My soul can breathe

Familiar, welcome

Expand my lungs

Tickle my nostrils

Climb up my throat

To sit on my tongue

I taste the counters

The drawers 

The crisp smell hangs in the air

Reminds me

Like half-baked cookies seeping out of the oven

Relaxed muscles, awoken minds

How I connect answers

The meaning of life, of death

My home is my haven

My transport, my breath

To my words

My support

It's satisfying

Like dragging my bare feet

Across smooth tiled floors

Cool to the touch

Every brutal morning met with this night

Of open arms

Spiking nerves up my body

My calves

Calming goosbumps

Settling my day

Like a porch swings with the breeze

Or tap water heats

And makes me pause 

under the sink

It fits me

Like the grooves in the wood

of the piano

They breathe with silent sound


As my finger strokes along the grain

Dusts the silky keys

I'll heave a sigh

Give back my air

Fill the room

Before inhaling again


I can breathe 


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