I am sinking.


I am sinking,

and I can't remember - 

where I started

or why I am here?


The azure Sky,

the open Sky Open.

I scent the Earth in myself . . . 

I am sinking.


The soil crumbles,

and the little pieces . . .

fall into my Fingers.

I am not alarmed, but

I am sinking


The Earth is calm around me,

the brown is cooling,

I inhale Soil and Worry

but I breathe it in

with the Sky.


I am still sinking.


I swim deeper

by only not resisting 

My eyes remain Open

and the Sky has never left me

But I am underneath the Soil

the Earth


It is in my mouth now

it feels cottony

despite gravelly and wet.

I'm not sure where I am.

I accept it. I rest. I soar.


Am I sinking


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