Unnoticed Love


United States
30° 25' 59.5416" N, 97° 36' 2.0844" W

I stand waiting,
My eyes gazing across the horizon,
The wind blowing my hair in the direction that you disappeared.
My heart aches,
The feelings within it rush up and down,
Like the sea I am watching.
Each breath I take, full of hope, raising my chest,
Only to be released as a crashing wave,
Disappointment flowing out, when you fail to appear.

Oh why did you leave?
You have taken my heart without even knowing you took it.
Your smile, your laugh, your tears.
I noticed it all,
but you never saw me.
I listened to your voice, yearning for you to speak to me,
but you never did.
I wanted to know you,
to know your entire being.
To listen to your complaints and hardships.
but you ignored me.

I wanted to be your one.
But that can never happen now,
For you never noticed my affections.
Your eyes were always turned towards the future,
towards the horizon,
And nothing I did could hold you back.
You are gone and I am here.
Our paths once crossed, are now untangled.
And I stare at where you have gone,
with a love that shall never be known.



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