The Dream is Alive!

I believe in this country

That anything is possible 

No matter where you stand 

You can rise


I have dealt with challenges

That have tried to bring me down 

And have been at my lowest


I have heard others say that the American Dream does not exist

But people have just given up faith

We all need to rise to the occassion

To see that what we want is possible


We do not live in a nation with widespread corruption

A country where people are dying by the millions

Diseases, famine, warfare



We should appreciate wherever we are at

Instead of criticizing the beauty of our nation!


If you want to live a better life and see a better society

Then do something about it

Get involved by leading an example of yourself 

To others

They will follow

Then you will see


That America is not as bad as it seems


This poem is about: 
My country


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