You die; I die - Love Poems - Part 11

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About The Poetry Book –

This Book which has 40 differently titled Poems is actually Part 11 of the Book titled – You die; I die – Love Poems ( 1600 pages ) . Poems symbolizing the immortality of love and at times its fickleness. Parekh takes the reader through a paradise naturally embellished with the ingredients of eternal romance and its sporadic failures. As they say life and death are two sides of the coin, similarly with every true anecdote of love there also comes fretful divorce—a thing which has been most sensitively described throughout this great collection of poems for the heart. Written and dipped in each ingredient of his passionate blood, Parekh comes out with startling revelations about the truest of love stories and their failures. Each verse has been delicately intertwined with a boundless aspects of relationships, romance, cheating, betrayal and goes on to prove that Immortal Love towers over every shattered heart. A start to finish with some of the most heart-rendering love poems ever, this makes a great collection for ever true lover breathing and desiring to be loved on earth and beyond. This collection of poems aims at perpetually uniting every heart on this Universe in the spirit of Immortal love and friendship. Because these are the two quintessential ingredients to lead life till its last breath. Irrespective of whatever color, faith or religion, it is only the rainbow of love which can transform the ghastliest monsters and perpetrators of humanity into peaceful lovers. Therefore this book inexhaustibly endeavors to speak and preach the language of love even after its last embossed alphabet.



Varied Poems


A plethora of dark veined leaves; whispered frantically to the silhouette of plum tree, To stand like a mountain in turbulent winds; not to succumb even when its roots were attacked by parasite.

Mammoth sculptured blue bodied whales; whispered fervently to the saline ocean,
To drench their silken skin entirely with salt; gratify their gluttony with scores of sumptuous fish.

Scorched sands of the colossal desert; whispered abusively to sapphire puffs of clouds,
To unrelentingly rain; transforming their impoverished soul into one with bountiful water.

The venomous form of rustic jungle spider; whispered incorrigibly to the threads in its intricate web,
To bear it's weight for times immemorial; entangling in a vise like grip; a battalion of succulent insect.

The obdurate stones strewn incoherently on the ground; whispered to passing pedestrians,
To trample they walked; pleading with the bystanders to kick them into remote corners of oblivion.

Dry sticks of trimmed lumber; whispered intermittently to steaming flames of fire,
To incinerate them thoroughly; transforming their composite proportion into frugal heaps of burnt chowder.

The newly born mammalian sibling; whispered pleadingly to its mother,
To feed it's famished lips; with perennial supply of salubrious milk.

The sealed demeanor of stamped envelope; whispered nostalgically in the ears of the postman,
To deliver it without further delay; into the safe hands of the person it belonged.

A fleet of orphans in the sanatorium; whispered inevitably to God,
To reveal traces of their loved ones; unite them as one again; to bring back lost anecdotes of supreme felicity.

The articulately carved key; whispered sonorously to the lock,
To accommodate it with nonchalant ease; opening without apprehensions the moment it caressed its periphery.

My tangible heart at the end of the monotonous day; whispered to my soul,
To grant it reprieve from misdeeds inadvertently committed in the day; forgive it for all the evil it harnessed.

And the omniscient aura of God; whispered philanthropically to all his fellow beings inhabiting the earth,
To extend comforting arms towards those in distress and pain; profoundly master the art of perpetual love.


If I acquired the menacing form of an alligator in the next birth,I would want you to cling tightly to my persona as my serrated green skin.
If I was born in the ominous form of the jungle tiger in the next birth,
I would you to be incorporated in my body as my domineeringly authoritative growl.

If I was born as a densely foliated tree in the next birth,
I would want you to be the perennial leaves that emanated from my silhouette.

If I was born as an opalescent fish in the next birth,
I would want you to be saline water in which I could sustain life and swim.

If I was born as the twin horned sacrosanct cow in the next birth,
I would inevitably desire you as the milk I would diffuse from my flaccid teats.

If I was born as a slithering reptile in the next birth,
I would want you to be the lethal venom I possessed in my triangular fangs.

If I was born as an obnoxious donkey in the next birth,
I would want you to be my hooves which swished indiscriminately at innocuous trespassers.

If I was born as perpetually blind in the next birth,
I would indispensably want you to be my eyes to guide me towards dazzling light.

If I was born as being disdainfully maim; bereft of feet in the next birth,
I would incorrigibly want you to be my legs to ecstatically leap in times of jubilation.

If I was born as a rustic spider with a battalion of arms in the next birth,
I would want you to be mesmerizing threads of the silken web which I
inhabited night and day.

If I was born as an inconspicuous mosquito in the next birth,
I would want you to be the sting existing in my bifurcated tentacles.

If I was born as a agglomerate of sinister clouds in the next birth,
I would want you to be pelting sheets of rain tumbling down on the scorched ground.

If I was born as a traditional dancer in the next birth,
I would desire you to be the jingling chains riveted to my anklets.

If I was born as a voluptuous chameleon in the next birth,
I would want you to be the band of colors that I changed according to my habitat.

If I was born as a scintillating oyster in the next birth,
I would want you as the jugglery of immaculate pearls impregnated in my belly.

If I was born as a solitary camel in the blistering heat of desert,
I would inevitably desire you as barrels of pellucid water to placate my thirst.

If I was born as drummer performing at concerts in the next birth,
I would want you as the drum which would be essential for the sound to propagate.

If I was born as the most opulent on the globe in the next birth,
I would intractably want you as the notes of currency; which I possessed in exorbitant capacity.

If I was born as infinite blades of emerald grass in the next birth,
I would want you to be the fertile land mass of soil to provide me tumultuous loads of nutrition.

If I was born as the frivolous monkey in the next birth,
I would want you to be my claws; facilitating me to clasp tree branches in a vice like grip.

If I was born as an ambivalent filmmaker in the next birth,
I would want you to be every film that I directed in my reigning tenure.

If I was born as a tantalizing rose in the next birth,
I would want you to be my everlasting fragrance.

If I was born as a mundane ceiling fan in the next birth,
I would want you to be my riveted blades; circulating exuberant draughts of air.

If I was born as a boisterous honey bee in the next birth,
I would want you to be the sweet nectar I produced from my catacombed body.

If I was born as an inconspicuous nail hung to the wall; in my next birth,
I would want you to be the peels of rust I acquired on my body.

If I was born as the fibrous fruit of apple in the next birth,
I would want you to be the cluster of seeds impregnated in my belly.

If I was born as an indigenous woman in the next birth,
I would overwhelmingly desire you as the contemporary man from the city.

And if by the stroke of chivalrous fortune; I was born as a man again in the next birth,
I would want you to be the same girl; whom I loved immensely today; existing on this earth.


Every night is empty without its resplendent festoon of shimmering stars; paving a path of mysticism through the dreary morbidity all around,

Every desert is empty without its majestically glistening carpet of sands; royally rising and falling with the exuberantly blowing winds,

Every road is empty without its flurry of boisterously gallivanting traffic; granting new dimensions all the time; to its never ending repertoire of enigmatic curves and turns,

Every day is empty without its dynamically flamboyant Sun; bedazzling even the most remotely dilapidated corners of this Universe; with a garland of magnetically golden light,

Every throat is empty without its harmonious melody; the captivatingly rhapsodic sound; that catapulted even the most impoverished; to an enchanting entrenchment beyond realms of mesmerizing eternity,

Every mountain is empty without its irrefutably towering summits; kissing the clouds unflinchingly as they seductively drifted by; proving an ultimate exemplary to all other diminutive aspects of incarcerated life,

Every mind is empty without its unrelenting fountain of enthralling fantasies; relentlessly exploring; discovering; and evolving into a waterfall of stupendous newness; as each instant unveiled,

Every cloud is empty without its tantalizing droplets of rain; the unprecedented enthrallment that it spell bindingly bestowed upon this planet; with its profusely heavenly tumblers of water,

Every palm is empty without its unfathomable myriad of tingling destiny lines; the magnanimous bifurcations which astoundingly governed; stardom and horrendous pitfalls in a mans life,

Every ocean is empty without its ecstatic fish; the voluptuously ravishing elixir that they imparted to the undulating waves; culminating into fireballs of desire before clashing against the scintillating rocks,

Every calendar is empty without its meticulous array of dates; the most euphoric depictions of days and weeks; propelling living kind on the path of radiantly blooming prosperity,

Every flower is empty without its fabulously gorgeous fragrance; the scent that handsomely pervaded even through the most heinous webs of uncouth lechery;
flooding dwindling souls all across the Universe; with vibrant light,

Every forest is empty without its untamed wilderness; the unsurpassable blend of leaf and animal and stream; which weaved cloud covers of unparalleled excitement,

Every vein is empty without its scarlet rivulets of blood; the Omnipotent fuel to gush forward with insurmountable fervor in life; the only religion that bonded all human kind,

Every oyster is empty without its marvelously shimmering pearls; the incredulously embellished globule which fulminated into vivacious happiness,

Every canvas is empty without its vivid splashes of color; inundating the sullen atmosphere around with waves of poignant compassion; suddenly making drab
moments of life replete with astoundingly exotic charm,

Every conscience is empty without its invincible righteousness; the sacrosanct virtue which made every organism feel as the richest alive; massacring the very essence of blatantly coward lies; from the colossal trajectory of this planet,

Every heart is empty without its perpetual beats; the everlasting rhythm which bonded all across boundless earth; in thunderbolts of insatiable passion; alike,

And every life is empty without its immortal love; the unconquerable soul mate of its dreams; which was its very reason to dream of an infinite more lives; more
importantly in this lifetime; be blissfully breathing and alive .


I asked the road; the things that perturbed her the most,
She replied saying; that she was mutilated every unleashing minute,
By the juggernaut of trucks; and cloud showers of swollen rain.

I asked a cluster of fish in the Monsoon River; about the ultimate fantasy of their lives,
The answer that followed was studded with arduous lines of brevity,
As they unanimously dreamt of swimming in stormy waves of the ocean.

I asked the domestic lizard to narrate its tale of woes,
It didn't ponder even for a fraction of a second,
Curtly saying; that it was a paucity of succulent insect that kept her starved these days.

I asked the bleary eyed moon to impassively blurt out its agony,
The celestial figure in the sky retorted with a volley of eloquent expletive,
Blaming a fleet of monstrous spaceships; pilfering through its exquisite decorum.

I asked the merrily swaying trees; to recount me their expeditions of the blistering day,
They retaliated with traumatic screams; with white blood trickling down their entity,
Rebuking the farmer; who had sliced them down for daily fodder.

I asked the stray dogs in the street about their conditions of blissful health,
They made a gallant mockery of my question barking,
We aren't fastidious about food; all we need is a solitary place to sleep.

I then interrogated my tangible heart to disclose its candid feelings,
There were mystical vibrations which shook my entire silhouette,
Beads of cold sweat camouflaged my shock of black hair,
As it responded to my query saying; that it wanted to imprison forever,
Posses for times unfathomable; the holistic form it loved on this earth.


For the sake of starved territories of tarnished grass,
The crimson colored sky should sob unrelentingly and; rain.

For the sake of pallid regions of earth obliterated from bright light,
The celestial body of sun god should dazzle brilliantly; and shine.

For the sake of blind afflicted with distress and inexplicable pain,
The handsomely affluent and privileged should help them attain their goals; and aims.

For the sake of nimble footed squirrel leaping in bubbling fervor of youth,
The neem tree should emboss itself with lots of crevices; and game.

