Tue, 11/11/2014 - 19:14 -- Mj2397


I wish i could write about nothing at all.

wouldnt it be interesting to describe nothing?

we couldnt say a color,

How would we know what color it would be?

We couldnt say a shape,

nothing cant be shaped, I would think.

we couldnt describe the feeling,

as we have never felt pure nothingness.

Not sure if we could describe the sound,

as I would think that we are always hearing something.

and we sure cant describe the smell or taste,

it wouldnt be right, as we always smell and taste ourselves.

So how would we describe nothing?

How would you describe pure absence of all things?

I have a thought

maybe this will shed some light into nothing

Take away every single sensation you have.

Do not think, do not move,

Stop the beat of your heart,

stop the lungs that you use to breath

Stop the blood in your very veins

cut out your tongue, clog your nose.

stitch your ears shut,

cut out your eyes.

break your neck, so that you may not feel.

after all of this, your body will experience nothing.

it will experience death, and after death, nothing.

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