Brave New America

Amazing grace how sweet the sound

A sound that doesn't resonate within me

The thrumming of pride that falls flat in my presence

A cacophony of Hate, Prejudism and Ignorance

This sound is not sweet but a constant sound I hear within me


That saved a wretch me like me

A proud person, proud to be a wretch

an unhappy person who doesn't give heck

An unfortunate person of a great nation

not realizing the their prideful happiness

was created by unadulterated indignation


I once was lost but now I am found

Yet to be found is to admit that I am and was lost

How can I admit such a fallacy and at what cost?

But I had never felt such a thing, how this be true?

Unless someone else sees this in me, was it you?


Was blind but now I see.

At least this I can say

If this place allows me to relay

I finally see this place made in it's way

And I can proudly say that I will not stay

This poem is about: 
My country


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