For the sake of distorted bones of broken calcium,
The sacrosanct and robust cow should ooze milk; and frosty cream.

For the sake of famished alligator lurking stealthily on nocturnal prowl,
A cluster of succulent fish should relinquish breath; and become food.

For the sake of vacant sheets of satiny white canvas,
Adroit strokes of the artist should fill it with resplendent root color.

For the sake of fortifying a lock of strong blue metal,
There should exist a master key that can wind it; rendering securely close.

For the sake of freedom of mind, body, and spirit,
There should be philanthropic harmony; blending varied races under the sun as one.

For the sake of life to proceed devoid of savage brutality,
There should be bountiful messiahs of god to impart the essence of truth.

For the sake of pictures taken with sleek camera,
There should be animate or inanimate in neighboring vicinity.

And for the sake of my heart throbbing at rollicking speeds,
There should be a solitary girl residing in this universe; who can love me intensely; making me feel that I am alive.


When I slammed my eyes shut; with vigorous tenacity,
My hands started trembling in animated ecstasy.

When I stopped my hands from shivering; pinning them down,
Infinite hair on my persona stood up in poignant alacrity.

When I soothed down dainty nodules of hair; applying Luke warm pads of heat,
Juxtaposed clusters of my teeth commenced to chatter in indignation.

When I put brakes on my teeth chattering; executing exorbitant power,
The big toe in my feet started to nostalgically reverberate.

When the big toe in my feet ceased to flutter; as I firmly pressed it on the cold floor,
Balloons of stale air got formed in mouth chamber; inflating it disproportionately.

When my mouth transited itself to realms of synchronized normalcy,
My neck started to prolifically bleed; as if stung by a million thorns.

When my neck got rehabilitated; after plucking out a plethora of nails,
Obstreperous cacophony profoundly iterated itself in my sensitive ear.

When sensations of abhorrent sound dramatically reduced in capacity,
Fiery vibrations strangulated my fists in entirety.

When my hands pacified themselves; releasing their clenched demeanor,
Intricate cavities in my heart started to throb turbulently.

And eventually when her enchanting silhouette unfolded before my sight,
I fell in celestial stupor on her dainty feet,
With all the commotion drowned forever; in torrential rain showers of her unrelenting love.


She will have to laugh with pungent raptures of melody,

She will have to cry with effusive sobs of unsolicited hysteria,

She will have to nimbly dance to acrobatic leaps of the skipping rope,

She will have to crunch raw slices of blood red radish with arduous zeal,

She will have to walk upright in blistering currents of austere sun god,

She will have to smear her forehead with sacrosanct shades of vermilion,

She will have to adorn her dainty earlobe with jingling chains of white silver,

She will have to bounce with resplendent euphoria at times of felicity,

She will have to kiss the satiny tendrils of fragrant rose at the diffusion of dawn,

She will have to submerge her silhouette in salty waves of the ocean,

She will have to consume cupid mouthfuls of chocolate candy floss,

She will have to knead colossal masses of spongy dough to prepare appetizing sundries,

She will have to emboss mascara on her eyes; shielding them with traditional grace,

She will have to bathe with sheer nostalgia in pelting showers of monsoon rain,

She will have to sing in a voice replicating mesmerizing tunes of the nightingale,

She will have to perspire like a bull; while making indispensable attempts to clean the house,

She will have to break into guffaws of uninhibited laughter; when witnessing an authentic clown,

She will have to pen down enchanting lines of calligraphy; depicting rustic civilizations,

She will have to ride like a professional; on striped bare back of thoroughbred stallion,

She will have to decipher enigmatic puzzles in life; Inevitable for survival,

She will have to sleep like an angel all throughout the perilous night,

She will have to slog in the monotonous light of the diurnal day,

I would excuse her even if she failed to execute all of the above mentioned,

If only she kept herself alive for centuries unprecedented; for me to love on this earth.


Why did you stare at me with profound hostility; trying to devour me uncouthly with your ghastly expression?
When you knew that the very next instant you would be the first one to wipe off my tears; as I hurt myself on the floor and started to cry.

Why did you kick me ruthlessly with your feet; abusing me incessantly with a volley of horrendous expletives?
When you knew that the very next instant you would be the first one to protect me; as scores of burglars attacked me viciously with their pairs of gleaming knives.

Why did you scorn at me in utter disdain; refraining to talk to me no matter how vehemently I pleaded?
When you knew that the very next instant you would be the first one to sing umpteenth number of songs melodiously in my ears; to put me off to blissful sleep.

Why did you starve me of food; hid all baskets of fruits in the house as I frantically groped for them at midnight?
When you knew that the very next instant you would be the first one to steal appetizing food from the neighborhood; in order to satiate my taste buds; the
moment I let out a string of hysterical squeals.

Why did you frown at me in overwhelming irritation; drenching my clothes completely by hoisting at them your pails of colored yolk,
When you knew that the very next instant you would be the first one to dress me up again; iron the garments I was about to wear to the most meticulous of perfection.

Why did you mischievously embody the bed I was going to sleep with a flurry of thorns; leaving a fleet of red ants of dauntingly march through?
When you knew that the very next instant you would be the first one to apply the balm of your love on my wounds; swipe the last iota of dirt with sheer
contempt outside our house.

Why did you puncture the tyre of my car as I was about to leave for office; deflating the last bit of air trapped robustly inside?
When you knew that the very next instant you would be the first one to carry me upon your shoulders; take me wherever I wanted; sequestering me from the acrimonious world; behind the cushion of your voluptuous hair.

Why did you insult me in a group at the riverside party; ostracizing me for not having worn clothes of the matching color?
When you knew that the very next instant you would be the first one to apologize to all; and then proclaiming loud and stringent to the world; that your husband was the best of all.

Why did you try and snatch my children away from me; trying to possess them more than anyone else in this world?
When you knew that the very next instant you would be the first one to recount to them tales of my childhood adventures; the path I undertook in life to achieve
the corridors of success.

And why did you leave me; domineeringly banging the door in my face; cursing your destiny at the top of your lungs for marrying me in the first place?
When you knew that the very next instant you would be the first one to inevitably turn back with fiery love swirling in your eyes; comprehending the passion in my heart; and lock yourself in my embrace for times immemorial .


Please adorn my fingers with rings of glittering gold; with the metal tightly clinging to my skin,
And the shimmer emanating profoundly illuminating the gloom lingering around; exotically piercing through the blackness of the atmosphere.

Please embellish my earlobes with sparkling diamonds; pellucid beads of stone
weaving a way through the walls of my eardrum,
And the glow disseminating voluptuously tickling your senses; making you gasp
in spell bound consternation.

Please beautify my intricate feet with anklets of scintillating silver; incongruous golden threads engulfed loosely around,
And the tinkling sound making your body stagger; fomenting infinite goose
bumps on your robust flesh.

Please embed my petite palms with mystical designs; coating them with a stringent extract of sandalwood powder,
And the mesmerizing aroma inevitably reviving your dead bones; causing beads
of ecstatic perspiration to trickle down your nape.

Please paint my nails with gaudy color; blending alluring shades of scarlet
gently on their periphery,
And the flamboyant display causing you to trip over your face; in your attempt
to sight them at close quarters.

Please decorate my neck with a necklace of glistening pearls; cascading in
perpetual harmony down my chest,
And the shine diffusing enticing you to come near me; caress my shoulders with
your passionate breath.

Please smudge my lips with garish lipstick; rampantly applying it all over their fluffy periphery,
And the luscious color radiating compelling you forcibly; to taste their sweetness, suckle them with your tongue in entirety.

Please drench my body with emollient rose spray; the reinvigorating droplets
of water splashing all over my entity,
And the enamouring smell that wafted; drawing you closer to my persona from
miles apart.

Please garnish my eyelashes with piquant mascara; enveloping my lids with
outlines of emerald green,
And the fiery rays that emitted placing you into a celestial stupor; drowning
you wholesomely into the unfathomably deep ocean of my eyes.

Please impregnate my scalp with your blood; scrupulously bifurcating my hair
into commensurate halves,
And the tenacity in our romance profoundly portrayed to the world; proclaiming
us to be bond in threads of holy matrimony.

Please flood my heart with your love; filling every empty pore with the fervor in your veins,
And the essence of our love spreading far and distant; bonding us immortally in the chords of united existence .


For imparting life to dead granules of soil; all I did was to inundate its surface with cool buckets of water,

For generating life in pallid patches of the dilapidated wall; all I did was slapped it with several coats of vivacious color,

For instilling life in broken lips; all I did was kiss them intensely every where over their chapped periphery,

For giving life to the sad girl philandering in corridors of gloom; all I did was danced like a clown; bringing a smile to the contours of her face,

For reviving life in the lackadaisical flower; all I did was commanded the clouds to shower droplets of exhilarating rain,

For bestowing life in the shattered web; all I did was leave a cluster of spider to weave their way through the same,

For reinvigorating life in a dreary pair of eyes; all I did was vigorously rubbed them with raw extracts of pungent turmeric,

For rejuvenating life in a scorched throat; all I did was tickle it with chilled champagne,

For reinstating life in a cluster of rotten vegetables; all I did was place them in the interiors of a swanky refrigerator,

For revitalizing life in the tired soles of feet; all I did was put them on the accelerator of a flamboyant racer car,

For stimulating life in a fractured hand; all I did was to bring it near a panthers jaw; fomenting the bones to automatically reshape themselves at electric speeds,

For offering life to the voice chords of a dumb man; all I did was bring his lost children in front of his eyes; triggering him to shout in ecstatic euphoria,

For energizing life in a lazy camel; all I did was put him under the blistering sun of the sandy desert,

For propelling life in the silhouette of a battered car; all I did was flood its belly with gallons of golden petrol,

For resurrecting life in visage of an orphan; all I did was held him close to my chest; in the comfort of my arms for times immemorial,

For fortifying life in the wrinkled skin of the abysmally old; all I did was recite to them nostalgic tales about their boisterous past,

For reanimating life in a ghastly bruise; all I did was to dress the wounds with the bond of my empathy,

For regenerating life in a dead man; all I did was blend my senses wholesomely
with his soul,

And for imparting new life to a miserably devastated heart; all I did was fill
its cavities with the stream of my passionate love.


Without these three I would have run, but without the slightest power or tenacity in my legs,

Without these three I would have dreamt, but those fantasies would have revolved wholesomely around ghastly death,

Without these three I would have smiled, but that tinkle on my face would have been as morbid as the buried corpse,

Without these three I would have eaten food, but each morsel would have been like a million barrels of poison,

Without these three I would have kissed, but my caress would diffuse cancerous tissues instead of spreading the bond of friendship,

Without these three I would have read, but the letters would have seemed darker than the blackest of clouds,

Without these three I would have cried, but the tears which dribbled down my cheek would be of pure blood,

Without these three I would have earned money, but the currency would have been as infinitesimal as ash for me,

Without these three I would have attended parties, but would have sequestered myself under the table, with a pool of mosquitoes hovering around,

Without these three I would have seen people wandering around, but they would appear to me as lifeless entities,

Without these three I would have heard voices, but would have forgotten to decipher the melody in the sound,

Without these three I would have gulped water, but would have remained thirsty all throughout the day,

Without these three I would have written long letters, but would perceive each word embossed as a rotten abuse,

Without these three I would have driven my vehicle, but would loose complete control of the steering wheel,

Without these three I would have worn clothes, but would have people laughing as I had worn my trousers enveloping my neck instead of my shirt,

Without these three I would have sat on the royal chair, but would have tripped head-on on the floor, disdainfully losing my balance,

Without these three I would have gone to the market, but would have spent my entire wallet on a flimsy chunk of spiceless vegetable,

Without these three I would have fought valiantly with my fists, but each punch of mine would have been like frozen ice,

Without these three I would have behaved, but only for the sake of appeasing a bunch of idiots running the family business,

Without these three I would have perhaps have existed, lived for the heck of it, but without my heart actually throbbing in my ribs,

And I know, by now you must be desperately waiting to know their names, And I have not the slightest of hesitation; infact am proud to christen the three immortals in my life as my "CREATOR", my "mother” my "beloved" .


