Growing up, I never saw a healthy relationship. 

I didn’t see my dad kiss my mom on the cheek,

And I didn’t see my mom get roses.

I didn’t see my parents in the same bed,

And I didn’t see my dad get encouragement.

I didn’t see these things because my parents weren’t healthy.

When I say healthy I don’t mean

Physically healthy,

I mean their relationship just wasn’t healthy.

Their relationship wasn’t something I wanted for my future.

I was taught growing up that loving someone was really hard.

I was shown that loving someone wasn’t for you,

But for the sake of the people around you.

It was for the screaming and for the doors slamming.

Loving someone to my parents

Was for the right to feel better about yourself because you weren’t alone.

As I have grown

I have taught myself

That love is not hard.

Loving someone is the complete opposite of being hard.

People give love this twisted

Corrupted meaning.

Loving someone is not about the fighting

And it is not about family.

People say that it gets boring,

They say

That it’s part of growing old with someone

And just to ignore it.

Loving someone does not get boring.

Loving someone,

Loving your soul mate,

Is everything but boring.

Loving someone is so amazing.

It’s the feeling you get when you open presents on Christmas morning.

Love is the one things that makes this small irrelevant world spin.

Loving someone should be the most exotic and most craved feeling in this planet.

When you wake up in the morning, next to that person you want to be with forever

You shouldn’t just walk to the restroom and brush your teeth

You should look into there eyes and be reminded

Why you do what you do




You do what you do, for them

Not because of them.

You love them because they’re the one thing

In this disgusting,




And utterly

Cruel world,

that would do anything

And everything in this universe

To make you happy for just 5 more minutes.

You love them, for that.

You love them,

for every part of who they are and what they aspire to be.

You don’t care about the past,

Or about the future,

But you care about what is happening now

And everything you plan to be with this person

For the rest of your existence

Whether that's in two days,

Or it’s in 60 years.

You love them for everything

Because if you didn’t love them

For every single inch

Of their skin

Then you aren’t being healthy.

You're wasting love,

and you're wasting your time.

Don't strive to be happy,

Strive to be


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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