I know a lot of people who really like sunsets, but I prefer the sunrise.

Because to me it is so much more than it's beauty, and the beautiful colors that it pains the skies.

Sunsets are gorgeous, but they also signifies that the day has come and gone, 

While sunrises represent a new beginning, and that the day ahead is ready to be drawn.

Regardless of what they signify, they both carry the same amount of glory, 

But they have different meanings behind them, and they contain a different story.

Sunrises represent that each day carries with it the chance to start anew, 

And that dwealing on what happened yesterday is not something that you have to do.

When the sun comes up, it is leading to a fresh start,

And the sense of hope that it gives me fills me with joy, and warms my heart.

Sitting there in the morning, when the birds are chirpinig, but the rest of the world is hushed,

It allows you to sit with your own thoughts, and it is peaceful, and there is no need to feel rushed.

It allows you to start the day with a peace of mind, and knowing thatit is going to be a good day,

And regardless of what happens, everthing happens for a reason, and it is all going to be okay.

Morning colors of the skies, a cup of coffee and a calm sensation are the best aspects that one can dream of,

And it helps me to know that no matter what happens, they day will always start a new, and it will always be filled with love. 


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Julian Favretto

This poem reinforces the old dictum that "the best things in life are free".  It reawakens in us an apppreciation of the simple and glorious things we take for granted .  Sunrises... new beginnings....fresh starts ;  thoughts filled with hope for a better day.              JF

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