Forever Remember

Sat, 04/08/2017 - 01:08 -- JWKP98


They died lost and forgotten, half a world away.

He died on a hill for His crimes, but what crimes they could not say.

For us, all and everything both gave.

But unlike theirs, His was an empty grave.

For them, it was for our freedom and for our nation.

For Him, it was for our soul and for our salvation.

So let us forever remember the soldier and our Christ Lord Savior above all.

One took your oppression and bullets, the other your shame and fall.


At the grave, the bugle played.

Above it, the flag forever waved.

Nameless and faceless in history you may be one day,

But by your legacy, what you left behind, your memory will never fade away.

We see your purity in the mountain’s white, your shed blood in the setting sun’s sky.

The fireworks blast because of and for you, shouting freedom and a final good-bye.

For the worth of your sacrifice, never fear.

By the freedom you died for, you may be gone, but you’re still here.


He had no obligation, but out of love and mercy unfathomable died on the tree;

The price for the salvation and redemption of the sinner, you and me.

He died painfully, a criminal’s, that of a thief,

That victory would be brought to those who found belief.

Shame, disgrace, sin and tears washed away by blood divine;

Peace, love, mercy and forgiveness brought to a world out of line.

In easy and hard, He is with us, never gone.

In this world war, in peace and conflict to Him we must hold on.


The two greatest sacrifices, forever regarded above all other,

For greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his brother.

Whether wounded, alive or perished and gone,

Theirs was not in vain, their memory will live on.

His was immeasurable, forever beyond fathom;

Light and hope that chases away the dark and fear of the deepest cavern.

So let us task and fight, enjoy and love that all will forever,

The sacrafice of the soldier and our Christ Lord Savior above all remember.


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My country


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