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Take seat and talk to me While we drink our cups of misery  But don’t say you regret  All the things you’ve gone and said   Drink your tea of destiny 
You are right And I’m wrong Like a bad song I keep my lips tight And my face as long As I can all year long.
When you look into her eyes Trying to find whatever lies Behind those dark stares, Under that cold skin of hers, Beneath the crown she had worn, All you can do is fantasize: What would it be like,
𝓨𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓱𝓾𝓼𝓱𝓮𝓭 𝓿𝓸𝓲𝓬𝓮 𝓲𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓠𝓾𝓲𝓮𝓽 𝓶𝓸𝓻𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮𝓼 𝓪𝓬𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓼 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓪𝓲𝓻, 𝓘'𝓶 𝓵𝓾𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓭 𝓳𝓪𝓭𝓮
   The rain has come again,  to grace sidewalks and streets and silicone handles on blue and green umbrellas, Oh! How the rain has come again.
Ya Know I’d Rather See... " CALM "... Than ... ALL THIS ALARM ... !!!! MORE Welcoming Arms... LESS Guns In Young Palms... The Use of Napalm... Has Left MANY HARMED... !!!
  I want to touch the sky and feel the indigo blue; All of its cool beauty, like a pool of water in winter.   I want all the stars to gather around me,
I know a lot of people who really like sunsets, but I prefer the sunrise. Because to me it is so much more than it's beauty, and the beautiful colors that it pains the skies.
I feel calm. I’m alone with no one to hear. The world is falling apart around me. So I smile. I smile as the wind rips apart everything in sight.
A passing thought while strolling through the dale. With their limbs , on hikes , I’ve bumped my head. Roots caught my boot ,on the floor splayed I spread. Passing glancing, perhaps giant nemesis they were.
Sun beams drew me to the river’s edge, Pulled me knee deep in a mound of sedge. Light’s encompassing aura of gold, Took a grip on me with a bold hold. Looking down to see what was above,
Let my garden be a song to you, When dawn wakes the bird to praise. Let the woodpecker hammer out your glory!
Let my garden be a song to you, When dawn wakes the bird to praise. Let the woodpecker hammer out your glory!
Clouds of thoughts, Condensing in my head, Unable to think, When will it end?  
Ch'an music II Drink in a whilethe image ofan unfilled teacup. Enter that spaceflawless, open,enclosed by porcelain walls.
Bursts of yellow Stems of green Sprouts popping up and birds unseen   A meadow in bloom, hopeful and bright sun whispering in I sigh at the sight
the mingled stench of green seaweed and salty waves  cascades the nostrils of the adolescent girl.
Far away in mind but close in heart The time well spent is more than I could need Yet I’m still feeling the tears I left on your shirt
Colors of the trees, sound of the bees, Trickle of the stream, beautiful sunbeam, Tickle of the breeze, pretty scent of posies, Nature has no certain flaw, these are the things that leave me in awe.
I let my head fall back Held up by nothing but the buoyancy of salt and water My body relaxes, slowly sinking down into the depths A million shades of blue.  
Walk with me, under the great pine tree.  Their branches swaying in silent ecstasy.  Be careful, step lightly.  Keep your hands low, don’t swing at the Buzzing bee. 
Hot water deeper than the length of my hand. Three false candles illuminate the darkness. Like a dealer with cards Pandora shuffles.
The world seems lonely Deep within your thoughts A barren field of nothing Yet, it's something Both simultaneously And disturbing, but Without these thoughts We'd all be the same
I can't help desires. They will come from deep inside, With no way to hide. I don't wish to disgrace them, But only to keep them calm. Rudy Valle
Fear. A giant wall built faster than it can be dissolved. For every positive thought there seems to be ten fearful ones to drown it out. At times it seems easier to fight fear with others by your side.
if I happen to                       wake up to the soft patter of rain outside my window arms curled around                                  my sheets                                  (around you)
To my nose she was a stick of incense. Filling me whole, her eyes. The ashes fell, Spacing her walk. With smoke closely trailing. The sun quickly set. There's no where in the world I'd rather be.
