How Much by Caito Foster

is a concept
created to stretch boundaries
of perception and allow for
the unknown to present itself.

is a concept
created to shrink a vastness
down to a bite sized morsel
easy to consume without ever
fully understanding it's size.

You are internally vast,
though your body contains
your reality inside and my
love for you is delicious,
bite sized and made of
perceptions of who we are
when our atoms collide.

Like the universe,
the true size of this love is
unknown and expanding
but I will bring you only
pieces you can fit into your
jean pockets and take with you
so that you never feel scarce.

Rationing out this feeling
so that it may last a life time is
a boundary I am still learning
how to draw each morning
when I wake and attempt to
taste your love for me.

We are expanding into the universe
ot it is expanding into us, either way
we can fill this vast space with a
passion that knows no bounds,

one bite at a time.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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