You die; I die - Love Poems - Part 2

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About The Poetry Book -

This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems , is actually Part 2 of the Book titled – You die; I die – Love Poems ( 1600 pages ) . Poems symbolizing the immortality of love and at times its fickleness. Parekh takes the reader through a paradise naturally embellished with the ingredients of eternal romance and its sporadic failures. As they say life and death are two sides of the coin, similarly with every true anecdote of love there also comes fretful divorce—a thing which has been most sensitively described throughout this great collection of poems for the heart. Written and dipped in each ingredient of his passionate blood, Parekh comes out with startling revelations about the truest of love stories and their failures. Each verse has been delicately intertwined with a boundless aspects of relationships, romance, cheating, betrayal and goes on to prove that Immortal Love towers over every shattered heart. A start to finish with some of the most heart-rendering love poems ever, this makes a great collection for ever true lover breathing and desiring to be loved on earth and beyond. This collection of poems aims at perpetually uniting every heart on this Universe in the spirit of Immortal love and friendship. Because these are the two quintessential ingredients to lead life till its last breath. Irrespective of whatever color, faith or religion, it is only the rainbow of love which can transform the ghastliest monsters and perpetrators of humanity into peaceful lovers. Therefore this book inexhaustibly endeavors to speak and preach the language of love even after its last embossed alphabet.




You entered my disastrously impoverished veins; which were staggering on the brink of lame extinction; like the poignantly priceless and ultimate bloodstream; of my solitary existence,

You entered my gruesomely empty palms; which were quavering towards the realms of horrendous oblivion; like the invincibly unflinching and ultimate destiny; of my bedraggled existence,

You entered my haplessly diminishing eyes; which were painstakingly wailing towards the midnight of irrevocable blackness; like the victoriously undefeated and ultimate vision; of my floundering existence,

You entered my devastatingly collapsing shoulders; which were prejudiced by the castrated onslaught of the manipulative society; like the compassionately unshakable and ultimate fortitude; of my deteriorating existence,

You entered my pathetically distorted fingers; which were maimed by brutal plagiarism all around; like the triumphantly insuperable and ultimate artistry; of my invisible existence,

You entered my ghoulishly parched throat; which was dismally stuttering like a hoarsely dying frog; like the unconquerably blissful and ultimate voice; of my dwindling existence,

You entered my deliriously estranged brain; which was ruthlessly imprisoned by nothing else but a corpse of livid meaninglessness; like the beautifully silken and ultimate fantasy; of my preposterous existence,

You entered my inexplicably thwarted ears; which were fecklessly bombarded by solely the sounds of hopelessness; like the infallibly symbiotic and ultimate sounds; of my truncated existence,

You entered my drearily beleaguered feet; which were aimlessly squandering towards the mortuaries of asphyxiating hell; like the unassailably philanthropic and ultimate mission; of my evaporating existence,

You entered my penuriously trembling chest; which was barbarously orphaned by every speck of this commercially treacherous planet; like the inimitably bountiful and ultimate savior; of my incarcerated existence,

You entered my lackadaisically amorphous lips; which were divested of the tiniest affinity since decades immemorial; like the miraculously ameliorating and ultimate smile; of my waywardly existence,

You entered my severely lambasted cheeks; which were bludgeoned left; right and unsparing center by the infinite kicks of mundane society; like the wondrously enamoring and ultimate blush; of my victimized existence,

You entered my agonizingly holocaustic soul; which was cancerously enslaved by the non-existent spirit of the rampaging devil; like the ubiquitously bounteous and ultimate divinity; of my disappearing existence,

You entered my inexplicably emaciated skin; which was horrendously frozen to the last bone of the ludicrous spine; like the magically proliferating and ultimate virility; of my condensed existence,

You entered my lugubriously flailing chin; which was wantonly leaning infront of the coffins of utterly penalizing despondency; like the unshakably brilliant and ultimate hope; of my indecipherable existence,

You entered my nervously fluttering shadow; which was the most glaring exemplification of failure on this fathomless Universe; like the brilliantly unfettered and ultimate Sun; of my ragamuffin existence,

You entered my uncannily slavering tongue; which was being rapaciously coerced to slaver for all that is sinful on this parasitic globe; like the undauntedly celestial and ultimate conviction; of my minuscule existence,

You entered my maniacally gasping nostril; which inhaled nothing else but unbearably despicable corruption on this cold-blooded earth; like the perennially blossoming and ultimate freshness; of my gaunt existence,

You entered my traumatically directionless heart; which had become wholesomely oblivious to the palpitation of unceasing desire; like the resplendently Omnipotent and ultimate friendship; of my thinning existence,

And after entering each conceivable pore and cranny of my existence;
made me yours and only yours forever; true and Immortal Lover .


Never before did our lips kiss each other with such unconquerable intensity; unstoppably exploring each other's profoundly exhilarating ravines of sweetness; as if there wasn't going to be another instant to live,

Never before did our eyes stare at each other with such unparalleled fervor; celestially deciphering a countless inscrutable enigmas in the ocean of innocuously fluttering white and mesmerizing black,

Never before did our fingers intertwine in each other with such unbreakable tenacity; uniting for a boundless more lifetimes yet to unveil; just in those fugitive instants of time,

Never before did our cheeks abrade against each other with such unlimited yearning; turn a shade more crimson than the sensuously setting Sun; to yearn even more than infinity for each other,

Never before did our napes feel each other with such unfathomable ardor; gloriously plunging into the deepest gorges of untamed exhilaration; to evolve a whole new civilization of companionship,

Never before did our navels intermingle in each other with such unmatched yearning; brilliantly transcending over every other conceivable definition of pleasure and pain; on this eternally blessed earth,

Never before did our spines lean against each other with such insuperable magic; letting every damned inhibition liberate forever and ever and ever into fathomless bits of reinvigorating blue sky,

Never before did our bloodstreams crave for each other with such undefeated vigor; wanting to unite as a singleton signature of unabashed humanitarian compassion; for times beyond an infinite lifetimes,

Never before did our eyelashes long for each other with such unshakable temerity; perennially wanting to keep only each other's reflection entrapped within the silken hair; so that even the most tantalizing of alien distraction crumbled to inane ash,

Never before did our chests caress each other with such triumphant fire; letting an ocean of overpoweringly undying ecstasy; blissfully mélange with every perceivable ingredient of existence,

Never before did our feet tickle each other with such infallible mischief; fomenting us to explode into uninterrupted skies of laughter; even in the most staring face of inexplicable misery and duress,

Never before did our elbows nudge each other with such wondrous enthrallment; adroitly executing every cognizable insinuation under the sky; to perpetually attract our spirits to become one,

Never before did our palms lock into each other with such unshakable camaraderie; allowing only the lines of our invincibly everlasting friendship; become the ultimate bifurcations of our destiny,

Never before did our tongues lap each other with such unending desire; savoring the inimitable melody of our distinct creations; to give fresh birth to even the most wildest dreams of our impoverished lives,

Never before did our Adams apple bump into each other with such insatiable madness; leading every moment of life as the very best of mates; standing unflinchingly and laughing against the most ferocious of holocausts,

Never before did our shoulders hug each other with such unbridled magnetism; assimilating every miraculously palpable warmth of destined life; in the invisible gap between our breathless bosoms,

Never before did our thighs crush each other with such untamed rampancy; exuding into an unsurpassable inferno of untapped virility; romancing till the last star twinkled in the wee hours of dawn,

Never before did our nostrils inhale each other with such victorious enthusiasm; wholesomely making the inherent scents of our personalities; the sole mantra and inspiration to fearlessly live and die,

Never before did our hearts palpitate for each other with such uncontrollable excitement; with each beat immortalizing the essence of our love towards the furthermost epitome of god's paradise,

As they did and perennially continued to do; on our very first and
divinely honeymoon .


When we fell in love; all I could sight in her eyes was profoundly compassionate innocence; whilst at the same time all that sheraunchily saw in mine; was nothing else but the umpteenth reflections of palaces brilliantly lit in lamps of gold,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her lips was wondrously unbridled passion; whilst at the same time all that she unthinkably saw in mine; was nothing else but the remnants of the unfathomably costly royal fruit sticking to its nimble contours,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her palms was every infinitesimal line of my destiny; whilst at the same time all that she licentiously saw in mine; was nothing else but the royal triangles/squares/islands of infinite wealth; prosperity and fame,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her feet was intrinsically poignant and intricate wrinkles of adventure; whilst at the same time all that she tawdrily saw in mine; was nothing else but the golden dust adhering to the soles; which I'd inadvertently carried from my treasuries of gold,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her belly was the ultimate shivers of unparalleled seduction; whilst at the same time all that she flagrantly saw in mine; was nothing else but the aristocratic paste and beads of sandalwood that rose and fell with each of my breath,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her voice was an unbelievably enamoring melody of friendliness; whilst at the same time all that she diabolically saw in mine; was nothing else but the boundless number of places I divulged; wherein I'd invested each penny of my wealth,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her nape was invincibly ameliorating beads sensuality; whilst at the same time all that she carnivorously saw in mine; was nothing else but the unimaginable number of chains of pure diamond; emerald and shimmering silver,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her hair was bountifully silken webs of insatiable magic; whilst at the same time all that she lividly saw in mine; was nothing else but the unconquerably diamond studded crown; fervently alluring every organism alike,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her shoulders was innumerable vignettes of the different inscrutable shades of life; whilst at the same time all that she beguilingly saw in mine; was nothing else but the royal cloak of "His Majesty"; that people had learnt to spuriously bow to,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her ears was a gorge of infallibly priceless sensitivity; whilst at the same time all that she treacherously saw in mine; was nothing else but the countless earrings of princely pearl; that had been so fondly draped upon me by the civilizations under my rule,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her brain was unceasingly intriguing whirlpools of voluptuous fantasy; whilst at the same time all that she salaciously saw in mine; was nothing else but the dynamic visions I harbored to forever survive as the richest man on earth divine,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her flesh was the uncanny way in which it spell-bindingly retracted upon the nimblest of my caress; whilst at the same time all that she parasitically saw in mine; was nothing else but the world's costliest ornaments incorrigibly clinging and clanging all the time,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her fingers was a sky of fathomlessly untainted artistry; whilst at the same time all that she deplorably saw in mine; was nothing else but my signature which adroitly flowed; upon each blank space of the bank and unlimited checkbook,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her forehead was the symbiotic divinity of Omnipotent creation; whilst at the same time all that she wretchedly saw in mine; was nothing else but the birthmark of being the richest; as it was visible to all on the planet except my very own impoverished self,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her underarms was an undefeated ocean of triumphant sweat; whilst at the same time all that she frigidly saw in mine; was nothing else but the fragrance emanating from the best of branded designer and kingly perfumes,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her spine was perennially rekindling electricity; whilst at the same time all that she rapaciously saw in mine; was nothing else but the undyingly glittering and star studded throne; upon which it leaned for countless a lifetime,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her blood was the fire of insuperably united existence; whilst at the same time all that she bizarrely saw in mine; was nothing else but blue blooded nobility; which inexhaustibly circulated through a network of aristocratic veins,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her breath was an inferno of longing that existed even after death; whilst at the same time all that she pathetically saw in mine; was nothing else but the domineering status and authority; to which millions in my kingdom danced all night and day,

When we fell in love; all I could sight in her heart was the absolute pinnacle of Immortally celestial love; whilst at the same time all that she sadistically saw in mine; was nothing else but the unimaginable fortune I'd shower solely upon her; in my perpetual state of being an emotional fool .


She was a girl; who wouldn't ever dream of exploiting all those weaknesses of mine; that she'd inevitably come to know after clinging close to my compassionate chest all these years,

She was a girl; who knew exactly what to speak to me at the right moment; never even once thwarting my senses with inexplicably stabbing taunts and comments,

She was a girl; who wiped each of my tears with her everlasting kisses; standing unflinchingly beside me; in my times of disaster and duress; never making me feel that men hadn't the right to cry,

She was a girl; who adroitly knew how to mollify my ravenous palette; cooking every known delicacy under the Sun; to eventually share the same with me; befriending me forever in her silken lap,

She was a girl; who never even once criticized me for my bizarrely dwindling finances; stood abreast me like the rock of Gibraltar; when the entire world outside had pounced upon me like an insipid mouse,

She was a girl; who listened patiently for hours immemorial to even the most oblivious whisper of my heart; inexhaustibly appreciating me for what I originally was; and not for what the world had made of me in my moments of strife,

She was a girl; who idolized my feeling of self respect; never reaching out to even the closest of our kin for help; even though we continued to survive on fragments of rotten measly bread and in the gutter pipe,

She was a girl; who left all riches; relatives and everything else on this fathomless Universe; wanting nothing but to only bond with each beat of my fervently wailing heart,

She was a girl; who never minded my idiosyncratic shunting of the society and my preposterously eccentric lifestyle; truly commiserating as to what it was like being a fulltime artist and evolving fresh poetic rhyme,

She was a girl; who wholeheartedly joined me in my mission of reaching out to every fraternity of living kind; donating even the last ounce of our blood to the betterment of all those breathing under the sky,

She was a girl; who wasn't afraid in voicing her opinion if I was unwittingly drifting towards malice; enlightening every subjugated aspect of my existence; with the triumphantly optimistic cadence of her voice,

She was a girl; who ardently worshipped me as I did to her; immediately after our prayers first to the Omnipotent Almighty Lord; and to our respective parents who bestowed us with the first scream of life,

She was a girl; who would never dream of telling me a lie; never betray me even though I was severely maimed and blind; even as the closest of my blood relation left me for exploring more exciting new vistas of life,

She was a girl; who could amazingly comprehend the tiniest of my desires; by glimpsing just for a fraction of a second; into the twinkling whites of my roving eye,

She was a girl; who instead of ridiculing me everytime I floundered in life; gave me the invincible Herculean temerity; the inspiration to forever massacre the devil with the undying flame of truth in my soul,

She was a girl; who never retaliated even once at the angriest of my outburst; understanding my sporadic frustration; and covering my lips with a billion kisses to metamorphose my fierceness into a cloud of symbiotic love,

She was a girl; who gracefully acknowledged my deep and insuperable love for my mother; perfectly knowing that her place was always reigning supreme in each of my immortally volatile heartbeats,

She was a girl; who inseparably bonded each breath of hers with mine; whilst it was victoriously living; and even when it started to uncannily stutter to enter into the graveyards of death,

She was a girl; who shared my passion of giving birth to as many offsprings as we could; contributing our very best in the newness and ecstatically uninhibited proliferation of the gigantic Universe,

She was a girl; who couldn't exist even a minute without my heartbeat close to hers; who most certainly died alive even if I unknowinglydrifted my mischievous stare towards another of her kind,

She was a girl; who could recognize me wholesomely blindfolded; amongst zillions of other men strolling silently around; just by my fleeting stride; just by the aroma of the most diminutive droplet of sweat on my arms,

Unfortunately she was a girl; and would always remain a girl who existed only in my memories-as my ideal life-partner; in today's sacrilegiously robotic and commercially discriminating world outside .


