America the Beautiful?


Unconditional dedication to offer life liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Personally at risk for the sake of the many

No longer living a life of freedom and bliss

Constantly at arms keeping a hand steady


Who will be the next to go with no panic

Who will jump out to save a comrade

No the ones sitting at home

Just taking everything for granted


Perhaps those who suffer the most

Are the little footprints on the beach and stone

Looking out to the horizon

Wondering when Daddy will come home


And the growing bump on the woman

Who worriedly waits patiently

For the man who gave it all up

His loving country’s liberty


Or is it a loving country?

Are we what we once were?

Back to when standing for freedom

Was was America’s aim tirelessly


Back when people earned what they received

The American Dream wasn’t waiting on a silver platter

Now people will cut corners to deceive

When the flag is raised, people will scatter


We would sing America the Beautiful at the top of our lungs

Praising what God gave to the people

Now it’s a song that is no longer sung

With pride and joy and devotion and grace


Afraid of offending someone

With what our country was founded upon

Weighs down opportunities to embetter

The beautiful nation that once was.


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My country
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