We Knew

For just three months we've been together

It truly feels like its been forever.

We call each night with an exhange of words, 

So simple, so sincere, I couldn't ask for more

Time moves on as our affection grew

"You okay cuteness?" says my beau,

I grow red, lost in his eyes and say "I love you"

You smile and with sweet words say "I knew."

From there we talk for hours, about anything

About everything

Whatever makes us smile.

I knew all of this will be worth while;

From the way you held me close at night.

When I broke down and cried, you held me tight.

From the way you squished my face and kissed me.

We laughed and danced away, beside the quiet sea.

Say our goodbye's, as we part

For school had a way to keep us apart

We both knew for sure, we would soar

What we were was going far.



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