It made you feel as if you were reborn a countless times out of inane nothingness; as the most unassailably euphoric king of all times and with the reins of your compassion brilliantly harnessing the entire planet,

It made you feel as if the Sun never ever dolefully set; with the astoundingly ameliorating brightness of exuberant life; perpetually prevailing over every nook and cranny of this majestic planet,

It made you feel as if there were fires of untamed passion; profoundly rekindling the surface of lividly limp and frigid water; swirling unfettered towards the highest epitome of fathomless blue sky,

It made you feel as if even the most wee hours of morbid midnight; bountifully chanted the mantra of ever-pervading fertility; replenishing each impoverished nerve of existence with the enchantment of creation galore,

It made you feel as if each denomination of currency and wealth on the globe was trapped in your outstretched palms; whereas there was nothing but maimed devastation to confront till boundless kilometers of your visage; in pragmatic reality,

It made you feel as if even the most aridly acrimonious patches of the desert; bloomed perennially with priceless roses and lilies; and unceasing springs of sparkling water; merrily sprouted from each granule of sweltering sand,

It made you feel as if the very definition of inexplicable misery; had forever been erased from the complexion of this boundless earth; although countless of your kind suffered in the agony of horrendous solitariness; just beside your every stride,

It made you feel as if there was nothing but the religion of humanity conquering everything on planet earth; although innumerable spat hostile blood on your face every minute; thoroughly quagmired with the discrepancies of religion; caste; creed and kind,

It made you feel that there was no significance at all of the word "I" on this motley planet; when infact there was so much to learn and imbibe; from the triumphant goodness lingering in each organisms life,

It made you feel that time had come to an absolute standstill; and the most adorable moments of your childhood and life; came galloping back once again to you; to stay for a countless lifetimes,

It made you feel that irrespective of whether or not you'd achieved even a single stone in your entire lifetime; you still were the richest organism existing; for speaking the truth and just being your very own original impeccable self,

It made you feel the most uncannily inscrutable shivers of adventure; even in the broadest of sweltering daylight; and with the most unscrupulous battalion of cars; traffic and robotically venomous smoke hovering around,

It made you feel as if the form of Omnipotent God could be witnessed on every branch; nook; cranny and pebble on earth; though the irrevocably religious society had confined him only to the constraints of the Church; Monastery; Temple and Mosque,

It made you feel as if each streak of thunderously silver lightening which fell from sky; reborn you for an infinite births and with the most victorious of visage; wherein all it did was to numb you there and then itself to death before your time,

It made you feel as if there was unparalleled sensuality lingering in even the most deadened of corpses; which were nothing but a conglomerate of ghoulishly jinxed bones; fouling in the wretchedly wastrel graveyard,

It made you feel as if the entire world ran on the fingertips of the freshly born child; and it was the sheer power in his Omniscient eyes which could melt any heaven or hell; in fractions of seconds alike,

It made you feel as if the whole planet was nothing but ramifications of compassion; the voluptuous amalgamation of the male and female form; intertwined invincibly in waves of lust; for centuries unprecedented,

It made you feel as if there was nothing beyond your very own breath; as you burnt to a countless tantalizingly excruciating deaths and evolved into a countless forms of benign life; simply in its Omnipotent fire,

O! Yes. That's exactly how you and an infinite like you felt; whilst for the first time as you fell; fell and undyingly kept falling into the gorge of Immortal Love .


O! Yes. Entirely and Unstoppably passionate was I . After the inscrutably teasing tresses in your ravishing hair; which inevitably compelled my fingers to come near; caress and timelessly disentangle,

O! Yes. Entirely and Fervently passionate was I. After your lusciously inviting lips; which rekindled the fire to live in my scraggily impoverished veins; even as I was buried a countless feet under heartless snow,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unsurpassably passionate was I. After your articulately heavenly fingers; which spawned an undefeated gorge of artistry in the complexion of my otherwise robotically bedraggled life,

O! Yes. Entirely and limitlessly passionate was I. After the insuperable compassion that enshrouded every ingredient of your blood; for every fraternity and dimension of pricelessly inimitable humanity,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unconquerably passionate was I. After your voluptuously enamoring hips; that made even the tiniest element of my persona ecstatically sway; under the impeccably tenacious moonlight,

O! Yes. Entirely and Tirelessly passionate was I. After each footprint that you embossed on pristinely moistened soil; which carved the most victoriously infallible trail for me to follow in my penurious life,

O! Yes. Entirely and Inexhaustibly passionate was I. After your tantalizingly gyrating belly; which drew me out of my deathly corpse; and into the untamed wilderness to once again sniff freshly exuberant life,

O! Yes. Entirely and Irrevocably passionate was I. After your mellifluously tinkling laughter; which made me feel like a prince effortlessly floating in the amiable clouds; for a countless more births of mine,

O! Yes. Entirely and Insanely passionate was I. After each droplet of silver sweat that dribbled from your arms; in the transparent mirror of which I could relentlessly stare into the candid intricacies of my life,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unrelentingly passionate was I. After each sensuous whisper that emanated from your throat; which quelled even the most truculently unbearable of my misery; into the magical heartbeat of existence,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unceasingly passionate was I. After the invincible warmth of your magnetic bosom; in which I found divinely solace; amidst the most tumultuously hideous apocalypses and storms,

O! Yes. Entirely and Endlessly passionate was I. After each uncanny goose-bump on your reverberating skin; which triggered the most unassailable infernos of fertility; in all my brain; body and soul,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unimaginably passionate was I. After your bountifully Omnipotent palms; in each fold and line of which; was written and rewritten every aspect of my destiny; yet to royally unfurl,

O! Yes. Entirely and Bizarrely passionate was I. After your mysteriously intrepid shadow; that fomented me to fantasize beyond the realms of extraordinary utopia; in its shades of insatiably evoking lust,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unfathomably passionate was I. After every pinch of soil that you caressed; applying the same consecrated ash now on each of my wounds; to grant them eternal liberation and rest,

O! Yes. Entirely and Undyingly passionate was I. After your rustically enchanting simplicity; which forever led me in search of nothing else; but the absolute truth nestling in each ingredient of the planet divine,

O! Yes. Entirely and Imperceptibly passionate was I. After your honey laden nape; which made me feel the wealthiest man alive; as I gently nibbled through its nimble catacombs of profound womanhood,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unreasonably passionate was I. After your fierily ebullient breath; which never ever let me quit my life; forever enveloping it with rhapsodic desire; blessing it with the invincible essence to survive amongst a pack of wolves,

O! Yes. Entirely and Unshakably passionate was I. After every beat that leapt uninhibitedly from your immortal heart; which taught me that there was nothing else but love; in the starting and ending alphabet of life,

And now if the worthless world outside says; that falling into passion was committing a dreadfully unpardonable and inconsolable sin; then I for one was ready to commit this sin; again and again and again and again .


I didn't the slightest expect even the most iridescently undefeated of mountaintops; the ultimate apogees of infallibly glittering success; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most majestically twinkling of stars; the unconquerably amiable glimmer that beautifully crowned the night; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most astoundingly proliferating of soil; the tirelessly spawning seeds of eclectically virile freshness; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most inscrutably roaring of oceans; the fathomless swirl of the undyingly towering and insuperable waves; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most torrentially blessing showers of rain; the globules of unparalleled magnificence which mollified every ingredient of emaciated soil; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most tantalizingly nubile seductresses; the rhapsodic wave of enigma which incessantly tingled even the most infinitesimal of my veins; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most indescribably mind-boggling miracles; the amazing evolution of an infinite new civilizations out of sheer and vapid nothingness; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most blazingly unfettered of Sun; the countless rays of Omnipotent light which vanquished every bit of inexplicable disaster; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most boundless granaries of nectar; the exotically unparalleled sweetness which harmoniously quelled every agonizing fire of life; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most unsurpassable stretch of the heavenly sky; the truest miracle depicting the vastness of God's Omnipresent creation; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most endless landscapes of pristine ice; the impeccable garland of priceless white that quintessentially adorned the mountain side; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most inimitably enamoring of pearls; the ecstatically virgin shimmer that granted bounteous fantasy for an unfathomable more lifetimes, in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most gloriously unchallengeable of laurels; the perpetual tunes of plaudits drifting left; right; center and in every conceivable pore of atmosphere; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most unimaginably gigantic territories of land; the footsteps of uninhibited romance emanating from every direction; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most unshakably powerful of fortresses; the rawness of united power demonstrated magnificently at every step; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most undyingly replenished of treasuries; the signature of stinking wealth which could virtually buy anything on this planet today; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most immortal spells of life; the heaven where there was absolutely not the tiniest trace of gorily asphyxiating death; in return for it,

I didn't the slightest expect even the most blessedly kingly destiny lines of life; the magical routes which led to nothing else but sparkling prosperity; in return for it,

If only; you gave me each beat of your immortally compassionate heart; in return for every corresponding beat of my heart; which inexhaustibly throbbed for you and only you; forever and ever and ever in my chest's goldmine .


No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even in the midst of the most ferociously untamed battlefield; where a zillion unflinchingly brave soldiers; were ready to shed their lives anytime for their motherland,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even in the midst of the tumultuously rattling earthquakes; which wholesomely changed the topography of this earth; with mountains and ferocious seas suddenly arising out of sheer nothingness,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even in the midst of the most revolutionary charged elections; which promised to dramatize the abysmally dwindling political scenario,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even at the ultimate summit of Mount Everest; with living bodies entirely naked; infallibly greeting the very first rays of royal dawn,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even as your past; present and future were foretold; as accurately as the god's had written it; by someone whom you were meeting for the first time in your impoverished life,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even as paradise engulfed every cranny of this devastated earth today; with even the most infinitesimal monument of misery transforming itself into a sky of eternal happiness,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even in the midst of romantically stormy sea; wherein each wave carried the innermost fantasy of your soul; to perennially unite with the seductively enamoring moonlight,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even as it torrentially rained for endless number of nights and days; when there was just nothing else but water; to eat; breathe; sleep and exist for every organism alive,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even as unparalleled gigantic Dinosaurs ruled this earth; irrefutably perpetuating their supremacy to every perceivable cranny on the globe; nonchalantly pulverizing whosoever who dared came their way; to insipid fragments of ash,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even as man reached every existing planet in the cosmos; making full and judicious use of technology; and thereby spuriously feeling as if he were just next to God,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even as spiritual leaders unstoppably recited the sacrosanct religious books of every religion on earth; sermonizing the verses of God to fathomless living and dead on the planet,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even as every single tree on this earth was ruthlessly felled by bawdily corrupt man; to erect unceasing jungles of corporate concrete upon the foundations of innocent natural life,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even in the midst of the most apocalyptic volcanoes; when countless territories of land and innocent man; evaporated into ludicrous oblivion; under the fury of vindictively unabashed lava,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even as devilishly nomadic man; beheaded innumerable live children; sacrilegiously placing their impeccable scalps infront of the deity; in order to immortalize himself with the fabric of life,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even as every mirror on the trajectory of this Universe shattered into a billion pieces; as soon as you held it infront of your face; lividly demonstrating yourself to be the most venerated superpower on planet divine,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even as man sadistically sold even the carcasses of his century old and dead ancestors; digging their tombs to feed their bones and skull to the monstrously growling; witches and pigs,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even as countless women unthinkably plunged themselves into burning pyres soon after their husbands; embracing voluntarily barbarous death in honor of their soul mates who were no longer alive,

No. It wasn't created the slightest. Even as human being articulately maneuvered the nexus of almost everything in this commercial planet; on a singleton minuscule computer microchip,

Sadly, whereas it miserably failed to create the slightest in any of the above. True History was; is and shall forever be created everytime you gave the tiniest beat of your heart to others; everytime you melanged with the humanitarian spirit to survive; everytime you tried to altruistically unite the entire planet into the religion of oneness; everytime you fell in love .


The dress to unsurpassably thrill her; lift her to infinite altitude from her nimble feet; as she was plaintively traversing through bland patches of erratically cut green grass,

The dress to uncannily excite her; metamorphose even the most disparagingly infertile of her moods; into a eternally ardent and royal proliferation,

The dress to timelessly enchant her; rouse even the most cadaverously limp follicle of hair on her skin; to beyond the epitome of Everest; in the revitalizing stillness of the atmosphere,

The dress to majestically silence her; quell even the most insouciant of her apprehensions; with the invincible magic of profound charisma and compassionate royalty,

The dress to perennially magnetize her; perpetuate even the most ephemerally fluttering of shadow; to follow and forever entwine with the essence of your personality,

The dress to inimitably impress her; tirelessly evoke the most inscrutable tingling in her flesh; an unstoppable yearning in her chest to embrace every quarter of your demeanor,

The dress to uncontrollably triumph her; attain perpetual victory over her silken countenance; as she nimbly surrendered even the most ethereal of her intimate senses to your unconquerably handsome swirl,

The dress to timelessly conquer her; leave an intransigent impression of your wondrously fervent personality; upon every globule of fiery sweat that dribbled down her ecstatic skin,

The dress to effortlessly liberate her; wholesomely emptying even the most disastrously maiming of her tensions into sheer nothingness; as she solely floated in the aisles of untamed desire,

The dress to inadvertently capture her; eventually gather complete control over even the most oblivious insinuations of her shadow; as she helplessly melted deeper and deeper into the blacks of your piercing eyes,

The dress to inexplicably provoke her; trigger the dormant labyrinths of creative energy entrapped in her spirit; to unlimitedly fulminate into an unceasing festoon of miraculous innovation,

The dress to undyingly fascinate her; foment her to fantasize beyond the realms of the mundane; and till the last cloud that hovered on the blissfully golden horizons,

The dress to unchallangably win her; infallibly draw even the most imperturbable part of her persona towards your undefeated masculinity; even in the most invisibly flickering of light,

The dress to pricelessly cast a spell on her; make her minutely feel even the most unexplored of your vibrant imagery; through heart-renderingly poignant telepathy,

The dress to reincarnate the artist in her; granting fresh life to the haplessly dead tombs of virility in her soul; as she unabashedly let nectar to slip from each pore of her body; and blend with every single ingredient of the atmosphere,

The dress to effulgently impregnate her; replenish every aspect of her drearily impoverished existence; with everything that was beautifully and merrily abounding on this uninhibited planet,

The dress to insuperably propose her; with a surety of nothing else but 'yes' rebounding back from the swish of her tongue; as majestically kissed the farthest finger of her queenly hands,

The dress to phlegmatically reborn her; inevitably make her rise from her languid corpse; unfathomably flustered by the sheer size and enigmatic shades of your larger than life personality,

Was. O! Yes undoubtedly was. The Dress in Pure and Powerful Black. In the Pure blackness of the voluptuously embellished and sensuously blessed night .


Too sad is too bad; as it wholesomely annihilates traces of exuberant energy from every domain of the body,

Too mysterious is too bad; as it imprisons a boundless myriad of explosive emotions deep within the fast diminishing soul,

Too angry is too bad; as it baselessly assassinates all the prudent sagaciousness lingering in your ingenious mind,

Too shy is too bad; as it indefatigably tries to conceal the truly flamboyant identity of a man,

Too dirty is too bad; as the obnoxiously hovering germs pertinently conflicted with the process of blossoming ebullience,

Too starved is too bad; as the unprecedented pangs of hunger in the stomach decimate all chances of plunging forward euphorically,

Too fast is too bad; as the Almighty Lord's mesmerizing process of evolution remains incomplete,

Too morbid is too bad; as it pulverizes the island of overwhelming bliss into wisps of treacherous nothingness,

Too smart is too bad; as it disdainfully kills the immaculate child perpetually floating in your crystalline eyes,

Too dependant is too bad; as it ruthlessly rips apart your dynamic integrity from its very indomitable roots,

Too hysterical is too bad; as it makes you uncouthly mute to sorrow; during the course of your future life to unveil,

Too negative is too bad; as it pathetically massacres the wave of irrefutable optimism immortally enveloping your righteous conscience,

Too manipulative is too bad; as it drifts you further and further away from the insurmountably sacrosanct lap of your revered mother,

Too nervous is too bad; as it foments you to commit blunders in things; which you could have irrevocably owned above the rest,

Too wealthy is too bad; as it perpetuates you to become savagely oblivious to your intrinsic rudiments of existence,

Too powerful is too bad; as it engenders you to suck the blood of your fellow compatriots; whom God had created you equal with,

Too malicious is too bad; as it relentlessly coaxes you to hate every entity possessing a shade more than you,

Too suspicious is too bad; as it triggers you to relinquish and betray the everlasting love of your life,

Too punctual is too bad; as it diabolically snaps apart the uncanny excitement descending every unfurling instant; as you walked on the streets,

But too romantic is too good; as it makes you feel alive beyond your own self; as it makes you feel alive for the most fulfilling mission for which God sent you
upon on planet earth .


