Love at War

Sat, 04/08/2017 - 01:04 -- JWKP98

We go on a walk in my last week home

And after this first time together with no one else, I’ll always feel alone

Five minutes to my flight out, you hug me tight

And I’m glad the last thing I’ll take with me is the warmth of your light

I look you in the eye one last time for at least the next year

I laugh, tell you that there’s no reason to fear

If not for anything else, I will come back for you;

I won’t give up until we’re together and nothing short will do

But as we part, may the look in my eyes assure you, my dear,

That were it not for the need to fight for you abroad, I’d fight for you here.


I know I won’t die, but know I died for my everything if I do,

Because, darling, I would have died fighting for you.



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