are you afraid of me

or ?

do i scare you?

because trust me if you are

i'd  be so disappointed

i'll sleep knowing that

i evoked the wrong feelings

all i wanted was for you to see this for what it is

all the vibes you're getting

i want to swear

you're not misinterpreting or overthinking

i'm the overthinker

i leave messages

hoping you'll know they're meant for you

i'm not trying to speak in parables

cause i might probably suck at it

i can swear at some point

you joined the dots

then i think the wind became too strong

that it scattered all the smoke signals you were trying to send me

the funny thing is

i'm still sitted here

waiting for the response

for the last signal i sent


This poem is about: 
Our world



I can honestly relate to this feeling, it's like did I show too much interest?

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