When I was sleeping blissfully on my bed; she came intermittently in my dreams,
And as I emitted my first thunderous yawn after awakening; the dainty outlines of her visage last night struck me like bolts of lightening.

When I just bathed my disheveled persona; taking stupendous care to evacuate the last bit of dirt adhering to my eardrum,
The scent of her body tingled me beyond the point of no control; and a sly smile crept viciously across the contours of my lips.

When I thought of starting from home; her dwelling seemed far away; with
several barricades separating us,
The summit of her building seemed like an ephemeral glimpse of my memory;
with a desire to meet her heavily stifled due to the long distance.

When I just kicked my scooter to commence on my expedition; my heart throbbed a little,
And there was a profound glimmer of hope in my eyes; that I might salvage a
chance to meet her.

When I hit the streets; traversing leisurely lost in the enchantment of the mystical surroundings,
Her voice seemed to stimulate my nerves; and the ravishing silhouette of her eyelashes propeled me to increase my speed a trifle further.

When I had to stand still in the traffic; with the lights changing brusquely to red,
I wildly tried to cognize our last conversation; in the midst of chaotic pandemonium of blaring horns and exhaust smoke.

When I met her friends in the way, I gave a peevish smile; with a tiny wave of my hands,
Tried to visualize the infinite aspects which made my beloved more beautiful than her spuriously attired mate.

When I was extremely near her lawns; the blocks of her edifice now prominently visible to my eye,
The blood in my veins ran faster; and buckets of perspiration trickled down my
nape in rapid succession.

And when I reached her doorsteps; the caress of her doorbell at whisker lengths from my hands,
That was the moment; when I swooned on the floor in sheer ecstasy; and before I could knock on the wood; her mesmerizing forehead appeared before me; and her breath bonded perpetually with mine.


The moment she was with me I shouted at her stringently; showing her my fists in indignation,
But I realized it only when she went off to sleep; that I craved to speak to her; missed the bustling noise of her footsteps.

The moment she was with me I teased her unrelentingly; scowled at her making ungainly faces,
But I realized it only when she went out shopping; that I longed for her like anything; desperately craved to hear the melody in her voice.

The moment she was with me I kept scratching my hair; hardly paying attention to the activities she recited of the day,
But I realized it only when she talked the same to her alien friends; that how inquisitive I was to hear it passionately from her mouth.

The moment she was with me I castigated all attempts of hers to tie my shoelace; portraying myself to be a perfect man,
But I realized it only when she went to mothers place; as to how inevitably I needed her; and what a child I became in her absence.

The moment she was with me I shrug the food she made; declaring it to be bland and tasteless,
But I realized it only when she fed the same lovingly to the servants; as to how much I cherished each meal she prepared.

The moment she was with me I revolted vehemently that she snored; not letting me sleep blissfully for even a single minute,
But I realized it only when she slept in the lawns; as to how much I missed her caress; the ardor in her breath that intermingled with mine.

The moment she was with me I protruded my tongue at her for not bathing; admonishing her for flooding my nostrils with a smell like rotten tomato,
But I realized it only when she walked out of the house in anger; that I found the most exotic of perfume to be raw dirt in front of her perspiration.

The moment she was with me I pointed fingers at her eyes; saying that she was horrendously squint,
But I realized it only when she closed them abruptly at me; as to how mesmerizing were her lashes; the poignant empathy that they oozed out every unfurling second.

The moment she was with me I told her to dismiss off from my presence; leaving me alone to delve in my world of fantasy,
But I realized it only when she exited; that my dreams ended there and then; and each pore of my body cried for her in agony.

Therefore this is my humble plea to you O! Almighty lord; please don’t separate us ever, For she was my blood and I was her breath; and we would die a gruesome death to take birth again as lovers; if you didn’t bind us in this life together .


When I thought of philandering with her high on the summit of the Himalayas; feeling the icy winds dash past my stomach,
All that happened in the end was that; I ended up taking her out for a cup of sedate tea; the instant I met her.

When I thought of kissing her wildly on her cheeks; making exotic noises while executing the same,
All that happened in the end was that; I found myself seated in front of her in the bullock cart; playing a pack of cards.

When I thought of drenching myself with her; profusely in the rain,
All that happened in the end was that; I found myself crunching chocolate biscuits staring desperately into open space.

When I thought of embedding a redolent rose in her hair; letting the dense ensemble of flower tickle me voraciously on my lashes,
All that happened in the end was that; I found myself watering the lawns with her; the rusty lawn sprinkler sedately held in my hands.

When I thought of bathing under the fountains with her; splashing her visage with tangy cold drink diffusing from my mouth,
All that happened in the end was that; I found myself shopping with her in the grocery store; searching frantically for a pack of soggy matchsticks.

When I thought of painting her enamouring visage; instructing her to sit mute without even budging a trifle from her place,
All that happened in the end was that; I found myself lighting a candle in the church; intensely listening to the admonitions of the priest.

When I thought of applying honey on her lips; before greedily slurping the same from the periphery with my tongue,
All that happened in the end was that; I found myself tenaciously pulverizing medicinal herbs; to blend in the water she had to consume after her nocturnal supper.

When I thought of embracing her tightly; in an ambience encapsulated with walls of frozen ice,
All that happened in the end was that; she slapped me thunderously on my chin; for gawking at her open eyed in brilliant sunlight and afternoon public.

When I thought of blowing air from my nostrils into her ears; flooding them mercilessly with melodious tunes emanating from my mouth,
All that happened in the end was that; she engaged me in the task of swapping every mosquito hovering around her face.

But it was only when I thought of proposing her; audaciously proclaiming in front of the society as to how much I loved her,
Was that she smiled at me for the first time; fell in a celestial stupor on my feet; running her hands wildly across the strands of my hair; tears of joy gushing down her cheeks and at the same time staring deeply into my eyes; scolding me for hiding my love till today; telling me candidly that it could have been now or never .


What was there in those eyes; that drowned me in an ocean of uncontrollable ecstasy?

What was there in those lips; that made me stare in spell bound consternation for marathon hours on the trot?

What was there in those feet; that made me swoon in a bedraggled heap on the ground?

What was there in those hands; that made me long for a caress that could last till eternity?

What was there in that nose; that made me crave for oceans of moist breath taking me unaware in their swirl?

What was there in that voice; that made me wholesomely oblivious to the passing of time?

What was there in that palm; that made me see my destiny explicitly in its mystical lines?

What was there in those fingers; that flooded my mouth with a taste more sweeter than the wildest of nectar?

What was there in that neck; that made me feel incredibly lost even in the sedative solitude of the night?

What was there in those ears; that made me dream like a prince even though I was poor?

What was there in that tongue; that made me remain thirsty even under blistering heat of sun and umpteenth volcano's?

What was there in those teeth; that made me perceive night and day about
the enchantment in smile?

What was there in those eyelashes; that made me hide my reflection within; even in the most tumultuous of storms?

What was there in that chest; that made me go berserk every unleashing minute
for an everlasting embrace?

What was there in those nails; that made me shiver like an infant even in scorching heat of summer?

What was there in that belly; that made me trip head on the mud; even while I was walking in spiked shoes?

What was there in those hair; that strangulated my throat; made me gasp for air with every contraction of my heart?

What was there in that blood; that made my pulse race a million times faster each time I felt it running through the veins?

And what was there in that body; that propelled me to love each time I saw it; that triggered my existence till date today; and for many more generations to unfurl hereafter?


When you smiled; it seemed that a million lotuses fell on the parched territory of earth,

When you cried; the waves in the ocean clashed flirtatiously with the blazing chain of rocks,

When you sang; the birds in the jungle forgot to chirp and a celestial
silence descended all over,

When you ate; the most abhorrent appearing logs of charcoal seemed like golden nectar,

When you wrote; the most nonchalant of literature seemed like a string of shimmering pearls,

When you danced; all gods in heaven gathered to watch in stunned silence,

When you yawned; there seemed to be a valley of eternal bliss right down your throat,

When you were naughty; it seemed as if the most heinous of criminals around
you were small children,

When you perspired; it seemed as if the melody in your aroma pacified the most tumultuous of turmoil,

When you winked; it seemed as if springs of white froth gushed down the pristine slopes in lazy tandem,

When you walked; it seemed as if a cluster of fairies had fallen from the sky to permanently inhabit the earth,

When you slept; it seemed that the most glittering of gold was showered
unrelentingly from the cosmos,

When you bathed; it seemed as if shriveled and decayed beauty in this world had taken a new birth,

When you shivered; it seemed as if the mesmerizing night had forgotten to unveil into the sweltering day,

When you sneezed; it seemed as if lost charm and exuberance flooded back into the atmosphere,

When you blushed; it seemed as if silver bolts of lightening plummeted from the sky igniting multiple fires even in frozen water,

When you screamed; it seemed as if the profoundly gloomy ambience exploded in fury; to illuminate the blackness,

When you stared; it seemed that all the uncouth and barbaric activities were replaced by unparalleled innocence and empathy,

And when you breathed; I felt that I was re-born; and as each breath of yours caressed my skin; I felt myself more and more entangled in the bonds of your
romance .


I didn’t need blazing fires; as I had her flesh in intimate contact to ignite my yearning desires,

I didn’t need the turbulent ocean; as I had the river of her ecstatic tears
cascading down my neck,

I didn’t need the poignantly smelling lotus; as I had her luscious lips to kiss unrelentingly and feast upon,

I didn’t need mesmerizing sights of the world viewing through my binoculars; as I found all beauty and fantasy embedded in her curled eyelashes,

I didn’t need water to drink; as the last drop of my thirst was quenched with her mere caress,

I didn’t need a spurious sequence of laughter; as her innocuous gestures when she played; made me have the smile of my life,

I didn’t need dreams to inundate my mind; as my ultimate reservoir of imagination lay encapsulated in her hands,

I didn’t need food to eat; as the profound empathy in her expressions made me entirely oblivious to both morning and night,

I didn’t need enchanting sounds; as the melody in her voice pacified infinite infernos exploding in my mind,

I didn’t need time to be acquainted with; as the enamoring complexion of her lids had cast a mystical spell on my life,

I didn’t need brilliant sunlight to shimmer across my face; as I had the austere rays emanating from her persona to enlighten my darkness,

I didn’t need a couch impregnated with pure gold to sleep upon; as I had the moistness in her lap to succumb to an everlasting slumber,

I didn’t need salubrious vitamins to resurrect my shattered senses; as I had the tenacity of her love to guide me through every step I took,

I didn’t need valleys laden with blossoming flowers to rekindle my soul; as I had the enigmatic passageway down her throat to stare at in open mouthed astonishment; till eternity,

I didn’t need trees with dense foliage to sequester me from the sweltering heat; as I had her fascinating shadow; to scrape out every bit of fatigue from my tired bones,

I didn’t need exotic perfumes extracted from a mountain of musk; as I had her sweat to inhale; which sent me right back into my innocent childhood,

I didn’t need magicians to decipher my future and fate; as I clearly saw my destiny prominently in the lines of her soft palms,

I didn’t need intoxicating cans of beer; as the sensuousness of her body stimulated my mind more than a barrel of alcohol,

And I didn’t need breath to exist; as the bond of her romance had ensured that I would live beyond time; immortalize the essence of sharing for boundless decades to come .


