I lynch your infinite fragrances of optimism from her impregnably fiery nostrils; which were the sole heavens of victory in her otherwise subserviently defeated existence?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I extradite your infinite images of truth from her undaunted conscience; which were the sole harbingers of eternal bliss in her otherwise deliriously distorted life?

My money could separate her from you- make her legally mine; but how on earth could I exonerate your infinite impressions of solidarity from her impeccably unbridled soul; which were the sole skies of ultimate freedom in her otherwise gruesomely penalizing existence?

My money could separate her from you-make her legally mine; but how on earth could I slaughter your infinite droplets of healing moisture from her stupendously magnetic eyelashes; which were the sole mists of unexpected miracles in her otherwise deplorably traumatized life?

My money could separate her from you-make her legally mine; but how on
earth could I eliminate your infinite ecstatically ever-pervading shadows from her passionate breath; which were the sole rainbows of untainted exhilaration in her otherwise disdainfully slithering existence?

And my money could separate her from you-make her legally mine; but how on earth could I terminate your infinite beats of immortal love from her thunderously throbbing heart; which were the sole rays of contentment in her otherwise fatally premature and truncated life


Strip all the inimitably bountiful melody from my voice; heartlessly leaving me to wander; through the aimless streets of cacophonic incongruity and thwarted obstreperousness,

Strip all the immaculately enriched artistry from my fingers; uncouthly leaving me to claw my way; through a robotic matchbox of maniacally manipulative and corporate darkness,

Strip all the spirit to philanthropically hoist from my shoulders; diabolically leaving me without a singleton mission on this earth; and shirking further and further away from the fabric of miraculous humanity,

Strip all the unfathomably passionate yearning from my eyes; parasitically leaving me in a dungeon of vindictive blackness; where all I could sight were the ghosts of monotonous give and take,

Strip all the undaunted compassionate from my chest; sinfully leaving me in a slush-pile of pathetically lame meaninglessness; wildly groping in every conceivable direction for the warmth of fresh creation,

Strip all the exultating rhythm of adventure from my feet; disastrously leaving me to follow the same treacherous route to shame; every monstrous day and viciously marauding night,

Strip all the insuperable temerity from my teeth; hopelessly leaving me to wantonly suck every ounce of benign achievement; from every fathomable bosom that I encountered my way on the trajectory of soil,

Strip all the victoriously bedazzling romance from my skin; morbidly leaving me in a coffin of hateful lamentation; with even the most sensuously hilted knives floundering to have the tiniest effect on my soul,

Strip all the ubiquitously enthralling fantasy from my brain; grievously leaving me to squander an infinite miles; under the treacherously acrimonious rays of the afternoon Sun; and crippling sinking sand beneath my feet,

Strip all the zealous tenacity from my bones; abysmally leaving me to fret and ludicrously regret; tossing like an impotent idiot as the hideous devil massacred and violently rampaged through my motherland,

Strip all the untamed ardor from my sweat; preposterously leaving me like the ultimate beggar of my time; unrelentingly staggering on obdurate ground; without the most infinitesimal wings of desire,

Strip all the unparalleled sensitivity from my spine; abjectly leaving me to squeak till death; in the gutters of fetid moroseness and deliriously beheading practicality,

Strip all the spell-binding humanitarian valor from my blood; wretchedly leaving me to solely sight my reflection in mud; seek solace in the utmost hell's of obscurity; far from the most invisible cry of eternal living kind,

Strip all the burgeoning virility from my loins; mercilessly leaving me in victimizing morasses of incarceration; unable to blissfully emboss even a footprint of mine on earth; even after an infinite births and deaths,

Strip all the enlivening rhapsody from my lips; agonizingly leaving me to squabble and sob; even as the most unassailable epitomes of success and happiness; profusely kissed my doorstep,

Strip all the unshakably divine truth from my conscience; unsparingly leaving me to confront each instant of passing life; abominably entangled in a jailhouse of blood-stained chicanery and thorns,

Strip all the unconquerable fieriness from my breath; banefully leaving me to unceasingly gape amongst lividly infertile patches of sky; with the true elixir of my existence evaporating; even before it could be born,

Strip all the perpetually passionate ardor of my heart; cursedly leaving me in the graveyards of baselessly penalizing war; where the only diet that existed day and night; was that of symbiotic blood and human breath,

And you'll eventually get my body-- living the life of a gruesomely
dead corpse; but still loving you and only you O! heavenly beloved;
and with an intensity which was an infinite times even greater; than
when I was naturally and perfectly alive .


