Calling Out All Those Who Whine and Cry

I write this poem in couplets,

To let you know that what I'm about to write is ruthless,

I am of Asian descent, of an immigrant family, through and through,

I was born here, I'm nothing new,

Let me tell you regardless of my rhymes

Why the crimes are just drowned out by the whines,

Of people who've done too little to pushing this country forward,

You speak of nothing, and cry, no words,

My family and I work hard in this country,

Working hours on end within the employment industry,

My family coming here was tougher than you getting through middle school,

You've had no experiences like that, all you're trying to do is be cool,

But you do nothing but sit down with your coffee cup,

Never experienced what it's like in the rough,

You still have the gall to complain,

Putting our country to shame,

You're disgusting, with a negative mindset,

I've recieved more hate than you'll ever get,

But don't worry I'm here for you,

To disregard everything you knew,

I am an American regardless of my culture and skin tone,

Plagued by those who sit around that moan and groan,

Rise up, stand up, tell us how our America can be great,

Instead of complaining and telling it's too late,

I want to know with all your infinite wisdom,

That how this country is supposed to be run,

With all the terrible discrimination that you let run rampant,

I can see your heart is not in it,

Are your words too powerless?

Are your demands not met?

It's come to my attention that you haven't even tried yet,

You do so little with your time,

And barely attempt to speak your mind,

But you dare mock this country exposing it faults,

Your negativity running through this country faster a thunderbolt,

This country festers in violence,

And all that leaves from your mouth is silence,

These know nothing words with zero meaning,

But for me, I'll keep believing,

And dreaming that maybe one day,

I'll be sure to say,

I am born a proud and true American everyday.

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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