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I am so good at remembering The pro of remembrance if you will Which doesn’t mean I have a good memory It means I’m bad at letting go And sometimes our strengths are our weaknesses
in the crimson and gold,  you burn the brightest, the stories you've told, left me ignited.   the flame flickers and cracks, don't leave at dawn. i light the candle wax,
Your love meant everything to me. You were the only woman on my mind, But you secretly walked out on me. Oh, I couldn’t see this coming? I gave you all the things you requested.
Hello, My name is....  you probly dont care. I mean who am I?  A girl in a crowd... I open up. and you close. My mind starts to wonder... what couldve been if i said my name?
the stars we see each night are only distant lights from the past meaning that we see them but they could be gone   i'm sort of like that because you can still see me but honey, i've been gone
Glass spiraling down, and everything seems slow motion. A high pitched crash as glass shatters is a perfect example of my emotions.
When your world freezes over like the tears from your eyes Like a call from the doctor or when your mother cries To feel your heart sink like a stone thrown in anger To the depths of dark seas, as if tied to an anchor
my life story  is littered  with the ghosts  of golden  opportunities gone.
One summer’s eve in Spain, I fled through an open window, Butterflies aflight In the very pit of me, And I tramped the streets, My heart abrim With such a love, But a love now long gone.
My mind is a battlefield It has trouble distinguishing danger from safety It makes rain on a tin roof sound like gun fire Makes fireworks on the Fourth of July into an air raid
You asked me to write for you, So I wrote of a boy with stars in his eyes, A bright soul, and his heart on his sleeve. I wrote about how he died and how the light left his eyes
Days of youth containing cheerful screaming, Hours of running and spreading laughter Are jointly held through the room of dreaming The place that we take care and look after
I sit in a cold dark room Out of nowhere the sunflower appears I can hear the song play in the back of my head Tears slide down my frozen face  I walk up to the lonely flower
After all, we are all under the same sky and shall end by the same fate.   ~awatr
“Almost” An adjective meaning very near or not quite. What a terrible word that holds a painful truth. I dread these six letters, as anyone would.
I am laughingThat I can be dummyBut I am still laughingAs the world looks badlyAnd the time passed quicklyI found myself lazyI am toughing that I am triflingAll are passed to me and runI look to the time in runI am searching ,searchingTo find myse
I saw you today. You sat there and laughed. I was near certain That I was going mad. I watched you sit there, With a laugh and a smile. I nearly started crying. Haven't seen them in a while.
I remember your smile, The way it would light up your face. How your laugh would sound, And sing throughout my body. I remember your anger, And how it would scare me. The way you'd get sad
I'm drowning in a world Where you are the air. I'm starving in a land Where you are the sustenance. I'm dying of thirst Where you are an oasis. I'm left behind From where you had to go.
Skin as white as snow Veins the color of grass Heart as broken as a flower,  Each and every petal plucked Mind as broken as a record machine Reliving memories of pain repeat-reapeat-repeating
I wanted him to stay. But Time would not allow it For he does not trust me. Not anymore. As I am a creature of hell. I know no death nor life. Only pain.
We met in the wrong time We connected in the wrong time, We bonded in the wrong time, We hugged in the wrong time,
She was the mug that you had
My Sweet Peanut love of mine make me smile all the time   My Small Raisin on the floor i giggle at you you smile some more   My Perfect Balloon always far from reach
You are gone , now there is nothing that i own I miss you second after second , you were my treasure Now no one's there to make me feel special , your memories gives me pleasure
Because i love you, I let you walk all over me. I forgave your infidelity. I gave you my heart, you replaced it with yours.
He loomed from the depths of hell He swam from the ends of the earth He screams, He dies, He trails me, He is darkness
I was taken aback By your sudden words Your pause As I watched the emotions Fall into form onto your face I knew it was true I looked to comfort you As the tears fell
In this dark and open public space, My eyes meet the gaze of a warm, but ghostly face. I felt alone until the face appeared across the way, My loneliness would escape me and I could not look away.
Those we love don't go away They walk beside us each and  everyday. Unseen, unheard, but always near, So loved, so missed, so very dear.   Your life was a blessing Your memory a treasure,
writing, seeing behind teary eyes: lies in disguise; love and hate, war, we paint
such a simple time with love in your eyes it was but a rhyme filled with sorrowed sighs   Ivory Skin Satin Sheets You were MY in But you never released  
I know you don't want to talk to me because you need to breathe but I'm restless without you  they say the only ones up at 4am are the loved and the lonely  but I'm broken You see
She sits on the swing right outside her window.   The window where she use to sneak out of every night.   It's 1 in the morning and her thoughts lead her back.  
