Bohemian, living in between.


our lives are turning over
washing away the guilt left over from when
you're finally sober
like an omnipresent rinse cycle
yet still you foil life by kissing to a false idol
you know
maybe I'll contemplate when I'm a bit older
for now, I'm going to work like a dignified
I will achieve my dream to be that bohemian
living in between
indulgence, just to make life a bit shorter
with caffeine and nicotine, I'm up like the
birth of Folgers
still being told 'wait till you're older'
out lives are out of balance
it's purpose that we lack
serve a common purpose
toxic, as a matter of fact
trudging through ruptured remains too thick
to look back
you've searched the ground, your pockets
and an entirety of wealth
you've search everywhere you could to
find happiness outside yourself
it's been too long now
what're you to do?
when it comes to life and happiness
I'm afraid you haven't got a clue
'the point' I guess you could say
I live to live life through the last breath I take
on a daily basis, laugh and smile at the risk
of fate
and still find to stop and think
there's always tomorrow to stop, drop, and contemplate.

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