I know it's not right, I know its not fair, Every time you look that way, I just can't bare   You flick a switch,  becomes so bright Only you can douse the flames of desire, 
As the pen began painting strokes on the paper The silence I've known for so long became deafening as I wrote the first letter My scrambled thoughts became clear as the words danced from line to line
The thermosphere is showered with stars Sprinkling the inky infinity with transcendent luminescence Deep crimson to brilliant sapphire, they radiate Forcing even souls of malice and anxiety to eternal serenity
Talking is exhausting. I have to force myself to be eloquent, to say it right To speak clearly and attentively So much energy is used.  
The soft breeze, the natural air, it's amazing. It's like it's making love to me. Saying it loves me, and cuddling with me. While the windy noises puts me to sleep, giving me a comfortable feeling.
Ever quiet Ever still Green and gold Speckled with white   A soft humming grows Whizzes by Fades   Leaping and laughing the trees begin to dance
What is wrong with you, they ask, I don't know, I'll tell them, I don't know. But I do, how do I, someone obscure, tell them, That I am tired. That they have cut me off from those I trust,
Dear Deer,   My deepest apologies for stopping you here. I simply noticed something simple
Alone and resting No disturbances around All is quiet here
Wisps of pink streaked through A sky dominated by A glowing red sun  
The air is still, the sky is calm, the rain is soft, Like soothing balm. Rain keeps falling, Chilling, Calling, Rain keeps Calling, Calling on.  
The waves move slowly. Water crashes on the shore; blowing salt essence.  
Take a breath, no actaully take two Everytime you smile, my breath got short You was a strong ass drug on me, that snort  I haven't seen a lot but you was the true One for me, two makes me and you in one car
i can't explain the feeling i get when you kiss my forehead or my nose. it's like everything else in the world, all the evil and all my worries just disappears.
Deep amethyst spikes that are meant to penetrate through life’s setting, Like fireworks going into the sky and exploding. Deep colors coming in to light up the oceans over the days,
Everything is calm and bright, But yet it causes me a fright. Waves crashing against the shore, Who knows what roams the ocean floor?
A quiet morning resonates a soul like stones dropped in clear water.
Several thoughts circle around my mind sometimes, yes, I'd be lying if I said I was fine. These thoughts know my mind more than I know myself, they have made a home between my nerves. A peaceful place inside the chaos.
the fear came in scraps the size of candy wrappers and the bits of water balloon you leave on the ground; it came during an air raid, when the shelter of imagination was no longer
i like to dress for an imaginary girl(we will meet each other soon) by putting ona silk tie with subtle Chinese birdssewn in.she may be picturing me in her mirroras she applies exactly the necessary line
Paid the interior penalty With references to working principle Back on track now working on mobility To achieve peak conditionality Droppin' pipe bombs lyrically Finished with strategic methodology
The droplets falling onto the windshield appeared so minuscule, like a thousand little pricks from thorns that intercept a bouquet of roses. They appear and fill the windshield slowly.
Information; information!My mind inflates from theConstant inhalationOf words   Black on white  
Laughter permeates The freezing yet playful air As the snow descends And the moon begins to shine I am finally at peace
Alone My journey to Middletown Although I never thought that’s where I’d go   We may be alone But that doesn’t mean we’re not connected
  People as numerous as the sand Their clamor muted Only when the sun melts into the water   Only when the wave crash somehow louder than the buzzing of cars and voices
The picture on my wall happily reminds me that there are better places on Earth than the world, that there is more to life; living,
My hair dances in the wind, While the sunshine warms my cold skin. The apple red leaves, Crunch softly beneath my boots. The birds singing their songs, Make my spirit float up,
Going outside makes me feel good I would spend all my time walking around if I could strolling and observing is what I do and breathing in the fresh air too, Minutes and hours pass by How fast they go, oh my!
One father is strong enough to bring up a hundred sons that is not easy but very tough and can face a hundred guns
What do I do when life gets rough,  when stress makes me feel like I've had enough? What I like to do is sit down and breathe, especially when I've found a good book to read. 
I drove through shaded green canopies To the boundary of land and water, And as I tiptoed across crumbled rock Careful Not to fill my shoes with grain, The sour smell that lingered Between sand and sky
I want the shoreline, the foamy white waves colliding into rock like soldiers sparring in battle; the horizon brushed with soft strokes of lavender, rose pink and azure; the low-toned
One of my favorite times is that transition of the sky between being black and when the sun comes starts to come up and make everything a pale shade of blue The quiet of itCars, freeway, trains in the morning  
I am sinking.   I am sinking, and I can't remember -  where I started or why I am here?   The azure Sky, the open Sky Open. I scent the Earth in myself . . .  I am sinking.