When tears slip down her bronze skin,  She seeks warmth from the fire. So far away, she craves it with a  Burning desire.   The crisp winds shroud her in the cold. 
What would it be like to just sleep? To close my eyes and have no worries. To just relax and not feel pain. What would I dream about? Would I dream about my past life and the people that I left behind?
In an instant, I caught a moment, That fell off from time, But the instant was gone, And with it, the moment, Leaving me staring, Into emptiness. #free_verse
Echoes bouncing off the walls from your tongueWhispers dance across your teeth, you are youngThe muscles flex in your face, next to your lips, a smileA feeling grows deep within me, my heart beats wild
 It never stopped hurting, Every moment of every day, the pain engulfed her; It was hard for her to believe, The one person who she loved, Gone, never to return; Her eyes searched for him,
You were my life and, my light. Then came that cold, dark night Now the only time i see your face is in the pictures of this old place Without you, i dont know what to do Why did this happen to you?
I should be sleeping, Smiling at sweet and happy dreams, But instead I lay here in bed, Anxiously awaiting day break. I fear closing my eyes, And wandering into my head
Biten whole, broken sand and sole, shreds of something they said Love-and-loss: same breath, same bed.  Forget the good and its sunny smile - 'Cause - you-and-me were all I had    
Look at me. No, look at ME. What do you see? Do you see the me in me? Or do you see the me you only know? The me outside of me? The me that everyone else sees? Look at me.  
We met the other day, All was fine one could say. Let's face the truth: it was not. We were strangers to one another, Different from what we thought. It was awkward, Was it not?  
Oh, the lovely corner, a home and friend of mine. Oh, the lovely corner, your comfort is divine.   Oh, the lovely corner,
Ever wondered what it felt like to be loved by your crush? Of course everyone does. I have been down this road once. It broke my heart multiple times. He came, he went. I stayed, and stayed. 
Looking up I see you there;A star shining in the sky.Like a dimond hovering,There above the place I lie,
And as he waits on the spire of the human soul, End watches.   A woman stands outside and stares across the rugged buildings to the early sunset. It’s a lot of blue covered over with whispy clouds,
JR Farrell is the one person i absolutely need the one person whom is everything is three since months gone to get him back i’d do
She's gone. Nostalgia comforts as I'm consumed by my thoughts By her lingering aroma Sage, sassafras, and cinnamon drifting in the wind As I sit by our favorite willow tree
I missed you again today I've been doing this thing where I refrain from thinking about you until about the worst possible time in the day to break down When I'm dipping in the pool for the beginning of practice 
I dream of you. Standing next to a car with leather seats that became too hot in the summer.  With eyes, golden as the embers in a fire With arms, hugging me tightly With lips. that kissedmy forehead when I was sick
Without you days drag on without any meaning without you the bleak existence that I once used to cherish is now waisted wondering why  why me why was I not good enough  and why did it all have to end
The dragons surround me Their fire lashing out at me, Their ceaseless destruction Finally taking its toll. The destruction I caused. The fire I created. The dragons I raised.
The days have grown longer following your absence.. And i feel trapped in this skin You left me in We used to be close Now, in my house Your name is unknown Like a skeleton to bone
When I read my old poetry it's like I've stepped into a time machine. Memories that used to haunt me, feelings that tied me to the past. I see scenes of hysteria, longing, and abandonement.
my father reduced to a pile of belongings   "a seperate load" on moving day to be locked in a storage unti abandonded worn clothes donated to charity
Hold your breath  Make your peace This radio has fallen silent This newsreporter's caught speechless   I don't feel this pain When I'm not breathing   We just fall apart
I used to walk a road of friends
No one has time, But there's always time To complain. No one sees, But they do. No one cares In this world We once called home. I only know What I've been told,
A long swing hangs low,
I stand in the valley of the shadow of death, Don't understand why I'm here, Everything seems deep, dark, and dangerous. Anyone here?
I wanted to kiss my name off your lips, Taking back my identity
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
Dear sweet Philip I am the one to blame. A knife held close next to my shame.   Had you kept quiet So would’ve my blade...   Wait! I see a man,  
I remember watching him sleep, his eyes fleeting back and forth under their lids. I remember him drawing long breaths, and his heartbeat wavering in his chest.
