Beautiful Battle

Healthy relationships are hard.

They are wild, crazy, unrelenting forces of nature.

Built, not bought- they are the very foundation of trust and loyalty.

To be able to confront your significant other on issues

And give your significant other space when needed.

Healthy relationships take time.

Putting unwavering trust and loyalty in another person takes time,

Love, commitment, and respect.

Healthy relationships are the most forgiving.

They allow someone to raincheck last minute.

They allow arguments to solve quicker.

Healthy relationships make you feel loved.

Being able to feel secure and stable with your significant other,

To have equal footing with one another,

To know that you will be there for each other,

To pick up your pieces.

Healthy relationships are a beautiful, never-ending battle of loyalty and trust.

But, most important, healthy relationships are worth the work.


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