You can't describe the way I feel
dear, all i need is you, and i think we both know that all i need, all i need is your hand wrapped in mine and all i need to see is your face because dear, i swear
Sometimes the birds will sing on Sunday Sometimes the birds won't sing Sometimes the flowers bloom early Sometimes it snows in Spring   Sometimes the sun sleeps at twilight Leaving a painted sky
I am a dreamer I look into the sky I gaze at the stars and I think of you You make me healthy You have helped me grown in so many way You relax me You are there for me when Im sick
If I was stranded on an island, I would need nothing materialistic. I would not need my cell phone, computer, wifi, or hell even my clothes for that matter. 
"The expanse of the sky  The shine of the stars When the sleeping world lies The golden silence is ours The great big sea With hidden graves The oceans deep With countless waves
"Take me to the river  Where i feel free Take me to the river So forever I can see Take me to the river  Where tides wash thee clean Take me to the river Where alone I can be
"My destiny calls  I fight the urge to fall  As if death could be worse I wish to break this curse But as I look around I hear a strange new sound Laughter in the depths Allowing me to rest."
Today, I will enjoy it.I will enjoy my coffee.I won't think about everything that bothers me,Or troubles me.I will enjoy sitting on my bed,Waiting for the flood of light to enter the room.
Bury me where the water is clear where there is no hate or talk of despair I want to know what that kind of life is like for a soldier who stood fighting an unknown right.
Stop. Close your eyes. Count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. . .  Breathe.   Rinse and repeat
I listen to the wind under the trees
Mist lingers on the tree tops Afraid to let go Light rays dance through the air Leaving patches of sun behind Squeals of laughter burst through The early morning chill
I am awoken, not by sounds. The sun egging me on with its rays to arise.   Birds conversing, cheerful small talk. Inviting me to join the world outside.   The breeze, a mornings greeting.
May you be loved in a way that is beyond palatable for you, that doesn’t make your head spin, but makes you comfortable, that makes you pleased with life
Once in a blue moon,On a windless night,
This poem is dedi
I am happy as a cloudas loud as a rainbowas soft as a breeze
light softly reflects off of the pond   wind whistles through leaves and grass   time has stopped   leaves begin to  fall and blow quickly beside me  
Earlier this morning, I awoke to yellow. It was a soft yellow; Yellow cherry blossoms. . Now, Blue's blankets are gone. He stretches - endlessly. And white planes' ribbon-trails
We live in a world where people hold grudges People hold onto their own opinions, there are no budges From forgetting to return a phone call
I am uplifted by Music.   If I can put in my earphones, I do it.   If I can replay a song that energizes me, I play it.   Music is my outlet, Music is my Forte. 
This thing that makes me smile 
What's my favorite thing? What makes my day? Sitting down, my spine uncurling,
Finally  My soul can breathe Familiar, welcome Expand my lungs Tickle my nostrils Climb up my throat To sit on my tongue I taste the counters The drawers 
Slowly the fingers role, knowing their place silent but so loud they pluck individually, then simoltaniously they slip from each string the sound is so beautiful so simple
Calm.  Dangling of my fingers over the edge of a boat, gently caressing in and out of the still water. Blue. Grey pale mountain peaks, hazy off in the distance. Warm.
I am a wind. I am the air rushing through the leaves, Happy and energetic, Flying and free. Sometimes my speed picks up. I get angry. I run from my problems. I know I can be too much sometimes.
"Speak up!" They say, "You're too quiet."
The Sun beams down Through the mess of white clouds. And the water crashes on the sand.   It's been so long since I've been here, This sounds tells me I'm not alone.  
Calmness captures constantcustomers constantly coming,craving content cures. 
The Center Piece of any person Is a Calm that fills a certain type of rhythm Steady, Strong I think about this all night long My tick is a tock, my tock a strangled cry
When everyone's screaming nobody cares what anyone else may have to say.