The entire land of grandiloquent palaces on one side; and me and my sweet little dwelling on the other side,

The entire ocean on one side; and me and my tangy little bottle of salt on the other side,

The entire forest replete with vivacious wild life on one side; and me and my pet cat on the other side,

The entire cosmos strewn with silken clouds on one side; and me and my pristine painting on the other side,

The entire library inundated with books on one side; and me and my romantic letter on the other side,

The entire market flooded with sizzling pizza's on one side; and me and my dainty little chunk of chocolate on the other side,

The entire fleet of aeroplanes on one side; and me and my articulately chiseled statue of rustic clay on the other side,

The entire dungeon embedded with scintillating diamonds on one side; and me and my forehead smeared with ash on the other side,

The entire well overflowing with mineral water on one side; and me and my intricate table spoon of mustard oil on the other side,

The entire theater displaying pictures from around the globe on one side; and me and my ravishing fantasies on the other side,

The entire conglomerate of emerald mattress on one side; and me and my bamboo stuffed pillow on the other side,

The entire township of lecherous evil on one side; and me and my intransigent ideals on the other side,

The entire army marching with hostile dagger heads on one side; and me and the confidence of my mother on the other side,

The entire atmosphere entrenched with abuses on one side; and me and incorrigible tenacity to recite rhymes on the other side,

The entire planet functioning monotonously on one side; and me and my island of unrelenting dreams on the other side,

The entire human race brooding unceremoniously for money on one side; and me and my passion for romance on the other side,

The entire graveyard sprawled with morbid corpses on one side; and me and my Creator standing unperturbed on the other side,

The entire society with its bombastic pretensions on one side; and me and my open hearted speech on the other side,

The entire world and its worthless norms of religion and creed on one side; and me and my beloved locked in an immortal embrace on the other side .


I know I may have pinched you several times; causing you to wince in contorted agony,

I know I may have pummeled you to the ground; hurling at you a volley of poignant abuse,

I know I may have kicked you in the stomach; made a face at you resembling a hideous demon,

I know I may have splashed your face with orange juice; soiling your impeccable clothing with infinite blemishes of black paint,

I know I may have stared at you in animosity; fomenting you to ooze tears down your glistening cheeks,

I know I may have made you trip; poking my large toe deliberately in your way,

I know I may have scowled at you umpteenth number of times; tickling you in your ribs when you didn't want it the slightest,

I know I may have shrug off the breakfast plate inutter disdain; dictating you thunderously to make it all over again,

I know I may have sprinkled upon you freezing water; inundating your persona with frozen ice in the peak of winter,

I know I may have used my pen to thrash you; more than I might have used it to write literature,

I know I may have philandered with several girls; giving them a peck on their cheeks right in front of your eyes,

I know I may have dropped debris intermittently on the ground; just to appease myself sighting you picking them up,

I know I may have wrecked you out of tranquil sleep large no of times in the night; with a volley of my monstrous snores,

I know I may have interrogated you till eternity; asking you divulge an account of each minute; in order to pacify my suspicions,

I know I may have forgotten your birthday; not remembering to wish you on the hour which God created you,

I know I may not have written to you; even after being weeks away from you on a business trip,

I know I may have drunk boundless pegs of voluptuous wine; stumbling on half the words I uttered in front of your revered parents,

I know I may have curtailed you to household chores; refraining you from stepping out in this flamboyant world,

And I know I may have behaved like a perfect brute all these years; rebuking you on many occasions in front of the society,

But then; they were those moments when the human in me had metamorphosed into a savage animal; the tyranny of earning had crippled the innocent child in me;
annihilating all my perceptions about romance and bondage,

While let me candidly tell you today; that I have always loved you; valued your caress more than any other object existing in this world; have longed for your company more than the Sun has longed to shine; and I know that perhaps you wouldn't even prefer to look at me in this lifetime of mine; but I will still say this; as I love you more than myself; that please forgive me .


The cow; knew that the crow sitting on its back was a treacherous nuisance; tickling it on umpteenth number of places; when it actually wanted to blissfully rest,
But in the end she found herself completely helpless; as no matter how hard she swished her tail; the bird kept sitting; without incorrigibly budging even an inch.

The Majestic edifice standing tall on the road; knew that tremors occurring during the earthquake werereally unwanted,
But in the end it was helpless; as they inevitably kept coming; and despite the most severest of its resilience; weakened its foundations beyond safety limits.

The gargantuan Oak tree; knew that the snakes crawling on its formidable periphery; disrupted its serenity and tranquil shade,
But in the end it was miserably helpless; for as the years unveiled its crevices grew; and the hooded monsters kept proliferating in dozens; although it tried its best to kill them with its juice.

The ocean sprawled over a billion kilometers of territory; knew that the choppy waves rising high; broke its mystical spell and dreams,
But in the end it was completely helpless; as the harder it tried the more the waters swirled; and a tumultuous storm enveloped the entire surface; causing the froth erupt towards the sky.

The granules of earth sprinkled all around; knew that ploughing them would give them agony; massacre their virginity beyond their capacity to redeem,
But in the end they found themselves disastrously helpless; as man kept digging them with greed in his eyes; till the time he struck pitchers of glittering gold.

The hot cakes sizzling on the grills; knew that the bees hovering around would painstakingly devour their sweetness; render their sponginess with
innumerable number of holes,
But in the end they were helpless; as try as hard as they could; the flies kept buzzing feasting on their appetizing surface; till the time they satisfied their gluttony.

The tongue suspended in chamber of the mouth; knew that its demeanor would be reduced to rotten garbage; the instant it blurted out abuses,
But in the end it was totally helpless; as even after resolving in the name of Almighty lord; it exhaled out the most abashing of bad words; when provoked by the passing pedestrian.

The clusters of blossoming rose; knew that the parasites clambering up their stalk would render them fragile and lifeless,
But in the end they were wholesomely helpless; as the more they tried to defend themselves with their sparse thorns; the more the army of leeches enjoyed in
sucking them to emptiness.

And I as a poet; knew that working in office with a monotonous bunch of morons; would vanquish all my creativity; annihilate the passionate fantasy revolving in my mind from its very roots,

But in the end; I found myself stumbling at every instant of life and utterly helpless; as; If I wanted to survive in this uncouth society; I had to substitute fantasy with bulky checkbooks; chop my dreams in entirety with the sword of commercialism; in order to feed me and my wife with sumptuous food; rise with her early at dawn; to confront a new tomorrow.


No matter how hard I banged the tortoise shell; it simply refrained to split,

No matter how vehemently I struck the human tooth; it just didn’t chap at its edge,

No matter from how high I threw the coconut down; it didn’t display even a single scratch on its shell,

No matter how tenaciously I crushed the human skull; it simply didn’t show any
signs of snapping apart,

No matter how passionately I hammered the elephant tusk; it still remained as stoical as white ice,

No matter how stubbornly I boxed the punching bag; it didn’t gasp the slightest; even after infinite punches of mine,

No matter how ruthlessly I kicked the diamond ceiling; it still seemed to have retained its perpetual shine,

No matter how many harpoons I shot at the shark; it still came back hostile and alive from beneath the waters,

No matter how much pressure I exerted on the spring; it still rebounded back with thunderbolt velocity,

No matter how viciously I thrashed then whip against the wall; it still didn’t seem to have lost; even an iota of its sting,

No matter how many holes I drilled in the base of the iron ship; it simply
didn’t appear to sink,

No matter how hard I tried to twist the bars of the prison; they kept standing like a fortress in front of my eyes,

No matter how resiliently I tried to control the storm waters from rising; they kept swelling up; evolving into a flood like never before,

No matter how fervently I tried to chew sweets of steel; the entire armory of my teeth broke like frigid matchsticks; but the biscuits retained their silvery polish,

No matter how badly I pierced the dinosaurs eye; it didn’t blink the slightest; shone brilliantly under the Sun,

No matter how wildly I squelched the walnut in my palms; it simply didn’t alter its shape the slightest,

No matter how insanely I hammered the walls of my conscience; it simply
didn’t surrender its ideals,

No matter how pertinently I tried to control my dreams; they kept growing relentlessly; fantasizing about the entire universe every second,

And No matter how doggedly I tried to break my heart; it throbbed even more violently for the person it loved; cried incessantly for the girl it wanted to imprison in the vice like swirl of its romance; forever & ever & ever .


The scorched roots of grass sprawling wildly on the soil; were greedy to drink monstrous sized dew drops,

The car lying dilapidated and burnt in the garage; were greedy to drink gallons of golden petrol,

The eye gruesomely dry after the day's work; were greedy to drink a bottle of tears,

The scientist working ingeniously all round the clock; was greedy to drink testubes bubbling with brilliant dyes,

The bees buzzing irascibly around the rose; were greedy to drink its sweet honey,

The cluster of bedraggled and squalid hair; was to drink jar's of oil,

The unruly stubble protruding from the arid cheek; was greedy to drink a tumbler full of after shave cologne,

The pen tremendously weary after embossing a million lines of literature; was greedy to drink sapphire ink,

The armory of teeth which was decayed and yellow; were greedy to drink sparkling white toothpaste,

The infinite kilometers of blistering desert land; were greedy to drink an ocean full of saliva,

The cat philandering furtively on the streets; was greedy to drink a cupfull of milk,

The mosquitoes feasting on the rotten pile of vegetables; were greedy to drink pure blood,

The pores of skin chapped and abysmally dry in winter; were greedy to drink a river of sweat,

The prisoner's ears lying in solitary confinement for years; were greedy to drink the ecstatic melody in sound,

The penguins wandering around in dazzling sunlight; were greedy to drink frozen ice,

The thorny cactus sprouting in abundance from the jagged terrain; were greedy to drink a vase full of sweet water,

The lips severely agonized and gloomy; were greedy to drink a fountain of uninhibited passion,

The walls of the century old grave; were greedy to drink thick coats of rich paint,

The unfathomably deep crevices in the valley; were greedy to drink strident echo's,

The twin pair of nostrils in every man; were greedy to drink a tunnel full of fresh air,

The matchstick lying soggy and frigid in a pond of water; was greedy to drink hostile flames,

And my heart palpitating at lightening speeds; was greedy to drink immortal love; drown in it for eternity; while drinking the same .


What was this O! lord; that my lips refrained to speak; sung mystical tunes instead while walking on the streets?

What was this O! lord; that my fingers incorrigibly refused to write; drawing incoherent shapes in the mud instead?

What was this O! lord; that my eyes stared wildly in open space; instead of shutting down under the blistering Sun?

What was this O! lord; that the hair on my scalp itched incessantly; as if attacked by a thousand ants?

What was this O! lord; that I forgot to have my afternoon meals; when normally I was the first one to finish food in our family?

