The twenties are calling.

Can you hear them roar?

Traditional restraints began falling,

Awakening these times that were spent unsure.


A country, suddenly plagued by affluence,

Leaving it unbalanced.

A country, seemingly torn apart

Where countless controversies left their mark.


Womens' suffrage

It sure gained leverage

Prohibition began

Peoples' wits came to an end.


Threats of the "Red Scare"

Contemplating what is fair.

Yet in their own homeland, failing to see

 The wrong in the Scopes trial of Dayton, Tennessee


Radicalism, Socialism, Communism

Industrialism, Modernism, Consumerism


People enchanted as if words could come from a Muse.

"I am a Negro-and beautiful" by Langston Hughes

 Above all other roars, was this concept---so profound,

Proving that some roars were voices; yet others were nothing more than sound.


"Anything goes"

Was the slogan they chose.

"Life is meant to live and enjoy as you go along"

As if this life could be lived by a simple song. 


Pride in the country,

But was there no pride in its people?

Klu Klux Klan reached peak membership,

While others could only look towards a steeple.


Many groups of people, whose sole unity

Was found in their lack of harmony.

Yet the only thing that would save them in the coming catastrophe,

Would be a shared patriotism, resulting in a people who were finally free.


Free from crushing the weak.

Free from ignoring those in need.

Free from countries crowding near.

Free from all kinds of fear.


Only together, as one, could they

Hope for things that they may

Look to embrace

Such as freedom, prosperity, and no difference in race.


This word, "Patriotism"

Such a necessity.

Infiltrating the population

Despite some resistivity.


How could one word

Filled with sensitivity

Bring a people like this together?

By expanding the possibilities.


Though different ideas lingered still,

And some dreams were left unfulfilled.

They found the key to their nation's prosperity,

                                                                                        And it lies today within you and me.



Just in case this poem appears on the internet- I submitted this poem in a research paper I did for an online class.

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