Things I Wish For the People I Loved Unrequitedly:

Mon, 07/27/2015 - 04:47 -- k.e.n.

May you be loved in a way that is beyond palatable for you, that doesn’t make your head spin, but makes you comfortable, that makes you pleased with life

May you look at your mirror and be startled that you are better looking than you remembered

May you smile without worrying about the whiteness of your teeth

May you have pleasant dreams that don’t startle you awake and sweating

May you be instantly adored by a dog you meet for the first time

May you order your favorite meal and have it turn out perfectly each time

May you love what you do, even if you didn’t love it at first

May your problems never be mocked

May you hit every green light

May you find unexpected friends that truly understand you

May your hair never thin, and if it does, that it does not bother you

May you watch your favorite comedy and laugh the way you did when you first saw it

May you never be lonely when you are alone

May you look at the sky with wonder instead of despair

May you think of your past heartbreaks without pain

May you never encounter a deep tragedy, but if you do, that you find support easily

May you discover you are loved by many more than you ever assumed

May you root for yourself without struggling to do so

May you be happy with the world you’ve found

May your happiness radiate outwards, touching strangers

May you be happy,

Because I will think of you from time to time,

And wish just for that.


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