What was this O! lord; that I was engulfed wholesomely by sweat; even in the peak of freezing winter?

What was this O! lord; that I dreamt even while signing checks; entering in mind boggling amounts; that eventually left me bankrupt?

What was this O! lord; that I filled every glass of mine with alcohol; every time I
felt like sipping water?

What was this O! lord; that I erupted out in fantasies of my childhood; when infact I was supposed to give a lecture on business economics?

What was this O! lord; that I crashed head on with the waiter carrying a tray full of pastry; when infact I had already sighted him from miles apart?

What was this O! lord; that I presumed it to be brilliant afternoon; when actually it was just a little before midnight?

What was this O! lord; that I drove my car right into the hotel coffeeshop; instead of parking it outside and walking down the distance?

What was this O! lord; that I cut my hands severely while chopping vegetables; when infact there was superb synchronization between the knife and my finger?

What was this O! lord; that I gasped for breath like a dead man; when infact I had just arisen from bed after infinite hours of blissful sleep?

What was this O! lord; that a sheepish grin encompassed the contours of my face all day; when usually I was extremely stringent in my behavior?

What was this O! lord; that I reached the ghastly graveyard; when infact I was headed for attending prayers in church?

What was this O! lord; that I dipped my face in steaming acid; presuming it to be infact as sweet cakes for supper?

What was this O! lord; that I embraced an old woman on the verge of relinquishing breath; cognizing her to be the girl of my dreams?

What was this O! lord; that the blood in my veins ran at electric speeds; inspite of my medical practitioner ruling out any chance of blood pressure?

And what was this O! lord; that my heart palpitated at a million beats per minute; although she resided continent's apart?

You know what; your guess is as good as mine; and there was simply no rhyme or reason to defy it; for I think that the inevitable has happened; I was struck by
the same fever as millions of my kind are struck every day; O! yes I think I am in love .


It was impossible to clap with a single palm; no matter how turbulently I swished it in the air,
So in order that sound be produced and noise be heard; both my palms needed to come abysmally close and strike.

It was impossible to run with a single leg; no matter how much passion I ignited in my eyes,
So in order to win the race with nonchalant ease; both my legs needed to caress the ground; and then sprint like a panther towards the finishing line.

It was impossible to see with one eye; no matter how far I stretched and revolved it without respite,
So in order to sight the entire universe; profoundly admire mesmerizing beauty on this planet; both my eyes needed to move in harmony; and capture living organisms alive.

It was impossible to hear with a single ear; no matter how alert I kept it all throughout the night,
So in order to catch each intricate voice existing; coherently decipher the mystical tunes of life; both my ears needed to pop up in exhilaration; hear the far cries before anyone else might.

It was impossible to breathe with a single nostril; no matter how hard I tried to avoid being suffocated; even with gusty bellow of wind blowing by,
So in order to blissfully inhale pristine air in vicinity; sleep like a king under the stars; both my nostrils needed to suckle in breeze and blend with the ravishing night.

It was impossible to eat food from only one corner of the mouth; no matter how incorrigibly I tried to used teeth protruding from that side,
So in order to chew the most succulent of meals; digest the most voluptuous of leaf; both my cheeks needed to participate in the process; devouring food; water and sweets with supreme contentment.

It was impossible to write with one finger; no matter the infinite number of times I tried to hoist the jewel studded pen,
So in order to emboss boundless lines of literature; inundate every nook and cranny of white paper with exquisite calligraphy; both my fingers needed to dance in synchronization; race with pleasure to express their might.

It was impossible to kiss with only one lip; no matter how dexterously I tried to rub it against my beloved,
So in order to trigger off flames of desire; exult in the aisles of fiery romance; both my lips needed to move in fervor; explore the sweetness and taste of offered by life.

And It was impossible for me on my own to evolve another of my kind; no matter how many prayers and penance I offered to the Almighty,
So in order to procreate my progeny; and keep the world forever moving; both me and my wife needed to blend together into chords of perpetual love; to ensure that the world never ended; and there was always someone at some point in time; breathing alive .


Who told you that you were ugly; when infact I found you to be the most amazing and beautiful person in this world,

Who told you that you were thick skinned; when infact I considered you to be the most tender; the most innocuously sweet,

Who told you that you were dismally fat; when infact I perceived you to be a dainty angel; having freshly descended from the sky,

Who told you that your lips were as swollen as the hippopotamus; when infact I cognized them to be soaked in deep cherry wine; each time I had the privilege of
kissing them,

Who told you that your hair was like unruly & long fibers diffusing from the gutter; when infact I perceived them to be a river of golden honey; in which I took refuge in my times of distress,

Who told you that your nostrils breathed hostile flames; when infact I felt stupendously passionate breath drift through; whenever you stood close by my

Who told you that your color was blacker than horrendous charcoal; when infact I found it to be as resplendent as the voluptuous lotus; even under pugnacious rays of the Sun,

Who told you that your footsteps reverberated noise of an approaching dinosaur; when infact I was mesmerized every second; as their tinkling sounds
mystically announced your presence,

Who told you that your tongue stuttered on every word you spoke; when infact I felt that your speech was astoundingly clear and ravishing,

Who told you that your fingers made a mess of every meal; when infact I relished every item you prepared; catapulting me into the aisles of unprecedented fantasy,

Who told you that your teeth jutted out like a hideous demon; when infact I found them like scintillating globules of snow; pelting from the sky; every time you smiled,

Who told you that your sweat smelt of rotten fish; when infact it was the most alluring scent that I had ever inhaled; putting me off instantly into blissful sleep,

Who told you that your ears were stone deaf; when infact I felt that they could trace the most inaudible of my whispers; listen to the tiniest of my heartbeat,

Who told you that your height was as tall as the giant; when infact I always found you perfect and till my lips; those moments when I embraced you,

Who told you that your clothes had perennial stains of oil in them; for infact I always found the most cleanest of my fabric; embarrassingly sordid in front of them,

Who told you that you looked like a skeleton with hardly any flesh on your body; when infact I always saw flames of pure passion burning in your eyes; enamoring shades of pink enveloping your flesh at all times,

And even if the entire world condemned you beyond the point of redemption; I would still consider you to be the most fascinating person existing; the most lovable entity on this planet; and my heart would be purely yours; yours only forever .


More passionate than the beating of my heart; the ferocity with which it throbbed all day and night,

More faster than the blink of my eye; the revitalizing moisture it provided to my rotund eyeball,

More vivacious than the hair on my scalp; the speed at which they blew in the
most tumultuous of storm,

More darker than the lines on my palm; which profoundly evolved and portrayed my destiny to the outside world,

More dense than the blood which flowed through my veins; the grueling agony with which it extruded out of my skin when I was hurt,

More stronger than the tenacity of my bones; the astronomical resilience which they displayed in resisting the hostile enemy,

More acerbic than the sharpness of my nails; the poignancy which they depicted while scraping against the mosquito bites on my skin,

More luscious than the color of my lips; the voluptuous complexion that they attained when I pursed them seductively with spurts of my saliva,

More pungent than the perspiration that trickled down my nape; the tremors of excitement generated when I reached the pinnacle of success,

More potent than the lines of poetry which I had embedded till date; the unfathomable heaps of literature I had produced in the tenure of my life,

More tangy than the flavor in my mouth; the countless numbers of appetizing delicacies that I had consumed in each phase of the day,

More stupendous than the most fabulous of my dreams; the most wonderful I could ever have envisaged; while I was awake or fast asleep,

More sensitive than my ability to hear; decipher and crack the most intricate of sound prevailing in vicinity,

More wild than the most deafening of my speech; the hysterical shouting I
executed when thoroughly provoked,

More mystical than the most lankiest of my shadow; the fairies I invited every night to dine and chat with,

More infinite than the clusters of hair protruding from my scalp and arms; the millions new which took solid roots every day,

More enchanting than the breath that descended down my nostrils; unsurpassable number of times in the hour,

More intense than my empathy for any entity; ever living or dead on the trajectory of this planet, Is my love for you and only you O! beloved .


In order to mend the broken slabs of bedraggled building; all that was required was an ointment of rich cement and raw brick,

In order to mend the broken web of spider; all that was required was an ointment of silvery threads and slime,

In order to mend the disastrously scorched territory of soil; all that was required was an ointment of cool and revitalizing water,

In order to mend the broken links of the enigmatic jigsaw puzzle; all that was required was an ointment of pragmatic intelligence,

In order to mend the broken bits of scattered paper; all that was required was an ointment of glue and sticky adhesive,

In order to mend the broken periphery of lips; all that was required was an ointment of glossy lipstick,

In order to mend the disdainfully broken finger; all that was required was an ointment of thoroughly powdered and fine calcium,

In order to mend the broken down car; all that was required was an ointment of golden petrol,

In order to mend the broken fields of sprawling grass; all that was required was an ointment of pure and natural goat manure,

In order to mend the broken stomach; all that was required was an ointment of appetizing food and voluptuous fruit juice,

In order to mend the broken and stammering speech; all that was required was an ointment of; stupendous confidence in self,

In order to mend the broken city; all that was required was an ointment of paramount resilience; the fortitude to stand together and reconstruct the same paradise,

In order to mend the broken and age old computer; all that was required was an ointment of hi-tech software chips; and a flurry of ingenious program,

In order to mend the broken and slowly fading light; all that was required was an ointment of the blistering Sun,

In order to mend the broken eye; all that was required was an ointment of glistening moisture; and passionate fantasy revolving fanatically each second,

In order to mend the broken shirt and trousers; all that was required was an ointment of colored buttons and long spools of silken thread,

In order to mend the broken individual; all that was required was an ointment of reassurance compounded with heaps of unparalleled empathy and care,

In order to mend the broken throat; all that was required was an ointment of warm and sizzling herbal tea; a peaceful day's rest to soothe every traumatized vein,

In order to mend the broken relationship; all that was required was an ointment of perpetual and amicable understanding,

In order to mend the broken nose; all that was required was an ointment of moist and overwhelmingly compassionate breath,

And in order to mend the broken heart; all that was required was an ointment of care; an ointment that spread the immortal roots of love; whenever and wherever applied .


