Love asks for nothing

Drink from me until there is nothing left.
Once my waters were crystaline,
so clear in the sunshine.
The many secrets you kept,
turned water to ice.
I became a monster only plotting your demise.

How did you find a weakness?

I believed you when you showed it was ok to not trust...
ok to lie,
to cheat,
to manipulate,
to belittle,
to ignore,
to provoke,
to lose the Self.
You asked for so much of much of me.
Drank, drank, drank of my waters,
a quiet destruction disguised as love.
My friends became enemies,
my hobbies a waste of time.

If I was not pining for you, I was not living.

You loosened your grip,
the day I became dry.
To you another leaf

Now I no longer had you around.

The space opened for someone I found.
A man who wished only to help,
someome with his feel on the ground.
A man who saw me as a flower, with no intention to devour.
With him I discover myself...slowly
With him I find I can grow.
I can be.
He asks for nothing in return.

It's true, Love asks for nothing.
Risk your heart for the person who shows its ok to trust
ok to breathe,
to be honest,
to dream,
to achieve,
to grow,
to laugh,
to talk about feelings,
to hold hands,
to have friends,
to be seperate people,
to respect,
to commit,
to encourage,
to support,
to be a team,
to share,
to cry together,
to give,
ok to soar into the heavens as a free bird,
ok to create a place with no walls and open doors together.

I love you, because I love you.
For who you are...
for who your soul is.
Not for what you do for me

Loving is kind, caring, open, honest, commited.
Jealous, angry, possesive, manipulative, belittling.
Fear drains the fountain because it takes.
Love fills it because it gives.

Love cannot ask for anything, it only knows to give,
and at last... you can live.


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