She's standing there among the leaves, Quieter than the sounds of snow
Once upon a time I dreamed of butterbees in winter snow, A harrowing adventure Meant to age my mind and save my soul.   I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed Until my vision greyed and greyed,
Do not show jealousy in the light of a mischievous mirror For that same mirror will glare back at you in madness.
The rush of the wind is like the blood of the earth, And the chime from afar is calming. The crickets are crying, Serenading the sky, As the trees oblige to the wind's calling.
What would you consider calm? Maybe a tropical palm Or a vibrant butterfly on an infant’s Sprouting hair Yet even a single tulip Amidst the life that’s bare Or a teeming cub
The light is muted, and how I love it As it drapes itself atop the features of this room clinging to chairs, to papers, to belongings strewn about, as reluctant to move as I.  
  Cool, ocean water nudges my crinkled toes  A gentle breeze sifts through the giant, leaves of the palm trees Swaying them like the exotic dancers of a waltz.  Looking up, I watch fluffy white figures slowly dance
Run to forget all the troubles of the day The faster your feet move the faster it melts away Fresh air flowing in restores peace of mind You find youreself running to something you cant find  
Cold, chilly, windy, wet, I watch as the rain flies by. Quiet, calm, warm, cozy, I sit in my room and sigh.  Wafting tendrils of clove, The scent reaches my nostrils, Enticing me to sit.
  How curious it is, to walk along beaches Made of thousand-year old shells, and Think about how young we in are in comparison. Sand dollars and dried-up crab shells floating around
  Oh beautiful Mother, with limbs branched outward, rustling the voice of your brother the wind.  
Glancing out the dusty window, I see the mist slowly fall, I look into the mirror hanging on my wall, I inspect myself thoroughly finding things to blame, I pick and prod and tear apart my body’s external frame,
The blue sky  The green ocean The white sails  The rocking motion   The shining sun The salt in the air  Her beautiful skin  The wind in her hair
Find yourself a simple peace, Calm your raging inner sea. Rain still falls deep in your heart, Let the drops wash away the lingering hurt. Let it all go before the rain turns to flood,
Another nightmare into heaven Send a prayer to the devil Tell him I am no longer his minion No longer his prize
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Have you heard the motto, "Keep calm, Carry on"? Yet, people still fret ~~ Staying Panics Pawn.   I try to keep Calm, For every situation ~~
The cool summer rain Falls in soft sheets Enough for umbrellas, but not for raincoats; Enough for me, enough for peace.
  The words envelope me, Comfort me, Free me, And let me speak without saying a word. Each sylabl ringing, clearing my mind, and rolling off my tongue with every annouciation.
Waiting and watching for the sun to sink. To witness the colors that will paint the sky. All the different hues,
Just like the calm before the Storm There was serenity in my heart Then you had to come into it And everything just falls apart   My Mind is a screming chaos Like a ship stuck in the Storm
Flat on the floor Where the body is in constant dispute With its downward boundaries At the pinnacle of collapse The result By itself No questions in this mutual embrace A solid companion
Her words were harsh, like a trigger being pulled. But were they true? We'd all like to know. Her words were rough, like the edge of a blade. But they told a story,
A hug in a cup, The steam rises, Soothes my soul, Calms my fears which never leave As I hope for tomorrow, My lips at the brim, The warmth rushes and hydrates, Replenishing the comfort,
I can still feel the moist coolness of the damp earth on my bare feet from that summer. I am lying on a wooden bench, my body so naturally pressing against its surface.
The way the rain disturbs the waves, the small splatters in the silence. The fog covers the sea to stop us from seeing water hitting water, causing bigger waves; a disturbance to normality.
The change it blows, across the sky. The wind it grows, as seasons die. Heralding might, with each new dawn. Winning the fight, through guise of calm.
An Endless Descent, Tumbling slowly into the deep. Gentle waves above, With Silver beams shining down. Head over heels, Sinking into the warmth. Angel down floats by, Coating the floor.
Clouds of ghost nothings evaporating across the dark Sun: stubborn. Stars, free, warm, dancing. Crying. Skirts. Women
Come down to the river Come watch with me See the ripples and the flow Of the water as it goes As what goes? Your mind Set it free. Find peace Peace where? Out there, on the rocks;
Looking back nothing seem the same People change Pictures fade And I’m left with the pain The clouds are rolling in The journeys almost over The light is going out No time to scream and shout
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