My Dear Kira, My Dear Roxy,


United States
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Echoes bouncing off the walls from your tongue
Whispers dance across your teeth, you are young
The muscles flex in your face, next to your lips, a smile
A feeling grows deep within me, my heart beats wild

It’s not a good feeling, but when I look at you, it changes
My fingers go numb, my eyes start to blur, my voice rearranges
Before you are even gone, it’s only you that I will forever miss
I can see you, but you can’t see me, because to you I don’t exist

You knew me once, but that’s all over now, you are gone
I waited for you every day and night, I waited for so long
Yet I am still here, living with this pain inside of me, I cry
I don’t go one single day without thinking about how our life’s

Would be if you weren’t taken away, I miss you. Do you miss me?
What kind of world is this that you would be taken away, blasphemy
I don’t know where you are going, I don’t know where I even am
Days turn into nights, nights turn into days, and my legs are shaking where I stand

But at least I am standing, at least I am standing, I’m on my feet
I fought to get where I am today, my knees might shake, I am weak
When you were taken, it crippled me to my soul, it destroyed me
What was left wasn’t very much, not enough to go on, incomplete

I am cracked and chipped, but I refuse to be the one that is broken
I am alive, yet you might not even know I exist anymore, I am choking
On the words to explain what happened to me when you were gone
It was like the light switch that you showed me I had disappeared, I was gone

I was gone, I lost myself, I don’t know who I am, I don’t know where to go
How was I supposed to know, how in the world was I supposed to know
Using my bare feet walking on the shards that you left behind, I am alone
The pieces of my shattered soul, and my scattered spirit, I am a stone

This stone along the shore surrounded by nothing but pearls and gems
Swept away, by the salty ocean of tears it cried, it had to get away from them
Being in a pile of diamonds and you are nothing but a rusted penny
It completely obliterates you, yourself and what you are, plenty

You were my beautiful clam, and I was your collected pieces of sand
You caught me when I was drowning, you brought me to this land
Then one day you were taken and I was dropped, by these hands
They walked away as I begged them to take me too, unheard commands

Now I am left here, slowly starting to walk again, only to start searching
I never stopped searching, on my own two blistered feet, I am hurting
Looking for the only thing that could have ever brought me any sort of life
I am looking, not only for me, but my chance to become a type of light

Surrounded by darkness, I became part of the background, nobody noticed
Not even you, do you even miss me? Do you even remember? Hopeless?
Nobody said it was easy, nobody said it was this bloody hard, where are you?
Where am I? Wondering blindingly around, hands over my ears, where are you?

It hurts, it hurts, the only thing I can seem to feel anymore, pain, anger
I can’t even feel hate or love, I never knew happiness, I can’t blame her
I am walking these roads on my bare feet, you took my shoes, my soul
You took everything that knew, that was me, no, I’m am losing control  

I am losing the control that you effortlessly gave me, I’m changing
My thoughts and actions twisting and constantly always rearranging
Where are you? I need you. Did you even need me? I miss you. Please.
You left before I could become a pearl, you were my whole world, please.

I am nothing. Was I ever something. Was this all some sort of sick twisted joke?
I can’t ever think of you without tears in my eyes, my throat closes and I choke.
You might not remember me, even if we cross paths, I will never let go, I will survive
You were what I was living for, you were my life, but for now, I’m just here, I am alive.

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