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  Still tears in our eyes for our Brave Haiti Still tears in our eyes for our incredible Country
Encore des larmes aux yeux pour notre brave Haïti Encore des larmes aux yeux pour notre incroyable Pays
I voted for him when he ran for President of the United States.Sadly, he died on December the 5th at the age of ninety-eight.Bob Dole fought and nearly died during the second World War.
The waters of Chenab sing of peace The valley of Chitral heals my mood I live on peaks of the mighty Rakaposhi The woods of Kumrat are my friends of solitude
All men are created equal Creator Unalienable rights Repeated injuries Tyranny Justice Voice of justice Free and independent states Protection of Divine Providence Sacred honor
A flag draped coffin on a stifling day With somber taps that seem to say A grateful nation, as your dead we lay Into this earth, in a special way - Salutes your service, and the life you gave
And so the shot went off, The ringing in my head When will this nightmare stop? My friends, all left for dead  
You are the ones,  Who defend.    You are the ones,  Who protect.    Be honored,  Young or old.    No matter what war,  For you, we respect.   
We didn't start the fire,  That's what they say. And each generation, Must suffer and pay.    Don't ruin the country,  I love or behold!  Ruin, decay, destruction...
Never will I waver,  From love of this land,  Never will I fail,  To stay and stand,    Shouting with a great voice unto all:  "This land, God's joy! Justice for all." 
1. Fireworks on display     Saluting fallen heroes:     Independence Day.   2. Honoring our flag     Stars and Stripes in red, white, and blue:     Patriotism.   3. American trait-
Loved and praised  By innate wisdom and passion Yet loathed by skeptics. The lust - to behead his spirit, shatter the bones
Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes Or don’t shoot at all It’d be no surprise   You see, to shoot you have to be brave And that’s hard to be when your T.V. hero’s already made  
No ill words of disrespect shall part my lips about my mother For her land has raised me well Her morals carved in my soul But yet I hope
The red white and blue Seem to mock the brown hues of our skin But we plant our feet firmly We are here to stay   Blood, sweat, and tears,
My heart doth beat faster, when I view o'er the world The Star-Spangled Banner in glory unfurled. 'Tis fitting and proper that it should so be Since our land was the progenitor of the free.
America the land I love America the free Its beauty and its majesty just seem to capture me I love everything about it All of its fifty states America my home and pride is all so great
Through the Soil A Tree grows   Through the Land A River grows   Through the Wind An Eagle grows   Through the People A Nation grows   A Nation
I believe in this country That anything is possible  No matter where you stand  You can rise   I have dealt with challenges That have tried to bring me down  And have been at my lowest  
my father's eyes arered, white, and blue.third generation immigrant,he is proud of what he has done,of what this country's allowed him to become. 
America the Great It’s something you shouldn’t hate, We look to strive And keep record of our archives   From the Roman times
America the Great? do we rate? There are homeless and poor... So we could do more to aid and to feed to help those in need. There also are wars, hate, crime and pollution.
Father God, as about I go, My heart breaks for what this nation sows As blinder and blinder our eyes see Your ways, More and more, we number our own days
  They died lost and forgotten, half a world away. He died on a hill for His crimes, but what crimes they could not say. For us, all and everything both gave.
We go on a walk in my last week home And after this first time together with no one else, I’ll always feel alone Five minutes to my flight out, you hug me tight
 Sep 11, 2015 10:51amI always post this today. I wrote this not long after 9/11 while trying to understand it all: Many Hearts Were Broken
For Liberty and Justice, it stands, one nation Indivisible    
Once our flag flew bravely high While our dreams reached the sky And we were all one.   Now too often does our flag droop As we suppress our own, group by group We are all alone.
    Red is for the blood Red for all those who’ve bled for freedom White is for nothing Nothing that anybody has done to ensure the freedom of all
I write this poem in couplets, To let you know that what I'm about to write is ruthless, I am of Asian descent, of an immigrant family, through and through, I was born here, I'm nothing new,
O' My Lady where has your Courge fled      Do you remember your obligation?      Do you recall your resolve?           No, you have deserted your Duty O' My Lady where have you gone
Amazing grace how sweet the sound A sound that doesn't resonate within me The thrumming of pride that falls flat in my presence A cacophony of Hate, Prejudism and Ignorance
“Psst! Psst! Have you heard? He has just bought a new car. And his wife, she is so beautiful! How did he manage that? He must have visited the witchdoctor.”
It all started with thirteen little colonies And a group of men who were known commonly   As the Founding Fathers of this great nation. Franklin and Hamilton, Madison and Jefferson,  
Oh say can you see  The graves lining up day by day, Of thousands of men and women who decided to lay Their lives down together for the ultimate sacrifice?