Every night I went to bed hoping that you would change.
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
Remember that time, When you said you would try to come to my graduation and you were unable to make it and I began to cry a river of tears. The crying, something you have seldom seen.
Why did you go? For that I'll never know. 
I wait, stagnant like the water beside a dam, wanting to move forward, but I can't.  Not yet. I am stuck. Restricted. Where did my voice go? It used to verberate so loudly through the mountain tops,
I wish i could write about nothing at all. wouldnt it be interesting to describe nothing? we couldnt say a color, How would we know what color it would be? We couldnt say a shape,
I'm so lost. I'm so weak. Everything I thought I once knew is now gone, its all down the drain. I feel so alone. I feel forgotten. No one care for the way they make me feel anymore.
They say if you see someone you used to care a lot about
I wonder if thou hath dots on thy face
I'm still gone with dis beat Still rolling dis mary jane Still on the wong pad Still can't find the light Always on a great high Always missing the signs Never wane do the rite
Dear Missing Piece of Me, As I'm looking out the window at the clear blue sky, With the birds soaring on their tireless wings Wy does the time always seem to fly? On my mind are about a billion different things. 
There was once a girl who had given so much of her heart away that one day, after giving her last piece, she fell asleep listening to Bon Iver, and doed of a broken and missing heart.
the infinite Stars keep Us company tonight
I found your pictures on my closet floor The only way of knowing you were here before And I no longer get waves of tears anymore
I am fifteen And my hair is nice and long I still have the curls And my love is not so strong
These hands, that you once held I gave away to the wind because at least they know how to hold something
People walk into your life And then vanish instantly But they don’t see the price Which happens consistently   They touch someone in a way And become part of them But then they just walk away
We were almost loverd a long time ago,  Two young minds entwined through intimate play, thoughts waltzing together in endless flow,
They say most black teens don't live see to age twenty-one. We live by the gun so we die by it. These statistics I won't cosign with. They basic labeling me a vindictive idiot.
Sometimes I wonder,
It was that calm before a tempest blew through the town It was that stillness before a crack of lighning pierces the sky It was that silent bubble of air before you drown
My emotions are bursting out like a screech on a violin.  I miss you and it's this pain I can not hold within.  
Sometimes I think you are here   It is in little, subtle movements and noises that force me to question if you are still on earth   I cannot see you, only in pictures  
I once had a childhood; carefree, full of dreams.     I once had a family; happy, loving.     I once had my sight; to explore, to enjoy, to embrace the world around me.    
   Before the fourth of July. I never knew pain so severe. Expecting a few firework shows with enjoyable sound. The bright vivid colors seem to amaze us all and make the little kids go wild. Instead i ended up with the opposite.
I don't know what happened, For everything just went black Feels like the world just stopped Now everything's just turning bad I Cant dry the tears falling from my eyes With my heart beating so fast
Just think happy thoughts. Your day will go just fine until one person pisses you off. They treat you like shit.  They make you feel like an outcast. What is wrong with society today?
Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting
  Blood drips above your lips Your heart beats in hyper drive We’ll reach the sky when it is dawn You’ll never cry because I’m never gone  
Down, down, down I fall, down this dark descent 
    He moved, slowly, into the silence   And I haven’t seen him since.   Do I stay or do I part?   The decision will come from my heart.  
You were gone Gone for so long You left me in the cold You came back Then you were gone again Came back for good You were down for a little while You rose Rose up and started to build again
Jimena hates living in this world She comes to a point where sanity and insanity become whole She struggles to understand the meaning of her existence 
at the end of every today that passes i lay able to rest because i know that it means i am yet another day closer another day closer to my tomorrow
God save us: everyone We're a band of sinners living life on the run Responsibility and morality ride hot on our tail For freedom and happiness, we set sail
I am the paint on the walls
You are the only one I need
I always wish I would one day wake up  Wishing the last 10 years was a dream Wishing this pain away All the tears and scars gone All my pain and sorrow My heart was real again and not just a black hole
she sheds tears for herself tonight because she knows that when its over  no one else will cry for her
You were my bestfriend  I thought you'd stay til the end but you left me just like the rest  I guess I couldn't pass your test I wish I could talk to you today  Because I didn't have to pretend to be okay
and without notice she was gone… gone never to look back at what once was a burden. gone from all pain, hurt, and sorrow, gone knowing that there was a brighter tomorrow.   Head held high, she is confident.
i am but a dream to you And in this I am shattered Something you can manipulate Into pieces until i am tattered. We have forces, you and i separating dark from light though i stand with open arms
I am a blink in history. My life will be short. I can choose: Will I be someone remembered for my love, or for my hatred? Though I may not remembered for very long,
Dejection, No affection. Depression, No expression.   Happiness? No. Not anymore. No more blessedness. No more galore.   Why do I still love. Why do I still trust.