When I chattered a nineteen to the dozen about each of my child's astoundingly spell-binding brainwaves; she laughed at me as loudly as the clouds thunderously colliding in the sky,

When I snored like a dinosaur the entire sunlit day and inexhaustibly fantasized with my eyes wide open in the night; she laughed at me as loudly as the roaring waves clashing against the cold-blooded demonic rocks,

When I voiced even the slightest of my apprehension about casualties that could inevitably occur in today's adulterated world; she laughed at me as loudly as the bombs exploding into fathomless bits of unending atmosphere,

When I at times uninhibitedly divulged my pertinently asphyxiating idiosyncrasies; she laughed at me as loudly as the unabashedly screeching power horns in the overwhelmingly traffic laden street,

When I indefatigably secluded myself from the rest of the planet to pen an infinite lines of immortal love poetry; she laughed at me like a countless demons marauding the innocent with their unstoppably bohemian feet,

When rivers of unceasing tears cascaded from my eyes at the tiniest leaf being ruthlessly chopped; she laughed at me like the endlessly triumphant roar of the mercilessly parading lion,

When I crazily followed even the most invisible of her reflection all day and marathon night; she laughed at me like the untamed crackling flames of the vindictively scarlet fire,

When I stood like the most impregnable of fortress infront of her-to protect her against the ghastliest of impediment; she laughed at me like the earth uncouthly separating into a boundless craters whilst an earthquake,

When I lived each instant of my life like an emotional fool-wholesomely enshrouded by shrewd practicality from all ends; she laughed at me like a witch casting her wicked spell over many an innocuous civilization and life; alike,

When I granted true love an importance greater than any denomination of money on this planet; she laughed at me like the unsparingly diabolical rocks; which tumbled unmanageably from the absolute epitome of the hill,

When I got up with innumerable beads of frigid sweat all over my chest—after the barbarous nightmare; she laughed at me like devilish volcano which vomited itself in violent spurts from the belly of the earth; and towards the highest cranny of the sky,

When I solely listened to the tunes of my passionate heart-though the commercial world gorily stabbed each bone of my persona; she laughed at me like the ghosts unashamedly dancing in the jinxed graveyard,

When I pledged in the name of each droplet of my blood--to exist with her for an infinite more lifetimes; she laughed at me like the insatiably carnivorous barking of thunder; before the advent of the actual storm,

When I proclaimed my desire to procreate a boundless more of my own kind—stringently adhering to the laws of nature divine; she laughed at me like the broken stars listlessly plunging down a boundless kilometers; from the moonless sky,

When I earnestly expressed whatever had happened with me in the course of the tyrannical day; she laughed at me like the unimaginably murderous storm that surreptitiously struck the heart of the effervescent sea,

When I fondled my adorable pet as he lapped my face-thanking me profusely for being his master; she laughed at me like the earth shattering scream of the wantonly plundering and pillaging devil,

When I told her to heartlessly behead me instead of ruthlessly exploiting several of my sensitivities; she laughed at me like the cannibalistic striking of uncountable blood-stained swords; in the ghoulish battlefield of war,

When I skipped many a meal and activity---unbelievably engrossed in my work; which was all for the amelioration of humanity; she laughed at me like the infinite heart-wrenchingly cadaverous cries of hell,

When I austerely expressed my desire to divorce her as life had become a sorrow greater than death-with her; she laughed at me like the torrential downpours of blood from freshly split skulls,

And when I eventually died not able to take her unbearably heartless nonsense anymore; she died too—losing both her life and balance---uncontrollably laughing now at my lifeless carcass; like the most insane shivering of the corpse .


Some married for just insatiable financial gain; profoundly exploiting every ounce of the unending wealth of their girl; to replenish each of their desire with everlasting mountains of silver and glittering gold,

Some married for just timelessly proliferating their dying kin; so that the sensuous freshness of two bodies; paved the way forward for many a more civilization; of their own blood,

Some married for just wholesome and uninterrupted obsession; chasing even the most infinitesimal desire of their girl to the most unprecedented limits; listening to nothing else but the subtlest of her whispers; on this gigantic planet,

Some married for just uncannily enthralling recreation; sighting an unfathomable cistern of newness in their girl's face; everytime they needed to refresh themselves from the tyranny of the manipulative corporate world,

Some married for just blissfully mollifying fulfillment; catapulting to the absolute realms of seventh heaven; as each impoverished pore of two bodies met; in a thunderously untamed unison,

Some married for just celestial recuperation; splendidly healing the most inexplicable wounds of their past with the unconquerable melody in their girl's voice; the magical tunes of inspiration that she sang in their bereaved ears,

Some married for just spurious societal status; so that they had a sanctimoniously doll like feminine partner hand in hand with them; at every cocktail and political toast; that they had to attend,

