Breathe...Do it, feel that toxic mist fill the empty space that lies in your lungs

Choking on your words, just as you have brought upon by your own volition

Taking in the air, the poison to follow knowing that it hurts as it passes your tounge

Stealing your breathe from you by every move it makes on it's impossible mission

Risking your life for actions so pointless as to be killing you slowly, but its what you chose

As sure as Pinnochio's nose grows when he lies, your actions stain your teeth and fingers

It tells everyone what you do, accepting death into your body to slowy take over as you may know

You force these people to watch as you suffocate yourself and enjoy every poisonous stinger

Allow fatal product of false advertised social acceptance because of the priciple

Maybe you can be cool if you partake in this slow suicide of your body

As every oppertunity passes you because nobody wants this picture of whats miserable

Because you chose death and weakness, to something so impressioned as gaudy

You wont stand out if your just lik everyone else, as being healthy should suffice

If everyone else looks the same and smells like cigarettes then maybe you'll be the cool one

So as peer pressure will push and tug and try to drag you, here's some helpful advice

Think of the future and the people around you, and that you could be a little better than everyone



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