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B.B.W Belated Birthday Wishes To Kiki Oshinbajo, daughter of the VP of Nigeria 🇳🇬 "FORTUNATE BIRTHDAY"
I've lost my position as Queen at the throne. My king, my life, my home, all slipping away, gone. Your loss, due to the fuck shit you be on. Soon I will sit in emptiness, be isolated and alone.
Happiness is produced from the within Although honesty and kindness is where it begins  Happiness is far from being wealthy In fact, happiness is more being happy and healthy
I never saw a facethat I Saw as much as yours that golden part it sent me into such a spiral wringing together hands that invariably aimed to only touch yours;
Vastnessis a conceptcreated to stretch boundariesof perception and allow forthe unknown to present itself.
We got apples and oranges and all of the greens We got salmon and soup pea and vitamin C. From farmer's markets, to Whole Foods, to your mom and pop shops, Together we have made our health a priority, but this has to stop.
Because I love you I want you to grow in all aspects of your life I want you to become the person that you want to be
  I watched you, You stood amidst a crowd of people, shivering from the wind that blew Your edges were ripped and your color fading, I could smell your fear from so far away, it was pervading,
Like a gardener Who nurtures seedlings to life Love is about growth   Like the cane of wood On which my grandfather leans Love is supportive
To understand a healthy relationship, you must understand a healthy self. Neither should you starve to death, nor should you stock junk food on the shelf.
For my sweetheart, Ben Gustafson   I promise to hold you close in my arms, And always keep you away from harm When you’re feeling down, I’ll be right here
Love ambitiously flowing through my veins; All of the qualities you possess allow my heart to never rest; As relationships are always put to the test;
Didn’t think I’d be the type To be like the stereotype, But I can’t stop thinking I’m falling but not sinking. When I look at you, If only you knew. That you are without a flaw,
Being in an unhealthy relationship can affect all areas of your life. In my case, it negatively affected my grades in school, my performance on the football field, my mood which hurt my relationship with my family.
I used to think that love meant Sitting on dirty air mattresses and Going to the bathroom while balancing on Broken toilet seats, Ignoring the messages he was receiving from other girls and
“Because I love you” is not an apology is not a ball and chain is not an excuse. It is a truth. It is a reason. It is a motivation.   When it is sincere And pure
Because I love you, a smile tugs at my lips at the sound of your name. Because I love you, my stomach becomes a butterfly garden when I see your smile.
A healthy relationship means we are both happy in this. It’s not a burden. It’s amazing, It’s wanted. The downs are worth it because they build up the relationship.
October 7th, 2017 Today was a horrible day. There have been more and more days like today. And I met a boy. He smokes cigarettes, and hits me when he drinks. He tells me I am worthless.
Because I love you, hurting once, hurting twice, given in the impact of love. When will it stop? It doesn't, this is love. Relationships, simple word right? Meaning more than a word, it's phases of life and impact of actions.
  My reflection showing hate Destructive thoughts would not shake I needed them to validate “What a pretty smile” Didn't they know it’s fake?
Why? Because I love you!  Every morning, one of my favorite parts of the day, I get to wake up next to you. Every night, another favorite of mine, is lying in bed with you by my side.
Because I love you, Because I love you I saw more for you than I did for myself I let go of my success and marked the path for your access.
I love you this much, More than all the tears from your eyes. If you love me, You'll not worry your pretty mind over my lies. What I mean with my fists My love will persist;
Text me when you're home Safely Did you eat? I can buy you something Gave you all my love All I could give But what I couldn't do was Forgive
When you lie restless at night,I will console you,I will tend to your needs,I will assure you that things will be okay—Because I ca
Would it mean the same in words If I took your hand in mine? To glance across your sleeping face Or rest my head, benign? When we say, “I love you.” What forces make it so?
I welcome you into my embrace I hold you close Letting no one take your place   I will hold you tender As long as life allows  Hoping you’ll surrender Your soul to all my vows
A Healthy Relationship: Us A healthy relationship is a relationship with Commitment Confidence Compassion  
In January She was toxic. Through lies and pain, You broke a little more.   In March You said it was okay,
Because I love you, everything behind that fake facade. It is not what is presented, as that is little more than a fraud. My full support will always be with you.
