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And so the shot went off,

The ringing in my head

When will this nightmare stop?

My friends, all left for dead


They said this would be easy as

But little did we know

The enemies we were fighting

No mercy would they show


Fighting for your country

Seems great when it’s on paper

But when there’s a gun against your head

Your dreams of great will taper


From beyond the hellfire I hear

“Fall back! Retreat! It’s over!”

Years and years have gone by now

And still the wounds leftover


Both psychological and physical

They keep me up at night

The memories of what went on out there

I cannot bare the sight


We aren’t the only victims of war

The ‘villains’ suffer too

To them we’re the antagonists

We fight until they’re through


Much like us they lose family

And people that they love

Despite everything that is said of it,

War isn’t something to be proud of.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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