The Sun might be flamboyant; sizzling dilapidated portions of the earth with its festoon of grandiloquently blistering rays; but you are the most flamboyant of them all,

The flower might be fragrant; diffusing its stupendously exotic redolence to thoroughly dwindling souls; but you are the most fragrant of them all,

The stars might be fabulously resplendent; shimmering their pearly rays in the ocean of perpetual darkness; but you are the most resplendent of them all,

The thunderbolts of white lightening might be vivacious; impregnating infernos of insatiable desire into lifeless souls; but you are the most vivacious of them all,

The crimson clouds in the boundless cosmos might be mystical; as one sighted them nostalgically reminiscing times of immaculate birth; but you are the most mystical of them all,

The protuberant crested sparrow might be boisterous; frolicking in the aisles of uninhibited rhapsody; but you are the most boisterous of them all,

The sheets of impeccably glistening ice might be seductive; melting into a melodious stream of voluptuous water; but you are the most seductive of them all,

The mountain of unsurpassable salt embodied in the undulating waves might be tangy; disseminating into a fountain of exuberant froth as it bounced on the shores; but you are the most tangy of them all,

The summit of the hill might be incredulously fascinating; overlooking into a fathomless myriad of breathtaking scenery; but you are the most fascinating
of them all,

The fortress of pure stone might be invincible; withstanding the most acrimonious of onslaughts with astounding solidarity; but you are the most invincible of them all,

The royally oligarchic castle might be unfathomably majestic; with its walls radiating a profusely captivating sheen under milky moonlight; but you are the most majestic of them all,

The shadow might be enigmatically enchanting; incarcerating even the most morose in its inexplicably tingling swirl; but you are the most enigmatic of them all,

The sprawling meadows of verdant grass might be romantic; surreptitiously fostering two lovers away from the monotonous world; but you are the most romantic of them all,

The webs of golden honey trickling from the beehive might be profoundly sweet; marvelously pacifying themost scorchingly traumatized throats; but you are the
most sweetest of them all,

The dream might be fantastically innovative; supremely rejuvenating the horrendously dreary nerves of the exhausted brain; but you are the most innovative of them all,

The child might be innocent; with his overwhelmingly mischievous smile imprisoning the hearts of even the most diabolically dictatorial; but you are the most innocent of them all,

The dog might be incomprehensibly faithful to his master; incessantly following him wherever he went irrespective of his mind-boggling poverty; but you are the most faithful of them all,

The breath might be insurmountably Omnipotent; instilling traces of indispensably volatile life in every organism tangible and alive; but you are the most Omnipotent of them all,

The Mother might be sacrosanct; bearing me 9 months in her celestial womb so that I could be what I was today; but you are the most sacrosanct of them all,

And the heart might be immortal; refraining to cease its fulminating battalion of beats even centuries after its death; but let me tell you O! beloved; that you were the most immortal of them all .


Sometimes more tender than a new born child; nostalgically remembering those moments when it was just born,
Sometimes as ferocious as thunderbolts of lightening in the sky; capsizing everyone around; in the tumultuous agony of its insatiable desire .

Sometimes more mystical than the dungeons infinite feet beneath obdurate soil; harboring a festoon of secrets impossible to comprehend,
Sometimes as candid as a mirror; blurting out its innermost of feelings like a parrot on a talking spree .

Sometimes more colorful than the resplendent rainbow in the cosmos; disseminating its myriad of boundless colors to every entity on this planet,
Sometimes as dolorous as the dying soul; painstakingly withering away towards its inevitably horrendous grave .

Sometimes more blistering than the fulminating volcano; casting its enchanting spell on every philanthropic being on this globe,
Sometimes as cowardly as the worm; disappearing into its diminutive den; as the slightest insinuation of fading light .

Sometimes more fast than the cyclonic whirlwind; instilling a wave of ebullient euphoria in every pathetically diminishing body,
Sometimes as reticent as the infinitesimally silent whisper; which even it didn’t posses the capacity to hear .

Sometimes more fathomless than the entire richness of this world; sharing its priceless forms with all who badly needed it,
Sometimes as slithering miserly in the caves of nothingness; begging for mercy; to whomsoever who came its way .

Sometimes more invincible than the most ultimate point of existence; sequestering the righteous from each conceivable acrimonious storm,
Sometimes as collapsing like a pack of burnt cards; even before the wind blew a trifle its way .

Sometimes more divinely than the Creator who evolved it; incarcerating all the mesmerizing beauty of this planet in its inner most core,
Sometimes as dastardly as the diabolical devil; advancing menacingly towards the destruction of living kind .

O! yes the HUMAN HEART, was Sometimes more passionate than the gift called life; perpetually bonding those who loved each other for immortal times,
While Sometimes as treacherous as the satanic scorpion; betraying its own beats; which it once upon a time irrefutably adored .


I was scared to look into your eyes; as I was sure drown in the river of their mesmerizing enchantment,

I was scared to look at your lips; as I was sure to blend with their tantalizingly seductive softness,

I was scared to look at your hair; as I was sure to float with their exuberantly vivacious caress,

I was scared to look at your cheeks; as I was sure to kiss their rubicund sweetness till times beyond eternity,

I was scared to look at your lashes; as I was sure to flirt in the aisles of desire; till the time I wholesomely forgot my own entity,

I was scared to look at your palms; as I was sure to make your euphorically adventurous destiny; each part of my life,

I was scared to look at your sweat; as I was sure to run my fingers in rampant frenzy through the mystical trails it traversed,

I was scared to look at your feet; as I was sure to bow down in timid obeisance till the time I relinquished my most minuscule of air,

I was scared to look at your forehead; as I was sure to abdicate all memory and learning; relentlessly trying to decipher the lines between your brow,

I was scared to look at your yawn; as I was sure to transit into a unfathomably heavenly reverie; catapulting to the times right back when I was an
impeccable child,

I was scared to look at your drifting voice; as I was sure to bury myself infinite feet beneath the earth; profoundly absorbed in its enthralling melody,

I was scared to look at your belly; as I was sure to emancipate all my appetite for food; indefatigably feeling the enigmatic rhythm of your skin as it celestially rose and fell,

I was scared to look at your shadow; as I was sure to leave my soul forever; bonding with its stupendously mystical aura for moments beyond imagination,

I was scared to look at your ears; as I was sure to sketch their milky rhapsody in the inner most walls of my conscience; with the blood that surged with newness
through my veins,

I was scared to look at your neck; as I was sure to wholesomely forget the art of turning; irrefutably agglutinated by the trail of unprecedented fascination
it left as it moved,

I was scared to look at your smile; as I was sure to become a complete alien to the pragmatic realities of monotonous life; profusely admiring its gorgeously
mischievous contours that ran till the sky,

I was scared to look at your footprint; as I was sure to cherish it as the most sacred wealth in this Universe; following it till I met my ultimate grave,

I was scared to look at your breath; as I was sure to then stop breathing from the atmosphere; inhaling its divinely aroma instead,

And I was scared to look at your heart; as I was sure that I would fall in love; which got immortally deeper and deeper as each second unveiled .


Say that I was a coward; running faster than the speed of white light; at the most minuscule premonition of danger,

Say that I looked horrendously ugly; repugnantly wading off even my reflection away from my entity,

Say that I was overwhelmingly penurious; starving to unprecedented limits; in the realms of my dilapidated hutment,

Say that I was oblivious of the art of love; staring like an insane moron into bare bits of disdainfully monotonous space,

Say that I was astronomically dirty; dissipating an ocean of treacherous filth on every path I tread,

Say that I was an inconspicuous mosquito; a transiently fleeting reflection which disappeared even before it had appeared,

Say that I was salaciously lecherous parasite; sucking blood indiscriminately from whomsoever who encountered me in my way,

Say that I was mockingly blind in the most dazzling of sunlight; tripping pathetically towards remote wisps of oblivion,

Say that I was full of malevolent fantasies; wishing insidiously evil as soon as people turned their innocuous backs,

Say that I was insurmountably haggard; resembling a hoarsely whimpering beggar; even in the most majestic of my suit,

Say that I was appallingly dumb; without a voice of my own; even though provoked beyond the point of satanic control,

Say that I was an unscrupulous rascal; philandering aimlessly on the streets; when in reality I toiled even after midnight; to assimilate fodder for the entire house,

Say that I was a diabolical assassin; rampantly massacring innocent scalps; for frugal wads of sleazy money,

Say that I was a replica of the preposterously fat elephant; evoking everyone to laugh as they sighted my erratically funny caricature,

Say that I was an acrimonious desert; without harboring the slightest trace of love or poignant empathy,

Say that I was a decayed stalk of shriveled mushroom; being blown worse than a whisker; down the slopes of the lanky mountain,

Say that I was a hideously menacing drunkard; mumbling incoherently for times immemorial; even though I drank nothing but pure water all my life,

Say that I was the most torturous of all husbands; meting my personal frustration on your rubicund skin; when infact you had incarcerated me in a blanket of blood coated chains; since the time we had tied the nuptial thread,

Say that I didn’t know the way to live; howling like an imbecile dog; tearing my hair in the heart of the boisterously bustling lane,

And say anything you like O! beloved; condemning me beyond the boundaries of incomprehensible imagination; give me infinite deaths crucifying me with daggers of your hatred; BUT FOR HEAVEN SAKE NEVER SAY DIE .


Just a minute ago you were bouncing merrily in my palms; shouting euphorically with the full cry of life,
While at the present moment you lay without budging a single inch; staring in mute silence towards clouds drifting solitarily in open space.

Just a minute ago you were smiling to your heart'scontent kissing me profusely on my lips; pinching mycheeks in flirtatious excitement,
While at the present moment you transited into an invincible slumber; with your mouth partially open; rampantly inhaling all dirt suspended in the gloomy

Just a minute ago you were recounting to me innocuous tales of your childhood; the moments of mischief that had their mystical spell forever on your vivacious
While at the present moment you incorrigibly refrained to speak at all; as pools of ghastly saliva dribbled from the corner of your mouth.

Just a minute ago you were chanting your cloud of fantasies to me; the dwelling which you so inexorably wished for both of us to stay in together,
While at the present moment you stared for eternity into my eyes; with the toys held in your fingers tumbling in incoherent unison on the cold ground.

Just a minute ago you were pummeling me in my ribs; cheekily cracking the most weirdest of jokes you could salvage from your repertoire,
While at the present moment you embraced the soil like a lackluster leaf; with your conglomerate of hair sprawled into a gruesomely bedraggled heap.

Just a minute ago you sang in magnificent tandem with the exuberantly drifting wind; blending your sound superbly with each beat of mine,
While at the present moment you wholesomely failed to respond the most thunderous of my shouts; as the color of your skin metamorphosed from a rubicund pink to a gory yellow.

Just a minute ago you were rampantly perceiving the names of our first child; with the bulky book depicting the same unveiled handsomely in your petite fingers,
While at the present moment you collapsed with a sigh on your knees; with an overwhelmingly heavy layer of dust settling on your enchanting face.

Just a minute ago you were proudly assimilating your hard earned possessions; basking in the glory of the scintillating jewelry that adorned your immaculately
voluptuous skin,
While at the present moment you lay like a scarecrow with ominous vultures in vicinity hovering above you; and the urges in your body now coalescing perpetually with obsolete wisps of oblivion .

And just a minute ago you were securely alive in my compassionate arms; with your tantalizingly soft breath drowning me into whirlpools of exotic desire;
with your ravishing demeanor stupefying me to the most unprecedented limits,
While at the present moment you had left me forever to rest in the land of Almighty Creator; and no matter how much I cried; I knew you'd only be in my dreams; and not by my side .


Sheets of fascination wholesomely blinded my eyes; engulfing them with thunderbolts of exotic excitement,

Waves of insurmountable passion flowed rampantly through my blood; permeating me every minute like a quiver full of stinging arrows,

An ocean of enchantment lingered insatiably in the corridors of my mind; transiting me into a state of rhapsodic slumber,

Springs of sweet honey dribbled tantalizingly down my throat; titillating me beyond the point of no control,

Cloudbursts of mesmerizing fantasy enveloped my persona from head to toe; imprisoning me in the swirl of tumultuously poignant desire,

A river of perspiration trickled passionately down my chin; escalating me to a place infinite kilometers over paradise,

A garden of stupendously fabulous scent descended ferociously down my nostrils; virtually swiping my feet in a surreal dream from the surface of earth,

Clouds of overwhelmingly fervent longing encircled my eyelashes; fomenting them to drool down in timid submission,

Fountains of astronomical mysticism embedded my soul; drowning me inevitably into a lake of alluring enigma and incomprehensible charm,

An inexorable tenacity to explore encapsulated my fists and fingers; evoking me to draw boundless myriad of incoherent forms; with frenzied movements on the
glistening sands,

A beehive of captivating mirages deluged my imagination; engendering me to think beyond the fathomlessly extraordinary,

rainbows of compassion entrenched my conscience; enticing me at a velocity faster than that of light; towards the entirely unknown,

Tornado's of unbelievable attraction blew towards my facial contours; making me wholesomely oblivious to the rapid unfurling of time,

Pearls of untamed jubilation danced euphorically in my belly; reaching an ultimate crescendo; as I caressed my body lazily on the chocolate brown ground,
Dagger heads of poignant belonging drifted down my rubicund cheeks; inundating them with a tinge more voluptuous than the supremely redolent rose,

An island of uncanny emotions placidly nestled in my veins; welling up thunderously towards eternity as each second speedily zipped by,

A meadow of emphatically seductive feelings possessed every action I executed; propelling me to surge forward with unrestricted exhilaration,

And each beat of my violently palpitating heart; cried aloud to witness your ingratiatingly royal countenance,

Please do come soon; for I was about to exhale my last breath without you; Please do come soon; bond your breath with mine O! Beloved .


My legs dictated me to run; chase her reflection till the point it became entirely invisible; blending with the ethereally fading horizons,

My eyes dictated me to sight; admire her mesmerizing countenance for hours immemorial; drown myself into the river of voluptuous charm that lay trapped beneath her skin,

My lips dictated me to sing; keep on incessantly evolving rhymes and tunes to stupendously please her enamoring visage,

My hands dictated me to caress; run rampantly through her mass of supremely seductive hair; shiver with inexplicable excitement as they brushed across her
immaculate complexion,

My ears dictated me to listen; profoundly blend myself with her enthralling voice; stretch myself to the most mightiest of limits to decipher even the faintest traces of rhapsodic ecstasy in her sound,

My mind dictated me to fantasize; try and conceive her in the most incredulous forms that existed on this Universe; philander uninhibitedly with her majestic grace; through mystical lanes sandwiched well beneath the towering mountains,

My teeth dictated me to inexorably chatter; tremble in unsurpassable trepidation crouched like a potato on her divinely doorstep; ardently waiting for her to arrive in timid submission,

My nose dictated me to smell; profusely coalesce myself with her enchanting fragrance; fill my appetite for marathon hours that unveiled in the day; inhaling
the ravishing that wafted from her impeccable countenance,

My bones dictated me to dexterously move; in order to save her sacrosanct visage; from the minutest of evil suspended in the air circumventing her,

My eyelashes dictated me to bat; render myself in innocuous submission; in front of her heavenly demeanor; transiting me way back into joyfully innocent childhood,

My tongue dictated me to lick; clean every iota of path she was about to tread on and celestially purify; with my stream of passionately dribbling and volatile saliva,

My nails dictated me to probe; nimbly trail down her nape; to thunderously ignite the waves of unconquerable compassion between our blessed entities,

My arm dictated me to dig; adroitly pave the foundations of our dwelling; construct it with formidable brick and stone; for us to blissfully reside during the remainder of our destined life,

My shoulders dictated me to carry her philanthropically magnanimous body; protect her from even the most inconspicuous shadow of danger; perilously lurking behind her ravishing form,

My throat dictated me to leap and bounce; gasp in incomprehensible ebullience; with its Adams apple swirling more vivaciously than the volcano; the moment it witnessed her fabulously fascinating grace,

My lungs dictated me to stay silent; create an ambience of perpetual solitude; so that she didn’t get disturbed the slightest in her spell of unimaginably intense concentration,

My skin dictated me to tremble in boisterous excitement; shiver more hysterically than freezing snow in the peak of blazing summer; in order to welcome her Kingly persona with diminutive humility,

My conscience dictated me to immortally bond with her sacred soul; stand taller than the skies beside her; whenever she needed me,

And my heart dictated me to love her; embed this existing life of hers with so much care; that it was more than what anybody could ever possibly muster; even in infinite lives .