Some married for just a perfectly meticulous housekeeper; so that the Spartan hands of their girl forever exonerated those invisible cobwebs and untidiness; gave them the most astoundingly organized life that they'd always dreamt,

Some married for just wondrous psychological healing; so that their medically trained girl; slowly and slowly unwinded the disastrously mangled nerves of their brain; to make them overcome their baseless fears; and then rise like the rock of Gibraltar to face any damned obstacle on earth,

Some married for just appeasing their perennially starved bowels; with their girl who was an absolute blessing from the heavens; tantalizing the most dwindling of their taste buds; with the aroma of an infinite new dishes and recipes that she cooked every enlightening dawn,

Some married for just mere companionship; as all they wanted from the chapter of robotic life; was a girl who could triumphantly break their corpses of mundane solitariness,

Some married for just releasing the animal within; utilizing the robust flesh of their girl whenever uncontrolled demonic desire arose; and then disposing her off like pieces of invisible shit,

Some married for just an exposure to the opposite sex; after confining almost every single routine day of their treacherous lives; within the precincts of home; school; college and office,

Some married for just appeasing countless other members of close kin; placating the unsurpassably frazzled nerves of perennially worrying mothers and staunch grandmothers; by tying the thread with the girl of their choice,

Some married for just unrelenting domination; wherein their girl never ever raised her eyebrows even once; though subjected to their infinite acts of dastardly chauvinism; their tyrannical outbursts of thwarted masculine strength,

Some married for just the dungeons of esoteric perversion; ruthlessly implementing the most sadistic of their fantasies upon their girl; in the most blackened and whipping corners of this earth; far away from the tiniest scent of living kind,

Some married for just emotional security; seeking a perpetual shoulder to lean upon and indefatigably cry—the unending list of their listlessly wastrel and livid idiosyncrasies,

Some married for just true and passionate love; paying a deaf ear to even the most inconsolably deplorable abuses of the conventional society; rising as the most powerful force on earth for a humanitarian cause with their girl; at the footsteps of the Lord,

Whilst I feel that I married my girl—only to be forever cursed by a spell of undyingly asphyxiating and murderously abominable "Solitariness" .


If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of your hours; which you dedicated wholesomely to our child; at times deliberately stirring the mischievous devil within it,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of your hours; which you meaninglessly wasted staring into blank bits of space; which led solely to the mortuaries of nothingness,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you obsessively spent ruthlessly scraping and scrubbing those floors; which were already sparkling clean,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you worthlessly whiled reading every ounce of spicy and gossipy news; inundated on the front covers of sensational newspapers and magazines alike,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you spent ardently listening to the travails and woes; of even the most listlessly decayed bones strewn haplessly on the dusty streets,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you spent indefatigably searching for the ultimate panacea of happiness and fruition; in your impoverished life,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you dedicated to excessively celestial rest and sleep; which you relished the most; because you could rampantly dream,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you spent in the kitchen burning your fingers unsuccessfully; in trying to learn every conceivable recipe under the flaming Sun,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of thousands of hours; which you fervently devoted to satisfying every religious ritual and spurious ceremony; of the so-called sanctimonious society,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you spent scrupulously tracking every thread of success; of the richest men and women on this fathomless Universe,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you spent conversing; releasing your frustration; against the solitary walls and laconic bits of sky,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you spent in triumphantly proving even the most invisible of your point; even though you were the unabashed ridiculer and were wrong,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you spent admiring your very ownself; as sitting on the throne of; and reigning as the ultimate queen of nail-on-the-head practicality,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you spent aimlessly speaking with your friends; relatives and close kin; igniting myriad topics out of sheer nothingness; when there was nothing profound left to talk,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you spent trying to explore an indefinite number of talents; existing incognito in your brain,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you spent taking marathon walks and jogs; in order to keep your already agile body; roaring in the topmost gear,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you spent in gross indifference and preposterous shrewdness; towards the chapters of mundane life,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours; which you spent in making fun of even the most evanescent of my idiosyncrasies; upon which you'd accidentally tumbled; in knowing me all these long years,

If only you'd spent only a single minute reading my poetry; out of those thousands of hours you spent wholeheartedly laughing on the other side; whilst I flashed the mightiest tears of my sorrow away; cursed by a spell of perennial loneliness,

Then. I'd have loved you more invincibly than I loved anyone on this gigantically inscrutable Universe; as poetry was all I had; all I was made up of in each of my veins; bone and breath; and what I penned was exactly what I thought; was exactly how I was; was exactly my truest identity; irrespective of any caste; creed; status or tribe .

The End


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