Because I Love You

Didn’t think I’d be the type

To be like the stereotype,

But I can’t stop thinking

I’m falling but not sinking.

When I look at you,

If only you knew.

That you are without a flaw,

From the edge of your jaw

To every freckle across your nose.

You said you loved me and I froze

Because I love you.


We walk through school hand in hand

Until we reach class and must disband.

Stolen glances across the room—

A warmth inside starts to bloom.

We talk about everything and nothing at all

Every day from dawn until nightfall.

I start to forget life without you;

It must’ve been quite blue.

With a text from you, “good night,”

I go to bed, flying high as a kite

Because I love you.


Around you, I feel so comfortable;

At the same time powerful and vulnerable.

You know all my secrets and hopes.

And when I’m walking a tightrope,

I look deep in your eyes—

There is only truth, never lies.

You meet my parents for dinner

And they proclaim you a winner.

You seem surprised, beau.

I never had a doubt, though,

Because I love you.

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