Me and you I thought would be forever We’ve been through it all and it basically turned into a never I don’t feel the same anymore  I thought we were compatible  I’m done I hope I’m being understandable 
Being there when you need it And when you want it That’s love. Getting that little something “Just because” And not expecting something in return
to Love, One must giVe and takE to Love, One must bend, neVer brEak to Love
How did this happen? The odds  Astronomical The chances Celestial Seven billion lives Beginning, ending, colliding And I find you And you find me How  How How
If I have a soulmate  I hope he finds me first; When I have a soulmate I'll know that he will be my last.   One look, one touch Just enough to say "Because I love you,
Growing up, I never saw a healthy relationship.  I didn’t see my dad kiss my mom on the cheek, And I didn’t see my mom get roses. I didn’t see my parents in the same bed,
I want to be an apple in your eye, The figure your gaze lingers on just a second more,
For just three months we've been together It truly feels like its been forever. We call each night with an exhange of words,  So simple, so sincere, I couldn't ask for more Time moves on as our affection grew
Because I Love You – Scholarship Slam You say, “We can work through this slump. We can get through anything… … because I love you …
I wanna be there Gonna be there  There is no where else I'd rather be I'm gonna support you  Always be there for you Like tomorrow is not a virtue I'm gonna be loyal Gonna spoil you
I wanna be there Gonna be there  There is no where else I'd rather be I'm gonna support you  Always be there for you Like tomorrow is not a virtue I'm gonna be loyal Gonna spoil you
I wanna be there Gonna be there  There is no where else I'd rather be I'm gonna support you  Always be there for you Like tomorrow is not a virtue I'm gonna be loyal Gonna spoil you
What It Means To Me By: Jaeden Brame   What does it mean to me? To simply say, I love you? That not what it means to me To give affections that will satisfy  That is what it means to me  
Love is a beautiful thing, when done right Love can be amazing, without all the fights You should always be happy, never sad  Never tell your partner things you'll regret, just 'cuz your mad
Because I love you I know that you like your eggs scrambled, Your bacon extra crispy, And your orange juice freshly squeezed in the morning.   Because I love you
"Because I love you" Doesn't mean it's okay  For me to do as you say.   The phrase "because I love you" Should only be used to express An act of love, of gratitude; it must not be used as a screw.
Healthy relationships are hard. They are wild, crazy, unrelenting forces of nature. Built, not bought- they are the very foundation of trust and loyalty.
The bruises and scars I received for sixteen years define me. I am broken and damaged almost beyond repair, my hopeful heart was shattered into a million pieces.
Love isn't happy love is trouble love can be happy if you try harder don't make excuses don't say because I love you don't blame your madness on "because I love you"s
  Not what you can do for me Not to serve my desire But because of what I see Because of what you are Because of what you do
I know what an abusive relationship is, Its not always physical,  Though sometimes it is,  I saw it in the eyes of my friend who was raped by her boyfriend,
Because I love you I still get lost when I look into your eyes. The simple thought of you turns my frown into a smile. Every hug makes me feel warm inside
Because I love you: I’ll make sure you eat and drink, I’ll stop pestering if you say “I’m not hungry.” Because I love you: I’ll wipe your tears when you cry,
All I could Ever Ask   I want you to succeed  because I love you and I want you to breathe easy because I want you to scale the highest mountains and swim the greatest seas.
A healthy relationship. What is "healthy"? Saying I love you when you get off the phone? A good night and good morning text? A like on instagram? A tagged picture?