Your voice seemed to me a supremely obfuscated blur; although you were standing at whisker lengths from my body; screaming hysterically into my sensitive eardrum,

Your footsteps seemed to me like a frigidly lazy yawn; although you were tumultuously banging your bohemian feet across the savagely metallic floor,

Your laughter seemed to me like lame ducks floating on the docile pond; although you were thunderously chortling into loud guffaws as you watched the clown
fall down,

Your eyes seemed to me like dark clouds hovering in dull consternation; although you were staring ferociously towards my visage as if planning to eat me for nocturnal supper,

Your dance seemed to me like the dead squirrel lying on the stone since ages; although you were vivaciously swishing your bones to stridently blaring sleazy

Your hands seemed to me like flimsy spider webs; although you were clapping them ardently under the mid day Sun,

Your clothes seemed to me like vaguely obsolete shadows; although you had adorned your demeanor in fabulously glittering attire,

Your lips seemed to me like squelched and frivolously light pulp; although you had embellished them with garish lipstick; were pursing them indefatigably as each minute unveiled by,

Your hair seemed to me like decayed strands of the morbid broomstick; although you flirtatiously fluttered them at thin distances from my cheeks,

Your fingers seemed to me like evanescently buried fossils; although you had flooded them with incredulous strings of scintillating diamonds and pearls,

Your tongue seemed to me like lifeless tiger skin suspended dolorously from the ceiling; although you cheekily moved it inside your mouth umpteenth number
of times in a single minute,

Your sweat seemed to me like a transiently fading mirage melting at electric speeds as the seconds unfurled by; although you let it pour poignantly upon my eye as you conversed boisterously by my side,

Your feet seemed to me like the miserably evaporating waterfall lasting for only frugal periods after the monsoons; although you had encompassed them in alluring chains of white silver; audaciously struck your big toe in the center of my chest,

Your skin seemed to me like fermented milk rotting in open space since ages; although you had inundated it with overwhelmingly austere rose scent; and it glowed more tenaciously than the moon had ever shone,

Your nails seemed to me like old frogs croaking in timid submission just before their death; although you had pruned them meticulously with contemporary times;
vibrantly cuddled my soft cheeks with your piquantly painted nail polish,

Your ears seemed to me like colorless pools of saliva loitering on the dusty street; although you had decorated their dainty periphery with opulent jewelry; dangled them seductively before my face,

Your belly seemed to me like charred firewood; nimbly smoldering embers of subsiding fire; although you had enveloped it in mesmerizing silk; gyrated it
voluptuously to captivate my attention,

Your height seemed to me like the diminutively inconspicuous dwarfs; although you trespassed on spiffy heels; stood at a handsome stature from the nonchalantly flat ground,

Your bangles seemed to me like infinitesimal beads of orphaned cotton; although you shook them vehemently near my ears; permeating the still ambience around
with volcanic noise,

And I am profoundly sorry to say O! beloved that all I was able to make out of you was a blurred and a slim mosquito; unable to appreciate your alluring charisma and royal grace,

As I gawked at your persona in open mouthed amazement; missing you perhaps more than God could have missed this earth when you were gone; was infact meeting you after 3 torturously complete days .


The moment she was with me I shouted at her stringently; showing her my fists in indignation,
But I realized it only when she went off to sleep; that I craved to speak to her; missed the bustling noise of her footsteps.

The moment she was with me I teased her unrelentingly; scowled at her making ungainly faces,
But I realized it only when she went out shopping; that I longed for her like anything; desperately craved to hear the melody in her voice.

The moment she was with me I kept scratching my hair; hardly paying attention to the activities she recited of the day,
But I realized it only when she talked the same to her alien friends; that how inquisitive I was to hear it passionately from her mouth.

The moment she was with me I castigated all attempts of hers to tie my shoelace; portraying myself to be a perfect man,
But I realized it only when she went to mothers place; as to how inevitably I needed her; and what a child I became in her absence.

The moment she was with me I shrug the food she made; declaring it to be bland and tasteless,
But I realized it only when she fed the same lovingly to the servants; as to how much I cherished each meal she prepared.

The moment she was with me I revolted vehemently that she snored; not letting me sleep blissfully for even a single minute,
But I realized it only when she slept in the lawns; as to how much I missed her caress; the ardor in her breath that intermingled with mine.

The moment she was with me I protruded my tongue at her for not bathing; admonishing her for flooding my nostrils with a smell like rotten tomato,
But I realized it only when she walked out of the house in anger; that I found the most exotic of perfume to be raw dirt in front of her perspiration.

The moment she was with me I pointed fingers at her eyes; saying that she was horrendously squint,
But I realized it only when she closed them abruptly at me; as to how mesmerizing were her lashes; the poignant empathy that they oozed out every unfurling second.

The moment she was with me I told her to dismiss off from my presence; leaving me alone to delve in my world of fantasy,
But I realized it only when she exited; that my dreams ended there and then; and each pore of my body cried for her in agony.

Therefore this is my humble plea to you O! Almighty Lord; please don’t separate us ever,
For she was my blood and I was her breath; and we would die a gruesome death to take birth again as lovers; if you didn’t BIND US IN THIS LIFE TOGETHER .


i drowned myself in large beer cans of alcohol,
Lay the whole night on desolate sands of the beach,
Traversed bare feet through scorching territories of stone ground,
Sang nostalgic rhymes while kissing the winter breeze,
Grew strands of unruly beard on the immaculate skin of my face,
Stared unrelentingly all night at the cameo of twinkling stars,
Consumed food abstemiously with occasional sips of soiled water,
Erupted with volatile outbursts of anger at the slightest of provocation,
Walked at languid pace with the acerbic sun filtering through my eyes,
Wore pure suits of torn jute blended with cheap pieces of leather,
Lambasted myself with incessant strokes of the whiplash at dawn,
Distributed all my affluence to the needy and impoverished,
Disposed my smoke Grey sedan in fathomless waters of the ocean,
Burnt all novels which contained even minuscule traces of romance,
Refrained to cast frivolous glances the charismatic passing by,
Sequestered myself from pragmatic realities of life,
spending life like a relic in a dilapidated barn,
Ploughed the earth with my pickaxe shovel; the only means of survival,
There was a time I had bounced radiantly; blooming with life,
While at the present moment though; I sobbed all day and sinister night,
As I no longer possessed the power to win back my love,
To shrug of the obliteration's and make her forever mine.


Even if you slapped me hard in my cheek; mercilessly whipping the succulent flesh of my body,
I would still bow down my head in obeisance; proclaim vociferously to the world that I loved you.

Even if you spat on me loads of your tangy saliva; castigating me openly amidst scores of civilians; for the most inadvertent of my mistakes,
I would still offer you a glass of spring water to mollify your anger; say
audaciously that I loved you.

Even if you starved me of food for the entire day; refraining to cast an amicable look in my direction,
I would still endeavor my best to make you frivolously smile; trying to enlighten the pallid atmosphere; declare without hesitancy that I loved you.

Even if you made me polish the dilapidated floors till they shone like mirrors; dictatorially commanded me to wipe your shoes,
I would still worship your feet in due reverence; whisper to the obdurate brick walls that I loved you.

Even if you made me iron your ostentatious clothes; dressing me in threadbare
sacs of corrugated jute,
I would still engulf you with the extra rag on my body; when you were shivering; sobbing hysterically in front of you to convey that I loved you.

Even if you shut your eyes when I confronted you; smirking haughtily when I
tried to utter the most diminutive of sound,
I would still carry you to your bed when your dreary toes floundered to hold
their weight on the ground; kiss you gently on your lips to portray I loved you.

Even if you deliberately snapped off my car brakes; making sure I met with a ghastly accident the next time I drove,
I would still utter your name while lying submerged in pools of greasy blood; shout as hard as I could expend my lungs to say that I loved you.

Even if you wished derogatory for me night and day; ominously stared at me for
no fault of mine,
I would still pray to the creator to impregnate your life with bountiful riches; ubiquitously disclose that I loved you.

Even if you pushed me from the aircraft hovering at an unprecedented altitude
in the clouds; waiting anxiously to witness the scenario of my inevitable death,
I would still smile compassionately at you; fervently hoping to witness your
grace again in the next birth; unanimously declare to all that I loved you before I relinquished breath.

Do you want to know the secret behind my blatantly irrational behavior; the cause for my uninhibited sacrifice,
Well its simply this darling; that I had loved you intensely since the moment I first saw you,
And WHEN IN LOVE; I only knew to chivalrously give; for the moment I asked you to grant me favors in return; I would be christened as the "biggest beggar".


In order to repair the broken door; what was required was a plethora of finely
chiseled nails; along with an adroit carpenter,

In order to repair the tumbledown television; what was required was a maze of
intricate wires; and the services of a technician,

In order to repair the severely corrugated road; what was required was bountiful amounts of fresh mud; to be scrupulously compacted by the gigantic bulldozer,

In order to repair the shoddy shoe; what was required was strong spools of
thread; and a metallic bodkin to meticulously stitch the same,

In order to repair the fragile economy of the country; what was required was a
stringent dictator; who thoroughly refrained from indulging into the most
inconspicuous of malpractice; shirked his face away from taking bribe,

In order to repair the houses flooded with the onslaught of stormy coastal
waves; what was required was to evacuate the afflicted from the tyranny of

In order to repair the dilapidated car; what was required was a host of scintillating spare parts; and a drum replete with lubricant oil,

In order to repair the punctured tier; what was required was a few bellows of
compressed air; which lay incarcerated in the hand pump,

In order to repair the contemporary timepiece; what was required was a pair of
lead batteries; engendering white current to flow,

In order to repair the shattered mirror; what was required was long pieces of pellucid glass; along with a rotund bottle of sticky glue,

In order to repair the disheveled painting; what was required was an artist blending it with vibrant colors from his brush; transforming its complexion into virtually new,

In order to repair raw wounds oozing blood; what was required was a sprinkle
of emollient antiseptic,

In order to repair the gaping hole in the wall; what was required was articulately sculptured bricks; which could fill the same to perfection,

In order to repair the discarded aircraft; what was required was to refuel it
with gasoline; strengthen its tapered wings,

In order repair burnt hair adorning the scalp; what was required was to tonsure the scalp entirely; to facilitate brand new clusters to grow,

In order to repair the torn parchment of bonded paper; what was required was
adhesive tape which held the sheet in a vice like grip,

In order to repair the earthquake stricken edifices; what was required was to
dismantle them completely; replacing them with fresh ones having superior
resistance to shock,

In order to repair the smashed web of the spider; what was required was to
feed the beast with lots of insect; thereby granting it strength to spin other one,

In order to repair wholesome darkness prevailing on this earth; what was required was the omnipotent light of courage shining unrelentingly,

And in order to repair my broken heart; what was required was a girl who could
love me intensely; make me oblivious to the horrendous anecdotes and my miseries of the past.


When an arrow of barbaric iron struck me on my chest; rivulets of blood trickled down rampantly,
Soft portions of flesh were brutally invaded; and I emitted loud screams of anguish under my vanishing breath.

When an arrow of glittering gold struck me perilously close to my ribs; I
initially felt elated at witnessing the opulence embedded,
However after a while the beats of my heart reduced dramatically; and
An uncanny numbness seemed to be encompassing my persona.

When an arrow of acrimonious thorns struck me in my eye; I felt a
sudden gush of blindness encroach upon my silhouette,
The world now seemed an obfuscated blur of its original self; and I now
sighted the dazzling sun in the sky as gruesomely black.

When an arrow of piquant chili struck me in the center of my nostrils;
I experienced fuming sensations engulf my breath,
Eloped as fast as my skinny legs could carry me; to dip my burnt skin in revitalizing water.

When an arrow of obnoxious tobacco struck me on my lips; the derogatory
odor made me inevitably cough,
Some of the derogatory powder had also entered my intricate intestines;
and I vomited out the poisonous extract with my inebriated eyes feebly
closing down.

When an arrow of resplendent silver struck me in my legs; I at the
onset appreciated the gleam and accentuated shine,
Although after a few seconds had elapsed; collapsed in a bedraggled
heap on the stony floor; unable to bear the tyranny anymore.

When an arrow of pointed glass struck me in my face; indiscriminately
permeating through my cheek,
I felt as if stabbed by millions of scorpion tails; lost holistic consciousness instantaneously succumbing to the mighty onslaught.

When an arrow of golden honey struck me on my rotund stomach; this time
I felt no pain not even the slightest of discomfort,
However with rising of the next dawn; a conglomerate of parasites and
leech had camouflaged my skin from the world; greedily sucking the nectar as
well as long pieces of my bone.

When an arrow of charred wood struck me in my shoulder; it mercilessly
ripped apart the protruding muscle,
Made sooty indentations on my sparkling complexion; sapping away
exuberant sources of energy from my demeanor.

And eventually when the "ARROW OF LOVE" struck me in the middle of my
forehead; I felt mystical sensations inundate my soul,
There was a revolutionary stirring which occurred in my heart; making me completely forgetful to the heaps of tribulation I had suffered just minutes before,
Drowning me into an ocean of celestial harmony; a land where there existed nothing else but an insatiable spirit to romantically exist and care.


When I drank water in a glass of composite mud; the liquid tasted
ravishing; with my reflection wavering erratically in it,
However it contained tinges of dissolved sand; and was a trifle salty
for my liking.

When I drank water in a glass of deplorable copper; the liquid appeared
blurred in the prevailing darkness,
And when I sipped it; it had a stale odor of the rusty surface it had adhered to for many hours.

When I drank water in a glass of pure bamboo; the liquid looked glistening and
mesmerizing under the sun,
Although even after consuming it completely; I still felt that my bowels were
yet famished and incorrigibly demanded more.

When I drank water in a glass of yellow molded gold; the liquid inside displayed a scintillating shine; dazzling brilliantly in the most sequestered of room,
However it miserably floundered to pacify my thirst; as I was heavily circumspect in devouring the costly water.

When I drank water in a glass of hardened plastic; the liquid seemed to be
overwhelming still without the slightest of ripple,
But the tangy flavor was blatantly absent; and I didn’t relish one sip of what
I had just swallowed.

When I drank water in a glass of bombastic diamonds; the liquid looked as if
shimmering profusely under the moon,
Although an uncanny feeling enveloped my stomach; a feeling as if I had
Eaten the glittering diamonds.

When I drank water in a glass of pencil lead; the liquid inside looked obnoxiously black; readily acquiring the color of its vessel,
And I felt like puking it out with ferocious intensity; after having dubiously
gulped it.

When I drank water in a glass of broad green leaf; the liquid inside resembled
the perennial pastures sprawling over the valley,
But alongwith it there entered a fleet of invisible insects in my throat; and
I shivered inadvertently envisaging the aftermath of disease.