The flowers blossoming in the fields; withered away as the soil on which they stood was thoroughly stripped of water,

The leaves of the colossal tree disdainfully shriveled and fell; as the onset of autumn took its toll on the surrounding,

The mesmerizing rivers tumbling in fury from the mountains; shrunk to a mere trickle as the Sun radiated its hostile rays in full fury,

The blazing stream of lava which fulminated in tumultuous agony from the ground; cooled as a few days elapsed; and with the drifting of the placid winds,

The ominous looking black clouds reverberated thunderously in the sky; but after a while the rain pelting down reduced its agony; as the Sun filtered passageways of crystalline blue amidst all vicious dark,

The delectable and freshly painted exteriors of the edifice; slowly started to develop shades of pathetic yellow; as they blended with the smoke; and weren't
cleaned meticulously every day,

The gargantuan shadows of the wandering giant; seemed to loose their entity completely as the stringent light of the day was encroached completely by night,

The mammoth cubes of frozen ice; shamefully metamorphosed into a pond of water; under sweltering heat of fiery afternoon,

The monstrous Bull ploughing valiantly through the fields all his life; one day found himself seated by the riverside; not even having the capacity to shrug away the flies sitting right on his nose; as the gradual onset of age; had exhausted every ounce of his stamina that he once upon a time proudly possessed,

The dolphin that once swam merrily in the heart of the sea; found itself now kissing the shores; as it felt supremely weary to swim,

The magnificent palace which once used to be the pride of the Royal Kings and monarchs; was now inhabited only with a battalion of cobwebs and dilapidated
space; as the years and centuries unveiled by,

The biscuits of silver when extracted raw from deep within the crevices in the earth emanated a scintillating shine and shimmer; but the same transited to cheap nuggets of coal; after being used for several decades; and blending with human oil and perspiration,

The photograph of the individual looked absolutely astounding when snapped on the first day; but the same resembled a ghost when sighted after infinite fortnights; with obnoxious crusts of dust changing him in drastic entirety,

The face of the fairy was dainty and stupendously sweet as she descended from the skies; but she hardly had the power to speak; with scores of bones protruding from her cheeks; as she lived for more than a century on planet earth,

The innocuous wails of an infant were profoundly enamoring to hear when it was just born, however they converted into a sonorous and hoarse; shooing every one away from him; a few months down the line; as he began to walk and joined college,

The battalion of vegetables appeared young and robust as they were just plucked fresh from the sprawling farm; they however turned rotten, black and blue; with an incredibly foul odor dissipating from their body; as the previous day now unfurled into the new dawn,

The dead mans body buried under the ground was embodied with lots of flesh when freshly cremated; but if you dug it up again after a few years; all that was now retrievable was just a pair of bones,

And everything seemed to wither with age; shrivel and shrink as time sped by; but there was just a single thing that gained more impetus with the passing second; got more passionate as even as everything encompassing it seemed to abdicate life; palpitated more violently as the tyranny of age crept by, or shall we say " the heart stayed young forever "


I was profoundly enchanted by her; relishing her soft caress till times immemorial,

I felt privileged by her presence; everytime she drifted with me standing in open mouthed consternation,

I stared at her unrelentingly all night; even as the last person on this planet had gone off to sleep,

I admired her relentlessly till my last breath; although my voice had become horrendously hoarse; and my tongue incorrigibly refrained to swish an inch further,

I kissed her infinite number of times; with smooch of mine; igniting unfathomable desires in me; to do it all over again,

I was drowning in her honey coated eyes; with the mascara in her lashes casting over me a spell impossible to break,

I clasped my hands securely over her demeanor; blocking every possible source of acerbic light striking her dainty skin,

I pacified all the uncouth pangs of hunger arising in my stomach; as I was lost in cognizing my destiny in the intricate lines of my palms,

I whistled incessantly as she glided by; flooding her ears with the inferno blazing in my tunes,

I sprinkled golden dust on her body; as she overwhelmingly enjoyed the silken powder; voluptuously tickling her skin beyond the point of no control,

I was simply mesmerized by the titillating cascade of her hair; and the grace embedded in her form; made me stumble; even before I put down my first foot to walk,

I compared her visage with the angels dancing daintily in the heavens; with the ravishing fragrance that diffused from her persona; putting me in a state of immortal bliss,

I craved all night and day for her enchanting touch; the vividly painted nails on her fingers; circulating at electric speeds through each pore of my skin,

I worshipped her feet; like I had worshipped no God; no deity that I had every encountered on the surface of this globe,

I slept even on a blanket of acrimonious thorns; as I was completely lost in the essence of what she spoke; kept iterating the same words in my mind; till the time it had eradicated all other traces of memory,

I commenced to cry worse than the newly born child; even if I missed her presence for less than a fraction of a second,

I ran as she ran; walked as she walked; halted when she halted; ate when she ate; emulated every action of hers; howsoever much it might have seemed worthless
and inconspicuous to the outside world,

I emptied all the blood running through my veins; even as she uttered the slightest of scream; even as just a small fragment of her flesh was ripped apart a trifle by the blowing wind,

And I know by now you must be burning in the aisles of jealously sweetheart! But let me tell you that there was not any rhyme or reason for you to do so darling; as the person I have been mentioning in all the previous lines; was none other than your velvety shadow .


The night looked forward to the brilliant morning; completely engulfing its chill with flamboyant light,

The deserts looked forward to rain; a billion droplets of water to quench their insatiable thirst,

The freezing slopes of the snow laden Antarctica; looked forward to a flurry of playful penguins; wandering around pompously with their protuberant necks poking out,

The dying plumes of black smoke; looked forward to fresh heat; incinerating their pathetic persona once again; into crackling flames of golden fire,

The blood shot and morbid eyes of the convict; looked forward to loads of compassionate empathy and moisture,

The solitary patches of the winding and century old road; looked forward to boisterous traffic; scores of innocuous children inundating its gloomy ambience with lots of cheer and spice,

The slaves toiling unrelentingly all night and day; looked forward to some time occupying the seat of their master; thereby metamorphosing all their
imprisoned dreams into reality,

The goats philandering amidst appalling piles of rotten garbage; looked forward to sprawling meadows of fresh grassland; blissfully munching corn and succulent vegetable,

The gang of eunuchs begging in their discordant voices on the streets; looked forward to another birth in which they were born as perfect humans; were able to exist harmoniously and procreated their progeny,

The brave soldier sleeping dormantly in his bunker; looked forward to a blood curling war; fighting with all his might to protect his country,

The completely dried river bed; looked forward to tumultuous spells of rain to overwhelm its surface; yet again with scores of twinkling fish and water,

The brutally chopped tongue; looked forward to growing again; loudly speaking all the words it had perceived in its times of distress; in a single stroke of time,

The wholesomely barren streets of lanky canvas; looked forward to being embedded with rustic color; an ensemble of vivacious lines rendering it with a profoundly dynamic appearance,

The pair of scarlet crested parrots incarcerated in their metallic cage; looked forward to soaring high and handsome in the sky; relishing and enjoying a life of freedom like most of their counterparts were doing at the time,

The famished alligator nestling on the banks of the river; looked forward to the tantalizing scent of humans; crunching them into fine grains of mincemeat with
its knife like jaws,

The boundless fragments of cloth lying buried under the debris; looked forward to being united as one garment of the flag; flutter in magnificent pride and glory while portraying the spirit of their nation,

The writer involved in mundane jobs of this world in order to survive; looked forward to gallivanting through the enchanting camouflage of the valley; keep
writing incessantly as each day took stranglehold of the night,

The receptionist sitting idle in the ghost town; looked forward to the melodious ringing of the telephone; greeting the person on the opposite side with a crisp "hello",

The grizzly haired lizard traversing through the lining of the concrete wall; wistfully looked forward to sleeping in the jungle; with innumerable insects hovering seductively around its nose,

And my heart captured mercilessly in my chest; eagerly looked forward to breaking free every second from the norms and whims of this unceremonious society; basking in the heaven of burning romance; loving and embracing every moment the person it adored; the entity in the first place that it throbbed violently; several times a minute for .


If you were going to slap her in the face while she was sleeping under the stars; slap me instead,

If you were going to brutally maim her when she tripped from the 90th floor of the building; maim me instead,

If you were going to make her blind as she inadvertently pierced the sewing needle into her eyes; blind me instead,

If you were going to starve her for food as she faltered to earn her livelihood in this uncouth society; starve me instead,

If you were going to make her unconscious as her neighbors poisoned the water she daintily gulped; make me unconscious instead,

If you were going to chop her fingers when the thieves marauding the house committed the heinous crime; chop my fingers instead,

If you were going to make her perpetually dumb as she attempted to sing; make me dumb instead,

If you were going to burn her to ashes when the miscreants on the street drenched her body with a tank inundated with kerosene; burn me instead,

If you were going to make her fall from the pinnacle of the gigantic mountain as she mercilessly slipped after reaching the top; make me fall instead,

If you were going to evoke unrelenting tears from her eyes as her close siblings perished in a car accident; make me cry instead,

If you were going to overwhelmingly embarrass her as she hid her face embedded with pimples amidst her friends; embarrass me instead,

If you were going to make her abdicate her memory as she unfortunately struck her head against a bed of obdurate stones after falling down; make me lose my memory instead,

If you were going to reduce her to infinite pieces of mincemeat after the lion savagely attacked her in the forests; slaughter me to a billion pieces instead,

If you were going to leave obnoxious elements loitering on the deserted roads to stare at her with lecherous desire; leave them on me instead,

If you were going to trap her between colossal chunks of concrete and rusted metal as her house came crashing down in the tumultuous earthquake; pulverize my house and trap me instead,

If you were going to drown her in the swirling and ferocious waves of the ocean after the whale overtoppled her boat; drown me to the bottom instead,

If you were going to give her inexplicable mental trauma each day making her stutter for words she once spoke with authority and pride; traumatize and madden me instead,

If you were going to make her lie in a pool of ghastly blood by the riverside as the pugnacious rays of the Sun wholesomely took upon their toll; make me ooze a sea of blood instead,

And if you were going to snatch her away from the surface of this earth forever closing the chapter of her existence; snatch me instead; as if you didn’t do
so Almighty Lord; then you would be taking two lives at a time; as I would inevitably join her in heaven a few moments after; whether you wanted or didn’t want me too .


The only thing that my eyes could ever sight was her mesmerizing form; whether they were open or tightly closed,

The only thing that my ears could ever hear were her daintily approaching footsteps; no matter how thunderous was the outside world and traffic,

The only thing that my nose could ever smell was the enchanting fragrance emanating from her arms; the ravishing aroma entrenched in her breath,

The only thing that my tongue could ever speak was her sacrosanct name; fervently iterating each alphabet infinite number of times,

The only thing that my hands were ever able to touch was the contours of her silken hair; with the passionate scent embodied therein catapulting me to the most supreme point of ecstasy,

The only thing that my mind could ever envisage was her emphatic eyes; with I finding myself drowning in the river of fantasy flowing perpetually inside,

The only thing that my feet were ever able to caress as they tread on earth was her shadow; as no matter wherever I went; it followed me with incessant relent,

The only thing that my nails were ever able to scratch was the lining of flirtatious dirt on her neck; intricately tracing in it my near future to unveil,

The only thing that my teeth were ever able to chew was her lips; painstakingly suckling the honey from the recesses deep inside,

The only thing that my skin was ever able to feel was her velvety touch; with her fingers groping uncontrollably across my tanned chest,

The only thing that my shoulders were ever able to carry was her delectably body; bearing her weight with an immortal smile; even under the most sizzling rays of the Sun,

The only thing that my sweat could ever drench was her shimmering and petite stomach; as I curled myself like an infant to blend with its compassionate warmth,

The only thing that my lips could ever smile for was her celestial silhouette as she lay under the moon; appreciate for eternity the gestures she made inadvertently while rolling deep sleep,

The only thing that my blood could ever flow for was to protect her from any possible evil lurking around; donate it to whomsoever she ordered me to; without the slightest of opposition,

The only thing that my efforts could ever yield was the essence of what she taught; listening attentively at all times to the pearls of wisdom that she showered from her mouth,

The only thing that my mouth could ever recount was the story when she was born; the unprecedented happiness she brought into my life; the day she met me,

The only thing that my lids could ever blink for was to make her smile; evacuate her out from the state of intermittent gloom; that she sometimes found herself confronted with,

And the only thing that my heart could ever beat for was her love; trying to capsize her entity in each of its palpitation; in complete; mind, body and spirit .