It's not just one time. I know because you've said that before "It's just one drink." "It's just one hit." "I promise, I could quit." It's not fine! So wake up!
Hated, lost, rejected, abused; Angry, hurt, broken, confused. I wish that i could disappear And find myself, away from here.   Stomping, slamming, pouting, rude; Immature, stupid, juvelnile, crude.
She plunges into a world that was left unknown, a kind of darkness that swallows her whole, he tries to grab her, but she is forever gone.   She releases her grasp on what is truly real,
this void, this emptyness inside. what'd you expect of me? i'm an empty vessel with out a soul.
In this darkness I fall
Wind whips me As I soar through My breathing gets knocked out Trying to Pull air back into my lungs But all was silent As I finally made it I checked my back With wings no more
Beating of heart Growing ever faint Your smile still strong I try to smile back   You first came into this world So very unique I did not want to fall in love I did not want to get hurt
Beating of heart Growing ever faint Your smile still strong I try to smile back   You first came into this world So very unique I did not want to fall in love I did not want to get hurt
I asked him to stay. I heard "I'm sorry honey, good bye." Bye dad I love you.
You Only Live Once, You only drank twice, Got suspended from school.
A candle flickers in the darkThe only light in the worldThe world that has forgotten it. Forgotten the small candle,   not the light, not the fire. No, definitely not the fire.
  You're like the swaying of trees Or a breath of fresh air A feeling so lovely
He walks into my room   An old friend of mine.   He holds something shiny.   "Hello Rae."    He spit my name like something dirty.  
Don't say you miss me, don't call me love, none of that would be enough.    I want your kiss, I want your hug. I want your joy, your laughter, your bliss. 
Time has held a place in her mind But it moves too quickly now Love has found a place in her heart But it's too painful to bear anymore Happiness has linked with her soul But it never lasts forever
Falling down, falling down And then those words saved me. When I was at home and all alone I looked for an escape So I'd hide and wait, I'd hide and wait And then your voice saved me.
Light. Now it's dark. Knife. In my heart. Fight. In my head. Cry. In my bed. Shadows. Closer. Getting. Older. Falling. Crawling. Game.
Your scent just suffocates me, bringing me down into a hole deep and dark. Why would you do this?   Your warm body was once mine, keeping me from freezing at night. Why did you leave?  
I would never refer to myself as a murderer Silence, except for the thrust of fists Nothing can calm either, not even a blissful kiss Yesterday's promises have faded to black
My heart says I'm happy, my head says I'm not.With the stress I've been given, my brain has been shot.My head and my heart speak in two different ways.One's speaking in logic, one's lost in a daze.There's memories left that you had without me.Ones
As the bright lights slowly fade And I am left out upon the stage I frantically search out there for you But it seems you have left me too Now here I stand all alone Quietly reaching for something to hold
My time is up, There is no room, The clock is stopped, The sun is dead, My time is gone, The breath has fled, There is no time,
Little Scarlet, little Scarlet, where have you been? Prancing upon my garden, did you spend the time that you were so generously given?
Little Scarlet, little Scarlet, where have you been? Prancing upon my garden, did you spend the time that you were so generously given?
If only we had just a little bit more time together, If only we had some time to be free. We wouldn't have to run away and hide and steal time together, We could've made memories, fated to be.
My childhood is gone,  Snatched away before the hands of time deemed it to be, I sit all alone in that crowd, Slumped in a corner, Blade to my wrist, Wondering why I exist as anything other than a play toy,
The Wind shares her secrets to summer's dying Leaves; with Her promise of spring they fall so hopefully. One last burst of color- they wither away; calmly assured that warmth returns someday.
