The Calm

Once in a blue moon,
On a windless night,
When the trees are still,
And the stars are bright.

The sky is streaked with clouds,
Illuminated by the night sky.
As an owl is heard,
And the mountains above sigh.

The snow peaked mountains stand majestic,
As the forest below is bathed in a dim light.
Shadows dance to the sound of a creek,
As the mountains are turned to obsidian and marble in the night.

A meadow of columbines nestled in the landscape,
A serene place sprawled with beautiful shadows,
And home to a lone blue spruce,
Surrounded by patches of wild rose.

Once in a blue moon,
When the conditions are right;
In a forested valley beneath snow capped mountains,
And a cloud streaked starry night.

Under a blue spruce,
Surrounded by wild rose,
Centered in a meadow of columbines,
A portal to a world that is often closed.

A doorway to nothing,
A doorway to peace.
Under that blue spruce,
Is a doorway

To the calm.



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