I Want

I want to be an apple in your eye,

The figure your gaze lingers on just a second more,

The thought that appears randomly before you fall asleep,

The absent-minded doodle in your notebook,

The blushing confirmation to your friend.


I want to be a secret,

The tease your friends make fun of you for,

The hesitant 6pm party invitation slipped into the locker vent,

The 7 minutes in heaven that lasts for an hour,

The closeted conversation that neither of us forget.


I want to be happiness,

That moment of sudden courage to speak,

The elation of acceptance and success,

The trading of numbers, and secrets, and signs of what we think is love

The years of learning and maturing but with each other.


I want to be the shine,

The gleam of a diamond ring,

The glisten of a tear of joy in your eye,

The Missus to your Mister,

The glow of a growing stomach.


I want to be an infinity in your finite world,

Not just a decade but a lifetime intertwined with yours,

Not just a quick flash of lightning, but the whole damn storm,

I want to be the reason you feel warmth at night,

When you need no pictures because the real thing is next to you.


I want not to be yours.

I want to have freedom with trust,

A love that has boundaries

But we agree on them so well,

it’s like they aren’t there at all.


I want you.

Not in possession, but in unison.

In joining by hands, by rings, by love.

But in a union uncomparable.

I want you here with me...forever.

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