When I drank water in a glass of heavy stone; the liquid pretty normal to
However lifting the glass proved to be a bit cumbersome; and I felt a
bit perturbed by the flimsy effort.

And eventually when I drank water in the "GLASS OF OUR LOVE"; blending
it with a concoction of her heavenly tears,
The water tasted as sweet as never before; as impeccable as sacrosanct god; as exotic as the gyrating fairies in the sky; and it instantly put me into an inevitable slumber.


Even If you were an obdurate stone; with loads of callousness embedded
rigidly in your persona,
I would make sure that the tenacity of my love; transformed you into
Molten wax rampantly dripping down; eventually blending with the earth.

Even if you were the dry desert; harboring a plethora of acrimonious
cactus and violently blistering winds,
I would make sure that the tenacity of my love; inundated you with
fresh water; imparting a perennial wetness to your sands.

Even if you were the satanic demon; with your armory of brutal teeth
scintillating wickedly under the moon,
I would make sure that the tenacity of my love; brought about a
dramatic metamorphosis in you; converting you into an immaculate angel.

Even if you were the incorrigible dictator; rebuking all in proximity
with your volley of expletives and commands,
I would make sure that the tenacity of my love; pacified you
overwhelmingly; exonerated the bitterness in your voice.

Even if you were deadly poison; causing instantaneous death on
I would make sure that the tenacity of my love; completely annihilated
your venom; making you as sweet as golden nectar.

Even if you were pallid paint sticking languidly to the walls;
propagating waves of disparaging gloom in the ambience,
I would make sure that the tenacity of my love; impregnated you with
brilliantly vibrant color; made you profoundly smile.

Even if you were poignant green chili; thunderously shouting expending
supreme capacity of your lungs,
I would make sure that the tenacity of my love; transmuted you into
innocuous sugar; irrefutably sweet in taste.

Even if you were the viciously lethal reptile; baring your fangs at me
with utter hostility,
I would make sure that the tenacity of my love; changed you into the
resplendent fish; gliding sedately through the swirling ocean.

Even if you were blazing volcano; torching all those who came even
centimeters near you; devouring innocent humans in your fiery belly like
inconspicuous insects,
I would make sure that the tenacity of my love; transfigured you into
the melodious stream weaving its way enchantingly through meadows of soft

And even if you were the idol of horrendous hatred; ostracizing
humanity severely for its benevolent deeds,
I would make sure that the tenacity of my love; rekindled in you the
essence of sharing; the insatiable urge to caress and care.


You lived in my intricate eyes when I saw the world; taught me to
discerningly distinguish between the good and evil,

You lived in my ears when I listened to sound; made me stringently
aware of the most minuscule of voice in proximity,

You lived in my feet when I traversed the parched earth; making sure
that my toes remained reinvigorated at all times,

You lived in my fingers when I wrote literature; making me chisel sheer
magic out of nondescript words,

You lived in my stomach when I swallowed food; assisting me to
scrupulously digest the same,

You lived in my nails when I scratched the wall; imparting me with the
tenacity to peel off the pallid paint,

You lived in my tongue when I spoke; blessing me with the tact of
producing a melodious noise,

You lived in my nostrils when I breathed air; seeing to it that the
purest part of it entered the jacket of my lungs,

You lived in my veins when they pumped crimson blood; ensuring that it
flowed rambunctiously all throughout the day,

You lived in my throat when I gulped cool water; facilitating it to
smoothly cascade down my neck,

You lived in my luscious lips when I smiled; making it appear
profoundly incarcerating in front of the audience,

You lived in my slender bones as I grew; impregnating them with tones
of calcium; making me audaciously confront the most bizarre of situation,

You lived in my armory of teeth when I masticated my meals; making sure
that I crushed each obdurate morsel into silken chowder,

You lived in my mind when I tried to contemplate; providing me with the
most adept solution to my baffling enigma,

You lived in my scalp every time I felt like caressing it; incorporating the
follicles of my hair with resplendent shine,

You lived in the wildest of my fantasies; the most weirdest of my
dreams; making it wholesomely sure that they didn’t cause me any harm,

You lived in the lines embossed on the back of my palm; chalking my
destiny to be as bright as possible,

You lived in my sweat as it dribbled down my cheeks; inundating it with
a perennial shine,

You lived in my scent as the day unveiled itself into shivering night;
embedding my persona with an everlasting essence,

And most importantly you lived in my heart invincibly imprisoned; as it
had absolutely no vacancy for any other entity to exist.


When they tied me in ropes of slender steel; mercilessly cupping my
hands in an airtight embrace,
I felt submerged by disparaging despair in the beginning; although
after a while I used my ingenuity and managed to wriggle out completely free
from my bondage.

When they wound me in ropes of sparkling diamonds; the acerbic edges of
stone pricked me severely in my veins,
I was a blend of tribulation and supreme rhapsody at witnessing the
jewels; although after a few hours I astutely succeeded to chisel the same and
hastily absconded.

When they strangulated me in ropes of threadbare rubber; securely tying
my hands and feet,
I felt the breath imprisoned in my chest stifling every unleashing
minute; although I somehow achieved to find a rusty knife; eloped like the
frisky giraffe after chafing my ropes.

When they enmeshed me in ropes of acrimonious thorns; the stinging
nettles made me profusely bleed,
I felt an obfuscated blur encircle my eyes; although after a few
determined gasps; I opened my barricades insurmountably flexing my muscles; and
decamped surreptitiously via the boundless ocean.

When they tethered me uncouthly in ropes of live snakes; with the
hooded monster snaring its venomous fangs on my cheek,
I felt an armory of Goosebumps creep up on my skin; sweat dribbling
like torrential rain from my body; although in the end I was able to defeat
my lethal adversary; and fled for my life as fast as those tiny legs of
mine could carry me.

When they enslaved me in ropes of thick tree roots; a plethora of worms
and pugnacious ants crawled on my body from the same,
I initially felt miserable with the insects abhorrently tickling my
flesh; although a few minutes of intense contemplation; I was able to unwind
the knots; and galloped as speedily as I could from the dense jungle.

When they captivated me in ropes of blistering iron; stuffing my mouth
with tones of fetid cotton,
I thought this was going to be my last day of holistic survival;
although within seconds I discovered a gas stove nearby; judiciously used the
flames to snap open my chains and then transgressed through the heavy door to

When they incarcerated me in ropes of coarse cloth; hanging me upside
down with my feet tautly kissing the tall ceiling,
I started perceiving the world as being grotesquely distorted; although
after a few breaths I used my teeth to acrobatically open my chords; and fled
the disdainful scenario; leaping through partially open window.

When they bound me in ropes of crude glass pieces; stripping every bit
of cloth from my persona,
I felt a stream of fresh blood oozing incessantly from my raw wounds;
although I still managed to break free vehemently flinging the pointed shards
from my arms.

And eventually when they imprisoned me in the "ROPE OF LOVE"; with my
beloved lying blissfully by my side,
I endeavored as hard as possible to scamper away; but this time though
the mesmerizing essence of her entity; the invincible power of her devotion
for my being; held me incorrigibly on the ground; to bask for centuries
unprecedented in the glory of her widespread arms.


The first time when I swam in fathomless waters of the Atlantic; my legs felt dreary with feverish exhilaration; my heart palpitated 100 beats faster,
There was an incredulous feeling of confronting the storm; floating
abreast the opalescent fish; caressing the drifting corals as I plunged down.

The first time when I ate freezing icecream; infinite buds of taste
stood up on my tongue in bewildered alacrity,
I greedily gulped the blend of protuberant cherry and cream inadvertently smearing some of it on my nose; to satiate my thirst in the scorching winds of summer.

The first time when I witnessed an accident; the lifeless form of an innocuous
pedestrian lying in a river of crimson blood,
Uncanny shivers ran down my spine at swashbuckling speeds; a dark blur
obliterated my eyes; and I swooned in a disheveled heap on the ground.

The first time when I saw a crackling fire; heaps of logs being incinerated by
a tiny matchstick,
I felt besieged by waves of curiosity; unwittingly poking my fingers in the
sapphire blue flames; although I quickly withdrew them before my flesh
got charred to soot.

The first time when I smoked a cigarette; I felt something vindictively
burning in my throat,
There were incessant bouts of coughing; succeeded by clouds of grey air
wafting from my mouth.

The first time when I drove my car; I felt tumultuous power
encompassing me; as I could increase the speed at a mere kiss to the accelerator,
However when I did so; the automobile sky rocketed towards the sky;
eventually crashing into the bakery full of rotten eggs and cakes.

The first time when I sat in the aircraft; I felt overwhelmed by the ostentatious interiors; the trays of plum juice being served in kingly fashion,
I thought of opening the translucent glass window as I usually did as I
got up from sleep; this time though I was rebuked by the airhostess from doing
so; as it could mean a difference between life and death.

The first time when I drank peach flavored wine; there was a massive cyclone
that engulfed my mind,
I seemed to have lost refined degrees of sophistication; barked a volley of
malicious expletives looking my employer straight in his eyes.
The first time when I heard the tiger growl in the jungle; the sonorous screeching of the owl; I felt clusters of hair stand like needles on my skin,
Also I didn’t need to find a plush lavatory; as I had performed the call of
nature in my pants.

The first time I attended a bombastic party; with a conglomerate of sparkling
lights falling in dispersed beams; I felt awkward reverberations entrench me
from all sides,
And my situation exacerbated; when my parents introduced me to the ensemble of dignitaries; who sipped beer as casually as they had mineral water from their glass.

The first time I held a gun in my hands; they unrelentingly shivered with cold
sweat dribbling down my forehead,
I knew I had to kill my adversary to save my own life; but in the end succumbed to the tyranny of fate; as I couldn’t muster the tenacity to fire.

The first time when I heard my name; the voice of my mother stringently addressing me in her domineering,
I felt as impregnable as god in the sky; as I had now been bestowed supreme
recognition to my otherwise neglected entity.

And the first time when I saw her; sighting her silken hair blowing with the
wind; I instantly fell in the dungeon of love,
Wanting to be incarcerated with her celestial form; away from the nuances of
the world for ever and ever and ever .


I polished my shoe using a blend of molten wax and color; exerting
onerous strokes with my hands,
As an aftermath they shone brilliantly under the sun; however after a
few hours of transgressing through the streets; they were completely
covered with squalid mud.

I polished the nondescript wall using a canister full of turpentine
oil; painting the same with shades of sparkling white,
As a result it appeared a stupendous treat to the eye; however after a
while I noticed abashing chocolate smudges which the children must have left
while playing.

I polished the necklace of lackluster silver by dipping it in pure
milk; vigorously kneading its periphery applying stringent lemon,
As a manifestation it shimmered magnificently under the beams of moon;
however when I sighted it after a few days it had again acquired incorrigible
stains of black juxtaposed with perspiration.

I polished my plate of food submerging it in a bath of foam; then
scrubbing it with a cloth of flocculent silk,
It glistened marvelously as if brand new; however after consuming my
meal of rice and curry; it again got coated with blemishes of black and blue.

I polished the windscreen of my car drenching it in tepid water; then
massaging it till it emanated a screeching sound,
The effect was so incredulous that I could almost spot stars sleeping
behind the sun; however after few minutes of driving the glass again looked
tainted with a sheet of nascent dust lining its borders.

I polished my finger nails using scarlet nailpolish; meticulously
applying it to engulf the entire surface,
The effect was pretty exotic as they conspicuously glimmered under the
lights; however after a fortnight the color seemed to as evanescent as the
passing storms.

I polished my teeth using a fat smear of tangy toothpaste; resolutely
stroking the brush umpteenth times on their surface,
As a consequence the armory of my enamel radiated like scintillating
pearls; however as the day unveiled itself into night; I saw a host of germ and
bacteria sticking merrily to them.

I polished my attire using an antiseptic bar of detergent; brushing
away the most minuscule particle of dust from my collar,
As a result of which I got profoundly noticed in public; however after
a few minutes a speeding car sprayed a drizzle of fetid water while passing;
and my immaculate demeanor was now converted to mere shambles.

I polished the floor all day using all sorts of modern contrivances;
even going to the extent of licking it clean with my tongue,
As an inevitable outcome it emitted brilliant ramifications of purity;
however after sometime was rendered indescribable; as unruly strangers entered with their dirty feet.

But as far as my beloved was concerned she didn’t need the slightest of
sparkle; the slightest of ostentation to project her persona,
The inner beauty of her heart perennially shone; irrespective of
changing seasons and the unleashing of time,
She was the only person who by my perception was the most beautiful;
the one who didn’t need the slightest of polish.


If I were to choose from; speeding in a motorboat to swimming against
choppy waves of the ocean,
I would prefer wading across the stormy waters profusely moving my
arms; rather than the insipid journey in the cruise liner.

If I were to choose from; languishing on the flocculent couch to
sleeping on the stone cold floor,
I would prefer to caress the ground; roll wildly in unparalleled
exuberance; rather than the effeminate comfort of the bed.

If I were to choose from; transgressing the desert barefoot to riding
on profoundly hunched camel back,
I would prefer to walk feeling the tenacity of blistering sun on my
back; rather than petulantly torture the innocuous beast.

If I were to choose from; reaching the pinnacle of the mountain top on
cable car to clambering up using a knotted rope,
I would prefer to onerously scramble my way to the top basking in the
spirit of paramount adventure; rather than descending on my destination
without flexing the slightest of my muscle.

If I were to choose from; drinking opulent wine floating in swanky
glasses to crystalline liquid extracted from the belly of earth,
I would prefer rapidly gulping the scintillating water; rather than
collapsing in a disheveled heap on the ground after devouring the inebriating

If I were to choose from; inhaling artificial air from the compact
cylinder of oxygen to breathing directly from the atmosphere,
I would prefer to expand my lungs to their full capacity in my chest
drawing in ravishing puffs of oxygen; rather than respiring the adulterated

If I were to choose from; watching television to voraciously reading
infinite lines of literature,
I would prefer to exorbitantly exert my eyes trying to innovatively
perceive in the dormitories of my mind; rather than indolently viewing gaudy
images flickering on the silver screen.

If I were to choose from; dancing in the sleazy discotheque in an
ambience of bombastic lights to swirling on the vast ground,
I would prefer to rambunctiously gyrate under the dazzling sun god;
rather than consciously moving my body in the realms of nimble sophistication.

If I were to choose from; residing in the grandiloquent palace to the
rustic interiors of a tumbledown hut,
I would prefer to live in the ramshackle barn with boisterous droplets
of rain cascading freely through blatantly gaping holes; rather than having a
fleet of bodyguards parading around my impoverished persona.

If I were to choose from; staying secure in custody of the corrupt
leaders den to flinging my life away for the sake of my country,
I would prefer; to indiscriminately shed my blood on the battlefield
rather than keep leading a life of opprobrious contempt.

And if I were to choose from; my beloved and boundless notes of white
currency, I would definitely prefer her compounded with our penurious condition to live; rather than leading a lackluster life divested of the desire to
struggle; a life utterly bereft of the zeal to live.


When we talk about the fiery body of sun; it's magnanimous stature in
the sky,
The cardinal thing that inundates our mind; is its dazzling shine; and
the blistering rays that emanate indefatigably throughout the day.

When we talk about the placid persona of lake; the plethora of ripples
embodied on its surface,
The salient thing that floods our mind; is the boats floating on it;
the conglomerate of resplendent fish beneath its surface.

When we talk about the blossoming flowers in the garden; the wild
stalks of grass circumventing them,
The chief thing that deluges our mind; is the fragrance that
perennially wafts from them; the sweet nectar incarcerated in their core.

When we talk about the colossal desert; the sweltering heat permeating
the ambience like dagger heads of acrimonious steel,
The conspicuous thing that overwhelms our mind; is the astronomical
amounts of slippery sand; the hunchbacked camels traversing through its territory.

