Why? Because I Love You!

Sat, 11/04/2017 - 21:22 -- kaliamm

Why? Because I love you! 

Every morning, one of my favorite parts of the day, I get to wake up next to you.

Every night, another favorite of mine, is lying in bed with you by my side.

I don't feel pressured into dressing up to impress you, I don't question if you think I'm beautiful in my weekend warrior outfit and messy curls.

Why? Because you tell me. I AM BEAUTIFUL. You make certain I’ll never forget.

You’ve saved me from the hot styling iron, used to burn away my natural flow. I wasn’t loving myself to the fullest before you helped me recognize that beauty was a mindset.

By loving myself, I can better love others. I give you partial credit for that.

You chipped away at my walls and made a spot to let the sunshine in. I embraced the rays and let the rest tumble down around me.

Like dobby and his gift from master potter, you’ve freed me from myself. 

When my anxiety kicks it into high gear and I begin to drown in the overwhelming stress of whatever it is life is throwing at me at the moment and I can't help but recede into a safe place and cry. You're there. 

You're on the floor with me, you're curled up in bed with me, you're delicately balancing the piecing of me that are falling apart at the seams. You're there, and you make sure that I know. You care. 

You care so much, and you don't always say the right thing, but you try

and when you can't console, you care, and you try, but you never lie. 

We tell each other everything, the whole naked truth, and while it was rocky at first, we stopped second guessing one another. It ebbs, and it flows, but we sort it out and reassure that we're here for each other no matter what. Sticks and stones, I know a physical aggression between us is out of the question. We respect one another.

When things get hot, we consent one another.

You're my best friend and I love to plan trips for us.

You're not quite a planner, but you're the best at telling me how much it means to be us. 

We want to see the world, but it's hard to afford luxuries with a student's paycheck and part-time cash.

So, we do little things to mean the most; A meal together, TV on the couch, Star Wars battlefront kind of adventure.

We’re healthy, happy, trusting, together.

No coercing, lying, distrust, amongst us.

A healthy love to come home to

 Our future is everlasting.

Why? Because I love you!

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