Healing powers of nature

Clouds of thoughts,

Condensing in my head,

Unable to think,

When will it end?


A delicate butterfly,

Consoles my shoulder,

Mesmerizes my eyes,

I follow, over yonder,


It takes me to places,

places I’ve never been,

A place radiating magic,

with powers beyond foreseen,


The aromatic whiff of flowers,

spreads like perfume,

Up above in lush-green towers,

Flourishing in the springtime bloom,


The rain which left,

Sticky muddy dunes,

tingled against my feet,

In the warm afternoon,


Camouflaging animals,

Divulge from mankind,

The air is motionless,

no whispering winds at this time,


The frustration, resentment, anger,

were running in a circle like a toy train,

Had washed away,

like a ship voyaging the sapphire plains,


Beating butterfly’s wings,

Came to a halt,

It had completed its job,

Where perplexing emotions suddenly stops,


With a final goodbye,

It soared once again,

Over the horizon,

and just round the bend…

Anticipating the next soul it should mend.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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