When we talk about the steep mountains; gigantic streams of water
plummeting down their slopes,
The remarkable thing that imprisons our mind; is its summits standing abreast the clouds; the melodious gurgling sounds of liquid cascading down towards the ground.

When we talk about the tenacious wind; turbulent draughts of breeze
sweeping the periphery of earth,
The prominent thing that encapsulates our mind; is rustling of the tree
leaves; the loose granules of mud which fly incoherently in air.

When we talk about the preposterously huge whales; their monstrous pair
of teeth which pulverize humans to chowder,
The main thing that engulfs our mind; is swirling waves of the majestic
ocean; the animated aquatic life inhabiting the fathomless waters.

When we talk about the diminutive mosquito; its proliferation in pools of fetid water,
The profound thing that envelops our mind; is incessant sounds of cacophonic
buzzing; the animosity in sting which painstakingly infiltrates in our flesh.

When we talk about gargantuan slices of cheese; the rich and sumptuous
odor diffusing from the same,
The supreme thing that strangulates our mind; is the sacrosanct cow
yielding immaculate milk; the delicious taste it would impart when we revolve it
in our mouth.

And when we talk about true love; the blissful aftermath of falling in romance,
The first thing that inevitably pierces our mind; is the mesmerizing image of
our beloved; the celestial reflections of her dainty feet.


Even If an inconspicuous particle of dust entered your eye; making you
wildly scratch with your tender palms,
That very moment I would go completely blind; wholesomely abdicating
the ability to perspicuously see.

Even if you tripped inadvertently on the floor; slightly bruising the
skin on your fragile shoulders,
That very moment I would collapse on the ground; developing a series of
multiple fracture in my feet.

Even if you coughed a trifle; as an aftermath of poignant pepper encompassing your nostrils,
That very moment I would have unrelenting bouts of rapid breathing; incessantly sneeze till the time my eyes popped out of their sockets.

Even if you perceived a baseless fear; of drizzling rain water disdainfully drenching you,
That very moment I would gruesomely drown in the colossal ocean; incorrigibly
refraining to steer my way up the surface.

Even if you tossed and turned petulantly on the bed for a few minutes;
before falling into a sound slumber,
That very moment I would irrevocably stare into black space; keeping
awake the entire night like a dreaded insomniac.

Even if you banged your robust fists softly into the wall; expressing
your profound indignation at getting late for office,
That very moment I would put my hands under the springing axe;
pulverizing them into infinite splinters of bone.

Even if you contracted a minuscule infection; with the imbalance in
your body disappearing within a few hours of stringent medication,
That very moment I would have astronomically high levels of tribal
fever; with the entire of my silhouette burning like a piece of red coal.

Even if you got an iota pierced; by the irascible mosquito
unceremoniously hovering around,
That very moment I would be bitten by swarms of stinging bees;
inserting their venomous tentacles into my cheeks.

Even if you felt a little suffocated; wading through the claustrophobic
queues for the railway ticket,
That very moment I would relinquish breath in perpetual entirety; and
my heart would cease to throb in its cavity.

All this is because you are the only person I have profoundly loved
in my life sweetheart; the only deity I worship and adore,
And as every breath of yours unleashes; mine gets automatically a million times faster.


Even if you possessed a plethora of thoroughbred horses; galloping
handsomely through moist paddy fields,
I would still consider myself as the richest; as I had the privilege of
drowning my persona into the cascade of her silken hair.

Even if you had a palace profusely embedded with gold; dungeons replete
with scores of glittering diamonds,
I would still consider myself as the richest; as I could tickle the mesmerizing skin of her cheek; sending inexplicable shivers down my spine.

Even if you possessed swanky cars to philander across the countryside;
a fleet of helicopters following you at close quarters,
I would still consider myself as the richest; as I had her ravishing
breath caressing my neck; catapulting me into waves of tumultuous rhapsody.

Even if you possessed a private swimming pool; impregnated with crystal
spring water from the mountains to bathe in,
I would still consider myself as the richest; as I had the privilege of
sighting my reflection in her glistening tears.

Even if you possessed a pair of fur coated shoes; with exquisite
leather studded commensurately at all quarters,
I would still consider myself as the richest; as I had the privilege of
lying in complete surrender at the pair of her dainty feet.

Even if you possessed a flurry of maids to serve you dinner; ornate
glasses embellished with pearls to drink opulent wine,
I would still consider myself as the richest; as I had the privilege of
masticating boiled rice prepared fresh by her sacrosanct hands.

Even if you had a colossal assemblage of people spuriously worshipping
you; applauding you wholesomely for your most minuscule of deed,
I would still consider myself as the richest; as I had the privilege of
witnessing her ingratiating smile; which grew distinctly large as she
spotted me.

Even if you had a conglomerate of effeminate statues; sculptured to immaculate perfection; molded out of molten wax and draped with the richest quality of silk,
I would still consider myself as the richest; as I had the privilege of embracing her impeccable demeanor in entirety.

Even if you had a sword embodied with iridescent jewels; which you placed in a
scabbard made of rustic panther skin,
I would still consider myself as the richest; as I had the audacity to confront any power in this world; simply uttering your enchanting name.

Even if you had a gargantuan basket of roses; extravagantly stashed with
flowers from all round the globe,
I would still consider myself as the richest; as I had the privilege of absorbing the essence of golden sweat which dribbled from her body.

Even if you possessed flamboyant pairs of sunglasses; embodied with jugglery
of enthusing designs; and gaudy strips of plastic,
I would still consider myself the richest; as I had the privilege of viewing
my reflection in her emphatic eyes.

Even if you possessed the tangiest of toothpaste; incorporated in garish
interiors of an ostentatious bottle,
I would still consider myself as the richest; as I had the privilege of appreciating the scintillating armory of her teeth.

Even if you possessed a golden band fudged with sapphire emeralds; dipped in
an ocean of honey,
I would still consider myself as the richest; as I had the privilege of being
slapped by her delectable hands.

And even if you procured the entire wealth in this world; owning every dwelling protruding from the surface of earth,
I would still consider myself the richest man on earth; as your affluence
miserably floundered to purchase her; while I had the privilege of possessing
her in mind; body and soul; perpetually till the time she tangibly existed.


Would you ever believe if I called a nondescript table of teakwood; as
a vivacious bird soaring high in the sky,

Would you ever believe if I called a ruffled sheet of paper; as a chunk of glittering gold,

Would you ever believe if I called a grandiloquent watch embodied with
diamonds; as a lump of bedraggled stone,

Would you ever believe if I called a mountain of compacted mud; as a
switchboard of pugnacious electricity,

Would you ever believe if I called a resplendent rainbow in the sky; as
a broomstick with incongruous bristles,

Would you ever believe if I called a rusty canister of dilapidated
iron; as a mesmerizing rose growing in the garden,

Would you ever believe if I called a pink tablet of luxury soap; as a
mosquito hovering acrimoniously in the cloistered room,

Would you ever believe if I called a boat rollicking merrily on the
undulating waves; as a rustic jungle spider,

Would you ever believe if I called a valley profusely embedded with
snow; as an unscrupulous dog on the street,

Would you ever believe if I called a pair of luscious lips; as a disdainfully fetid shoe,

Would you ever believe if I called a fluorescent rod of light; as a jagged bush of cactus growing in the sweltering desert,

Would you ever believe if I called the blazing sun; as a pudgy bar of delectable chocolate,

Would you ever believe if I called an angular sculptured bone; as acid bubbling in a swanky bottle,

Would you ever believe if I called a scintillating oyster; as an inarticulate
matchstick coated with lead,

Would you ever believe if I called a cluster of bells jingling from the ceiling; as a sordid cockroach philandering beside the lavatory seat,

Would you ever believe if I called a fruit of succulent coconut; as a dead mans morbid tooth,

Would you ever believe If I called a steaming cup of filter coffee; as gaudily
colored water emanating from the street fountains,

Would you ever believe if I called the majestic statue of a revered historian;
as a slab of tangy peanut butter,

Would you ever believe if I called a vibrant shirt; as a protuberant pigeon discerningly pecking its beak at grains scattered on the floor,

Would you ever believe if I called a flocculent bud of cotton; as a camouflaged lizard transgressing through wild projections of grass,

Would you ever believe if I called a photograph depicting the steep gorges; as
a gutter inundated with obnoxious sewage,

Would you ever believe if I called a lanky giraffe; as a convict nefariously
lurking through solitary streets of the city,

Would you ever believe if I called a pair of flamboyant sunglasses; as a weird
tattoo to be adhered to the chest,

Would you ever believe if I called a chicken's egg; as logs of sooty charcoal
abundantly stashed in the colossal warehouse,

Would you ever believe if I called a biscuit replete with golden honey ; as a
ominously slithering reptile in the jungles,

Would you ever believe if I called a bald man possessing a profoundly tonsured
scalp; as a gas balloon floating in insipid air,

Would you ever believe if I called a ring embellished with crystal diamonds;
as an inconspicuous and distorted metallic pin,

Would you ever believe if I called a crimson crested parrot; as a tray containing frozen ice,

Would you ever believe if I called a glass made of pallid plastic; as a gargantuan well flooded with water and dead frogs,

Would you ever believe if I called wooden beams dangling from the ceiling; as finely squelched juice of red radish,

Would you ever believe if I called an articulately painted canvas; as slime coated fossil lying in close proximity with the sea bed,

Would you ever believe if I called a diminutive tadpole; as a fortified wall commensurately aligned with burnt bricks,

Would you ever believe if I called a mammoth elephant; as rotten pulp of mango
being tossed indiscriminately on the street,

Would you ever believe if I called a truck inundated with cumbersome machines; as an aromatic seed of plant,

Would you ever believe if I called a sheet of crisp paper; as a rubicund fruit
of juicy plum,

Would you ever believe if I called a trouser of jaded jeans; as a greeting card fudged with scores of ostentatious lines,

Would you ever believe if I called a ravishing pair of eyelashes; as a disheveled pantry inhabited with clusters of stray mice,

Would you ever believe if I called a dazzling yellow helmet; as a preposterously huge whale of the ocean,

Would you ever believe if I called a piquant stick of chili; as an animated butterfly fluttering at low heights from the ground,

Would you ever believe if I called a hideously black rope; as a mushroom sizzling in the blistering oven,

Would you ever believe if I called a magazine of lead bullets; as an avalanche of snow plummeting down the mountain at turbulent speeds,

Would you ever believe if I called an incredibly cool air-conditioner; as a curry of decayed cream lying obsolete in the garbage heap,

Would you ever believe if I called a scintillating tooth; as a big toe of a striped panther,

Would you ever believe if I called a jazzy strip of belt; as a corrugated assemblage of tree roots,

Would you ever believe if I called a slate of pure chalk; as a tier floating harmlessly in water,

Would you ever believe if I called a chain with infinite loops; as a graveyard sprawled with morbid coffins,

Would you ever believe if I called a pot bellied tortoise; as a languid peel of paint hanging lackadaisically from the nondescript wall,

Would you ever believe if I called a shimmering coin of currency; as a zany zebra galloping at whirlwind speeds through the desert,

Would you ever believe if I called a bottle of inebriating rum; as a frigid contact lens agglutinated to the eye,

Would you ever believe if I called sacrosanct religion; as licentious profanity,

Would you ever believe if I called candid truth; as a profoundly blatant lie,

Would you ever believe if I called the omniscient personality of god; as a perniciously diabolical devil,

And would you ever believe if I called "true love"; as a spurious product of imagination; a frivolous case of casual infatuation.


While philandering through the bustling traffic streets; the most conspicuous
thing that caught my eye; was obnoxious clouds of derogatory smoke rising in
the air,

While strolling past the sea shore; the most conspicuous thing that caught my
eye; was swirling waves breaking down into infinite granules of froth after
striking the rocks,

While gallivanting on a horse through the meandering mountain lanes; the most
conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was unsurpassable depth of the panoramic

While ambling languidly through a lush green cricket field; the most conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was an ensemble of polished stumps well embedded in the ground,

While trespassing through the vivacious circus grounds; the most conspicuous
thing that caught my eye; was garishly attired ludicrous clowns,

While walking gingerly on a frayed rope; the most conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was the tall board fluttering high and highlighting finish,

While soaring at astronomical heights from the ground in an airplane; the most
conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was the boundless expanse of misty white

While penning down intricate lines of literature; the most conspicuous thing
that caught my eye; was a table of sparkling mahogany wood on which were
placed the bulky sheaf of paper,

While swimming underwater with an assemblage of opalescent green permeating
into my eyes; the most conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was the preposterously huge shark gliding past at whisker lengths from my persona,

While clambering up the steep mountain; the most conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was fiery body of sun profoundly illuminating the sky,

While sipping sizzling tea from the triangular shaped paper cup; the most
conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was the rustic brown liquid incarcerated
within; in gay abandon,

While dangling from the elastic branches of a densely foliated tree; the most
conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was the catacombed hive; inhabited by
the obstreperously humming bee,

While lying sprawled on a bed of pudgy and redolent grass; the most conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was a blanket of mesmerizing stars scintillating vividly in the crystal clear sky,

While riding on a hunch backed camel tightly straddled to its sides; the most
conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was the blistering expanse of shimmering
sands spreading almost till eternity,

While traversing up towards the 150th floor in a grandiloquent elevator; the most conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was a impeccable panel of rotund buttons; with a jugglery of numerals embossed immaculately upon them,

While praying incessantly in front of the idol of the omniscient creator; the
most conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was an ingratiating aura lingering
profusely around his sacrosanct forehead,

While vigorously kneading chunks of flaccid dough; the most conspicuous thing
that caught my eye; was pellucid bottles incorporated with appetizing recipes
stashed neatly on the shelves,

While rolling voraciously in a pond of fetid manure; the most conspicuous
thing that caught my eye; was a fleet of pigs darting rampantly in my direction,

While wading through a tunnel engulfed by perennial darkness; the most conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was diminutive beams of faint light flooding intermittently,

And while passing by her partially obfuscated house window panes; the most
conspicuous thing that caught my eye; was emphatic contours of her enamouring
face; the stupendous beauty hidden well within her glistening eyes.


In order to break the scented flower; they crushed it indiscriminately
with their large and bohemian feet,

In order to break the fortified edifice; they blasted it with pugnacious dynamite; to send it crumbling like a pack of silken cards towards the obdurate ground,

In order to break the inflated balloon; they pricked it with a rusty
iron pin to evacuate tones of stale air incarcerated inside,

In order to break the soft mountain of pudgy mud; they punched it hard
in the midriff; with their callous hands,

In order to break through the computer; they invented ingenious ways
and means to decipher its enigmatic password,

In order to break the solid log of dried timber wood; they used a
serrated edged metallic saw; ruthlessly slicing through its body,

In order to break the slender candle of wax; they melted it in
crackling flames; leaping rampantly from the kitchen fire,

In order to break long shards of pellucid glass; they smashed them against jagged rocks; sending them flying into infinitesimal splinters all around,

In order to break a colossal pool of placid water; they viciously struck the same with corrugated twigs; engendering a plethora of waves to creep up on the surface,

In order to break stillness of air; they permeated it with strident tunes of discordant cacophony; emanating from the loudspeaker,

In order to break the conglomerate of satiny clouds; they marauded the same with poisonous pellets and sharp missiles,

In order to break the pointed thorn; they pulverized it to pulp; after boiling it in sizzling water,

In order to break triangular cubes of frozen ice; they kept them under stringent light of the sun; and then waited for the inevitable aftermath to follow,

In order to break through the fool proof house; they adroitly deactivated the
incredulous burglar alarm; stepped barefoot without making the slightest of
sound into the house,

In order to break the lethal snake; they snapped apart its venomous fangs; rendering it as innocuous as a domicile rabbit,

In order to break the skull; they banged it tenaciously with a crude bludgeon; dismantling it into incommensurate halves,

In order to break bonded paper stuck with adhesive glue; they weakened it substantially by applying loads of slippery saliva,

In order to break intense concentration; they flooded veins in the body with gallons of inebriating alcohol,

In order to break an individuals moral; they incessantly castigated him; made a baseless mockery of his caricature,

And in order to break our "PERPETUAL LOVE"; they tried their best attempts
possible; however miserably floundered; as it was impossible to accomplish the same without taking our lives; and even if they did that; they would yet be unsuccessful; as we would definitely be reborn again; to love each other more intensely than we ever did before.


