Unspoken II

i read this somewhere
i have a thousand things to tell you
and thousands reasons not to
that really hit home


Yes, you
i want to tell you
how much you mean to me
but guess what
i can't
because there are things that i told you
that i can't untell
i should've leaped before i looked
but i can't change that can i?
you see me like that broken person
who just needs your help
nothing more
but did you think for a second
the reason i chose you

I want to tell you
how much you mean to me
i can't because
lately my mind has been
a mess
maybe that's why
i've been reading into things
things that are probably

I want to tell you
how much i want to type and
hit that send button
every time i see online
on your contact
but guess what
i can't
because i might come out as desperate
and scare you off
And i swear i'd rather be with you as a friend
than be no one at all

i guess
i'll just keep writing you 
these letters
these unaddressed letters
which have your fingerprints
all over
hoping one day
when you read them
you'll know
it's you i'm talking about
it's you that's on my mind

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