Loving Humans

Sun, 11/05/2017 - 13:29 -- Evelyn1

Because I love you, hurting once, hurting twice, given in the impact of love. When will it stop? It doesn't, this is love. Relationships, simple word right? Meaning more than a word, it's phases of life and impact of actions. Respect, compared to a diamond, where no one can make it feel less of worth. Respect one another, like never have a worry of obstacles. Because I love you, communication is key to happiness and peace in all. Living in a world of fantasy, feeling the breeze of soothing peace from ocean waves where both collide. Cherishing moments, like there's no tomorrow. Bonding wih you as if we are unstoppable to earth. Given all these, the key to trust, the most important aspect to one's relationship. Because I love you, caring for you is my priority. Loving each other like loving ourselves. We wouldn't want to be hurt nor be sad, rather have happiness and be loved. Wanting most, the need of love and care from someone else. Knowing it all along throughout our day. What else can humans ask for? Love is needed to comfort hearts, to heal, to give.

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