The fish slithering in the claustrophobic swimming tank; had a
nostalgia for swirling waters of the gargantuan ocean,

The flower sprouting from the cloistered pot; had a nostalgia for
growing in farm soil; with an ambience of wind blowing tenaciously,

The spider crawling in dingy corners of the dilapidated mansion; had a nostalgia for traversing through vivacious threads of web; dangling from trees in the amazon forest,

The crimson beaked bird incarcerated in grilled cage; had a nostalgia
for flapping its wings exuberantly in the sky,

The blistering lava imprisoned at unprecedented depths beneath the
ground; had a nostalgia to fulminate into infinite fountains in fresh air,

The globules of fat moisture trapped in ominous thunder clouds; had a
nostalgia for cascading down rampantly in the form of glistening rain,

The biscuits of glittering gold embedded in dilapidated dungeons; had a
nostalgia for; people admiring them in dazzling rays of the sun,

The lifeless panther embodied in the mammoth photograph; had a nostalgia for
coming out alive; open his jaws in a domineering growl,

The blind man traversing on the streets with a disdainful stick; had a nostalgia for sighting the world; fantasizing it in its most stupendous form ever,

The battalion of frogs in the solitary and deep well; had a nostalgia for bathing in pools of monsoon water,

The hunch backed camel trespassing through the crowded city streets; had a
nostalgia for wandering languidly in the sandy desert,

The diminutive flames of wax candle stifling with the slightest of breeze; had
a nostalgia for being the escalating flames of a crackling fire,

The granules of white salt jailed tightly in pellucid bottles; had a nostalgia
for being sprawled on the saline sea shores,

The scientists stalling for time on marshy soil; had a nostalgia every minute
for inhabiting the opalescent moon,

The tones of noxious gas encapsulated in an inflated balloon; had a nostalgia
for whistling past the air at lightening speeds,

The pallid milk stored in canisters of rusty iron; had a nostalgia for oozing out from blossoming teats of the sacrosanct cow,

The people residing in alien countries; had a nostalgia for returning back as quickly as possible to blend with their native mud,

The orphaned child wailing incoherently on the dusty roads; had a nostalgia for embracing his departed mother,

And every palpable entity treading on this earth; had a nostalgia for finding its soul mate; languishing in the aisles of desire and perpetual relationship; till the time it inhaled air and blissfully existed.


In order to taste the sweet kernel of coconut; one must learn to break
open its obdurate shell,

In order to experience the ravishing aroma of waves; one must learn to
tenaciously swim in the choppy waters,

In order to imbibe the splendor of the desert; one must learn to traverse
audaciously on the blistering hot silver sands,

In order to relish the coolness of ice; one must learn how to scrupulously
masticate it,

In order to savor the flavor of milk; one must learn to adroitly squeeze it
from blossoming cow teats,

In order to enjoy the scent of lotus flower; one must learn to bathe in a pond replete with a curry of slushy mud; blended commensurately with creepers sprawling in all directions,

In order to hear strident tunes of music; one must learn to keep his ears in close affinity with the rustic country discotheque,

In order to bask in pure light; one must learn to sit perseveringly under fiery golden rays of the sun,

In order to extract exorbitant amounts of gold; one must learn to dig till unfathomable depths; with hostile blade of pickaxe intermittently brazing against the knee,

In order to embellish the body with serrated crocodile skin; one must learn to kill the ferocious beast; then adroitly strip its skin from its diabolical network of bones,

In order to uninhibitedly smile; one must learn to flex ones lips profoundly; stretching the cheeks as far as possible,

In order to sip delectable tea; one must learn to burn his taste buds profusely; as the steaming liquid came in proximity with the tongue,

In order to witness exuberant wails of an innocuous infant; one must learn to deliver the same after undergoing months of painstaking agony,

In order to sketch mesmerizing shapes of the hills; one must learn to commensurately blend root color; vivaciously swishing the brush on sprawling sheets of plain white canvas,

In order to envisage celestial fairies and angels; one must learn to exert the tendons of his brain to fullest capacity; and then dream,

In order to get bountiful crops; one must learn to sow the right proportion of salubrious seeds,

In order to make the morbid surface of walls sparkle; one must learn to whitewash them; with mammoth chunks of chalk powder and paint,

In order to feel tangy perspiration trickle down the nape; one must learn to clamber up the mountain barefoot in sweltering waves of heat,

In order to survive; one must learn to stand unflinching against the hostile vagaries of this world; prove his true mettle in every sphere of life,

And in order to love; one must learn to unselfishly sacrifice; wholesomely dedicate his mind; body and soul to the deity he reveres; the person who made him feel every unveiling minute of the day; that he was breathing; he was alive.


I was the jewel of your mystical eyes; the infinite clusters of eyelashes drooping down from your lids,
While you were my ability to see; my omnipotent power of sight.

I was the glow that encapsulated your lips; the luscious color that made them poignantly scarlet,
While you were tinkling laughter; the smile that besieged the contours of my face till eternity.

I was the unprecedented number of cells that lingered in your brain; the network of membranes that made it function blissfully,
While you were my virtue to prudently discriminate; the immortal strength of my memory.

I was your rubicund tongue; the gallons of free saliva circulating ecstatically in your palette,
While you were my mesmerizing voice; my invincible prowess of eloquent speech.

I was your intricate veins; the dainty flesh that entrenched them in entirety,
While you were the golden droplets of sweat that oozed from my arms; the
crimson blood traversing ferociously through my body.

I was your ears; the globules of impeccable flesh dangling nimbly across your
While you were my ability to decipher the most ethereal of sound; my tenacity to hear and tolerate ignominious rebukes of the society.

I was your stomach; the conglomerate of intestines incoherently entwined inside,
While you were the sumptuous food residing there; putting me contentedly into
a tranquil slumber.

I was your dainty feet; the spongy toes protruding symmetrically from within deep recesses of your supple skin,
While you were my energy to surge forward; my unrelenting fervor to bounce ahead in life.

I was your hands; the delectable armory of fingers which harmoniously moved to accomplish scores of Herculean tasks,
While you were the lines embedded in the center of my palm; the path which portrayed and executed my destiny.
And I have no inhibitions revealing that I was your heart; the air which you inhaled; the breath that escaped with an exhilarated gasp from your nostrils,
While you were the beats that made my heart violently throb; the pulse that trembled placidly in my wrists; the very purpose for which I was breathing and alive this second; and would retain life for many more hours to unwind.


I had a fantasy to write prolifically; inundate every space of bonded paper with exquisite literature,
The only tools I had were my knotted fingers; a labyrinth of impeccable tunnels in my brain; to pen down the lines; transform my dream into tangible reality.

I had a fantasy to clamber Mount Everest; reach its Herculean summit suspended
in thin wisps of clouds,
The only tools I had were my strong legs; an overwhelming tenacity in my mind to set my foot on the coveted peak.

I had a fantasy to swim amidst the swirling waves; relish the pungent spray of the ocean splashing across my cheek,
The only tools I had were my muscular arms; the exhilaration in my body propelling me to surge forward.

I had a fantasy to scratch scintillating crusts of gold; from the mammoth chain of underground rocks,
The only tools I had were my incongruously extruding nails; the pertinence in my persona to keep peeling; till I found that incorrigible glow.

I had a fantasy to drink frosty milk; sip the unadulterated elixir with great relish painstakingly down my throat,
The only tools I had were my articulate fingers to extract the same from mother cow; alongwith a canister to fill the same as it oozed out.

I had a fantasy to smell the stupendously exotic; drown in its fragrance for times immemorial,
The only tools I had were the incredibly red and redolent rose; a pair of supremely sensitive nostrils; drawn inevitably towards the flower.

I had a fantasy to ride on the majestic lion; caress my hands nimbly through the beasts nape,
The only tools I had were a stick impregnated with tanned leather; loads of unprecedented and daunting courage enveloping my demeanor.

I had a fantasy to plummet head on from the aircraft; fly uninhibitedly in the
galaxy of resplendent stars; before reaching the earth,
The only tools I had were conventional strings of the parachute strapped to my
back; astronomical amounts of resilience in my countenance; to descend like an
angel from the heavens.

I had a fantasy to voraciously read through a library of books; profusely blend with the history of medieval times,
The only tools I had were my insatiable ability to imbibe; crystalline and emphatic eyes bestowed upon me by the Creator.

I had a fantasy to listen to enchanting music; drift myself wholesomely towards the most mesmerizing and melodious tunes,
The only tools I had were insurmountable patience to wait for the nightingale to open its beak; hollow spaces of my eardrum to assist me grasp the rhapsody
in the sound.

And I had fantasy to philander in the aisles of ravishing romance; burn passionately in the flames of immortal love and desire,
The only tools I had were my mightily pounding heart; and my impeccable yet
enchanting beloved.


The only sound I heard all day; was your mesmerizing voice,

The only color that I fantasized all night; was that of your luscious lips,

The only objects I saw; were what you unrelentingly perceived,

The only skin that I wanted to kiss till infinity; was the one engulfing your crimson cheek,

The only writing I ardently adored; was one that exquisitely flowed from your delectable fingers,

The only relation that I profoundly acknowledged; was your magnificent and
immaculate visage,

The only food that I yearned to consume; was the one already pulverized with
your scintillating teeth,

The only scent that drowned me into waves of perpetual ecstasy; was one emanating from your ravishing hair,

The only tunes I danced too; were the passionate clapping of your dainty hands,

The only air I breathed; was the one rampantly diffusing from your nostrils,

The only mantra I chanted incessantly; was your irrefutably sacrosanct name,

The only reflection I witnessed; was the one pouring harmoniously from your
impeccable eyes,

The only agony I felt; was saline streams of water trickling down your cheek,

The only nostalgia I had for; was poignant memories of your innocuous childhood,

The only shadow that submerged me; was one that radiated majestically from
your persona,

The only exhilaration in my life; was tinkling gasps of your vivacious laughter,

The only rest I had; were your fingers silently caressing my forehead,

The only obsession I had; was your everlasting fragrance sending shivers of
rhapsody down my spine,

And the ONLY BEAT I POSSESSED; was the heart incarcerated in your chest;
throbbing turbulently the instant it sighted me; bonding me immortally in the
invincible grip of your romance.


Every cloud in the cosmos was incomplete without rain; the water that instilled signs of life in the dead; after cascading down,

Every wave in the sea was incomplete without raw salt; the granules of tanginess embedded, that granted it a ravishing aroma,

Every pearl incarcerated within the slimy oyster was incomplete without its shine; the scintillating glow that crowned it the king of all gems,

Every flower protruding from the soil was incomplete without its petals; the intricate furls of crimson that inundated the air with a rejuvenating fragrance,

Every bird soaring in the sky was incomplete without its wings; the slender flaps of skin that engendered it to fly,

Every patch of earth was incomplete without mushy grass; the tendrils of enchanting green; which voluptuously tingled the feet,

Every mountain was incomplete without its summit; the towering peaks that profoundly distinguished it from the ordinary lumps of mud,

Every lion transgressing through the dense jungle was incomplete without its growl; the thunderous sound that petrifies all animals in vicinity; to the last bone of their spine,

Every desert was incomplete without its sands; the golden crystals of slippery soil that flew rampantly in the air with the rustic breeze,

Every star in the sky was incomplete without its twinkle; the omnipotent shimmer diffusing from its demeanor,

Every dungeon was incomplete without darkness; the appalling gloom that encompassed it in entirety,

Every cactus extruding from scorched mud was incomplete without its thorns;
the acrimonious bristles; which stabbed like infinite burnt needles when caressed,

Every snake slithering through the marshy swamps was incomplete without
is venom; the poison impregnated in its fangs that strangulated its victim to
ghastly death,

Every fire burning was incomplete without its flames; the leaping wisps of

blistering smoke that wafted out as an aftermath,

Every man was incomplete without a moustache; the black bush of hard hair
embodied stringently to his lips,

Every temple was incomplete without god; the omnipresent aura inhabiting each
space, that created us all,

Every mother was incomplete without her child; the innocuous infant that suckled milk from her chest,

Every heart was incomplete without its vivacious beat; the throbbing pulse embedded that unleashed life,

And every life was incomplete without love; the person who made it feel special; the person who made it feel the reason to be blissfully alive


I didn’t know who she was; what was her veritable name,

I had no idea how she looked; the most minuscule perception of her shadow,

I was completely oblivious to the color of her hair; the shade of mascara she
applied to her eyes,

I didn’t know where she lived; the slightest of insinuation regarding her religion,

I was wholesomely unaware of the cadence of her voice; the tone in which she spoke,

I miserably dithered in guessing her true age; wasn’t apprised the least of the course she was studying,

I failed to conceive whether she was rich or indigent; the hierarchy that possessed her,

I never could imagine the silhouettes of her lips; the freckles prevalent in tandem on her face,

I hadn't the slightest premonition about her nature; whether she was tranquil or loved to menacingly shout,

I couldn’t contemplate the people she liked; the hobbies that entrenched her life in her pastime,

I had never visualized her stature; whether she was tall or abnormally midget,

I didn’t know the rings that adorned her fingers; the texture of the fabric that embellished her countenance,

I was at a profound loss of her words to describe her dreams; the things which
she fantasized about the most,

I appeared imbecile when someone queried me about her looks; whether she was
ominous as the diabolical monster; or was a replica of godly white,

I hadn't the slightest idea of the food she liked; the appetizing delicacies that titillated her appetite,

I was badly befuddled; at a loss for words; when quizzed about the places she
adored; the animals she liked,

I couldn’t cogitate the least regarding her hair; whether it cascaded down till the floor; or she had it as short as a man,

I didn’t know where she last came from; the next step she was going to tread in town,

Yet when we met; banging inadvertently against each other on the crowded street; our eyes seemed locked till infinite times; the words I Love You; just mumbled out themselves; and we were proud to proclaim that it was indeed "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT".


I loved your eyes for they were mesmerizing and beautiful; globules of
empathy trickling down their periphery; the instant they witnessed someone in
agony and pain,
At the same time I hated them for wandering around unwittingly; trying
To explore and admire beautiful faces except mine.

I loved your hands as they were masculine and tough; caressed through the satiny ensemble of my hair; drowning me into an ocean of perpetual ecstasy,
At the same I hated them for inadvertently brushing across someone in the
crowd; entwining in a vice like grip with alien fingers; occasionally during the day in a handshake.

I loved your smile as it was delectably amicable; making me gasp in utter bewilderment,
At the same time I hated it when you flashed the same at cocktail parties; greeted every person on the door with it spreading infectiously across our facial contours.

I loved your sonorous voice; the crisp yet enchanting sounds which emanated when you opened your mouth to utter my name,
At the same time I hated it when you used the same to appease your confederates; addressed colossal gatherings; emphatically on the mike.

I loved your revitalizing aroma; the scent of perspiration that dribbled profusely from your body,
At the same time I hated it; when your overwhelming charisma crowned you the
king in the office; insatiably drifted your female counterparts in intimate contacts with your persona.

I loved your unsurpassable sense of concern; the umpteenth number of times of times you slept on the cold floor; for me to relish the warmth of the fire,
At the same time I hated it; when you displayed it to others; went out of your
way to gratify their demands.