Drink from me until there is nothing left. Once my waters were crystaline, so clear in the sunshine. The many secrets you kept, turned water to ice. I became a monster only plotting your demise.
the kind of love that i never knew i could feel someone caring about my wellbeing frequently checking in. someone who gives me strength to believe in myself. someone who saw my deepest secret carved in my skin, and didn't ignore it. that day you w
Because I Love you I sent my one and Only son Because I Love you, I humbled myself, coming in lowliness Healing the broken and wounds that wouldn't heal Because I Love you I took one (1) cross
I have so much love to give, but it's always been given out in wrong ways. It was always something so flawless until it changes, and then it slips away.
Open your door, and walk outside.The cool breeze running it's oxygenized fingers through my strong blonde hair.There's no need for negativity at a time like this.
New year, new me, who would've thought you'd rescue me. We learnt from the past, And had a blast. New year at last, Well, that was fast.
Sometimes the hardest thing is not being sick. Watching the world drag by from a second story window, too far away for anyone to notice, too separated for anyone to care.
They always tell you what you cannot and cannot be, I never focused on them, I focused on me. Yes, maybe I like to read my books instead of party,
ask any of us and we'll say it's hell to run and run and run until our feet swell sweaty tired faces and sore legs too running 10 miles is a daily thing to do
In a nutshell, I'm not a nut At age 22, I lost half my gut. Crohn's Disase was diagnosed so, the surgeon snipped, clipped, and cut...   Stella, i named what was left. She's a pretty,
the day i first met him i turned to stone. my eyes seemed to fog over when he passed by me and my normally nonstop lips fused together. he seemed to fit so perfectly to me like a lego in my lap but
Breathe...Do it, feel that toxic mist fill the empty space that lies in your lungs Choking on your words, just as you have brought upon by your own volition
Maturity can be seen in many opportunities. Staying classy with an attitude of nasty. Showing off my curves and edges, letting everyone know i have imperfections.  Flashy ring and fancy cars may not be in my future. but atleast im not tortured.
I am sorry. i am sorry for shredding you to pieces when you deserved to be cherished. i'm sorry for the six years of abuse i put you through and thought that you deserved. 
Rape. It led to my silence. For a year I let what happened control me, let HIM control me. Fear. I was scared.
My hairs a mess I don't even distress of how I dress my leggings are all worn people are going to know it's all torn
Going to the early morning workouts, Finshing with sore's grip on my muscles. With my body begging to tap out, I tell myself to keep up the hustle. Consuming foods that grow from the Earth,
Fingers tingle over keys, Sounds resound across the house, Dead silence. Notes tinkle and drop in my ears like rain. Delicious ties and cresendos awaken longing and stirs adventure. Trance-like singing,
Fingers tingle over keys, Sounds resound across the house, Dead silence. Notes tinkle and drop in my ears like rain. Delicious ties and cresendos awaken longing and stirs adventure. Trance-like singing,
Why is being h
It's been days when you've been just sitting there relaxing Relaxing like you don't feel those contractions It's been years since you felt satisfation It's time for a change, put in action!
our lives are turning over washing away the guilt left over from when you're finally sober like an omnipresent rinse cycle yet still you foil life by kissing to a false idol you know
Once the years of  scholarly things come to a close, I wish to help those who've fallen.   Those who feel down, despise themselves for their body and their lacking
A simple good morning after eight hours of sleep
Fair as me and sweet with glee, patterns as succulent and tasty
We should know Because if we knew, we would change We should know how livestock animals are treated Because if we knew, we would push for more humane actions to be taken
Somthing i would change to make the world much better,
Run that extra mile, Pick up those and move them to that pile. Keep up that pace, The goal of this is to finish your race! You look tired, you seem sore But you have to keep giving it more.
Being healthy is very important to me, On nights, and weekends when others party, I am one with the iron I am lifting. When others make the decision to eat unhealthy,
I exercise daily I feel amazing I have cravings I choose raisins I need to lose weight Or it might be too late I hold my fate
Out on the streets, I run by many things I run by the cars in their rush By jagged cracks in the concrete By hills of strength and downhills of bliss   My feet propel me foward
It happened in August. 294, it read. I blink, my eyes needing to focus. The numbers don’t budge. My heart drops easily into my stomach.   I feel sick. The scale says something
Some people love chocolate, sugar, and cakes But I must say that I love dates! Icecream, coco and peppermint don`t satify me, no not one bit. surly if I am healthy, I also will be wealthy.
