Extended Hearts

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 10:54 -- 14akern


Beating of heart

Growing ever faint

Your smile still strong

I try to smile back


You first came into this world

So very unique

I did not want to fall in love

I did not want to get hurt


The pain inside

Extended its hands of black

It wanted to kill

It wanted command


But you never did let it take away

From the joy in your heart

From your love of life


Your sweet little voice chimed out innocence

We tried to ignore

We try to forget


Your pudgy little cheeks

Revealed smile still

As love unconditionally poured from you

For you were stronger than ever I was

Abandoning all pain, fear, and fuss


I looked away

With tears in eye

For blackened hands still held you and I


Yet your curly little hair and your big blue eyes

Seeped deep into my heart and began to arise

You took hold of my hand and led me through

Showing me how to truly and sincerely

Fall in love with you


Yet hands did not release

For they had a cause

For me they were fear

For you, so much more


After three short years

You drifted to sleep

The cancer had won

Stealing you away in the night


The next day, the sun did not rise

The birds ceased their songs

How could happiness return?

For you still held my hand

And my love you had earned


I still look at your life

You had chosen so much joy

Though I born healthy

Never did employ


My dear sweet friend

Your life so young

Taught me to live

As I grow old


I will never let go of your hand

I will never forget

But you taught to not to live halfway


I choose to cast off

The pain

The fear

The tears

I choose to live without regrets


Dear God,

I thank You

For my sweet little friend


And to you,

Dear baby,

I can not wait to see you again.



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