America! Amercia! Land of the free Home of the brave and equality Oh how I want to believe.   America! Amercia!  Home of the brave! I'll march for your freedom into my grave, and 
 Oh Say Can You SeeThe faces of manyWho have servedBy The Dawn's Early LightTo the depths of the nightThe ones that continue to work What So Proudly We HailHard-won freedom’s taleAnd those who suffered that griefAt The Twilight’s Last GleamingWith
  Unconditional dedication to offer life liberty and the pursuit of happiness Personally at risk for the sake of the many No longer living a life of freedom and bliss
We still feel the sun’s burn after a long day. We still smile when we see the rains come our way. We still have the haunted eyes at the fire side.
A sea of dead bodies Lay on a blood-stained field. The dead are nothing but a memory. The last one standing is the winner.  The one who kills all the others- He is called The Hero.
there's a crackle over the loud speaker and the bitter old woman bites out a  "Good Morning."  and it is good.    there's a heartbeat of silence  and the bitter old woman snaps out a 
Merging onto streets. We flood as an aid to those in need. We see the pain, cries, and pleas. Freedom is so everlasting.
A lady at the store once called me A Great American Beacuse I gave her an extra discount Patriotism
Another day One of hatred and greed A world of sin with no consequence For the deed No shame For the world is the same Keeps on trudging Day after day But stop
I bleed red, white, and blue With stars across my heart, With the stripes burned into my mind; Giving everything - All my experiences; A little taste of home with each step I take;
They brave all danger, They master all fear, When they enter the land of a stranger, They all have a noble code to which they must adhere. But how do they feel….. When stare into the face of Death?
You will never see How much you mean to mommy Killing to save lives
(For all of the veterans we have forgotten on the home front.)  
Rebuild America  
It's red, staining the ground someplce I've never been and never will go. For me. It's a sacrifice, a total giving of life So I can keep mine. I can breathe
Numerous years past, through our eyes, is the founding of our country, yet in perspective, just a few decades.
A gentle breeze brings a sense of hope As a young schoolgirl stops and breathes In the scent of trees, water, and wind Which permeate the field on which she marches That field on the grounds of Gettysburg
Have you ever stopped to see How all of our lives might be Without those who died for the red, white, and blue Sacrificing their lives for me and you Do you even give one thought
I came as courageously as youHad left the spike on the table.
The flag stands where you were. On the home front. Defending what you love. The flag stands where you were.
Through distant hills that call to me, Along the forests filled with trees. Over roaring rivers and crystal seas, Your voice of laughter floats in the air.
Ooh farewell Ooh farewell Sorry to see you go My hopes where For you to come home again Praying for the sun to shine on you Never to be rained on by falling bullets or falling bombs
Today I place my star-rimmed cap over my sunburned face And gleam over the crowd with excitement and joy. We are like the base of a great and mighty river after the storm,
All I see is violence All I hear are lies All I want is happinness All I get is hatred Untames and Untainted They hate me And at times I hate them All I want is a chance
Approaching five revolutions around the star O'er the great pond- I flew To a promised land of health and wealth A land of independence A land of your founding fathers But not mine
By: Saranda R Our flag waves in the ocean of pride that envelopes this country With its economic strides and setbacks that we criticize Adding to the problem, not developing a solution
They say we are free, If we are free, then why, Why do we have men and women killed, Is it really to stay free?
Destroyed from the inside out,A tragedy sinners do not mourn.No pity for a star.   Here bright and burning,Here dark and cold,Alive as a star,Dead as a star.  
The twenties are calling. Can you hear them roar? Traditional restraints began falling, Awakening these times that were spent unsure.  
Every minute, every hour, every day..I will stay...  Right here patiently waiting.. keeping my mind busy, as to not always think of you...
Our fathers’ dream has been realized   Here we stand, America the greatOn democracy but still not finalized,As we are ever changing, no end date
dark as the dust of trails you soar in heavens blue your majestic spirit never fails to your colors remain true  
  standing by, you guard us wave on high, you show us and in the nigh’, you lead us blood of red against blue sky  
  Dressed in army greens Brown boots, tags around his neck Finally he’s home   No trace of a smile He is very different now Finally he’s home   He was in the field
The cries of war surround common soldier as the men rush onward in excitement and yell But the opposition is fierce and men fall fast as straight as arrows Common soldier obeys
My poor little orphaned country.... Nobody watches over you, nobody cares. There's only a leader that sits back and stares.   You are left out in the cold, all alone to be attacked.
  That summer I had just turned nineteen Is when I saw you in shorts of camouflage green. You saw me when you were playing football with some pals
I am from beloved dolls, from bubble wands and crabapple trees. I am from bright colors and playful spirits,Bookshelves and stacked boxes. I am from dandelions and low-branched trees.
What does it mean to be a patriot, In today’s day and age? What does it pay to be a leader, Of such an obscure time of rage? When did the war begin? How long must we fight to win?
The stars and stripes flow in the breeze Gently swaying while the colors collide. The vivid hues of red, white and blue, Curving while the wind constructs a majestic pursuit.
There it is, in their eyes When they look up into the once torn skies They see what we hope to never see Lurking in shadows but praised with pleas Battle torn fields and red smoke filed nights
The truth lies the best. For example, Your textbook says he died as a challenger of the lady giant, welcomed to the American Coliseum, but sir, that is not quite the case. He died
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