The most treasured thing for an ocean; was its unending flurry of swirling waves,

The most treasured thing for a bird soaring astronomically high in blue sky; was her clusters of eggs handsomely stacked in the nest,

The most treasured thing for the ominous network of black clouds; was its king sized droplets of revitalizing rain,

The most treasured thing for the majestic lioness; was her tiny and mischievous little cub sleeping innocently in the den,

The most treasured thing for the eyeball; was its glistening coat of moisture; shimmering splendidly under the blazing Sun,

The most treasured thing for a cup of sizzling coffee; was its tantalizing and rejuvenating aroma,

The most treasured thing for a scorpion jumping in spurts through the bushes; was its hostile and deadly pugnacious sting,

The most treasured thing for a conventionally embellished telephonic contraption; was its loud and melodious series of rings,

The most treasured thing for a fat biscuit of gold; was its perpetual glow that emanated even in the most dullest of light,

The most treasured thing for the lips; was the kiss received from the person they solely loved and revered,

The most treasured thing for a sheet of bonded paper; was the sensitive lining of words that imparted paramount importance to its otherwise vacant persona,

The most treasured thing for a blanket of stars studded in the plain cosmos; was its resplendent shimmer that cast a spell on anyone beneath it,

The most treasured thing for a cacophonic bee buzzing rampantly around in free air; was its serrated hives replete and oozing with stupendously golden wells of honey,

The most treasured thing for a destitute freezing to the point of extinction in the disastrous cold of winter; was the photo of his God held intimate and close to his heart; with a wistful glimmer of hope lingering profoundly in his famished eyes,

The most treasured thing for the bespectacled teacher; was her colossal reservoir of knowledge which she judiciously disseminated amongst a varied array of students,

The most treasured thing for the hollow armpits; was a passionate stream of silver sweat which flowed all around the clock,

The most treasured thing for the tongue; was its eloquent speech; the infinite bundles of currency it was able to generate; by adeptly captivating the opposite party,

The most treasured thing for the mother; was her baby bouncing flirtatiously in her compassionately and invincible arms,

The most treasured thing for Almighty God; was all his disciples; each of the tangible and intangible form that he had evolved to live on this earth,

And the most treasured thing for my heart; was her love; drowning myself wholesomely into the enchantment of her eyes; blending each beat of mine with hers for infinite more births to unveil .


The simplest way to please a bird; was to place her lost eggs right in front of her majestic beak,

The simplest way to please a dog; was to give him a juicy bone embedded with raw strands of salubrious meat,

The simplest way to please a snake; was to offer your leg; for it to greedily inject its stream of lethal venom into,

The simplest way to please a writer; was to provide him an atmosphere of blissful peace; boundless sheets of paper and a jeweled pen in his fingers,

The simplest way to please a fisherman; was to give him a net heavily laden with an amazing fraternity of fishes,

The simplest way to please a desert; was to inundate its surface with an ocean of water; a thing it hungrily absorbed within flash seconds,

The simplest way to please a crying infant; was to provide him the compassionate warmth of his mother,

The simplest way to please the doctor; was to tell him that all his patients recovered after taking his medicines,

The simplest way to please the red ant; was to lay broken crusts of bread in front of its eyes; which it painstakingly nibbled till its heart's content,

The simplest way to please the slave; was to tell him that he was your master instead,

The simplest way to please the peacock; was to keep it in an ambience with pelting droplets of rain,

The simplest way to please the ominously gleaming green crocodile; was to sprinkle its vicinity with a million chunks of meat everyday,

The simplest way to please the farmer; was to make him witness his fields blossoming with bountiful corn; each stalk of his treasured grass swaying in rubicund health with the winds,

The simplest way to please the mind; was to verbally yield to each of its fanatic fantasy; although you didn’t actually execute it,

The simplest way to please the cow; was to leave it to wander in meadows of leafy foliage; engendering it to enjoy munching its favorite meal till eternity,

The simplest way to please the black cat; was to place it in a pond of frosty milk; facilitating it to gently lap at the same and thereby permeate the air around with its contented snores,

The simplest way to please a shrewd Business tycoon; was to place the blank checkbook for him to ogle in front of his eyes,

The simplest way to please a Politician; was to say that he was the greatest; and his policies had metamorphosed the earth into a veritable paradise,

The simplest way to please a soldier; was to award him for his stupendous achievement at war; with felicitation of the highest degree,

The simplest way to please God; was to diligently execute all your duties without the slightest of delinquency; procreate prolifically to continue his chapters of existence,

And the simplest way to please me; was to keep me with my beloved every second of the day; see to it that no power on this earth could ever separate us; and we remained bonded together for centuries unprecedented .


When the clouds in the cosmos bonded together; there pelted down showers of ferocious and sparkling rain,

When the minuscule winds in the atmosphere bonded together; there evolved a tumultuous storm that swept turbulently across the entire city,

When all the inconspicuous little ripples of water bonded together; there was formed the colossal ocean; smashing and swirling magnificently against the cold blooded rocks,

When the seed and earth bonded together; there arose a majestic tree; sprinkling scores of appetizing fruits on the famished soil,

When diminutive wisps of smoke bonded together; there blazed a Kingly fire; escalating handsomely towards the sky; imparting loads of warmth and reprieve
from freezing winds winter,

When all fingers of the palm bonded together; there evolved a strength so unprecedented; that it could fight against any evil loitering on this earth,

When all loose bones strewn haphazardly on the ground bonded together; there evolved the perfectly synchronized body; which ran, ate, slept, wept, in splendid harmony,

When all pieces of stray and incongruous stones bonded together; there evolved the imposing structure of the building; which wholesomely catered to the life
of thousands of individuals,

When all the small fish in the sea bonded together; there evolved a battalion of unsurpassable tenacity; easily capable of defeating the most gargantuan of whale
and shark,

When the shattered petals of different creepers bonded together; there evolved a flower with the most stupendous of scent,

When all the disheveled twigs lying desolate on the ground bonded together; there evolved a mighty bridge which didn’t budge an inch even in the most vicious of storm waters,

When all tribes existing in different part of the earth bonded together; there evolved a land with no bloodshed; and laden with immortal bliss,

When varied colors existing under the Sun bonded together; there evolved a single color; that was virtually impossible to dissipate by any attack,

When all words and languages spread far and distant across the periphery of the Universe bonded together; there evolved the language of compassion; which was
the richest of all,

When all minds existing on this globe bonded together; there evolved the best ideas ever imaginable; metamorphosing the continent into a paradise once again;
to unitedly live in,

When all countries bifurcated into bits and pieces bonded together; there evolved an astronomical superpower utterly invincible,

When all religions prevalent across the world bonded together; there evolved the divine religion of humanity,

When Man and Woman created by God bonded together; there came into existence the entire planet; and the world what we so profoundly admire today,

And when two hearts throbbing violently bonded together; there evolved a mountain of passionate romance; a formidable fortress of love and care; that even God found difficult to conquer and prevented others from doing so .


When they said fruits; the first thing that flooded my mind was the succulent clusters of scarlet apple suspended in harmony from the tree,

When they said salt; the first thing that flooded my mind was the colossal expanse of sea leaping magnificently and without restraint towards the sky,

When they said animal; the first thing that flooded my mind was the majestic and dense furred lion; sprinting towards me at electric pace with fire in its eyes,

When they said light; the first thing that flooded my mind was the belligerent fireball of Sun; blazing a stream of unprecedented beauty; through every deserted spot on this earth,

When they said sedation; the first thing that flooded my mind was the spell binding light of the moon; the conglomerate of its pearly rays enchanting my every night,

When they said melody; the first thing that flooded my mind was the voluptuous nightingale; tingling the most dreariest of my senses with reinvigorating sound,

When they said dust; the first thing that flooded my mind was the undulating terrain of the desert; the disdainful hillocks of sand terribly scorched and crying for water,

When they said dream; the first thing that flooded my mind were the ravishing clouds of heaven; infinite number of fairies dancing in the aisles of unfathomable desire and romance,

When they said ice; the first thing that flooded my mind was the frozen slopes of the Himalayas; the sheet of snowy white which delectably enveloped the ensemble of fir trees,

When they said laughter; the first thing that flooded my mind; was the rustic clown viciously stretching the contours of his face; until people in the audience had tears rolling down their eyes,

When they said color; the first thing that flooded my mind was the superbly resplendent rainbow; casting a mystical spell on this earth with its rhapsodic glow and shine,

When they said office; the first thing that flooded my mind; was a bunch of monotonous morons; with their noses obnoxiously buried beneath bulky sheaf of paper,

When they said poison; the first thing that flooded my mind; was the hideous looking serpent; snaring its fangs wickedly at the innocent child,

When they said speed; the first thing that flooded my mind; was the pouch bellied kangaroo; galloping at lightening pace; cutting across the whiplash of wind and entangled forest with two steps at a time,

When they said ugliness; the first thing that flooded my mind; was the gruesomely distorted face of the lanky eunuch; sending shivers down the spine of the infant newly born,

When they said beauty; the first thing that flooded my mind was the crown princess; with her eyelashes appearing as if soaked in rich nectar; and the fragrance emanating from her tantalizing form pacifying all my apprehensions,

When they said jewel; the first thing that flooded my mind was the virgin pearl; incarcerated securely in the heart of the oyster,

When they said muscle; the first thing that flooded my mind was the tanned wrestler; tenaciously rubbing oil on his legs and palms,

When they said power; the first thing that flooded my mind was the omnipotent creator; able to create and destroy at stupendous will,

When they said upbringing; the first thing that flooded my mind was my mother; who had nourished me to become what I was today; with the blood and milk in her body,

And when they said love; the first thing that flooded my mind was my beloved; her incredible entity taking complete control of my senses and my soul .


The soap derived maximum pleasure; in cleaning tons of disdainful dirt; scrupulously polishing each pore of the rotten body,

The conglomerate of ominously black clouds derived maximum pleasure; in thunderously showering down upon the earth; inundating its fathomless barren
territories with sparkling water,

The obdurate and thick skinned crocodile derived maximum pleasure; in pulverizing robust and supple flesh into slender fragments of fine chowder,

The young maiden derived maximum pleasure; sighting and admiring herself infinite number of times in the mirror; combing her hair; deftly plucking the slightest of blemish that cropped up on her persona,

The fur coated unruly street dog derived maximum pleasure; barking and howling agonizingly the entire night; keeping vigil while the rest of the world slept like God's,

The eyes derived maximum pleasure; when fully open and gazing at the mesmerizing beauty wandering delectably through the mystical foliage,

The scarlet rose derived maximum pleasure; after diffusing its enchanting fragrance prolifically all around in vicinity,

The granules of silvery sand lying scattered in the parched desert derived maximum pleasure; in suckling virtually any kind of liquid; be it mineral water or ghastly cans of kerosene,

The keys on the typewriter derived maximum pleasure; when punched at electric speeds; tenaciously by fingers functioning in splendid synchronization,

The fleet of birds wading solitarily on the river waters derived maximum pleasure; when flying high and handsome in patches of crystal blue sky; relishing the caress of a cocoon of ravishing clouds as they soared by,

The gaudy complexioned shirt derived maximum pleasure; when worn on the chest of the flamboyant president; displaying itself bombastically to as many people possible in the outside world,

The fortress of teeth embodied within the lips derived maximum pleasure; in intricately masticating rubicund morsels of glistening carrot; nibbling at the roots in lazy exultation,

The mouse derived maximum pleasure; after capturing a battalion of mice; ruthlessly imprisoning them till they were handed over to the master,

The golden elevator derived maximum pleasure; after reaching the absolute pinnacle of the building; safely transporting an armory of people to their required destinations,

The minuscule matchstick derived maximum pleasure; after igniting to a full bloom; profoundly illuminating every household lingering in a pool of morbid darkness,

The egg derived maximum pleasure; after hatching into a tiny little and wonderful fledgling,

The feather tipped pen derived maximum pleasure; in embedding million's of lines of literature; granting stupendous status to every blank sheet of paper,

The omniscient entity of God derived maximum pleasure; in creating boundless human beings and animate life; blessing all individuals with the virtue to survive
and unprecedented happiness,

Every mother derived maximum pleasure; in nourishing her child with her own blood and sacred milk; harnessing its reservoir of hidden energies to the fullest,

And every heart derived maximum pleasure; in throbbing thunderously for the person it vehemently revered; living solely and fervently for the person it loved on this planet .