  Today is the end of the world Everyone is gonna die Get together with the ones you love Be prepared to say goodbye   Shit, at least we die together
Sorrow sorrow brother is deadCremated into ashes put in a jar the new child tot tot topples it overWhat to do what can be doneScramble to scoop brother back into his homeSome ashes are missedLicked up by the cat
Are you watching me from afar? Delightfully mocking my scars Cackling with your lungs half packed  With sharp words and enough smoke for stacks?   I can hear you calling Out into this space
  you have etched into my heart a walking path lined with flowers of every color;   i've walked it once or twice, myself, and i've seen bluejays and buttercups
HEY BOO!! GUESS WHAT?You’ve left me alone again, crying for what seems like forever. I’m surprised I haven’t run out of tears yet cause thats all I do all day long.Cry over you.. when you seem like you don’t even care.
  Like a tidal wave,The memories hit me. I’m drowning in,What used to be. I gasp for air,But it’s not there. I reach for you,But you’re gone too.  
The way your eyes lit upThe way your mouth smiledThe way you used to laughWhat happened to all that We were once inseparableWe were once capableNothing came in-between Now we're only once upon a time
Ive said once before                                                                                                    Distance is just slight of hand                                                                                                
When I die, my body will become the grass When I’m gone, there will be a crack on the glass My spirit will be an overwhelming mass And my footsteps will cause an earthquake in class
What become of the Beauty gone astray?What happens to those who have no time to play?No one sees the Silent agony,and if they could,what would they really see?
  I’m so in love I found you finallyYour words take me to the heavens aboveThe feelings can’t be taken too kindlySome people question if this is true love
I tend to get scared when I think about my life. What happens when it just ends? I've never really believed in a god or an after life. All of that just seems silly and make believe.
Its the quiet ones who have the most to say. Its the hidden pain that never truly goes away. Its the quiet girl who sings her song, But no one hears her til shes gone. The deepest pain is the easiest to find,
Isn’t it funny, all these different feelings that come with different days? No matter how far away you seem, No matter how much you hurt me, I will always love you. I don’t need your approval, don’t worry,
Tears burn my gentle face What hurts me the most Is knowing there's nothing I can do But look up at the midnight sky And pray you know how much I miss you My first heartbreak and you weren't there
With the world gone to the pits, I wonder how much worse it gets. Most people try to call it quits, But others use their wits.
it's not a shootout it's not a fight it's not a rape or a stabbing someone thought was out of sight that momentous night it was robbery it was a death of a childhood friend
Remember that day he left you When he left you and he flew He said we will be together forever That nothing can come between you ever
There he goes walking at his graceful pace, says hello to his friends, decides to stay and talk. Smiling and laughing there is is, but then his eyes land on me. His smile has faded away, and my heart is beginning to cry,
You departed way to soon > Now you're up there with the moon, > The clouds, and stars while they shine bright > I hold back tears all through the night, > Can't help but think of all the memories > You truly meant a lot to me, >
The day he died is when you died too; Your heart, your smile, your kids died too. When he left us, your happiness did the same; Two kids and still felt no reason to remain.
I look in the mirror, I see your face. I look in your room, I see your face. I look in my room, I see your face. I look down the hall, and I see your face.
I stand waiting, My eyes gazing across the horizon, The wind blowing my hair in the direction that you disappeared. My heart aches, The feelings within it rush up and down, Like the sea I am watching.
Another day stuck in dismay Rain clouds follow me everywhere Just another bad day they say I know they don't even care
I have a cat, and then I had three, four, five. Alonelyness. Feeling the world caving in, the door to a better life closing day by day. Alonleyness.
You saw me there yelling for help You didn't care You saw the pain You could have helped me up You knocked me down instead You kept hurting me You didn't care
One day you will realize how much you hurt us physically and mentally One day you will see the pain in our faces One day you will noticed how many lives you ruined
I wake up, 5 am as usual I get ready for the torture ahead I arrive at school I walk down the hall to my first class I sit down "GROSS!"
I miss you very much, But you’re never coming back. In this world of color, Yours is solid black. I don’t know what happened, I just know you’re not here. I remember all the good times
Ridiculed, the punch-line to every joke. Do not tell me what to do, I am not a part of you. Don't you know it hurts? The scars gather as well as the tears. Deeper they dig into my skin. Fears.
Feeling lost and so alone No one to turn to Somedays you just gotta hold your own Empty heart and broken dreams No one to turn to All alone and ripping at the seams Beaten down and can't get up
I will never understand why you died Yes I know the reason why Someone bullied you And said mean things about you But why did it affect you You are beautiful And you are smart
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