I loved your ears; the flaccid globes of flesh dangling majestically across your neck swaying nimbly in the air,
At the same time I hated them for listening attentively to intricate sounds; instead of being wholesomely engrossed in mine.

I loved your hair; the jet black strands of follicles that profoundly embellished your scalp,
At the same time I hated them; when they blew rampantly in the direction of
wind blowing from the opposite side.

I loved your breath; the passion it ignited when It plummeted down the bare skin of my cheek,
At the same I hated it; when an infinitesimal portion of it struck the earth; instead of blending completely with my soul.

And I loved your heart; was simply enamored to hear it throb turbulently against my palms,
At the same time I hated it; as the girl next door wanted to imprison it as badly; as perhaps I could die for it.


What the entire palace wasn’t able to offer; with its towering rooms
Studded with scintillating jewels,
Was imparted by the dingy little seaside hut; with swirling waves of
the ocean; intermittently submerging it with coats of rejuvenating spray.

What the entire pool of water wasn’t able to offer; with mesmerizing fountains
cascading all over,
Was imparted by the miserly waterfall; pacifying the thirst of wanderers in
the blistering currents of summer.

What the entire air-conditioner wasn’t able to offer; gargantuan coolers blowing at full velocity refrained from providing,
Was imparted by a single draught of wind; drifting with the rustling branches of the forest; inundating your senses with a serene calm.

What the entire electric bulb wasn’t able to offer; with a barrage of lights flickering incessantly throughout the day,
Was imparted by solitary rays of the sun; the tenacity in its fire blazing through the corridors of gloomy space.

What the entire magic wasn’t able to offer; shows portraying the same held in
ostentatious halls; in an ambience of superfluous pomp,
Was imparted by the mystical mountain; the echoes reverberating loud and
enigmatic through its unfathomably deep gorge.

What the entire barrel of wine wasn’t able to offer; sparkling mugs ofbeer
and elixir miserably dithered to produce,
Was imparted by a single stream of salubrious milk; oozing painstakingly from
the belly of the sacrosanct cow.

What the entire bottle of scent wasn’t able to offer; the plethora of blends
floundered in making the aroma evoke,
Was imparted by a single rose; with the redolence wafting from its petals
drowning you in waves of immortal euphoria.

What the entire orphanage wasn’t able to offer; the delinquent nurses deviated
from doing,
Was imparted by the impeccable mother; the gentle passion in her palmsputting
the child to blissful sleep.

What the entire thesaurus on religion wasn’t able to offer; the sanctimonious
priests on umpteenth occasions wavered to deliver,
Was imparted by the omniscient creator; the magnetism in his eyes; solving all
quandaries besieging life.

And what the entire wealth in this world wasn’t able to offer; the dungeons
replete with glittering gold and silver failed to imprison,
Was imparted by your beloved; that every draught of her breath granting
you a thousand lives; that every beat of her heart passionately whispering in
your ears to be alive.


In order to resurrect the broken nose; one needed to perform adroit surgery,

In order to recondition broken hair; one needed to scrub them profusely with silken shampoo,

In order to mend the broken mirror; one needed to reinforce it with pellucid strips of glass,

In order to remold the broken mountain; one needed to impregnate it abundantly with giant chunks of loose mud,

In order to reform the broken sentence; one needed to harness it articulately with coherent words,

In order to recharge the broken lake; one needed inundate it open-heartedly with sparkling water,

In order to rehabilitate the broken house; one needed to embed its hollow spaces with commensurately burnt bricks,

In order to refurbish the broken orchard; one needed to plant foliated trees; embody every barren patch of soil with salubrious seedlings,

In order to restore the broken web; one needed to let loose in it an armory of venomous spiders,

In order to revitalize broken eyes; one needed to dip them in a tissue drenched with tangy cologne,

In order to revive the broken mind; one needed to fantasize unrelentingly night and day,

In order to repair the broken nest; one needed to stuff it with a conglomerate of corrugated sticks,

In order to reconstruct the broken watch; one needed to synchronize it meticulously with needles and machinery,

In order to reform the broken city; one needed to work in tandem and perfect synergy to accomplish this Herculean task,

In order to rebuild the broken bones; one needed to consume astronomical
amounts of solid calcium,

In order to rejuvenate the broken senses; one needed to listen to enchanting music; dance animatedly under the resplendent moon,

In order to remake broken clay; one needed to knead it dexterously into marvelous silhouettes,

In order to reshape the broken gutter; one needed to fumigate the fetid rivulets of sewage; under stringent rays of the sun,

In order to rekindle broken relations; one needed to live in harmony with evergreen nature,

And In order to reinstate a BROKEN HEART; one needed to impart it the love it perpetually desired; blend its pulsating beats with the person whom it longed for; the entity whom it uninhibitedly loved.


So that you could sleep blissfully all night; languish in the aisles of
desire with an enchanting yawn engulfing your face,
I needed to wake up with my eyes incorrigibly open; fighting valiantly
against the most inconspicuous of evil hovering around.

So that you could eat appetizing food; masticate ravishing chunks of
poignant butter with stupendous relish,
I needed to sustain life on bland slices of bread and water; remain
famished with a large bandanna stringently encapsulating my stomach.

So that you could bathe in crystalline water dribbling from the alps;
apply the most bombastic of shampoo on your dainty skin,
I needed to be content rolling in a slush of dirty rain water; remained
unwashed on the trot; sometimes for days.

So that you could fly kites high and princely in the sky; tugging the
strings ecstatically with your petite hands,
I needed to run helter-skelter in vicinity; trying to capsize all the
broken ones entangled on trees; for you to continue your extravaganza.

So that you could play in a cool ambience of air-conditioner; caress
soft toys and view astounding cartoons,
I needed to traverse through the blistering deserts; bear the brunt of
disdainful sands right on my face.

So that you could wear the best of clothes; embellish you entire flesh
with beads of glittering gold,
I needed to gallivant naked in the freezing cold; bereft of a single
cloth on my body.

So that you could watch exhilarating pictures; inundate your ears with
enigmatic tunes,
I needed to tear every hair from my scalp; in evolving innovative ideas
for you to view.

So that you could laugh wholeheartedly; smile with passionate charisma
all round the clock,
I needed to slog it out against the uncouth world; shed tears of
scarlet blood in my unrelenting battle to win.

So that you could talk loquaciously; flamboyantly announce your presence in bustling crowds,
I needed to inevitably keep myself subdued; stay completely lackluster and dumb in public.

So that you could fantasize incessantly; day-dream rampantly about all the
wonderful lurking in this mystical world,
I needed to exist in pragmatic reality; transgress through a valley of rusted
thorns; for you to romanticize in the corridor of pleasure.

And So that you could live life like a princess; rule the entire universe with
the power of your wealth,
I needed to abdicate breath instantaneously; to metamorphose all your dreams
into perpetual reality; O! yes I NEEDED TO DIE.


One instant we were scratching wildly; deeply embedding unruly nails in
our skins,
While the next moment we embraced each other tightly; placidly lying
down on the couch.

One instant we were pulling our hair; almost uprooting each strand
firmly adhered to its scalp,
While the next moment we fondled each others palms; intricately tracing
the lines that lay deeply embodied therein.

One instant we were pummeling ourselves in the stomach; hurling a
volley of abashing expletives at one another,
While the next moment we stared unrelentingly into each others eyes;
drowning ourselves wholesomely into an ocean of mesmerizing dreams.

One instant we were kicking frantically; tickling ourselves voraciously
in the ribs; and our hands coated with piquant chili powder,
While the next moment we whispered nimbly in each others ears; reciting
enchantingly true and passionate tales of fantasy.

One instant we were making obnoxious faces; scowling at one another
with our tongues audaciously peeking out,
While the next moment we assisted each other in the kitchen; to
harmoniously prepare appetizing delicacies; for nocturnal supper.

One instant we were screeching rampantly like savage tigers; inundating
our eardrums with thunderous sound,
While the next moment we went off to blissful sleep; safely and
securely in each others arms.

One instant we were rolling in a slush of squalid mud; splashing dirty
water fervently on our bare skins,
While the next moment we sang in unison with the nightingale; drifted
our minds towards sedative sounds; emanating from the dense undergrowths of
the jungle.

One instant we were brandishing swords on our bodies; clanging them
incoherently against each other,
While the next moment we sprinkled dying plants with water; sipping the
same gently from our hands.

One instant we were fighting like cats and dogs; banging the pillow at
one another; till the fluff whizzed out in a frenzy,
While the next moment we kissed each other on the forehead; applying
antiseptic creams on our bruises.

And one instant we looked at one another in sheer hatred; with rays of
contempt emitting belligerently from our eyes,
While the next moment we confessed that we were madly in love; prayed
to the Creator to keep us bonded in the strings of immortal romance.


She wasn't bothered an infinitesimal trifle; if I didn't look at the most seductive of her form; even once in a marathon day; preferred to view the scurrilously untamed growls of manipulative wilderness; instead,

She wasn't bothered an ephemeral speck; if I didn't accolade her even for the most triumphantly brilliant of her accomplishments; leant a cold shoulder amidst all other glitterati that she was enshrouded with,

She wasn't bothered a transient iota; if I didn't caress the outlines of her ignited lips; nonchalantly looked the other side; even as she burnt infinite times in the inferno of unbridled love,

She wasn't bothered an evanescent ounce; if I didn't accompany her to the most important destinations in her life; worthlessly engaged myself in tawdrily licking the floor instead,

She wasn't bothered a fugitive bit; if I didn't wish her on her cherished birthday and anniversaries; spuriously pretended to be too entangled in the process of earning money; and thereby forgetting the priceless moments of her life,

She wasn't bothered a parsimonious morsel; if I didn't comply the tiniest with even the most brilliantly sagacious of her decisions; drifted on the pathways of sheer and emotional impracticality instead,

She wasn't bothered an invisible degree; if I didn't impregnate her glorious existence with my seeds; happily leading her entire life with her maiden prim and trim form with great pleasure instead,

She wasn't bothered an impoverished scrap; if I didn't query her regularly about her likes and dislikes; thereby on numerous an occasion trespassing against her wishes; quite innocuously and inadvertently,

She wasn't bothered a mercurial shadow; if I didn't devoutly intertwine my fingers fervently within hers; taking vows to lead life compassionately united together; for an infinite more lifetimes,

She wasn't bothered a feckless crumb; if I didn't understand and commiserate with her for what she originally was; for every righteous desire lingering passionately in the innermost realms of her soul,

She wasn't bothered a diminutive fragment; if I didn't humbly bow down to her knees; even once in my entire lifetime; profoundly thanking her for blessing every conceivable aspect of my measly existence,

She wasn't bothered an oblivious tidbit; if I didn't attend to her even in the most inexplicably ghastliest of agony; took her for as much granted as the blue bits of mundanely unending sky,

She wasn't bothered a vanishing fleck; if I didn't live up to my promise of being a true lover; after so ardently proposing to her the infinite vows of true love; once upon a time,

She wasn't bothered an obliterated freckle; if I didn't invincibly mélange each of my breath with hers; as the most diabolical of maelstroms descended upon us; unexpectedly at each quarter of life,

She wasn't bothered a worthless grain; if I didn't embrace her boundless propensities and passions in life; belittling them in my obsessive whirlpool of unparalleled corporate ambition,

She wasn't bothered an evaporating smidgen; if I didn't behave properly with the nearest of her kin; deliberately made sure that I was not the tiniest of involved in any of her so called social community groups and gatherings,

She wasn't bothered a pathetic tad; if I didn't take her for an intrepid expedition of the entire planet; although was a passenger of every flight that left the ground; than of the scorching land,

She wasn't bothered a lackadaisical trice; if I didn't utter her name for countless years on the trot; summoned her most brusquely; by a battalion of uncannily indecipherable gestures instead,

And neither was she ever bothered even a teeny trifle to know the cause of my silence, my anger; my indifference; my nonchalance towards her; as long as I kept giving her every comfort of life; as long as she relished the most sanctimoniously extravagant pleasures of life; as long as she saw the desire to become the richest man on this planet lingering unassailably in my eyes; as long as she kept getting her inevitable share of money as my wife .


Don't you worry sweetheart. Your relentless kicks of ridicule towards my impoverished form; inspired me all the more; to give invincible fortitude to all those infirm on this planet; haplessly deteriorating on every step they tread,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your contemptuously ostracizing stare towards my creative fantasizing; inspired me all the more; to evolve into a whole new unlimited gorge of regurgitating freshness,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your unsparingly lambasting every ingredient of my unparalleled sensitivity; inspired me all the more; to perennially stir the chords of compassion amongst all those with an inexplicably shattered soul,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your snobbishly ignoring even the most genuine screams of my agony; inspired me all the more; to lend a commiserating ear; to all those who had none else than the walls to converse,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your unfathomable disdain towards my writing my own books of poetry at home; inspired me all the more; tospawn rejuvenating verse for all those miserably circumscribed by the walls of the inevitable fodder-yielding; robotic corporate office,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your stony silence towards even the greatest of my triumphs and accomplishments; inspired me all the more; to ebulliently pat my fellow compatriots; as they inched towards their ultimate philanthropic paths in life,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your using me and every ounce of my cherishable assets; inspired me all the more; to unrelentingly look out for all those patrons on this fathomless Universe; who inherently admired me solely for what I was; and as I was born,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your vindictively exploiting some of my inadvertently acquired weaknesses; inspired me all the more; to encourage all those flagrantly depressed; to perpetually conquer the devil in them; with their in-born souls of divine righteousness,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your tyrannical blackmailing me to mollify even the most infinitesimal of your desire; inspired me all the more; to extend my healing hands to all those sinfully divested of the joys and rhapsodies of miraculously vibrant life,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your lividly don't-carish attitude towards each act of my poignantly overwhelming concern for you; inspired me all the more; to tirelessly render every ingredient of my existence to the selfless service of all miserably extinguishing and jailed humanity,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your spurious cleansing of the dust over my heart-felt poems instead of reading them; inspired me all the more; to perpetuate their timeless essence to even the further-most cranny of this boundlessly effulgent Universe,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your envying me from the core of your heart whilst others of your kind kept incessantly chatting of their hubbies; inspired me all the more; to appreciate the richest of the richest philanthropists on this earth; with the greatest of humility,

Don't your worry sweetheart. Your viciously abusing me right infront of my very own kin for my sheer innocence of commercial life; inspired me all the more; to become the voice of all those diabolically oppressed by the uncanny vagaries of the uncouth planet,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your lackadaisically turning your head to the direction of the dustbin at every sensuous whisper of mine; inspired me all the more; to coalesce every ingredient of my mind; body and soul; with the ravishingly spell-binding landscapes of mother nature,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your finding time to read and admire even the most meaningless piece of balderdash on this Universe-whilst making a worthless stool of my priceless poetry to sit upon; inspired me all the more; to recite each line of my heart-rendering verse to the Almighty Lord in the sky,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your unabashedly devouring the most appetizing morsels of food on this earth whilst merrily watching me starve; inspired me all the more; to disseminate every penny of my wealth towards the blissful fulfillment of every haplessly deteriorating living kind,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your lifelessly switching over to the other side of the bed -everytime I came with an inferno of unbridled compassion in my eyes; inspired me all the more; to inexhaustibly romance with the voluptuously igniting fabric of the beautiful night,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your over-indulgence in every other conceivable activity on earth-except looking towards my passionate form; inspired me all the more; to uninhibitedly languish on the open streets; indefatigably searching for my ultimate soul mate in life,

Don't you worry sweetheart. Your unthinkably divorcing me- just in order to lead a life of unprecedented luxury-seducing the richest kings of your choice; inspired me all the more; to forever surrender each instant of my life to the Creator; marry the innermost tunes of my heart; which were unbreakable and inseparable for an infinite more lifetimes .

The End


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