Litmus (The Ghost of All the Things She'd Done Wrong)

What become of the Beauty gone astray?
What happens to those who have no time to play?
No one sees the Silent agony,
and if they could,
what would they really see?

None know all there really is to know,
Some never get back all the love they Sow.
Many people leave their lives to fate,
while others give Up, as if too late.

How often have you hurt someone you Love,
then when time set in, Realized, they were all you have?
And Often enough, the past sometimes calls,
yet we run to Escape the memory of it all.
How can a person be shattered when there's Hardly a person there,
and when it's done, Hollow friends don't show they even cared.

How many fools rule the Earth,
and treat their position as though it were a Curse?
Why must we play these insipid love Games, 
when we know what we want and it always is the Same.

You don't see that I am Lonely,
because you are too.
And, if we Ran, head-on into one another,
do you know what you would Do?


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