I let my head fall back

Held up by nothing but the buoyancy of salt and water

My body relaxes, slowly sinking down into the depths

A million shades of blue.


Waves enclose my body like a casket

Pulling me into the seas embrace 

Caressing my body 

With the gentlest of hands. 


Any sound I can hear is muffled and distant

Light is broken up and scattered about

Dancing in rhythm with the oceans movements

The water is cool and refreshing on my skin.


I'm watching as the world drifts further and further from view

Taking my thoughts with it

My conscience trickles away 

Seeping into the surrounding droplets of sky.


My mind is quiet 

The only feeling left is peace

My heartbeat slows 

To match the steady back and forth.


I can feel my eyes closing

The movement sending ripples through the still water

A trail of bubbles escapes my lips 

Rising up toward the surface as I continue my descent.  


My body finally settles on the ocean floor

My heart is still while my spirit vacates my soul

The last sensation is the waves hands depositing me onto the sand

And everything fades to black. 

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