You are gone , now there is nothing that i own

I miss you second after second , you were my treasure

Now no one's there to make me feel special , your memories gives me pleasure

Gone are those days , when we stared each other

And to the hell cared for each other

Now i can't see you untangling my hair

Bit more time for each other i wish we could spare

I need you to be around forever

I dont know in my heart or wherever

Your breath whispering in my ear

Telling me to be aware , aware of the the world after you

Please don't go i wish i could say that

Now everything around seems nothing but regret

I want to keep my head on your lap

Truth is you are not around anymore

All our memories i do ignore

Just to keep you out of my thoughts

But i won't be able to that's ofcourse

Come back its been a while 

I confess you are the reason i smile

Please i can't fight anymore

I want you for once, just knock and i will open the door

I promise i will be there for you

Now i am strong enough to prove my love for you

Let's just end these hide and seeks

I want to hold your hand and sneak

I will keep you in my heart, and won't let you die

Please for once , just come back

Atleast to say good bye

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