i can't explain

i can't explain the feeling i get when you kiss my forehead or my nose.
it's like everything else in the world, all the evil and all my worries just disappears.
i can't explain why i love to mess with your fingers. i swear it's not some fetish i have. i just love the idea of how safe i feel just holding your hand.
i'll explain why i love you.
i love you because even on my worse days when i feel like an awful person you're sure to remind me of how kind-hearted i am. i love you because my 2a.m. appearance is still so beautiful to you. i love you because you can pull me out of my worst panic attacks by just by kissing my shivering lips. when the world seems a bit too crazy for me i think about how calm and warm you are.
i love you for so many reasons i just can't explain.

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