How does it matter even if there was no shoe on my feet; incongruous nails portrayed a ghoulish and miserable picture of mine?
How does it matter even if there wasn't a penny in my pocket; the last shelf of my wallet was inundated with nothing else; but pure sand?
As long as she was sitting beside me; the mesmerizing
ensemble of hair tickled my starved lips and cheeks.

How does it matter even if my clothes smelt of pugnacious onion; every corner of the garment I wore was replete with stains of obnoxious oil?
How does it matter even if the only scent that emanated from my body was one of dry sweat; the only pillow I had was that composed of truck tyre rubber?
As long as she was sitting beside me; whispering enchanting secrets of her childhood mystically into my ear.

How does it matter even if the watch I wore on my wrists didn’t function; there was cowdung coated on my palms instead of the lines of my destiny?
How does it matter even if the tunnels of my eardrum were filled with chunks of loose mud; and I turned a deaf to the voice of the world?
As long as she was sitting beside me; flirtatiously pinching my nose; telling me that I was beautiful.

How does it matter even if the first two teeth of my jaws were broken in a fight; fathomless granules of pertinent dandruff grew mercilessly in my scalp?
How does it matter even if my speech faltered every instant; with my abashing inability to please anybody in the first instant?
As long as she was sitting beside me; drowning me wholesomely into the ocean of fiery passion circulating wildly in her eyes,

How does it matter even if I didn’t roam about in bombastic cars; hadn't the capacity to buy even a tricycle with rusty wheels?
How does it matter even if I was gruesomely uncivilized in my actions; not being able to eat with an array of glistening spoon and fork?
As long as she was sitting beside me; entwining her fingers in mine to support me wherever I went.

How does it matter even if I hadn't a roof to live under; kept gazing at the sky for hours immemorial?
How does it matter even if I had no soap to bathe my skin; splashed water on my skin swimming with the fish instead?
As long as she was sitting beside me; making me laugh uncontrollably with her innocuous gestures and the mischievous cadence in her voice.

And how does it matter even if I was the poorest man of this earth; with the Creator blessing everybody else except me with mountains of gold and silver?
And you tell me how does it matter even if I had nobody to believe me; people shunting away from me wherever I put my foot on this soil?
As long as she was sitting beside me; blending her breath entirely with mine; taking an oath to spend infinite more lives with me together .


For as far as my arms could stretch; extending to the most unprecedented of their capacity in free space,

For as far as my eyes could sight; opening wider than the blazing Sun,

For as far as my ears could hear; straining themselves agonizingly to decipher the most inconspicuous trace of sound; lingering for kilometers in vicinity,

For as far as my feet could run; conquering unfathomable miles of territory without buckling or flinching the slightest,

For as far as my mind could wander; perceiving even the most remotest and weirdest of things existing on this earth,

For as far as my voice could travel; expending my lungs to the most bizarre capacity,

For as far as my pen could write; inundating every barren bit of paper on this globe; with countless lines of literature,

For as far as my hands could caress; extending forward as straight as an arrow; and to fullest of their capacity,

For as far as my sweat could flow; after dribbling off painstakingly from my skin,

For as far as my neck could turn; dexterously twisting itself to sight objects
even behind the back,

For as far as my hair could rise; after being voraciously tickled by the mesmerizing wind,

For as far as my fantasy could continue; dreaming about delectable fairies dancing in wonderland,

For as far as my breath could reach; chiseling a tunnel replete with passionate moisture as it blew,

For as far as my stomach could inflate; as I tried to swell it after deliberately taking in volumes of free oxygen imprisoned in air,

For as far as my lips could open; after being viciously attacked by a thunderous yawn,

For as far as my fists could punch; paving their way unrelentingly to win virgin landscapes prevailing on this planet,

For as far as my memory could capture; recognizing even the most obsolete of grass sticks after a monstrous night's sleep,

And as far as my heart could beat; incorporating all the emotions that lingered in the atmosphere; as well as those beyond the celestial heavens,

There was only one thing that I revered and loved; cared and cherished more than myself; and that was you O! beloved; Infact only you o! beloved .


The broken door of pure rosewood needed a carpenter to repair it; replenishing its distorted edges with loads of compassionate varnish and an array of hostile nails,

The broken slabs of building needed an engineer to refurbish it; reinforcing its surface with lanky beams and columns; fortifying its gaping string of holes with rich chunks of cement and concrete,

The broken pieces of cloth needed a tailor to stitch them; blend the scattered fragments together; to evolve the stupendous garment again,

The broken checkbooks and torn documents of financial operation needed a banker to resurrect them; spawn ingeniously manipulative policies to ensure that all business bounced back to robust normalcy,

The broken switchboards needed an electrician to configure them; intermingle the boundless conglomerate of wires to produce sparkling beams of untainted light,

The broken fields needed a farmer to plough them; sow the right concoction of seeds and manure; in order to metamorphose the gruesome sand into blossoming land of enchanting fertility,

The broken words of the book needed a writer to rearrange them; meticulously sort out the baffling jumble into magnificent lines of captivating literature,

The broken spacecraft needed the scientist to remold it; splendidly synchronize its arms and tail; impregnate it with the most contemporary of machinery; to enable it to gush at electric speeds towards the heart of the blue sky,

The broken ornaments needed the goldsmith to reinvigorate them; chisel the shards of unruly metal into scintillating necklaces of fabulous silver,

The broken carving on the wall needed the artisan to harness it; convert its disrupted demeanor into one with astounding solidity and oligarchic magnificence,

The broken shoe lying desolate in the attic needed a cobbler to mend it; transform its mocking and dusty caricature into one with exquisite shine and abundant lace,

The broken gutter needed a plumber to renovate it; wholesomely stop the flow of spewing debris; converting the rotten stench emanating into one of placid and stringent calm,

The broken painting needed an artist to embellish it; join all the horrendously massacred shapes into mesmerizing contours of the spell binding fairy,

The broken bone needed a doctor to coalesce it; bond the severely depleted fragments together to give birth again to a rubicund entity,

The broken song needed a musician to reconstruct it; embody it with jazzy tunes and revitalizing melody; profusely recreating its stolen glory again,

The broken bird needed an ornithologist to rejuvenate it; apply balm to its torn feathers; in order to impart it with tumultuous force and propel it to fly,

The broken watch needed a watchmaker to wind it; oil its rusty coalition of springs; so that it ticked incessantly as time drifted by,

The broken law and order in the city needed a policeman to rectify it; instill a sense of  impregnable security amongst citizens; with valiantacts of his dynamic bravery,

The broken democracy in the world needed a flamboyant leader to uplift it; judiciously channelize all the energy of people for the betterment of this planet,

The broken lawns sprawling disdainfully over colossal expanses of the valley needed a gardener to reinvigorate them; prudently squelch the unwanted weeds; in order to ensure that the roses bloomed merrily without parasites,

The broken King needed a host of beautiful slaves to stimulate his dead senses; obey the most minuscule of his command; appease him thoroughly with dance; and the tantalizing cadence in their voice,

The broken marriage needed a team of counselor's to recap it; solve the infinitesimal differences that had led to the execution of this bizarre event in life,

The broken beliefs needed a sagacious saint to rebuild them; bring the abysmally lonely disciple closer to the realms of the omnipotent Ceator,

The broken snapshot needed the photographer to reframe it; meticulously arrange the solitary chunks into a complete picture; depicting once again the smiling and boisterous family,

The broken victim needed the pressman to alleviate her pain; highlight to the world in his article; about the plethora of lecherous atrocities committed on her impeccable body,

The broken stomach needed a waiter to satisfy it; serving it with mouth watering delicacies and thereby ensuring that it succumbed to blissful and contented sleep,

The broken laughter needed a clown to re-establish it; inundate its miserable life with unsurpassable amount of smile and ecstasy,

The broken web needed a spider to reweave it; embedding its mercilessly split trajectory; again with silver threads of slime,

The broken sea needed a battalion of fish and coral reefs to reform itself; relive the incredulous moment of glory when it had just been created in this Universe,

The broken discotheque needed scores of impetuous boys and girls to enliven it; flood its dreary ambience with fiery passion; pulsating dance; and voluptuous

The broken history needed an archaeologist to recount it; search for the missing links and clues that once upon a time led to the formation of noble dynasties,

The broken hive needed boundless number of bees to refill it; encompass each pore its persona with their discordant buzzing; and supremely sweet streams of honey,

The broken vegetables needed a chef to realign them; prepare appetizing delicacies out of the shoddy mass of loose grass and fruit,

The broken children needed a philanthropist to liberate them; fill their lives with all the jubilation and fantasy which they were so desperately bereft off,

The broken mind needed a psychiatrist to retrieve it; bring it to proportion with the civilized society; from the corridors of despondency and lost oblivion,

The broken ship needed a captain to coherently steer it; surge it forward with gusto and insurmountable exhilaration into the deep waters of the sapphire ocean,

The broken army needed a brave and an audacious soldier to instigate it; see to it that it emerged victorious without the slightest of blemish to its motherland,

The broken den needed the lion to enlighten it; prove it once again to the world that it harbored none other; but the irrefutable king of the jungle,

The broken morning needed the cuckoo to animate it; drive away all the gloominess prevailing in the atmosphere; with the mesmerizing rhythm in its voice,

The broken line needed a teacher to restore it; explicitly explain it to the student its symbolic meaning and astronomical importance,

The broken voice needed a ventriloquist to harness it; extract the hidden melody to the summit of its capacity; portray to entire world the euphoric essence of sound,

The broken automobile needed a mechanic to invigorate it; lubricate its dying parts; pumping tons of fresh air in its tyre; granting it the power to conquer the
most treacherous of slopes,

The broken balls needed a juggler to enhance their charm; spin them at mind boggling speeds; revolving them at all angles in the breeze before delectably collapsing on the bed of pure silk,

The broken valley needed environmentalists to plant it with infinite saplings; see the inconspicuous nodules ripen into dense forests within a matter of fading months,

The broken house needed a ensemble of detectives to find the culprits; hunt out the criminals who transformed the family living in perpetual bliss into deceased corpses buried beneath the earth,

The broken women needed faithful husbands to alleviate their tale of deprivation; making them witness a new and vibrantly optimistic face of tomorrow,

The broken lives needed a messiah from the heavens to rehabilitate them; shower their bereaved souls with immeasurable happiness,

And my broken heart needed a girl who could fully comprehend my sorrow; love me like no one else did on this globe; bonding every beat of mine with her violently throbbing heart; healing every incurable wound of mine; blending her breath with mine for times and births immemorial .

The End .


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