The girl I should have been is strong. She is beautiful and mighty in every way imaginable. The girl I should have been is extremely disciplined. She will not cheat herself because she
  Dear Marlo, Drum, Drum, Drum I’m like a spy Drum, Drum, Drum I sound like I'm steppping on clouds in the sky   So I run into the kitchen As sly as a mouse
Watch, grow, learn kick, swing, catch sports any type best times in your life every aspect applied to the outside teammwork on the field, in the classroom, in the workplace 
Rebel girl, you are the queen of my world. Twirl it round and round. We aren't falling down.   Rebel girl, stand tall. No need to scream and shout, no need to ever pout.
I run for me, and not for you. It's time to improve myself, and be the person I want to be. I lift because it makes me stronger, and gives me power. Every muscle cramp fuels me to go harder.
My body aches. I sweat. My muscles hurt. I sweat. Exersice causes me to sweat I sweat out my pains, and my fears I sweat, to feel.
Lace up running shoes, Hit the trail; Lost in thought, Discover yourself
A well-built framework made just for me can be used by everyone to make good company.   Don’t call on my name
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We all love technology, I however, do not approve of it in schools. Take them out. I prefer textbooks over ebooks. You can mark them up, add notes,  in an ebook all you can do is swipe to the next page.
Burritos deliver satisfaction to my tummy The ones from Taco Bell are super yummy The tortillas made of flour I can eat them every hour  With your beans, rice, sour cream and cheese
Willingly time is not ending, Separated are the hallow gaps of evergreen trees, A thin line of mutual grace, at the face of an abandoned cliff. Stands the breath of a lone wolf, calling to the premature night sky, 
I watch the world with saddened eyesWhat mother nature must think of usThis once beautiful blue planetNow covered in trash and dust
For powerFor lustFor selfForsakenForgotFor peaceFor loveFor othersForgivenFortuneForever
When you see light breaking through the trees; When you see hope among the distance leaves; When you see a smile that never fades; When you see stars in the darkest shades;
The algae, the moss, and the mud. While they could never understand the chemical reactions going on inside our heads, They remain ever accepting of our presence.
Looking around the world was like looking at a wound . So terrifing alot of pain , so awful that i could not look at it the second time.As a homeless child ,it was a disaster of life.
End of the day Beginning of the night Bird’s aerial north Neither misplacement nor mistake World at a firm Streets at allay Peaceful and scenic
Fitness is more than a way to shed fat and pounds It is more than being healthy and active It is more than trying to extend your life and live it healthily What is fitness to me? Fitness is a life style
  A sea foam cardigan covered her beautiful tan skin She approched me with no knowlege that I existed, So I made my presence known in an instant, 
Close your eyes, open your mouth, let your stomach shout an OMMMM stretch, relax, take care of your skin, eat properly, be gentle, give, never take, be honest. Work hard, sleep much,  run
When I run, I am free, my chains are broken. My shoes are like the13th Amendment; I am no longer a slave to society. When I run, no one can own me, the road becomes my empowerment. Strength, Struggle, Satisfaction.
Exercise is good for you, Blood, sweat, and tears, will get you through the deepest blue and fit throughout the years, you may not like it at the start but then you get addicted,
How it looks, how it is prepared, how it smells is why we eat it Crumbs may fall and we scrap our plates bit by bit Its hits our mouth and our taste buds are in love Something this good is totally undreamed of
Bent over sweating, breathing with intention, fluid running down your face, desire pumping through your veins. only looking forward, but not further than tomorrow, exhaustion is on its way,
Apples, chicken, peanut butter too, all these foods are good for you turkey, water, anything green, nourish your body, its a mean machine running, walking, lifting weights, ooo
One plus one plus one plus one. It’s endless. Separate components come together. Pink yellow green orange. Around and around and around. Never stops. Like a ballerina. Infinite. Until the giant monster ends the color war.
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