Love is an Avocado Kale Salad

To understand a healthy relationship,

you must understand a healthy self.

Neither should you starve to death,

nor should you stock junk food on the shelf.

When you eat a cheesecake as a temporary fix

to a rough situation, predicament, or difficulty,

you should know that nothing has become better.

In fact, try to burn those calories! They’re unnecessary!

Don’t let the temporary dopamine stimulation convince you that everything is fine,

for truly you are accumulating fats and sugars you should decline.

Go for a run, cool down, and allow your mind to be active,

for then you will see the difference between progressive and manipulative.


Now apply this formula to your abusive significant other.

Can’t you see? He is the doughnut with a chocolate glaze!

He’s sweet on your tongue but your liver doesn’t fancy him,

but it is okay to feel confused and in a haze.


Remember, a doughnut doesn’t make a meal better.

In fact, the meal should be wholesome without the extra sugar.

The avocado kale salad alone is wholesome and fulfilling,

and it shows you what you really need for living.


So take a deep breath and make a list

of the things that are essential to a healthy self.

Make a promise that you shall live by this

and separate from the things that inconvenience yourself.


Love entails compromise but it should never lead to hurting

the person you are proud to be and the achievements you hope to gain.

Love never violates the freedoms you rightfully owned prior

to feeling confused about the boundaries of love and pain.

You never needed someone to tell you what to do or how to act,

because you were a beautiful, strong person before he came along!

So get a fresh smoothie and fight for the symbiotic relationship

in which you can instantly distinguish right from wrong.


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