You Loved Me Once But Nevermore


You're like the swaying of trees

Or a breath of fresh air

A feeling so lovely

Like wind through my hair


I've lived in a dungeon

On years without end

But you entered my heart

And it started to mend


You saved my life 

From the demon within

You showed me light

And it started to win


You gave me love

And I smiled with glee

I gave some back

Without a single fee


You accepted my soul

With words of joy

You're like no other

No other boy


I imagine a world

Without you there

It's complete destruction 

With much rip and tear


I love you dearly

With all of my heart

If you're not in it

It would tear me apart


Your voice is like honey

And your soul a delight

You're just like heaven

It's simply not right


You think so highly 

Of myself and more

I can't wait 'til the future

To see what's in store


Smother me in kisses 

Hold onto me so

But never will I 

Ever let you go




This is beautiful. Favorite stanza: 3rd

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